Joe Rogan's insane kicks

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Camelworks : That would feel so good on the ribs.

C D : I can kick his ass easily if he just stands there and doesn’t move

Sebastian Tinajero : I’d instantly shit my entire meal along with my digestive juices and my small intestine would be turtle heading after taking one of those side kicks

Leo Nards Bro : That would not be a fun Joe Rogan experience.

Garrett Pelkofer : Joe “tremendous amount of torque” Rogan

Flux : When someone says they wont come on your podcast

Dr. Royalty : *Casually breaks the sound wave barrier with each kick.*

Erinaceus Koolaidmaneus : Death once had a near Joe Rogan experience

Chris House : I could take him. (the mannequin).

Xendrius : Rogan Abortion clinic.

nigato uzamaki : nOw ThAt's ALoT oF DaMagE

Eliot Ness : There is a fart at 1:18

Cody Mana : Great kicks joe, evidently Fear isn’t a factor for you

Sheldon Cooper : The cameraman reminds me of the bangbus cameraman

Ragnarr Loðbrók : And people still think a top boxer could beat any MMA fighter xD

fMuIcNkD : I think it could kill me. I want to die. Please, Joe, kick me in the head or neck.

Semi-decent guy : That's entirely possible that mannequin died

FB0102 : he’s very fast for his size. devastating kicks

JustinBieber : Joe stuffed Carlos Mencia in the bag. That's why he's kicking it so hard.

Louis Cypher : How it Feels to Chew 5 Gum: The Joe Rogan Experience™

Leafy Green : I don't care what anyone says, Joe is truly an awesome person. He just loves living like a real person should. All the shit he does with his life and he's content with it. Truly an inspiration.

Jacob Rodesh : Instant hospitalization

hi tech : That would brake the average man in half

watcherxd : Joe "One Kick Man" Rogan

Anabolic Steroid : This guy would kill CM Punk

photoallergic : 3:07 That last one ... good laaahhhwd, he can kick to the head faster than I could give a slap. Laaahwd have maaahhrcy.

Sub17 : Man i can easily beat them up both, the sand bag AND the mannequin, pfft too easy.

Scott K : Came for the video. Stayed for the comments 😂

Matthew Wood : From a blackbelt in Isshinryu..very powerful kicks man! My dad used say same about spinning back kick being most devastating power to gut blow. Its kinda hard be very accurate w moving target. Loved all your nice kicks. Be safe.

Lippy Muff : Man could you imagine landing one of those kicks directly in somebody's abdomen, they would instantly blast a dook..Dook would fly out their ass at the speed of sound, super sonic dooky..!!

B.B.C #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,Gavel : I need joe Rogan in the Deathstroke movie.

Ronin6575 : I am surprised! He is actually very strong...I never new he had martial arts training

Mykeyboy : Man i can do this ...Here hold my beer!!

U G : 1:30 was Van Damms favorite kick

Blanca Martez : Joe Rogan could be a great teacher of taekwondo

Zacc Kendall : It's sad that he's being sent to Iraq due to shortage of tanks

Killyourself 360noscope : No denying that back kick is the most powerful kick 😅

-BeforeAndAfter- : Interview gone wrong

Jboomgoku Jboomgoku : Yooo teach me ur waysss

Glenn Quagmire : Eddie sounds like one of those narrators in amateur porn.

Wagner Rocha : Dude I didn't know Joe was THIS legit....

Savate Dragon : Hey Joe that was impressive.👀😎💪👏👏

naraicks : who you kidding thats tj miller with the camera

Lun Hing : Those kicks were pretty insane lol

Rihards Thug Life : its not fear factor, now!

GODESTINY : My head hurts just by watching him kick

DMoneyTaz15 : Round House Shill

EagleLogic : that's a serious god damn kick

freek ie : Poor bob he got not arms or legs to fight back.

kris mcconnell : I tried this on my four year old immediately after watching this. My four year old dodged it and I have dislocated hip