The Useless Rock Worth Dying Over

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My hair is fabulous. I should model. Today's episode is about value. This is the story of a rock. It was once worth fighting wars over. Now its just a rock. Hear it trumpet (thanks, Lemons Rage): New Patreon account, for those who care: Follow our Instagram: Follow Evan's twitter: Follow Francesco's Instagram: Oxygen Garden by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Thanks for watching! You're clearly one of the good ones.

Comments from Youtube

IARRCSim : That rock had such a stellar status in the Easter Island community that it was the world's first rock star.

The Imaginary Axis : The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!

Ratigan2 : "When blown the right way it created an inimitable sound" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lester Suggs : One of the most interesting quotes I've heard is "Diamonds are worthless. Try selling one yourself." - THIS is true. Go onto eBay or Craigslist and search for 'engagement rings' - there are tens of thousands, and there always will be. I purchased a 1.2 ct flawless princess cut diamond from a desperate single mother for 1/5 its appraised value. Now, I can't get 1/3 of what I paid. It is just a stupid rock, and we're all fools.

Danku Franku : Damn now I feel bad for a rock

893zero : The industry can't believe millennials arn't buying diamonds, the reason seems fairly obvious.

Alorand : Now I want to hear the sound that this rock makes. Can you still make a sound by blowing into it?

TomDeath95 : Sky King brought me here. RIP

The Great and Lovable Peridot : The pioneers used to ride those babies for miles...

Elijah Buscho : *but what does it sound like*

Nathan Baker : Beebo Russell liked this video.

Yassin : anyone else thinking about that spongebob episode?

Alchemyst : I want to buy Napoleon a box of sharpies. In every color they come in.

RaptrZ_ : RIP Rich, an amazing self taught pilot. This was his last liked video before everything. May he rest easy.

EpicTacoWizard : The sea-tac hijacker watched this. Fly high.

Shawn Elliott : 2:08 - What a coincidence! I also make an inimitable sound when blown the right way.

Justin Maxwell : After watching this video, that rock just earned more respect and value from me than any diamond out there.

Wondering Green Man : Interesting! I have watched tons of documentaries about Easter Island and like you said, have never heard of this rock. Thank you for sharing! <-- New Subscriber!

OneironauticalOne : I know what his point was but damn. He talked some mad shit about that rock.

Mad City Music Live : Dat through allt of rambling to get to the interesting info..blocked

STEVE Clark : Thank you for a look at history in a different way !

David Parry : Diamonds can be manufactured with ease. Black ones are made every day for industrial purposes. Coloured ones for jewelry can be manufactured. Sapphires are MORE valuable... for their industrial uses. Diamonds make good grindstones.... is all.

Keith Reynolds : Giving a Sharpie increased its value to me...." actually, it was the act of giving and the joy you recieved that had value to you. The act of giving a sharpie had more value to you than what it cost you to replace it.

The clown fish : It would be more attractive if it's in some kind of garden with flowers, other plants, stone pathways and the stone being in the center

73honda350 : Well thought-out, written and presented topic and concept of perceived value. In a thousand years will a similar presentation will cover an item or material that is invaluable today but near worthless in the future?

whatismindnomatter : I actually enjoy the content but the 'host' seems....I don't know, not really annoying but bothersome. For some reason I just want to turn the sound off and go with captions. I've seen several of his vids and just don't like the narration. I've tried, and I'm just being honest; something about the presentation just seems too distracting/pandering.


Scooter w. : I would rather have that F'ing rock then the one I bought for our wedding.

dentpeninde : Try finding a rock anywhere else on earth that trumpets when you blow into it. Maybe it should be in a museum.

Keith Reynolds : "Because the community drives value, not the individual". I have to disagree with this statement. I have this one if a kind thigamobob. To me, it is worth $100. But i can't find anyone who wants if for more than $10. Is it worth what most in society say $10, or is it worth what i say $100? Well its mine. I own it and i don't have to sell or trade it and I'm not giving it up for anything less than $100. Only when someone hands me $100 for it will i give it up. Thus I argue that in the absence of trade an objects worth is what the owner sets its value. It is his until he agrees to give it up. Certainly, the owner may reevaluate an object's worth to him. Mabe one day ill find i no longer have need for this thingamobob and search for a buyer at $10 or throw it away. So much of our trash has value to someone else but we don't want to be bothered to find someone interested.

jimmy wayne : Not only when it comes to Iphones, A 1st edition (first print) version of a book, normally also has higher value than books from following prints.

than217 : "When blown the right way it created an inimitable sound." *DOESN'T DEMONSTRATE THE SOUND* ....

Maxime K-G : Haha, because of your video, it's rated 5,0 stars 😂😂

Keith Reynolds : "Demand is a reflection of society, not scarcity" lets quantify demand. If i had a rare babe ruth base ball card in mint condition, how many of you would buy it now if i sad i would sell it for $10. Now how many would buy it if i said I'd sell it for $100 million. Wow look at how demand changes with the price tag for a piece of paper with a picture on it. Come fourth of July in America, a highly valued symbol, the flag is merchandised and sold. Despite its priceless symbolic value to many, the shear volume of items sporting the red whit and blue drive price down. Demand is more than just a reflection of what a society values. Demand is dependent on what socity values/needs as well as price and scarcity.

mussman717word : Why didn't you blow the rock?

VIPIN LADWAL : i thought the video was about rare earth elements.

Plunder Bunny : I really love the unique angle you choose to tell stories from. It makes these videos incredibly valuable.

Golden Raider : "Please note that Evan is often kind of an idiot." *Wait, WHAT?!?!*

da1vinci1edi : Guess you never heard of the Pacific Campaign

Daniel Saari : Very poignant you can apply that to just about anything.

Maxime K-G : This is one of my favorite Rare Earth videos ! Thank you so much for making these, your videos are truly unique !

John Alexander : It has a 4.2 rating now. Just from this video its value/rating increased.

semih oguzcan : Resource Based Economy and the Venus Project!

NPC #303 : Someone needs to weed eat around that rock. R.i.p. Rich russel

jrelated1 : #skyking brought me here

Iloveya Rocko : Wow different rhymes for different times distant reasons in distant seasons another lands project I'm realing from the logic

ROGER2095 : I've heard it said that children know the value of everything and the price of nothing. Put a cupcake and a doorknob-sized diamond in front of a 1 year old, and she'll grab the cupcake and squeal with delight. To her, the diamond is worthless.

A Ho : "I have fabulous hair. I should model" 👏

Kman1h 2010 : Wasn't there a spongebob episode about this? Lol