Joe Rogan's insane kicks

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Xendrius : Rogan Abortion clinic.

C D : I can kick his ass easily if he just stands there and doesn’t move

Leo Nards Bro : That would not be a fun Joe Rogan experience.

kris mcconnell : I tried this on my four year old immediately after watching this. My four year old dodged it and I have dislocated hip

Camelworks : That would feel so good on the ribs.

Dr. Royal : *Casually breaks the sound wave barrier with each kick.*

Garrett Pelkofer : Joe “tremendous amount of torque” Rogan

Chris House : I could take him. (the mannequin).

Umar Khan : "haha jackie chan..fuck" lool

nigato uzamaki : nOw ThAt's ALoT oF DaMagE

Mike E : The veteran voice of the octagon, Bruce Buffer- Introducing first, the Challenger Joe "The Fear Factoooooooorrrrrrr" Roooooogggggaaaaaannnnn

evan brown : Lmao you don’t even hear the sound until after it’s already over

JustinBieber : Joe stuffed Carlos Mencia in the bag. That's why he's kicking it so hard.

RAPID : he would kick someone's chest right through there body

Cody Mana : Great kicks joe, evidently Fear isn’t a factor for you

Andy Aitken : I think Wesley Snipes chose wisely not to fight him. However I’d love to see him fight for real.

djguy100 : How come Joe never really competed as a pro?

Ragnarr Loðbrók : And people still think a top boxer could beat any MMA fighter xD

DaUrbanMunky : He’s no sloppy joe!!!

Alex Avery : That's how you kick a MFs soul outta em. 😬

Mike Jones : The bag doesnt hit back

Sebastian Tinajero : I’d instantly shit my entire meal along with my digestive juices and my small intestine would be turtle heading after taking one of those side kicks

Ascetic View : FAKE... The Bag is a Paid Actor

Europa Eternal : Not bad..But can he beat.... JOHN CENNNNNAAAAAAA

Jacob Rodesh : Instant hospitalization

freek ie : Poor bob he got not arms or legs to fight back.

Hoss Cartwright : That's what he should've done to that Fear Factor douche lol

MySonNarkoman : I thought this was supposed to be about Joe Rogan's amazing shoes

Semi-decent guy : That's entirely possible that mannequin died

B.B.C #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,Gavel : I need joe Rogan in the Deathstroke movie.

Kevin K : My spleen hurts by just looking at that

MMA CLUB : This guy would kill CM Punk

Zacc Kendall : It's sad that he's being sent to Iraq due to shortage of tanks

PJ Mo : Did anyone else imagine him kicking your rib cage into 1200 pieces? Just me?

Lun Hing : Those kicks were pretty insane lol

Anders Hall : unlike 99% of all the commenters I can actually do all these kicks myself, and gotto say he's legit. Would say he's got a Little poor balance after the kicks, but that's what happens when you focus 100% on force attack and none on self protection. Would be fun to see him in a real fight. He'd probably do well, since he's got serious skill. But in a fight there's so much more than force kicks. But like I said, would be fun to see. I wouldn't mind going a few rounds with him myself.

GODESTINY : My head hurts just by watching him kick

Wagner Rocha : Dude I didn't know Joe was THIS legit....

Adam Bukhari : Damn he could take someone’s head off with that power!

Scott K : Came for the video. Stayed for the comments 😂

triplesix : *You dont mess with the ROGAN*

timecrusade : wow i didnt expect that. what a beast

the AGNOSTIC formerly known as incomprehensible14 : Is Joe Rogan... the deadliest comedian of all time???

Hl A : I heard he has trained, but man he knows his stuff. lol

angry carrot : I tried that kick on the heavy bag in training and it hurt like hell it felt like my feet was gonna fall off it felt like it snap 0:23

bebe mu : I think Joe Rogan has black belt in Taekwondo...

The Undertaker : Is it Eddie bravo talking ?

Chi Huang : He's definitely not your average Joe!

TOASTEDMUFFIN 87 : 1:18 oops😂😂😂

ArmanH : one word. DMT.