BREAKING!! Kilauea Volcano Crater Completely Collapsed! Lava Still Spewing Out!!!

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Wayne Loomis : Whoa you said New footage on footage almost a month old, you are not showing integrity sir. Then you said the military was going to or thinking about bombing the active volcano, ignorance is bliss isn't it. Bet the same ppl said NASA was going to drill a hole in Yellowstone, Seriously if you truly want to do humanity a service, educate yourself.

ron haynes : i don't know what city you did a quick clip of with fog, mist, smoke coming into it, but it is no, NO city on the Big Island- -Hawaii- - nor is it Honolulu, which is too far away to be affected. therefore, i declare TOTAL BULL CRAP on this video. also, before you start speaking of a place you are not familiar with, you should know how to correctly pronounce the names of the places. this video is TOTAL CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puna Z : You are so freaking wrong!! Lol - that is Pu’u O’o and it drained the lava out of it back in may right after we had that 6.9 eq. Wow dude you don’t seem to know much about this volcano or it’s geology, or even the area dude! I live here...your so obviously clueless it’s comical. Learn something!

Kevin T : that is NOT Kilauea it is Puʻu ʻŌʻō a secondary vent at the top of the eastern rift zone on Kilauea's eastern flank if you cant even get the geography correct WTF are you contributing to all that stock video footage you lifted from the USGS website?

Dorothy Billington : Think you need to check some of your footage. That smoke filled city is not in HI and those cars were in Leilani Estates, not a village.

pannalover326 : More old clips, and that is NOT Halema'uma'u at the beginning. Shame on you!

Kainoa Sanchez : You’re an idiot do some research before you make another video.

res911que : Are you a moron or is this a lifetime achievement? The so called volcano "laze" that you show at @ 1:10 ,of this video is not laze, it's a sandstorm that hit Dubai.

Gary Reed : Nothing "Breaking" about this. OLD NEWS. The crater is actually Pu'u O'O, and collapsed back in APRIL and started all of this. The Lava flow video is also old, most of it being from when fissure 17, 20 and 22 were still active. This is just MSM clickbait.

Teara Lewis : I try to never post negative comments. But this is very poorly done, and false information. your first volcano shot is not Kilauea, the last is. your footage is all over the place, and most not even current. please do your research before you post a video. make sure your images and info match, and then place your shots in order. And and get your time line and numbers right.

DJQuikSilva : Bwhahahaa 😂😂😂 WE don't even have a city with Skyscrapers & NOT 1 freeway on the entire Big Island 😂😂😂 ... Also, a bunch of your facts and pictures are just totally wrong. PS. You can't stop or control Mother Nature ... "Dropping Bombs" is about the dumbest thing you could do 🙄

John Borkowski : Dude... that’s Pu U o O.... it collapsed back in April....

topfuel29 : *"White man build house where Indian won't even sleep one night"* LoL

Shanny Flynn : Most of that footage is weeks old, need to watch more videos to update yours.

Cliche Guevara : That's not the Kilauea crater. I live on the Big Island.

Nobie Dupree : Wrong volcano...

She Cares : All LIES. This isn't even Kilauea! This is all old video NOT NEW. WHAT A JOKE!


Gary Cox : The craters you showed are two different craters. The "vog" you showed rolling in is not even on the Big Island. Do some research before you report on something you know nothing about.

M Ladd : Hay Donkey Dick, right church, wrong pu. No, better yet, this is why you cannot believe any utube video. You are showing Puo Oo volcano not Kilauea. Probably the same thing is happening at Kilauea. But this is an unforgivable mistake. Aloha for ever.

quietone748 : That isn't Kilauea. It's Pu'u O'o in the video.

Slappy : What's a "kwelawela"? You need to get learned to talk more good.

Ricky Radical : That isn't KILAUEA... "It wasn't an earthquake it was a collapsed" "Kilawayla" ?? Huh?? You can't pronounce nothing right. You are stupid.

Keith Clark : They would never drop bombs. And according to your logic, no onw should live in Hawaii. Ridiculous.

Joe Kowalski : Excellent footage

leos rule : That's great news if it stopped spewing lava!! Oh no, then you showed it is still spewing.

Justin Kahananui : Theres nothing you can do about it. The Island was created by Kilauea and it belongs to her. Why would you build a house next to a Volcano bigger than mount Everest in the first place? Only Hippy main landers that do that.

MrSpektyr : Braddah, you REALLY butchered the name of the volcano

charanjit singh : Did you see the face shape at 0.36

dohnnycash : They fracked it up.

g bridgman : So the crater has collapsed. What does that mean? I don't think the lava flows should be bombed. Nature should take its course. Man cannot win out against Mother Nature.

J.P : Love this video

Mature Patriot : It would be idiotic to drop bombs. Mans meek endeavors to control nature always have unintended consequences. When you live on the worlds most active volcano, what do you expect. I am wondering if fissure #8 is the new Kilauea. Fissure #8 may now be the main pathway for magma to come to the surface from the magma chamber under Kilauea.

seangworld : at least say kilauea correctly. geez.

World House : I agree Lee. The government should never have allowed new developments to be built next to an active volcano. It's almost a crime.

Greg Kral : wow, truly awesome

merkenbeck : Watch out California you guys maybe next. They made a movie Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones

Mariah Worbington : I saw what looked like a face at the very end of the video!!!

Jim Perry : Wow!! Maybe it is time to give fissure 8 it’s own name as a new volcano. It is sure growing daily and the amount of lava that still comes out of it is incredible. I think you are right about explosives to change the flow. If yo change the flow route, you put other areas at risk. Thanks for the video and the excellent commentary.

maverickdallas100 : I'd be getting my ass the hell off that island...PRONTO!

Dale Schwartz : Dork

y2knoproblem : China getting smoked out?

Hungus sky : Dude, ill help you out..ok.. the Earth is growing... look it up.."growing Earth".. search that.. this is only the very start .. its not going to me . Just look it up. Cheers man.(Hungus Sky, youtube channel)..

Vicki-Ann Miller : THANK U enjoyed this, sad for them peoples. I subscribed. :)

Darrell Westphal : To all the people that live in Hawaii we that live in United States main man heard about the interruption when it happened and for the first week news stations here covered it but now it is more important for them to cover fluff stories what is going on in Washington and the world and in Hawaii they do not deem important enough to tell us so we are at a loss as to what has been going on over there. The only way we can find out what's going on is to get out of computers and Google it. Isn't it a shame that they don't feel that you're important enough to report. A man loses his dog and recovers it with a chip that's more important then what's going on in your life in Hawaii. What is Hawaii do the Democratic Party and the news reporters and station that support them that is why it's most important that when you vote next time vote Republican so you can get someone who cares about people in Hawaii and the island. Good luck with your volcano I hope it does not destroy that wonderful Island. Ask for bombing to divert the flow of lava that would be a mistake you never know what might happen because of doing such a thing you could make matters worse. Our prayers are with you from the mainland. God Bless America our president and our flag


chauncy primm : Fissure 8 is the new Volcano

John x : Nature rules, as always! She has no regard for us mortals and all our little plans. We’re just along for a brief ride on this planet.

Ali 62 : That is not normal.....who can claim that this is definitifly a big crater from meteor or asteorid but not vulcano. The first hole seem very dangerous amazing .....

Anamiriam Alvarez : Looks like the edge of the world🌏