How It's Made Shredded Wheat Cereal

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KillerJ Agar : I watched this video while eating mini wheats

Connor O'Brien : They need to make a type where they run it under the froster nozzle twice.

PickelJars ForHillary : It starts off with wheat that is process thru [CLASSIFIED]. It then moves down the conveyor belt to the [CLASSIFIED] where [CLASSIFIED] happens. Once the [CLASSIFIED] is [CLASSIFIED] it is then sent to the [CLASSIFIED] department who [CLASSIFIED] every box before it hits the shelves of your local [CLASSIFIED].

Larry Fischer : I eat these using a proprietary chewing process.

James Cronin : I never realized that there was so much top-secret methodology involved in this 125 year old product. I can scarcely imagine the ultra-security that must surround pop tarts. We have Area 51. The UK has the shredded wheat factory.

KitsuneKarma : Wow no comments about the "rock hard kernels" and "softening them up" 😂

Christian Espinoza : hot milk ???

Mediph Eranz : 7 layers. Because that's a powerful and stable magical number. Protip. Don't make shredded wheat into your Horcrux. The temptation for someone to eat and destroy it increases rapidly with hunger.

Fil Romero : All these secrets! What are they hiding?😈

WR3ND : Am I the only one that thinks plain shredded wheat actually tastes better than with that weird frosting stuff on it? And yes, I'm guilty of eating some right now.

Fantasy55 : either you came here while eating shredded wheat, or from that on song on youtube that is misheard for shredded wheat.

Acacia Gray : I've never even seen frosted wheat cereal here in Australia...

Mark Faine : He had me until he said hot milk. What is that about?

FeelTheLack : If you've only tried the frosted, you should try the regular once, it's really comforting.

Andy B : I wanted tiny bales of hay!

OMB Guwap Gobbi : Eating Mini Wheats while watching this.

Christopher Paffrath : So basically we see what goes in and what comes out, still don't know... How It's Made.

Neph Drummond : "A fairly even layer" became "fairly even loins" in my subtitles... No thank you, I wouldn't like loins with milk.

Chris Kearney : You're eating Mini Wheats right now

Jazzy Zee : hot milk? are you mad?

SammyS : When do they add the chemicals???

Peter Peter : I am as clueless to how shredded wheat is made apart from the shredding rollers.

skandigraun : Wheat goes in, magic happens, toasting, more magic, and cereal comes out. I learn every day.

SaucyD : I was told never to eat shredded wheat though

Your Average American : Wow, factories that produce cars, electronics, and guns disclose more information than a factory that produces cereal. Wtf

Adam Zey : It's kind of funny that the company making knock-off miniwheats is so secretive about how they make their fake kellogs products.

Iceman 213 : How it’s,,,,,,,,,,,,not made .......... !!!!!! Is the real title..........

bovko : I missed the horrible pun in this one!

Ethan Boyd : ' _High in Fiber and low in sodium and fat .... also high as hell in sugar !_ '

Mack W. : I prefer the giant bails of wheat hay to the little ones.

Cody Johnson : 👍👍👍👌👌👌✌✌✌🌠🌠🌠⭐⭐⭐💫💫💫✨✨✨🌟🌟🌟

UKBB : "with nice hot milk"....gag!

Imurimag Ination : If you're in Cereal City(Battle Creek) at 4:00 am you might give up eating cereal. I was a Milkman and had to get my truck and on the road early and it literally takes you breath away.

Spiral W : Watching this while eating em' WHILE HIGH... & in 2016🙂

Scribe13 : You don't buy just rent em

10GGundam : any food coming out of a factory is not perfectly healthy for you. no matter what it's made of. who knows what all that metal and factory machines have on it. after so many cycles i'm sure it's collected many things

Sylveon Fanatic : Damn, that company's secretive with their cereal...

HaloModder555 : *How It's Made* > Introduces product >" _The company will not reveal secrets of how this product is made_ " > " _Here, we have the final product. This is_ *How It's Made*."

nytom4info : NEVER liked shredded wheat!!!!

jimu57 : Please stop doing these with purple having the shitty thick British accents. Gives me a headache.

Schwantz Klopfer : It's fucking shredded wheat for fuck's sake. Not a DARPA project.

Bill Grandone : Yes another "nutritious cereal" that not only looks like little bales of hay but tastes like it too. Covered with enough sugar to give you a sugar high until 9:00 and a crash at 10:00.

Toobula : For me, they failed to answer the one question I had: How do you get a "shred" from a kernel? Press between two rollers? That's it?

Alejandra y Alan Bowman : Cut the music and speak more clearly, it sounds as though the narrator had a mouthful of shredded wheat.

Jaap Van der Horst : Frosted? nice name for just sugarcoating and making it unhealthy

Nathan Joerndt : if you guys think that this is all top secret listen to the marshmallow cookie one! it's all top secret too :(

EqualsThreeable : Did.. did he just say hot milk? WTF is wrong with British people?

EqualsThreeable : I was eating shredded wheat cereal today and wondered if How It's Made made a video on it, i was rejoiced that they have.

Watch MrCuba : I just wish they would frost both sides

Michael Hodge : The rectangle wheat go through two process number one is baking which uses heater element to dry out the moisture in the wheat. Number two is toasting to give you the brown colour.