16 year old with AUTISM conversations with DAD - FULL LENGTH VERSION

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Cole DeRosia : Dang this kid spelling words i cant spell props eh?

Buckethead ___ : Dang this kid can do math fast than me I have to Use a calculator I give him Props 👍🏾🔥

Elle Simonee Vlogs : I’m in love with you guys! Sweet convos and REAL LIFE happening. New subbbbbie 🙃

Deadeyes : and i can't even spell pretzel right i need the corrector thing lol go chase

lee moore : You guys brought a smile to my face

Mueed Khalid : Honestly the 230 people who disliked this video are fucked up

Almita O. : I hope one day he gets to be interviewed by Chris from SPECIAL BOOK BY SPECIAL PEOPLE

TheIntrovertGiraffe : What a beautiful bond.

2knives 1life : Anthony’s House

TeuTonic Strider : This made me Smile

Kevin Zhang : The suspense to see if he gets 6x6 and 7x7 are just hilarious xDD

Chiquis Isela Marrufo : I have a son with the autism spectrum... Azbergers... Ur such an awesome dad. Thank u

Dark Incision : If I see another scumbag comment I'll make sure you'll end up chewing your food through your anus!!!!!

Maria Rose : It makes me so happy to see how well he interacts with you. My brother is also on the spectrum and he is 5. He is high functioning but he really lacks affection towards others and hates it when we try to hug him..with the exception of my parents that is. He is quite stubborn actually...barely listens to us. He actually almost never responds to his name😂 but he is just so adorable that we cant stay mad at him when he really causes trouble.

lovedone303 : Your son is absolutely adorable

Kaviena Waltz : This is honestly adorable 😭 dad of the year right here !

Hussein 5564 : Who ever dislikes this video you a bitch

Ofwgkta earl? : Hotel? Trivago

mrmvpvip : You guys are so cute.

BR RyZer : his spelling is better than mine it is amazing!!

genń : aww he has such a beautiful smile. :)

Hannah Leigh : Just seen this video on facebook, your son Is adorable! And very very clever ! And your also very hot 😂

Nate A : Why do people make fun of these people...

Elly J : wait he looks like Evan from Dear Evan Hansen

sonia Aviles-Pereira : Hi God bless you both.Just came from FB. This my first video I watch and it put a smile on my face.love his laugh lol.Be blessed

Shelby Lynch : He's smart I hate when people make fun of the disabled my older cousin he's a lot older than me he's 31 he has down syndrome

Madelynne Schneider : The way he said peach was so cute

gaming_ frog126 : Spell dinosaur Me:pshhh thats easy D O N U T S Q U A R E S

blingbling 99 : Your such a good dad i can tell! Love this video. Your son is awesome.

Terrell Gaskins : These are tears of joy for him and his father for helping him

Eternal Tea : You are such a nice dad. 10/10. Dad of the year award right here.

Porky : This Is so lovely who the hell Disliked

XeX : Awwww so adorable 😄

Kes Berry : I’m sorry but this has actually made my day!!

Carly Lee : This is so sweet. Thank you for sharing! ☺️

ella doherty x : early? *yes* late? *yes* bish wha?😂 god bless him❤️

Madelynne Schneider : My heart

Shan Sully : Name is shannon and have autistm. I like your picture

Natavan Abasova : I can't say for sure but I'm pretty sure I just fell in love with you two, this is so sweet

ChaseMyLife : I have a friend that is severely autistic and his name is Chase and I have autism and my name is Chase haha hi chase!

OakThe PCpro : Literally best dad alive

Ragerz Rex : This is awesome

I DINO PLAYZ : I can't even do maths at all and he can! Great job chase!😁

Claire : The way you interact with him is so perfect.

Jazzy & Hay Hay : I have high functioning autism which means I am still autistic but I am actually smarter then most people 😆

ThatsMy Jam : he reminds me of king Arthur in Shrek

Angelea Jackson : I work with children with special disabilities they are God’s Beautiful Gifts to earth 💖 a wonderful dad with a sweet beautiful son

Vincent Chen : Put this man in a spelling bee.

Kimock7 : Thank you all for your support of this conversation with my son Chase. Take note of the look on Chase's face at 8:50 or so when he correctly spells Parasaurolophus. It is a perfect example how his brain and all of our brains work upon photographic memory. We don't think of how words are spelled, we actually remember the image (the photo) of how they are spelled in combination with sounding out parts of a word and it's origin. In this case, Chase was close to using "F" instead of "PH" but his brain corrected it as he recalled the image of the word in his photographic memory. This is a skill and trait every Human has.

Lucid Dreamer : He’s adorable .