Panda Doesn't Realise She's Had Twins! | BBC Earth

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someone : This is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life

Bonnie BunBuns : When a panda has twins, she will often reject one of the two. When it actually comes down to the survival of the animals, they sometimes need a helping hand. It's our instincts that drive us to help other living things, whether or not they're dangerous. If you hear a baby crying or a dog whining, your first instinct would be to help them. That's what these people in the video are doing. They are caring for animals that have a difficult time surviving.

Beth O'Riley : They don't always stay in a cage that small. When the mom goes into labor & has her baby/babies, she'll remain in the small cage to care for them until they're a little bigger. If they left her outside, she would have her babies & they wouldn't know where. They keep such a good eye on mom & babies. They make sure that they are actually being taken care of by the mom. And unfortunately, if these pandas weren't kept in a sanctuary they must likely would be extinct by now. So sad 😔

Ngaire Huntley : I feel like swapping my preschooler for a bowl of honey some days 😄

Angie saw : Stop being ignorant. The mummy panda is going to give birth soon, hence they are keeping her in the cage. Soon after giving birth they will let her out.

Carsla Peyton : lol. pretty sure the panda knows it’s a different cub.

The Twins Gamer : Look how sad the mom is in that cage

Дмитри : 3:02 I thought the panda was going to eat its child

《 kindest's art 》 : Wow that honey water is a must have if it was that easy to give your baby away.

Nabil Zelmat : This panda is 1 month old 🐼 One like = one year

electronicsNmore : Adorable. I'm surprised they're that small at birth considering how large the Pandas are full grown.

Dan Park : I couldn't work there without getting killed trying to hug some pandas

Leslie Craig : Precious how she snuggles her baby .

Mary Jones : Why is the panda in a prison?

Juice Wrld : Fake. This is a paid actor

Charolastra : Plot twist: the panda knew the cubs weren't the same

Sheri : I grew up listening to David Attenborough and learning about different animals.

BRG 0001 : Nice video and the zoo is doing good work. But jesus guys, you could at least put some plants and cusions in the cage.

Leyla 312 : Those who says that panda gave up her child for honey water, you are wrong, guys! Panda is not stupid, panda knows that her baby is safe with that man, she knows him, she knows that he helps her and bring new born panda back. Animal feel everything better than we.

Trishika Kumar : I am feeling like panda is in the jail😞😞

Brittany and Michael Vlogs : Baby pandas are so precious 😭

. ρнΦвια 。 : xd I like how the baby panda Mum doesn’t care that they are taking away the baby She simply keeps licking her honey

Kaiju Productions : U should always patt the mother panda

ugly senpai : I wish my mother carried me like that! (Considering i was that smoll - i was a premie)

Livy : Chengdu? Omg I visited China last summer, and i got to visit Chengdu, and help take care of the pandas. Like poop duty and cleaning out the enclosures. It was very interesting. Actually, panda poop does not smell, and the people working there told my tour group that they recycle panda poop into tissues and things like that.

DRAMA L!VE : Nothing better than mom's love. Miss you Mom. RIP

pam kellow : Why no bedding for her ??

Sami Motaghedi : Genius idea! I'm glad both survive and get Mom's milk

Jacob Lewis : Every like =peace 🇺🇸🌈 🌈🇺🇸 1

Tumoltous Wind : Cub like: mamma MAMMA really for some honey water ...MAMMMAAA

Charolastra : Damn i need this new 'honey water' thing. It sure looks addictive enough to give your baby away

Sofia : panda is my favourite anima;

Jo Jo : They are sleeping on a cold ground! It's cruel ! !!!

Simone Kaur : She don't wants give her panda cubs

Him Upadhyay : Everyone is happy seing panda, but I'm really sad seeing the inside cage..

Average Steve : Panda child protective services

peachy proncess : anyone know why the momma cant be in a better environment?:(

BARDOCK : Pandas are so stupid it's unbeliavable

Tina LamarDion : It’s amazing how they are born so small and cute. But end big and monstrous

Zara Stafford : pandas are my fave thing ever

3,000 subs with no videos : 100% cutest trending video

Minecraft Gamerajt : I love pandas 😍😍😍

MangoMite : HONEY BEFORE CHILDREN she was like worker: can i have the cub panda: no worker have some honey, can i have it now panda: no worker: *gives more honey* how about now panda: sure *grabs honey bowl fully panda baby: MAMA NOOO panda: It's fine *stuffs face in honey*

Joe Mysic : Lily is dumb but cute

diss e : This is so cute

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

Ευανθία Παπαδοπούλου : I feel so bad that they have a very big animal in such a small place closed without going out

Sérgio Mesquita Rocha : This cage lacks environment.

Laughing hard : Pandas are the most beautiful animals on earth 🌍🥰😍🐼🐼🐼

Tanya O : Is that concrete floor heated?