Rare Video: Japan Tsunami | National Geographic

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Eduardo Orama Del Pilar : Mother nature is too powerful

Lucid Soundz : 0:55 I hope that guy that ran across the bottom right lived

Harpreet Bedi : Japanese have always taught us how to rebuild and have hope...the most humanly power

Daisy Clark : It’s sad to think that the years it takes to build a life can be gone within a second.

Subham Mondal : Who's still watching it in Aug, 2018? As this was uploaded in 2011

Eyjafjallajökull Fimmvörðuháls Mýrdalsjökull : this is why countries should invest more in weather technology than in war supplies to manipulate or reduce weather caused casualties. It's going to be a normal thing in the 21st century. In one swoop, thousands die. Nothing can rival mother nature's wreath.

Wave : I just got an ad that said, “Nature is beautiful.”

2011yourlife : To the person that reads this, I ask the Lord to bless them and there family, to cure them of every sickness and pain, to fill there emptiness with love, joy and peace, to forgive their sins and to save them. To rebuke the enemy from there lives. FOR WE GIVE THANKS AND GLORY TO THE LORD. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!

Jagdish Dhaygude : I feel sorry for Japan and it's people Japan is one the finest country but nature is not in the favor of Japanese Still Japan is one of the leading country LOVE FROM INDIA

Saltass : rip🙏🏽 7 years later but not fully recovered.

Green Matty : I've just had to report about 20 comments for being incredibly inhumane about all of this. Get a conscience people.

Kevin H. Tanaka : At 0:54 you can see a guy running at the bottom right 😰😰

Lord Alphabet : Feeling bad for those who lost their lives, property and etc🙁

loveAll : Japanese people are hardworking, intelligent , yet modest, polite and humble. I've always been a big admirer. If we Indians could be like them, we will for sure become a super power. Love from India

Kaori azzahra : A beautiful country with a big tragedy

J Beable2 : The ocean engulfs everything in its path its scary how the planet is covered by 70% Oceans.

wildturkey1960 : I find it amazing that the more we learn of Tectonic Plate movements and the resulting wave/water dynamics from them, the more we really don't know and have to find out about them.

MIKE : The same thing almost happen to lombok in indonesia.. pray for those who had lost their importances...

Tyrin Watson : Think of all those babies that could have lost their lives

Lucía Salvatierra Sáenz : It's incredible. In one second we can lose everything around us!

ariana sulia : “nature is serene”, said the ad directly before this video

Seth Jaden : Can't help but being sad thinking how many lives were lost from this :(

Music Videos : rip to everyone who dies this very day😞❤️3/02/18

Avinash Mohan Sharma : Oh God, Japananese people are so peaceful and helping! This shouldn't have happened there! I love Japan😭

Großkanzler Nicholaus Dietrich : If you are a seaman, it is better to confront the tsunami than to continue sailing while the tsunami is heading from your side. You will be MS Poseidon 2.0.

Chill Frost : Uploaded, 7years ago.

MishuTaste : The same thing happens when Godzilla jumps into the ocean.

Brandon Holmes : these comments are truly disgusting

jeannette : Trump did it.

Kaylor styles : I still remember that day :(

Eddy : And yet after these tragedy, Japan's building and technology is still better than your country

Daniel Fabricio Cuvi : La desgracia es iminenti. Idolorosa

Talia MCQUINN : I thought Japanese technology would push the tsunami back to the sea… (I was epically wrong)

Vonzell People : God ain't no joke

JoAnn Carbajal : I remember that day I woke up turn on the TV and saw it on the news it was so sad what happened to Japan

adrian huysman : Scary how fast everything is lost.

Kate Villarin : TRUMP:BUILD A WALL 😂

Captain Cat : March 11th? Why my mom’s bday?

[LORE] : Donald Trump can build them a bigger wall

Allison Casey : “Tsunami soup”

SunShine1732 : 9.2 earthquake that lasted for 6 minutes!! Geesh!!

Eternal Love : This goes to show that no matter what we do and think, we can never beat the brunt of Mother Nature. Only the Almighty God who made her can stop her.

Rexeil Marquez : 28,000 people were confirmed dead!!!!* LIKE WTH! Thats alot btw...

Lydia Mhir : Very heartbreaking

Ryan M. : This is a literal sign that gods trying to get rid of anime

Duragon Rydar : Damnit i could see my hentai collection floating away

Car Fanatics : Tnsunami soup... worst thing on the menu

BackOfTheYards 773 : Mother Nature is beautiful,strong and scary all in one.we must respect it

Erin Flood : The really hideous part: Once a person is on a rooftop or whatever highest point is reachable, s/he remains trapped at that location- no recourse. As the water rushing by becomes deeper- by now filled with pieces from cars, buildings, trees- that person is stranded and has only to watch and to pray as the highest spot they could reach is overtaken and submerged like everything around it. Too many places were not high enough, not tall enough for people to escape the waters and live. (That footage also exists, obviously, and is incredibly sad.)

follow Jesus! : even today we are still finding things float ashore here on the Oregon coast from this event.