Joe Rogan's insane kicks

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Xendrius : Rogan Abortion clinic.

Glenn Quagmire : Eddie sounds like one of those narrators in amateur porn.

Erinaceus Koolaidmaneus : Death once had a near Joe Rogan experience

Tom Zak : When someone says they won’t try dmt

Eliot Ness : There is a fart at 1:18

Camelworks : That would feel so good on the ribs.

Blues Man : I know karate , Judo and a few more Japanese words !

cbmbdb : Joe “thats a serious goddamn kick” rogan

Chi Sox : Top 10 people who can defeat Thanos(with gauntlet)

Lippy Muff : Man could you imagine landing one of those kicks directly in somebody's abdomen, they would instantly blast a dook..Dook would fly out their ass at the speed of sound, super sonic dooky..!!

C D : I can kick his ass easily if he just stands there and doesn’t move

Sheldon Cooper : The cameraman reminds me of the bangbus cameraman

It's RyzR : If joe kicked you, He’d send you back in time 3 years.

AJ81 : What i like about Joe, is that he doesn't flaunt it. He's not just another hothead. Martial arts is about control. Keep it, hone it. Know it. Don't waste it.

hi tech : That would snap the average man in half

Ragnarr Loðbrók : And people still think a top boxer could beat any MMA fighter xD

watcherxd : Joe "One Kick Man" Rogan

Ameya Benare : Imagine going in sensory deprivation tank after this then talking 3 hours with Jordan Peterson on podcast. Damn what a man.

Iakwbos Nomik : Am I the only one didn't knew that this guy is a fighter?

World Boss : I have internal bleeding just watching this video

Sebastian Tinajero : I’d instantly shit my entire meal along with my digestive juices and my small intestine would be turtle heading after taking one of those side kicks

Mac Dietz : Now go listen to owen benjamin talk shit about his height lol

ProDudeFilms : This guys good at explaining things. He should start a podcast

Adam wiggins : Joe “ fold the bag in half” Rogan

it's true : And he's a really nice guy

Karl T : This video made me sign up to a gym.

Leo G. : Imagine taking that kick to the nuts

Long Johnson : The cameraman sounds like Steve-O

Bipolar Disorder : The guy who installed that bag is underrated

Leo Nards Bro : That would not be a fun Joe Rogan experience.

T. Morrow : I wish Rogan would have at least one mma fight. I want to see those kicks in live action.

Brody Chapelle : it’s not a spin it’s a turn *summons dragoon*

Komrade Alexander : 2:51 rip neck

North Nokris : Not my proudest fap..

Flux : When someone says they wont come on your podcast

Hoob : You ever seen a chimp kick a man's face off?

Uncle Chopper : He hits harder than my step dad at an Xmas party.

Jack Evankovich : Dude that’s crazy.... You ever tried DMT?

Jonathan Stolley : Joe you should be fighting crime.

Garrett Pelkofer : Joe “tremendous amount of torque” Rogan

HeavyProfessor : Weak compared to actually UFC fighter

Glenn Quagmire : I could see a brazzers parody of the octagon...

EagleLogic : that's a serious god damn kick

crazy j : And then your shin proceeds to fold over like a well done pancake

Zacc Kendall : It's sad that he's being sent to Iraq due to shortage of tanks

Savate Dragon : Hey Joe that was impressive.👀😎💪👏👏

David Richard : Bags don't hit back

Mick Manmoose : God I wish that punch bag was me...

Ayrad160 : Joe is way shorter than i thought !

The Lannisters Send Their Retards : Try landing one of those in a Street fight