16 year old with AUTISM conversations with DAD - FULL LENGTH VERSION

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officer401 : You guys look like you have a closer bond than most fathers and sons. Awesome video. Great way to start my day. Subscribed.

OdeTo Salutations : When ANTHONY he's so cute!

Coco Puff : I genuinely wanna hug both of you, I wish you guys the best in life~! :0

jack meHoff : Sir you are really great and fortunate to have such awesome kid. Your son is very handsome and my wishes are with your family. God bless you and keep making such videos. Your son is gift from god. Atleast he will not have to face all the harsh things of this world which we have to deal everyday. Your son's mind is purely innocent and filled with love and joy. He is way better than normal humans who lives in this self obsessed materialistic world. 👍👍👍

ᴅɪᴢᴏʟɪᴢ : You both are really really sweet! Hope the best❤

Mikayla McGovern : Wow he's doing so good!

Man man Tv : #1 dad

Grace's great DIYS : Your son is adorable! Btw I subscribed!😀

Elle Simonee Vlogs : I’m in love with you guys! Sweet convos and REAL LIFE happening. New subbbbbie 🙃

Rosie J : This video melts my heart. I wish I could have a conversation with my two sons. They're​ nonverbal and have Autism/ADHD. We do sign language to communicate. I would love to hear what they are thinking but I won't complain because they're healthy.

Sofi C : I've met quite a couple autistic kids, and all of them had some sort of talent like drawing, singing etc, Chase seems to be quite a good spelling bee 🙃❤️❤️

JumpStartGaming : His smile is amazing

Louise Andreasen : To beautiful men! He looks a lot like you. You guys brought a smile to my face. Thank you - you seem so fantastic!

Pinky Brown : I'm sixteen and I would totally want to be friend with this guy. We could spend hours trying to spell words in English: I'm still learning this language and he's definitely doing a better job than me :3 Plus, you are one of the best fathers I've ever seen in my entire life. P.s. I subscribed. I would like to send this boy a virtual hug from Italy (only if he would appreciate that, of course) :') I wish you two all the best.

Miki Maus : Aw hes so cute my uncle has autism too but i never heard his voice

II Removez -_-II : We're all different don't treat someone else wrong cause there different

Brittany Kroberger : I'm 22 and my little brother is autistic, hes 14 now but is very small for his age. He is everything to me, and its so so true that they often times have there own way of speaking and not many people understand what my brother says cause he has a hard time with that but me my dad and my sister always know what he means or is saying right away. And he is the most kind and caring person I know ❤

lee moore : You guys brought a smile to my face

Doggy : Dad of the year goes to..

stickylemonz : I never was close with my father. It really brings tears to my eyes to see how much you love your son. Thank you for being there for him.

Mikayla McGovern : Omg his voice is like the guys in racket Ralph!!!! Omg wow I sooooo cool

Daniel Ulman : idubbbz in his early days

Shayna Nadia : AW he’s so cute

Nabium : my suggestion feed has been pushing this video for days I'm glad I finally listened :)

Aimee Howell : I was kinda having a horrible day but everytime i saw Him smile and everytime i saw the dad smile. i'd light up like a star hahahha. Thank you. This video is so amazing

Jaden Mcneal : I'm in love with this channel

Rebecca Matteson : Found out today my granddaughter who is almost 3 has autism. I'm trying to learn what i can. She's my little blessing

Ivy Vines : This young man reminds me of my son who is also autistic. What a fantastic dad you are sir. You deserve two thumbs, and a "dad of the year award" in my book.

Rakel Bödvarsdóttir : You both are so cute :) y son has aspergers . He is though talkable :) alot .

KEEGO : I've watched many videos on YouTube and this has to be by far the most greatest. I never really knew much about Autism, so I thank you for sharing this video. The relationship between you both is so amazing and I wish you both the best for the future.

Random Lindsay Incorporated : This was the fist video I've watched of you guys and now I think I'm addicted please keep doing what you're doing

Alina DeAnn : okay but can we notice how good both their teeth look

Alex Ives : Get this great dad to 50k

Jennifer Bihn : This is cool because I have a brother with autism but he acts different.

Gussaras YT : When you try to talk to siri

clip215 : Whoever disliked this video is a soul-less person with no human decency.

The Benster : I really hope the kid will have a blessed life and people that care about him he's so smart too.

Rylie Fuller : this video made my day. i'm so happy, non stop smiles when watching this channel. 💓

GEORGEZZZ : Your son is adorable! Btw I subscribed!😀

Karoline Veland Johansen : Me and my father never really had a close relationship. It's really heartwarming watching the love you have for your son, and the time you spend with him. You are truly a real man, and a great father. God bless you!

Lil MissEverett : My face throughout the whole video (^▽^)

Claire : The way you interact with him is so perfect.

Ahmarnie Stanley : Aww 😂❤️

RalphiesGoatee : The dad is so adorable

TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL TROLOLOLOLOLOL : I misspelled blossom I spelt it blosomm...

Bodhi U : Wow your channels blowing up! Good work

mrmvpvip : You guys are so cute.

Chloe H : Just realized I was grinning the whole video. This was so sweet😀

Squishy Panda : This kid is so cute lol

Hazo Zeus : You both are such handsome men!