The Useless Rock Worth Dying Over

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Rare Earth : Thanks to everyone who asked about our Patreon. I'll put out a full video when I get the time, but for those who want to jump the gun and get on board from the start, here's the link: It means a huge deal that so many have asked us to start an account. I never thought anyone would watch these videos, let alone support them.

Plunder Bunny : I really love the unique angle you choose to tell stories from. It makes these videos incredibly valuable.

Danku Franku : Damn now I feel bad for a rock

ROGER2095 : I've heard it said that children know the value of everything and the price of nothing. Put a cupcake and a doorknob-sized diamond in front of a 1 year old, and she'll grab the cupcake and squeal with delight. To her, the diamond is worthless.

than217 : "When blown the right way it created an inimitable sound." *DOESN'T DEMONSTRATE THE SOUND* ....

Elijah Buscho : *but what does it sound like*

Justin O'Brien : The concept of value reminds me of the Coke bottle in "The Gods Must be Crazy".

Dave B : I watched a video where billionaire wives will hire body guards so the can walk around with a million dollar diamond around their neck. The only people that see it are thieves. What a delusional way of thinking. Think of how much good you could do donating a fraction of that money.

Eric Rusch Sr : Your style of story telling makes your channel worth subscribing to. I've just subscribed. Thank you Eric

Aldin Lewis : Ya know with modern technology you could probably get a 3D scan of the rock and recreate it. That way you could blow into it without messing with a historical artifact. (Given all the interest from people wanting to hear what it sounds like)

sleuth 2077 : When I'm blown the right way, i curl my toes.......does that mean I'm valuable?

IARRCSim : That rock had such a stellar status in the Easter Island community that it was the world's first rock star.

Dave B : When I saw how much he wanted the sharpie I told him I would sell it for $100. When he objected that I only paid $2.00 for it I reminded him how much better capitalism was then any other system. I agreed to let him make payments at 50% interest. When he stopped paying a few months later I bribed some local police officers to arrest him on theft charges and take back the sharpie. He currently sits in prison where he will remain until he pays off the legal fees and interest that accrues daily. We are looking into holding his family responsible for the debt. Why? Because it's legal thats why.

MF99K : i wanna know what the rock sounds like

capinkyky : I have to thank you for your insightful and thought provoking videos. I wrote my 25 page end of term paper on Japanese ethno-nationalism because I was so inspired by your video. It's true that people don't often think critically or research about what they hear--but you inspired me to do so. Thank you for that.


Doggo And Doggo Accessories : This is hauntingly good content. Absolutely well done; I was intrigued throughout the entire video.

Carl Deaton : I kinda feel like the fact that it's "two months salary" no matter how much you make should have tipped people off sooner. like, does that not set off other people's bullshit detector?

The-UPS-Guy : Im from CUBA 🇨🇺 who else?

Charles Damery : You can put lipstick on a pig and it's worth a lot more. Humans are suckers for just about anything, technically a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang is a piece of crap, but to some people it's priceless.

b1aflatoxin : _"The community around us drives value, not the individual, we all don't have to agree so as long as the society says it's true."_ A nice coincidence that I just watched a video on failed cryptocurrencies. lol

John Doe : I won't marry a woman who demands a natural diamond.. A woman who hasn't thought much about her values.

GhengisJohn : Welp at least 125,000 people have heard of it now.

Join The Technicians : What a rare and refreshing perspective. And highly accurate at that. Top notch episode dudes!

Rosy O'Rose : A very thought provoking video.....Thanks for the upload.

kkuhn : Diamonds aren't useless. Even beyond any "social" usefulness, they are the hardest material and used in grinding stones and cutting wheels for making crucial tools and even tunnels. Nothing else can fit this need, and they are scarce. That's what makes them valuable.

Lester Suggs : One of the most interesting quotes I've heard is "Diamonds are worthless. Try selling one yourself." - THIS is true. Go onto eBay or Craigslist and search for 'engagement rings' - there are tens of thousands, and there always will be. I purchased a 1.2 ct flawless princess cut diamond from a desperate single mother for 1/5 its appraised value. Now, I can't get 1/3 of what I paid. It is just a stupid rock, and we're all fools.

Flag Assault : Why didn't you record the sound it makes?

Vern Etzel : dude is obsessed with power, as if that's important to anyone but those who have it. oh well, I get his point.

Sownheard : Diamond ring are useless 🤮 There not even rare

GordieGii : I want to hear the inimitable sound.

Kylie Blair : I love this series so much.

Succulent Lord : Why are there no examples of it being played???

Ram-n_dodge : 2 months!? i didn't spend anywhere near that much, if i did i'm sure she wouldn't have returned it for something cheaper.

Anthony Colbourne : Very funny to see this post of your latest RARE EARTH production just as I am myself returning from a visit to Easter Island, and I actually did stop by and have a look at Hiro's Trumpet as we toured the island. It is especially rare because it can be used as a trumpet, much like a specially altered conch shell can be used as a trumpet, but for a rock to naturally have this feature is surely rarer than most diamonds.

Дsh : I can easily see a snarling post-colonial studies major shrieking their purple-haired head off about how this video flattens the history of indigenous peoples.

scrublord mcshitt : They dint even blow it.....



Adelaide Abashov : i feel like there was an episode of spongebob with a rock like that.

OvAeons : Pu o is shocked in its current market day value.

Justin Maxwell : After watching this video, that rock just earned more respect and value from me than any diamond out there.

Fiery Kitsune : It's not just a boulder. It's a rock!

matacoz : *Make your semen more fertile by possessing this one simple rock! Move it to your tribe's location to learn more!*

Ratigan2 : "When blown the right way it created an inimitable sound" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

dentpeninde : Try finding a rock anywhere else on earth that trumpets when you blow into it. Maybe it should be in a museum.

Nathan .W : I don't know how you could call this video complete when you didn't even get on your knees put your mouth around one of those rock holes and try to make some music.

Jell-O 101 : So this is where Spongebob got his idea to lure the jellyfish away.


The Keksadler : The real question: Does it still make a sound when you blow into it's holes?