16 year old with AUTISM conversations with DAD - FULL LENGTH VERSION

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Serena Correll : I am a mother of 2 autistic childrem a boy and girl 6,7 yrs old. absolutly love this.. it's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Belluomini : Omgosh you guys are so cute! And Dad, you're hot!

Cole DeRosia : Dang this kid spelling words i cant spell props eh?

Aria Moore : I just started working in a special education classroom, and seeing these makes me so happy. I like seeing how their mind works and I thank you for sharing as most don't see as they process through questions. I love how he watches you mouth to find the answer as the kiddos I work with do the same. I hope more people share their stories as EVERYONE should be celebrated in life.

zzzerx : This is so sweet

Rayna Angle : Lemme see you spelllll....... CAT! C.A.T. This made me super happy.

Lyssa Rawr : this made me so happy. it seems like you guys have a great relationship!

Nikkee Zarate : Just warms my heart I love it ❤❤❤

Anuliena I : even i have to think whats is 4x4. Do i Have Autism?

Isaac Mondragón : I like how he is in a good mood and he is very smart

heathera3210 : What an amazing dad and son! I could listen to Chase talk all the time. I love his laughter also. Could you please tell me what Chase like to do for fun? I really want to send him a care package. Thank you!! 💙💙

Im 980 : He is so smart. Oh my gosh. I love him. 😍

SharpObject : looks regular to me

Erica Jones : I love it!!!! Please continue to love and support your son. This is beautiful and you are so blessed.

Anna Yentzer : I wish I had a dad like this. I have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder ) and any time my dad doesn't understand or anything, he just gives up, doesn't try, and ignores me. It brings me to tears watching this cuz I just wish he was more like you. You are an amazing father.❤ This video is beautiful❤

GiblyTheRanger : You sound like Matthew Mercer

Roman Luna : With all due respect your son is very handsome. You’re such an awesome parent.

Deborah Roberts : I have watched this numerous times. Love it.

Alisa Bowler : I like he so nice and cute

darku : You are adorable, both of you. Sending love to you!

Berry Mountain : he's like me in terms of math :D

Luna Ocean : I really wish I could meet this boy. He's so sweet and adorable

Victoria Hickey : I really loved this video my daughter has autism she can barely speak.. Thaank you so much for sharing this video I really really enjoyed this.. All da best

Fortune : Awww this makes me happy and warm my heart but I don't why I'm crying 💞 God bless u guys hey dad u got one smart son right there 💋💞

Isa the Rebel : Bro I ain't autistic but I have a slower learning difficulty because I was born premature but I learned to be like a normal person and differentiate myself.

Nathan Johnson : That’s the coolest boy I have ever seen

You Tube : This warms my heart keep it going your a awesome dad

Christina Sawruk : He is better at spelling and times tables than me lol

flaboyvr6 : Wow!!! .. I was having a crappy day, but this helped me see that no matter what we're handed, we need to find the beauty and TRUTH in OUR perception of our life's. Glad u put this out there.

Natalie Valenzuela : his dad is kinda hot. I mean cute

savanna cormier : This is so cute!

FindingMiah : okay but i LOVE him 😍

Tony Jr Arcoverde : Love the video and tell him I will play nerd guns with him if Anthony isn't there

Death Themighty : I love these two he has such a good bond with his son.

TrueZ : My brother is autistic and I can't wait till I meet him

Jenn Conlon : I came across part of this on Facebook. I had to watch the full. I could watch it over and over.

RoiringMAROW78 Poplin : God he can do math better than me

Anna Palentí : He’s such an angel god bless him and his family 💗

redfoxcaly : I absolutely love when he has your hand and presses it against his face. Such a loving gesture! Chase is an amazing young man and reminds me of my own son. I was all smiles watching this video and am so happy you chose to share him with the world.

Jambuuu : your kid is so smart!! watching this video makes me so happy!!

Zeek Street : Awwwww he may have autism, but he can distinguish between things that's great☝️🖒🖒🖒

Chai : What a sweet video. He seems like such a sweet kid. Thanks for sharing

mclaren p1 : Uh oh I’ve found a jake pauler😂😂

x Sablix x : He’s so cute

Sean Ramey : This has to be fake

Crøøked Yøung : Soo cute to see these interactions. Your son is a doll <3 Great dad.

ANTONIO RINALDI : If an autistic child would be a zombie would the zombie act differently?

Boom Rollice : This warms my heart so much!!!

TheAnimalhouse96744 : I've been working as a skill trainer with a little boy who has autism/fragile x syndrome, and I will say that studying autism, from a textbook, is nothing compared to actually working with someone one to one. No textbook can teach you experience. But thank you for showing others this video sir. Much appreciated! 🤙🏼Aloha

VectorCam : I’m a little late, but this is some great father son relationship