The Useless Rock Worth Dying Over

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Rare Earth : Thanks to everyone who asked about our Patreon. I'll put out a full video when I get the time, but for those who want to jump the gun and get on board from the start, here's the link: It means a huge deal that so many have asked us to start an account. I never thought anyone would watch these videos, let alone support them.

Plunder Bunny : I really love the unique angle you choose to tell stories from. It makes these videos incredibly valuable.

Justin O'Brien : The concept of value reminds me of the Coke bottle in "The Gods Must be Crazy".

Ben Dover : Everyone go on Google Reviews and give Pu o Hiro a 5 star review so that it doesn't have a 2.5 star score anymore. Edit: So I was scrolling through Evan's twitter out of pure boredom and saw a tweet from him saying that Pu o Hiro got it's rating raised to 4.8 stars. I didn't realise he was mentioning my dumb ass comment I made out of pure boredom one night until I went back to check the video and saw all these likes. Good to see that Pu o Hiro is finally getting the appreciation it deserves.

Sownheard : Diamond ring are useless 🤮 There not even rare

Rosy O'Rose : A very thought provoking video.....Thanks for the upload.

Charles Damery : You can put lipstick on a pig and it's worth a lot more. Humans are suckers for just about anything, technically a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang is a piece of crap, but to some people it's priceless.


ROGER2095 : I've heard it said that children know the value of everything and the price of nothing. Put a cupcake and a doorknob-sized diamond in front of a 1 year old, and she'll grab the cupcake and squeal with delight. To her, the diamond is worthless.

matacoz : *Make your semen more fertile by possessing this one simple rock! Move it to your tribe's location to learn more!*

than217 : "When blown the right way it created an inimitable sound." *DOESN'T DEMONSTRATE THE SOUND* ....

HUMAN ? : Steal the rock for a while get some headlines for it and then have it somehow return. Also did you see those pineapples beautiful

Danku Franku : Damn now I feel bad for a rock

Jim Ferdinando : That rock looks surprised to be a rock

slouch : come on you didn't even record the sound it makes? this makes me so mad i want to club you in the head and steal the rock for myself.

John Alexander : It has a 4.2 rating now. Just from this video its value/rating increased.

Jeanne-Marie Tchoumak : A boulder that increases fertility? I guess you could say in makes you *Rock Hard* ( I'll leave)

Dave B : I watched a video where billionaire wives will hire body guards so the can walk around with a million dollar diamond around their neck. The only people that see it are thieves. What a delusional way of thinking. Think of how much good you could do donating a fraction of that money.

Dave B : When I saw how much he wanted the sharpie I told him I would sell it for $100. When he objected that I only paid $2.00 for it I reminded him how much better capitalism was then any other system. I agreed to let him make payments at 50% interest. When he stopped paying a few months later I bribed some local police officers to arrest him on theft charges and take back the sharpie. He currently sits in prison where he will remain until he pays off the legal fees and interest that accrues daily. We are looking into holding his family responsible for the debt. Why? Because it's legal thats why.

Maxi100ful : Fun fact about Diamonds. They are literally not forever, since it is not the most stable form of Carbon. Graphite is thermodynamicly more stable. So in the end all diamonds will change into a very expansive pencil.

Andrzej Broniarek : I wrote that once, but I'll do it second time. I'm youtube addict, watching hours of videos a day, but nothing I see is any close to being as good as your videos. I would trade my arm to have your story telling skills.

Bradley8936 : Bro diamond are rare and valuable. You can make the strongest armour and tools. Diamonds swords do way more damage that iron swords. Smh

Callum Allaway North : If I ever become leader of a country, I'm making it my mission to steal that damn rock.

Antonio Jay : This episode reminded me of bitcoins value

Nicholas Feeley : Note: People lining up to buy the first of new tech *are* buying into scarcity: The least amount of obsolescence. The newest stuff is the best, in theory. And with it comes a longer lifespan before your stuff *isn't* the best anymore. And that time, in the technological field, is a *very* scarce resource.

roguishpaladin : Ironically, though, by making this video the value of the rock has been increased once more. People who watch this video may go to Easter Island and take a drive by and tell their friends. They, in turn, will spread knowledge of the rock to another. In time, perhaps someone will devote effort to learning how to play it properly again. Perhaps someone will even try to steal it again in the future, or perhaps local authorities will fight over who has rights to it. All this may come about because a Canadian played a guitar in space one time. The cause and effect of life is fascinating sometimes.

Elijah Buscho : *but what does it sound like*

Eric Rusch Sr : Your style of story telling makes your channel worth subscribing to. I've just subscribed. Thank you Eric

windstormstrike : An ocarina carved by Mother Nature itself...Magnificent!

Sandwich rock : Diamond is unbreakable

ZOMGitsKENNY : Hi Rare Earth. I love your content. It makes me smile to see a video of yours in my feed.

capinkyky : I have to thank you for your insightful and thought provoking videos. I wrote my 25 page end of term paper on Japanese ethno-nationalism because I was so inspired by your video. It's true that people don't often think critically or research about what they hear--but you inspired me to do so. Thank you for that.

Doggo And Doggo Accessories : This is hauntingly good content. Absolutely well done; I was intrigued throughout the entire video.

sleuth 2077 : When I'm blown the right way, i curl my toes.......does that mean I'm valuable?

MF99K : i wanna know what the rock sounds like

cubid0u : I'm no economist, but I'm pretty sure economic scarcity has nothing to do with the absolute numbers of items but rather how imbalanced offer and demand are. Iphones are never scarce (as long as you can always produce more); there's only a last one when nobody wants one any more, like that rock. The attribute of being one the first Iphones produced, however, is scarce.

Ahmad El-Khatib : Does it still whistle?

Chair : so what sound does it make

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services : Truly rare earth, google doesn't turn up results about those stories of people who fought over the stone. Continue to tell stories of those of which would of otherwise been forgotten.

Stratos Nikidis : I know that i sound crazy but I would realy love to see you work with Michael from Vsauce..... Love ya !!! <3

Veije : Well now I wanna know what it sounds like...

Searcot : How in the world did you make me feel sorry for a rock????


John Doe : I won't marry a woman who demands a natural diamond.. A woman who hasn't thought much about her values.

Dan Demsky : It needs to be rebranded as Potato Hiro. A gift from the potato gods.

Matt Burgess : This feels like the most 'Rare Earth' subject yet. I really enjoyed this one.

Carl Deaton : I kinda feel like the fact that it's "two months salary" no matter how much you make should have tipped people off sooner. like, does that not set off other people's bullshit detector?

GhengisJohn : Welp at least 125,000 people have heard of it now.

Stormfox : I would check out the sign. I would be interested why there is a random rock surrounded by a wooden fence. I would want to know the reason.

sathvik parthasarathy : The rock of ages !!