Don't Take It | Scary Short Horror Film | Tokyo Japan

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deltaforcedf : Lol I thought that ghost was handing out sanitary napkin

Jon Haugen : For someone who doesn't like scary stuff you come up with some creepy ideas, lol!!!

astroboy3507 : Great I am likening it!!!!!! ♥️👌👍

ShePlay TV : That's ads for u 😂 when u enjoy a video and it stop for commercial ads..

Gorilla No Baka : 0:23 Nice detail, the "Yokoso Peeps" t-shirt... Mamoru is really scary and creepy... Insanely amazing acting. :) How drunk was he?

Ryan Ash : I always hate those people handing out tissues till I need them and have a pack in my pocket

Mr. RAJDIP : I like it, good concept

Samay Agrawal : Honestly, i haven't seen any other jvloger making better short films/ skits than you. I really love your videos. Buta chan, munna and all other characters you play with wigs. Also parodies of Japan related things, like this one girl (youtuber) who just stares at the camera. Creativity is waay better, in my opinion.

Tokyo Drew : Freakin brilliant Oz! Enough said 🤟

cybershadowX : Awesome!!!

Kaygee79 : WTF happened to you? LOL! So F'd up!

John Mejia : well thought out good show

Samay Agrawal : Really good

Heather Rennie : Spooky stuff but very cool. Xx

Marco Manzo Vasquez : This is awesome!

Simon の茶の間 : More stuff like this! (Do some combined vlog/skit/story vids) Excellent work. You may need to hire your camera operator.😊

Johnny Lawrence : gangsta

Jackie M : Haha amazing!

Frederick König : How can I click 1Mio times on the like button!! I have shared your video on twitter.

Mike Taco : Part 2 or we riot¡!!!!!!

Subzero : Ozzy this was really good. Part 2 coming soon right??

Abel Castro : Amazing video totally a hidden gem 💎 on this community we have ourselves in

jmcdme : Seven days...

SONNY da CUSE : Great spooky skit.🔥 Happy Halloween, brotha! ✌

Lady's Bella : Jadah apa siak! 😬

Tanya loves Rain : You are so creative!

Nathan Garza : I was hoping there would be a Halloween special this year.

Korp Kyuu-Sama : No cheap sound jump scares? How indie of you! I like it.