Panda Doesn't Realise She's Had Twins! | BBC Earth
Panda Doesnt Realise Shes Had Twins BBC Earth

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When having multiple cubs, pandas will usually only care for one baby and abandon the other, but switching them around might be the key for both twins' survival. Narrated by David Attenborough. Subscribe to BBC Earth for more amazing animal videos - Watch more videos from BBC Earth: Planet Earth Blue Planet Planet Earth II Planet Dinosaur Check out the other two channels in our BBC Earth network: BBC Earth Unplugged: BBC Earth Lab: Natural World: Saving the Panda Conservation has come a long way since the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was officially established as a charity almost 50 years ago on 11 September 1961, and the giant panda's story epitomises just how much has been achieved. Granted exclusive access to the world's number one panda research centre and reserve at Chengdu, this film follows the life of a mother and cubs from conception through birth and hand-rearing, to play and young adulthood - and the international team that care for them - over the course of 18 months. With archive footage, the film looks back at the extraordinary East-West collaboration that brought giant pandas back from the brink of extinction, and ahead to the radical, controversial and risky next phase: reintroduction into the wild. Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of astounding, entertaining, thought-provoking and educational natural history content. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this. Want to share your views with the team behind BBC Earth and win prizes? Join our fan panel: This is a channel from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes. Service information and feedback:


Vitamin Memes : Po was taken from his mom because of honey water.

Fritz Asuro : Pandas are really asking for extinction 1. Eating the wrong food. 2. Breaking their bodies from falling from higher elevations. 3. Trying to be a tree climber even they're not really meant to be. 4. White fur as camo. 5. One child policy.

Broly the sarcastic savage : A mother's love for her child is the strongest thing in the universe. Honey water pops in.. Panda mom: I'm a parent?

shub verse : My mom also forgets about me when shopping :/

PC-Broke : Breaking news : Mother trades baby for honey water

Brina Shiloff : Ooh honey water honey water honey water. MY BABY!!! OH but honey water. Honey water. Honey water MY BABY!!!

shit's classic X : Panda mom: wft do you mean "you're hungry" you JUST ate!

Alnora : Dude just stole my baby... But this water good tho.

dontbeshady411 : No wonder they're going extinct. Motherly protective instincts can be overridden by honey water.

le melo : Her cage look so empty... they could do better no?

The_ Crafty_dwarf : Panda: oh hell naw you ain’t stealing meh child Later: hey hook me with some honey water.take care of meh child while I drink this

Indira Nair : I find it ADORABLE to see her hugging her baby..😆

Eva Dahlén : I can’t believe how small panda baby’s really are

Zikah : Pandas: endangered Also pandas: give up baby for some sweet water Edit: corrected some grammar issue

kwantsu dudes : Chips: 3 dollars Gas: 31 dollars Frozen beverage: 2 dollars Trading a bowl of honey water for a baby panda...priceless.

DarcnessTrophies : alternately title: Oreo bamboozled 10 times a day

Gvxi.Gemini : She probably thinking like This hoes really think I don’t know I got two kids I CAN TELL THEM APART DAMN IT

Giray Şener : "This woman thinks she's fooling me with the switch. But, what she doesn't know how much I love the honey-water."

William SPENCER : Panda mom gives out baby for honey water Baby panda: am I a joke to you ?

HeyItsAutumn Music, Marvel, Singing, BTS! : I still wonder what pandas feel like, they’re just too cute!

Kimmisha Thomas : Nobody: Me: SHE SNUGGLES THE BABY LIKE A PERSON AND THE BABY MAKES CUTE SOUNDS (Yes, I was shouting but I'm calm now)

Paynus Vajonas : 2:20 "You're gonna bring that back, right...? Okay, I'ma be here with my honey water."

Blanketofdeath : Gotta protect my baby **brings out honey water** Eh, maybe latter

senpai xD : 2:21 panda's hand is like cya lol

Pulak : Atleast put some plants... It's like the panda is in prison ..

Mindy Vaughn : These people are Brilliant and Very Patient! Great Job!👍

Erkka Sipilä : I tought that the China's one child policy had already ended

bhat naveed : Panda Mom leaves child for Honey water . Child : Am I a joke to you .

sunshine Velvet : Hey so emotional she is not even allowing that lady to touch her child❤

Viv Adams : A little bedding would be nice 🙁

zarin tasnim : Mother's Love: *Being the strongest thing in the whole universe* Honey water: Hold my sweetness.

Deluxe Grove : Baby: HELP, MOTHER, HELP! Panda: this honey water is good

Nori : 100% survival rate! Thank god they will not extinct ;)

Claire Osborne : David Attenborough should do Guided meditation recordings with that voice of his ❤️ I’d be asleep in a second 💤 x x

bhat naveed : Panda Mom : I can't leave my Child Honey Water : Hold my Beer

KELSIB WELLS : Wow they are switched 10 times a day what dedication on that zookeepers part... that's a lot! Lots and lots of patience......

Crazy Hermine : Panda: I will take great care for my child, they will survive and grow strong like me. Even in this safe area- Honey water: I'm gonna ruin this mother's entire career.

Nehemiah Stewart : Yall got me bawling on these honey water jokes 🤣

Tiffany Brown : Me: **watches Kung Fu Panda 3** aw baby pandas are so cute Me: **watches this** AAWWWWWWWWWWWW

Nola Girl : I love when these kind of videos pop up in my suggested. I would never go looking for something like this otherwise. I loved this video, it was so interesting! The little panda newborn babies are soooo adorable!!!🐼🐼🐼

Player 1 : Now this is what we want on trending

TraumaER : *PLOT TWIST:* _Panda is actually tricking the zookeeper into not knowing about the cub switch in order to get twice as much honey water. Just wait until the Panda has triplets!_ :o)

Tamra Hayes : Poor mama. Nothing but cold cement floors and bars to look at all day.

Mo Garcia : They tell us it's honey water, but the way it calms her down, and distracts so that they can switch babies. It's a martini shaken not stirred....

Norma M. Atchley : I am a nurse and I love how you have figured out how to trick her, good job. Beautiful video.

kk448 : Is that Winnie the Pooh doing the narration?

T H : 0:42 Elon is that you? Nvm

ᖇᗩ乙0229 : She protec But, Most importantly She doesn't attac

Jaskaran Hayre : Who will win, A screaming a crying baby cub who is looking for her mother for help and comfort Or one honey water boi