Pixar: The 2018 Supercut

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Daniel Jiménez Martínez : You made me cry again dude....

HauntedShadowsLegacy : If you weren't already a professional editor, I'd tell you to get a job as a professional editor.

James Williams : I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.

s2cwatson : Your channel is so under-viewed, its criminal

Pokefan Matt : I look at you, and I'm home!

Riot Breaker : I haven't cried this hard in years.

EpicDonutDude : The editing is really well put together, well done dude!

EFPlayz [ARCHIVED] : I can't believe this is so underrated.

GREEN SPARK : This video is a masterpiece! I'm dead serious, this brought me to tears! Time to rewatch every Pixar movie... even Cars 2.


Nikky Krueger : The dislikes are those you made cry... 😭😭😭

Hathorys : I'm barely holding tears! And now... it's Dreamworks turn!

XxKeyBladeSlayerxX : Your editing is absolutely perfect! Thanks for uploading this!!!!💖

radxper videos : It make me crie in memerys 😭😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😁🤗🤗🤗

Suii Chann : I cried... Omg this is so beautiful

Rainbow Alpacas and unicorns : I am legit speechless Its sooooo intense and impressive!!

Chloe S : MY HEART...! The editing is so amazing, the clips, the voice overs, the music. It's so nostalgic. It makes me want to re-watch all of these and relive my childhood. <3

Bryan : Amazing this deserves as much views as the disney one

K Universe : Wonderful job. Absolutely amazing!

Guilshad Joseph : Pixar is the greatest film studio of the 21st century

James Boley : Even my least favorite Pixar movie tops the best of the other animated features of other studios. Read Creativity Inc. for a fantastic insight into this studios success machine.

Michael Jae : This was beautiful, so many emotions :') Great job buddy

Mental Meles : Stop making me cry ;^;

Turquoise Snowflake : Also, if you get the chance,you should decently do a studio ghilbi one

Turquoise Snowflake : People can say Pixar is dead when they lay me in the ground

Alex van den Berg : this is Amazing!

Josh Liljevkid : Hey your alive

NinetiesKid4ever12 : HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME!!! *cries infinitely*

Full Moon Lover : Literally got chills

Joshua Saldaña : From the same guy that uploaded No Through Road

Emma Salgado : I watch this video when I need a good cry.

Bailey Marco : Im sobbing Pixar was my childhood!!! I wasn't into the princesses as a kid

Epicgaming savageboi : How are u alive last time I saw u were with Steven and he killed himself wth is going on

Bonnie Evans : this is Awesome omg dude you are amazing i legit cried. Pixar for life!! lol

RipjaW : You're still the guy who made NTR, right?

Jack Sandman : So. I must have watched this at least like 20 times. And every time i say to myself "this is the one where its not gonna get me." yET EEVRY SINGLE TIME, at the Dory "home" scene and right at the Inside Out scene where the third song starts, i lose it. Well done. well done....

Elbow Pucket : Go check out their other videos. Very creepy


- Nitenixu - : Dude this amazing

DaRk Matt : This is excellent but I don't get u went from a chilling horror sceires to something so heart warming♥♥💓💓

Andrew Goro : Glad to see you back Steven!

dom kennedy : One day when I do have kids we will spend days and days catching them up to all the good disney, pixar, and nickelodeon tv shows and movies they've missed lol

Josseey : Sooo Good Crying, to much feelings!!

Tomás de Vasconcellos : Feeling that lacks some hierarchy in the audio, there's too much happening at once. Still, great effort. Keep it up!

Space Pilot : i lost it at "daddys here"

JashaCake : This hit me right in the feels!

miqvPL : beautiful

Movie Man : Please do one for DreamWorks Animation.

Laila Eltaweel : you're epic

Disneyisms : ❤️❤️❤️ beautiful!!