In Living Color Parody of Crystal Waters- Gypsy Woman

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APodbayDoor : Oh how far we've come, back when 100 channels on tv was the ultimate package deal haha

ItsInTheDetails : Lobotomy labotom you ...LOL!!

Grayson Maximillian Phoenix : This describes the music industry today

Skai : I be rich, you be po'. *DEAD*

Miguel Albarracin : I miss the 90s so much. It may not have been terribly highbrow but dammit people had a savage sense of humor back then

LifeIsNotorious : But Crystal Waters songs are better than most of today's music. If In Living Color could have seen the future, then they would of saved their roast for today's artist.

Mhendeb : This skit destroyed Crystal Waters career.

Hippopotamus Anonymous : Kim never gets the respect she deserves. She is just as hilarious as the boys. If you've never seen her Cousin Elsie sketches please watch them. You will not be disappointed.

dixielatino : Imagine growing up in that family with all those comedians

A HW : The homeless dancers just crack me up! Omfg lmfao

Steven Manning : 2 all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions...

Shahida Brooklyn : I guess Kanye West got his clothing line inspiration from homeboys dancing in the back!

Bigreid92 : Just imagine if this show was around today. The people that they could clown on today would be epic like Niki Minaj, Lil Wayne, the Kardashians, that would of been great! This show was ahead of its time!

Anthony DeVeaux : I love Crystal Waters, but I've got to admit the blueprint to this parody is really complex, and that makes it really really good.

Jackson August : y'all I can't breathe I need oxygen

Florent Lagrelle : i love the "scooby where are you" part XD

wipemysmile : Well if this isn't prophetic. Talk about modern poop (pop) music. "You'll keep buying my music because you're mindless, like me you're mindless"

Morgenstern : "I'll be rich you'll be poor" lmao

Jewel Moore : it sounded like she was ordering a krabby patty at the end 😂

Sarah And Jess : Better than Bart baker

Buddah The Singer : This shit still funny...millions of years later

JTDK1981 : Even better is the behind-the scenes clip (after her brother kept having her do more takes to get it right)with: "CBS, Pay-per-view. Keenan, I wanna strangle you." lol

OneButton Dash : -I get up early every morning to watch some TV -to watch some TV -It's time for me to write a new song, it's just that easy -just watchin TV -Hey look at that it's fred and the flintstones -that's a song now, I gotta song now -yabba dabba doo -yabba dabba doo -yabba dabba doo -yabba dabba doo -before i go to bed at night, I look in the mirror -I think I'm lucky -I'm gonna become a really big star with little talent -not much talent -the truth is, I'm justa wannabe, I should be homeless -I should be homeless -I'm making millions, isn't that funny -haha-he haha-ha -haha-he haha-ha -tehe-he ho ho ho -I'll never run outta songs, cuz I just bought cable -100 channels -and now it's endless, the hits are endless -HBO, MTV, TBS and A&E,CBS, payperview scooby doo where are you, happy days and oprah too -you'll keep buying my music, cuz you're mindless -like me you're mindless -lobottom me lobottom you -yabba dabbadee yabba dabbadoo -haha he haha ho -I'll be rich, you'll be pore -All this Patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions. SesameBuns

vistaestrada : "I'll be rich, you'll be poor. Scooby Doo, where are you!"

yorkschris : Love the Crystal Waters track, but this parody is great!

juan martinez : HBO,MTV,TBS and A&E CBS Paper view Scooby-Doo where are you? Happy Days & Oprah too 😂😂😂 smh!

Michael Tsung : Funny sketch, but make no mistake, the original track is an all time classic, one of the great house / dance tracks. Tons of respect to Crystal Waters.....

Toni Foxx : Funny. But Crystal Waters is the ish.

Jewel Moore : It's messed up cause she has more lyrics than the actual song😄

LV : Ha Ha Hee Ha Ha Ho Hee Hee Ha Hee Hee Ho

Shaliah Holleman : I like her version better than the original lol

Sean Joseph : 126 people should be homeless.

John J. Sims : This parody is so funny!

TalkRuss : All beef patty special sauce... lol

MystikWizard : This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life.

Mike Aristo : The homeless dancing tramps are the icing on the cake.

BIGG ZIGG PRODUCTIONS!!!! : i remember seeing this when it aired ill be rich youll be poor instant classic!!!!!!

Jordan Leah : Pay per view Scooby Doo where are you? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jenna G : All beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles

mustangblack05 : this was the funniest thing Kim Wayans ever did on this show

Tony P : Ha ha he, ha ha ho, I be rich, you be po   LOL

Adam Smith : Funny as hell..imma watch it one more time

BRight298 : *You keep buying my music, because your mindless, like me your mindless* LMAO! oh man i remember people playing the original song to death and when i heard this one line from Living color parody I was crying laughing!

Marl Young : Kim is my favorite Wayans brother.

Kitari : What they would think about the commercial music nowadays...

StomperYoshi : This video perfectly describes GiIvaSunner. "Hey, look at that; it's Fred and the Flintstones; that's a song now!"

Untouchable Male Of Mystery : It's funny that this is shorter than the original song, but it has more lyrics.

garvin hart : Nicki Minaj diss track😂😂😂

Huna : My English teacher puts this on everyday it is our class song

PsyrenXY : All-beef patties, special sauce, Lettuce cheese, pickles off