The Useless Rock Worth Dying Over

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Rare Earth : Thanks to everyone who asked about our Patreon. I'll put out a full video when I get the time, but for those who want to jump the gun and get on board from the start, here's the link: It means a huge deal that so many have asked us to start an account. I never thought anyone would watch these videos, let alone support them.

Danku Franku : Damn now I feel bad for a rock

The Imaginary Axis : The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!

Aldin Lewis : Ya know with modern technology you could probably get a 3D scan of the rock and recreate it. That way you could blow into it without messing with a historical artifact. (Given all the interest from people wanting to hear what it sounds like)

Lester Suggs : One of the most interesting quotes I've heard is "Diamonds are worthless. Try selling one yourself." - THIS is true. Go onto eBay or Craigslist and search for 'engagement rings' - there are tens of thousands, and there always will be. I purchased a 1.2 ct flawless princess cut diamond from a desperate single mother for 1/5 its appraised value. Now, I can't get 1/3 of what I paid. It is just a stupid rock, and we're all fools.

IARRCSim : That rock had such a stellar status in the Easter Island community that it was the world's first rock star.

Ratigan2 : "When blown the right way it created an inimitable sound" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

sleuth 2077 : When I'm blown the right way, i curl my toes.......does that mean I'm valuable?

Joe Duke : I know of a far more valuable rock. The Black Stone at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, is a useless rock that 1.3 billion people are willing to kill everyone else on Earth for.

Nathan Baker : Beebo Russell liked this video.

ROGER2095 : I've heard it said that children know the value of everything and the price of nothing. Put a cupcake and a doorknob-sized diamond in front of a 1 year old, and she'll grab the cupcake and squeal with delight. To her, the diamond is worthless.

Yassin : anyone else thinking about that spongebob episode?

RaptrZ_ : RIP Rich, an amazing self taught pilot. This was his last liked video before everything. May he rest easy.

EpicTacoWizard : The sea-tac hijacker watched this. Fly high.

TomDeath95 : Sky King brought me here. RIP

Plunder Bunny : I really love the unique angle you choose to tell stories from. It makes these videos incredibly valuable.

Eric Rusch Sr : Your style of story telling makes your channel worth subscribing to. I've just subscribed. Thank you Eric

Shawn Elliott : 2:08 - What a coincidence! I also make an inimitable sound when blown the right way.

GordieGii : I want to hear the inimitable sound.

893zero : The industry can't believe millennials arn't buying diamonds, the reason seems fairly obvious.

Elijah Buscho : *but what does it sound like*

ReviewThugUSA : Like if Rich "Barrel roll" got you here.

Anal Rampage : Someone needs to weed eat around that rock. R.i.p. Rich russel

ACE of PRO bro : Why does it sound like an anime?

Manuel Pilarczyk : The rock still has worth, not monetary, but philosophical and historical worth, because it had wars fought over it and changed the culture and history of the island, because the stronger groups killed the weaker ones. If the wars that were fought over this rock would have turned out differently or the rock maybe, you know... does have powers, then heck, the statues might would have never been a thing and this island would have been just any other island. There is a reason for the fence around it, because it is an artifact, a piece of history.

Justin O'Brien : The concept of value reminds me of the Coke bottle in "The Gods Must be Crazy".

The Great and Lovable Peridot : The pioneers used to ride those babies for miles...

jrelated1 : #skyking brought me here

Daehawk : I waited the entire video to hear it and nada.

Bracer Jack : Where is the video where the man is happy because of a sharpie ?

Spazzy 450 : R.I.P Skyking

DannyBoy : at 0:29 you should've said "granite" instead

Rocket Man : RIP SkyKing

scot woodz : I don’t get it why don’t we hear the sound? Do you blow through it with your lips on it? Do you use an air compressor to blow through? Does it perhaps make sound when the wind is blowing.................? Does it sound cool or creepy? Is it a sound that only a dog can hear? Please do a test and get back to us thank you :-)

David Parry : Diamonds can be manufactured with ease. Black ones are made every day for industrial purposes. Coloured ones for jewelry can be manufactured. Sapphires are MORE valuable... for their industrial uses. Diamonds make good grindstones.... is all.

Nj Rocks : Is this where they got the inspiration for that Spongebob episode?

Vern Etzel : dude is obsessed with power, as if that's important to anyone but those who have it. oh well, I get his point.

MDT 2 : *Well I have seen very few guys who use such an apt and heavy words to frame their stories, you were outstanding...Lemino use words like this but you seem much better than him..well I like that diamond story It's always been in mind why people care for diamonds so much*

A Ho : "I have fabulous hair. I should model" 👏

Dkyguy1995 : Rated 2.5 stars. Who are these people rating a rock display? What did they expect?

The clown fish : It would be more attractive if it's in some kind of garden with flowers, other plants, stone pathways and the stone being in the center

Helveteshit : @Rare Earth , I think the value of the rock could increase in value in the modern world, if someone took the measure to actually FILM it working like a flute or trumpet. To show, the interesting details of it. After all, it is merely a ROCK when seen from a distance. But nobody would be able to know it could play tunes depending on the wind.

than217 : "When blown the right way it created an inimitable sound." *DOESN'T DEMONSTRATE THE SOUND* ....

Justin Maxwell : After watching this video, that rock just earned more respect and value from me than any diamond out there.

Golden Raider : "Please note that Evan is often kind of an idiot." *Wait, WHAT?!?!*

Ben MCC : Remember the episode of spongebob when spongebob made the stone structures that made sounds in the wind?

Arturidot : Moissanite is alot cheaper than diamond, yet, it shines alot more.

Sownheard : Diamond ring are useless 🤮 There not even rare

Beard of Bees Pool : The Rock says.. Know your damn role.

grayoctagon : The rock is inside of an wooden OCTAGON so it has to be precious. At least as long as it stays in the octagon.