Rare Video: Japan Tsunami | National Geographic

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Eduardo Orama Del Pilar : Mother nature is too powerful

Lucid Soundz : 0:55 I hope that guy that ran across the bottom right lived

Ajay Singh Chauhan : And the amazing fact is Japan stand again and again and so on... Whether it's a 9.0+ earthquake or tsunami or two nuclear bomb explosions or nuclear power plant disaster, they stand again each and every time. Respect for people of Japan.

Subham Mondal : Who's still watching it in Aug, 2018? As this was uploaded in 2011

Wave : I just got an ad that said, “Nature is beautiful.”

loveAll : Japanese people are hardworking, intelligent , yet modest, polite and humble. I've always been a big admirer. If we Indians could be like them, we will for sure become a super power. Love from India

2011yourlife : To the person that reads this, I ask the Lord to bless them and there family, to cure them of every sickness and pain, to fill there emptiness with love, joy and peace, to forgive their sins and to save them. To rebuke the enemy from there lives. FOR WE GIVE THANKS AND GLORY TO THE LORD. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!

Green Matty : I've just had to report about 20 comments for being incredibly inhumane about all of this. Get a conscience people.

Harpreet Bedi : Japanese have always taught us how to rebuild and have hope...the most humanly power

Ti to : Indonesia and Japan face some earthquake and tsunami because their territory is sensitive to get nature disaster... 😢😢 hope all of us blessed by Our God

Priscilla Madaleine : People can climb a rooftop to protect themselves.... But what about animals....??? I wonder how many animals would've died when this great tsunami covered the entire land.... RIP....😨😩😩😩

Music Videos : rip to everyone who dies this very day😞❤️3/02/18

Mr deadpool : I still remember that day :(

Tyrin Watson : Think of all those babies that could have lost their lives

Avinash Mohan Sharma : Oh God, Japananese people are so peaceful and helping! This shouldn't have happened there! I love Japan😭

MIKE : The same thing almost happen to lombok in indonesia.. pray for those who had lost their importances...

Lucía Salvatierra Sáenz : It's incredible. In one second we can lose everything around us!

Seth Jaden : Can't help but being sad thinking how many lives were lost from this :(

JoAnn Carbajal : I remember that day I woke up turn on the TV and saw it on the news it was so sad what happened to Japan

follow Jesus! : even today we are still finding things float ashore here on the Oregon coast from this event.

Vonzell People : God ain't no joke

MishuTaste : The same thing happens when Godzilla jumps into the ocean.

adrian huysman : Scary how fast everything is lost.

ariana sulia : “nature is serene”, said the ad directly before this video

Kate Villarin : TRUMP:BUILD A WALL 😂

Suigetsu Hōzuki : *Water must be nerfed*

Spongebob Man : Tnsunami soup... worst thing on the menu

Jagdish Dhaygude : I feel sorry for Japan and it's people Japan is one the finest country but nature is not in the favor of Japanese Still Japan is one of the leading country LOVE FROM INDIA

Eternal Love : This goes to show that no matter what we do and think, we can never beat the brunt of Mother Nature. Only the Almighty God who made her can stop her.

BackOfTheYards 773 : Mother Nature is beautiful,strong and scary all in one.we must respect it

Jada Witholder : I was hit with a 6 foot high flood in Louisiana last year and that was the scariest thing I've ever been through, but this is just horrific.

Jennifer Parker : Uploaded, 7years ago.

Daisy Clark : It’s sad to think that the years it takes to build a life can be gone within a second.

Brandon Novak : 5 miles per SECOND

iMuhammad Siam : 5 miles a second that's like 18,000 mph,

Allison Casey : “Tsunami soup”

grodhagen : 1:27 no, it is not a "burst of energy" as a result of plate movements that displaces the water, but rather that the uplift plate simply shoves the water into motion. The graphic is poorly drawn and doesn't really show the effect of friction creating wave height.

Harsh Ks : Japanese have always suffered the most but still is the most technologically​ advanced country. Salute 🙏 .

ikka ressha : I want to know more about tsunami since Palu (one of city in my country, Indonesia) attacked by it. This video make me recognize that we are only human.... 😢

Genaro Flores : 5 miles per second?? 🤔

The Grand Theft Robber : The worst natural disaster since the 2004 Indian Ocean Boxing Day Tsunami

Daniel Fabricio Cuvi : La desgracia es iminenti. Idolorosa

SunShine1732 : 9.2 earthquake that lasted for 6 minutes!! Geesh!!

Großkanzler Nicholaus Dietrich : If you are a seaman, it is better to confront the tsunami than to continue sailing while the tsunami is heading from your side. You will be MS Poseidon 2.0.

ArvosBlade GT : Pray for Palu

Eric Echols : most people think this is a joke but when a tsunami hit them they will think wisely

Aditya Satya : Tsunami aceh pleas

Eddy : And yet after these tragedy, Japan's building and technology is still better than your country

Ryan : Did he say 5 miles per second? So thats 18,000 miles per hour???? That can;t be right....

[LORE] : Donald Trump can build them a bigger wall