Joe Rogan's insane kicks

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Joe Rogan's insane taekwondo kicks w/ Eddie Bravo. These clips were taken from various episodes of "Mastering the System" by Eddie Bravo.


Cheesy Twat : Plot twist the mannequin is just some dude on DMT

Harjay : He might be short, but if you get hit with one of those kicks it’s over forever

XANDER : When someone doesn't look into it

Allegedly Dean : The fact that they're both probably baked makes this even better

Xendrius : Rogan Abortion clinic. Also Illuminati did 9/11 and created ISIS, article 13 will be used to censor attempts to expose them. US gov already told google to remove all 9/11 documentaries from search results.

blazedowg schip : why does 1:46 sound like something a porn producer would say?

Dab Savage : This is actually insane...i feel so weak watching this lol

Muaz Ahmed : Joe Rogan confirmed in next tekken dlc

dbjdi : Guy filming sounds like it's giving him a hard on.

Wagner Rocha : Dude I didn't know Joe was THIS legit....

Oh yeah Watermelon : 1:05 when your girlfriend wants to play fight but you remember that time you caught her sexting another dude

Angelo Lara117 : “You just said you don’t want to do DMT?”

Fluber Chuber ayy : Joe when he sees a chimp

n. kelati : the guy holding the camera is like a proud mom

C D : I can kick his ass easily if he just stands there and doesn’t move

Matt Mal : This guy looks just like Joe Rogan if he had hair ...

iCrazi TTV : 2:00 - 2:06. When your friend eats your food

Mr.JerryyFleeb : Joe “difference between hooks” rogan

Eric Widder : Is the audio out of sync or is joe's kick breaking the sound barrier?

Camelworks : That would feel so good on the ribs.

JTsuits : How many regular civilians could take one of those kicks ??? Would it kill ur average person ?

B Phill : If the kicks wouldn't knock an opponent out the fart at 1:19 would.

Random Nickname : If I ever meet him in person I will laugh at his every joke

SirLacerates : Came here, chin high, like man this mfs kicks ain't all that, get tf outta here, he can't kick like no professional fighter. Now I've watched the video .... I'm speechless. I'll leave it at that

Zacc Kendall : It's sad that he's being sent to Iraq due to shortage of tanks

XeserUpseinOPelttil : 2:51 what it feels like to chew 5 gum

levance reed : I just keep thinking of the poor guy who tried Joe on Fear Factor. Joe was gonna kill the guy🤷🏾‍♂️😂

MNorbert : He learned this technique from the Machine Elves

24oz pinesolcan : that back kick is powerful asf. that's a sternum breaker

Jack Evankovich : Dude that’s crazy.... You ever tried DMT?

Trustworthy Squatting Enthusiast : 1:05 bro ik this dude didn't almost snap that punching bag in two He talks about chimps on his podcast when he could probably crack one's skull LMAO

ShaveD Monkey : Renamed Title : *Comedian on DMT breaks sound barrier with no socks*

prepro : LETHAL. I think id rather get shot in the butt than take a kick like that to the head or gut.

D.S.N. : Haha dude Eddie Bravo is the best hype man ever

name : my respect for joe rogan just increased by 80%

PolGal : he kicks me in the chest like that my whole rib cage is flying through my back...

Rxmen Devil : 1:09 when your girlfriend says shes pregnant

predator66621 mc manus : Now that's a lot of damage Now that's alot of power

King Khye : Damn, that's crazy and crazy awesome. Has he ever tried DMT?

Garrett Pelkofer : Joe “tremendous amount of torque” Rogan

Elliot Deeks : Like he has the tensile strength of a chimp or something

Bevon Cook : The hgh and test injections aren’t even in this dude yet. Those kicks now can crack a vegan in half

YXNG ADZ : This guy hits that hard the speed of sound is slower than his kick. Watch his first kicks the sound comes after the hit

Tommy Thomps : Think of the progression of technique and power he's gained since this was filmed

TheInvisibleOne : Joe Rogan's kicks are clearly breaking the sound barrier here as you can hear.

Shinee : Elon Musk thinks about his space projects Joy Rogan asks him if Elon wants to see his spinning kicks

0383adam : After watching 8 hours of Walker Texas ranger.

Cory Clark : Damn Oli, you were really right about him

Michael Wentz : Eddie bravo is the guy holding the camera, which happens to be his friend and sensei