Panda Doesn't Realise She's Had Twins! | BBC Earth

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Carsla Peyton : lol. pretty sure the panda knows it’s a different cub.

EnigmaticParadox : Who would win? The undying maternal instincts that appear in millions of species around the globe Or One honey boi

DRAMA L!VE : Nothing better than mom's love. Miss you Mom. RIP

Daniel Lozano : That mom straight up traded her son for a bowl of honey lol

junior fio : Cub: I'm being kidnapped. Save me mom! Mom: hhhmmm..... Honey water.

someone : This is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life

Deccadeo Youtube : "You're taking my only child? Alright, cool." *Continues to drink more honey water*

Brodie-tzu : “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” PANDA EDITION

Carl Grimes : I protecc baby *But honey water*

Aden hui : The title should be, How to Kidnap a Panda. Edit: Ay, this blew up!

Crippling Depression : I love how she trusts the lady so much like “ oki just make sure it doesn’t get hurt oki ? *sips tea* “

Luna Lindsey : In a couple of years, the twins will meet, and concoct a wild plan to reunite their estranged parents.

It's Me :/ : If they have twins they abandon One? Pandas never cease to amaze me with the ways they guarantee the extinction of their species.

로제 : nothing more precious than mothers undying love and protection except honey water.

2000 subscribers with no video : Plot twist: the panda knew the cubs weren't the same

Age Goot : 2:27 “Okay bye see you in a bit- Mmm this honey water..”

Terrier Gaming : "No don't you dare take my baby!" "Wait, you got honey water? Carry on."

Chef Louie Fayad : *B A M B O O Z L E D*

Madison Davis : Panda child protection services, she's hooked on that honey water 😂😂

electronicsNmore : Adorable. I'm surprised they're that small at birth considering how large the Pandas are full grown.

anne l : 0:31 *how i lay in bed knowing damn well I didn’t finish my homework*

Devin Williams : 00:20 That’s how you know yawning is contagious lol

Oliver W : It’s like my mom but instead of honey water it’s alcohol

Nights Rain : Why is panda is jail? :(

Brittany and Michael Vlogs : Baby pandas are so precious 😭

sharu812 : I want the job where I can take care of pandas 🐼

Wyatt H : 100 percent survival rate? And in captivity? That's a win. Hopefully, one day, there won't be any need for them to be in captivity. No matter what the cost.

YNWA2o : When you choose food over your children 😂

CH M : Give your mom honey water , take her cell phone away

Average Steve : Panda child protective services

SteelersLover 76 : It’s so sad to what the living conditions of that panda was

thelastpersoninchat : panda: "so uhh why are you letting me only hold one of my two children at a time while being imprisoned in this 8x8 jail cell?" zookeeper " what are you talking about, you only have one child." panda: "i witnessed to babies come out of me the day of birth don't kid with me. wheres my flipping son." zookeeper "you must be crazy." panda: "first you kidnap me and throw me in a jail cell with no trees, then you force me to breed with someone i didnt choose, then you pull this crap? i witnessed 2 flipping babies come out of me that day and you know it." zookeeper turns to staff "shes onto us, up the dose of xanex in the honey water."

Miss GIJoe : Taking cubs from a bear. She’s got tyrannosaurus sized balls.

It’s Ell : Shouldn’t the panda be in a “cage” where is replicated it’s environment?????

2000 subscribers with no video : Damn i need this new 'honey water' thing. It sure looks addictive enough to give your baby away

TwentyOneLovers : Mother: aye! you be stealin’ my baby?! Also mother: ...whatever man

robot swat : 3:06 get in my belly

Lesly Tello R. : Omg baby pandas are the most precious little animals ever 😭😭😭😭💜

Boi need Tea and Starboy : Another plot twist the mother mistakes her cub for honey and eats it

Robin Dela Cruz : The big panda is so cute and of course the baby 😍😍😍

Kamekazi : I thought she was about to establish the second one.😂

khalef si ahmed haddi : Panda don’t touch baby me I will lick it off lol

Random Player : Panda: mAh bAbi *but the honeywater tho*

zee kay : pandas need to be protected at all costs. they are too precious. sad to see poachers killing them :(

Hano / : I would protect her with my life I would die for her

Cyan Magneta : Panda's way ahead of limiting overpopulation before the chinese people did.

Juli Panda :3 : Cuando hablas español y llegas ah un vídeo que esta en ingles pero como es de pandas te quedas :3

Fantalope : Just like my mom...

Player 1 : Now this is what we want on trending

idek welp : honey boi