Apple SUES iPhone screen repair shop and LOSES!

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Louis Rossmann : To address a common point of confusion with this video: I am not saying ALL libertarians and conservatives are against right to repair. I am saying that a vocal number of people, everytime this issue comes up in the news, claim to be self proclaimed conservatives/libertarians who accuse me of wanting the government/nanny state involved in people's lives. I am not speaking to all conservatives - just those confused self proclaimed ones who think that I am asking for a nanny state. I am a conservative myself, and very much against large companies using the government to make repair illegal.

Art McTeagle : Does Apple believe that a product once sold, still belongs to them? When I buy something legitimately, it belongs to me, I can do what I want with it. If a third party replacement part, happens to be of adequate quality, it's my prerogative if I want to use it. Most older cars wouldn't be on the road today, if Apples' warped views applied. As to regulations, yes we do need some. Some regulations have been put into place to protect people, for e.g. consumer laws (e.g.lemon cars), regulations against pollution, regulations for clean drinking water and so on. These are more protections than regulations. If Apple was a customer orientated company, none of this would've even been an issue. Their focus is strictly on maximum profit, they have recently been fined a couple of billion in Europe for their tax avoidance schemes. So fuck'em I say.

Thunder Nova : *PC:* Hey. I am PC. *Mac:* And I am Mac. *Lights shuts off* *PC:* Looks like our video card broke. *Mac:* Well time to replace it. *Lights turns back on* *PC:* Who the heck are you? *New Mac:* Apple doesn't allow change parts.

Jim Robinson : At 5:00 it’s not an age issue, the lawmakers are often just idiots.

ozzy58631 : I don't own any Apple products, and I don't plan to own any soon, or ever. Sticking with Android for phones, and PC's for computers thank you very much.

JustAgent : I had an issue with my battery in December that bricked my iPhone 7S, luckily I had paid $300 for the extra 24 months of "Cr-Apple Care" which was set to expire in mere weeks. Went to the store, learned they can no longer test on site (as in the apple genius insinuated that I had done something to the device that would be considered out of warranty damage) and was told I would have to wait for a week and would receive an email telling me how much money I would have to pay out of pocket for the repair... I had to complain and ask to speak to a manager, before miraculously I was offered a "lender" phone and a very weak apology about how things work differently than they have for years (meanwhile, while waiting for the 40 minutes this took; witnessed countless people being handed new devices). Fast forward three weeks, I have called them several times and no one can even tell me where in the process my replacement phone is or when I can expect to be contacted at all... three days later they finally inform me I can come to the store to pick up my new device, and I had to literally ask for another apology that included the unreasonable wait and run around, overall terrible experience and THEY REFUSED... The person was so smug "You're getting a new phone aren't you?" ... Yes I paid $1900 for this and the extended coverage you better be giving me a new phone and a good apology like offering me more extended apple care and or a gift card... Nothing, so my parting words were - In the future, you can be assured I will not be buying another apple phone. Her response was "You go ahead and do that" in the rudest tone imaginable, in front of other customers who were all jaw-dropped speechless... This company does not deserve anyone's business...

me nkat : Apple is a fanboy cult where the cool people shop to show just how cool they are....🤣😂😜👌👍

Ev Vk : Confirming how I’ve felt about Apple for a long time, and I’m not alone. Watching this on my final Apple product.

merd compte : How is it possible to convert a mac into a PC? Macs are a brand of PCs!

ed trine : What I fail to understand is Apple seems to think they still owns the phone after the customer gives them over $1,000.00?

Michael Williams : I don't even consider Apple products. They Arnt even a thought to me.

Moumin Mirza : love this guy and the way he explains stuff. <3

Adrian Wulff : 12:50 everybody is a genius in their own way. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree 🌲 it will live its whole life believing it us stupid. For geniuses at the apple store fixing something is like a fish 🐟 trying to climb a tree. They are however geniuses at scamming

Musty Custard : Apple is a totally closed system, if people stop using it they'll just deflate into obscurity.

peapoo4 : The Senate hearing with Google CEO was another example of how outdated these senators are. Question is like "If you put 'Idiot' in Google seach, and the results show Donald Trump, does that mean there is human sitting behind the computer and manipulate the results manually?"

BustedRC : After I purchase it, it is mine to do as I wish. This is why I will not buy any Apple products. Screw you Apple.

Sarah A : Apple is rubbish. I sold my phone Iphone 4S to be precise after Steve Jobs died! No creativity since then and always overly hyped.

M_S : So I use to work in the automotive Industry, and we would often sell "After-Market" parts to consumers. These after market parts are made to fit the OEM parts exactly. And in some cases like a Mustang rear bumper where some would have the word "Mustang" impressioned into the mold, they would of course have to make the A/M one without that because that would make it "fraudulent". I'm no legal expert, but as far as I'm aware using common sense from what I just described, it is 100% legal to make and sell replacement parts for any items so long as you dont pass it off as OEM.

Brian : I switched over from a MacBook to a Dell XPS windows machine because of your videos... I’m embarrassed to admit that I have an iPhone... but as soon as it fails I will be getting and Android phone... I want nothing to do with Apple... they are predatory company and prey on the poor and rich alike....

Inflec : I am flabbergasted that this is even a political issue, let alone a legal one. There is plenty of precedent for third party refurbishers. In the heyday of CRT-type televisions there were many independent companies that specialized in rebuilt replacement CRTs. Unless it was a warranty repair, TV repairmen almost always used reconditioned CRTs from third party suppliers and they were quite often better quality than the OEM part. The rebuilding process usually involved little more than replacing the electron gun, the part of the tube that usually failed -- very analogous to the cracked screen situation that you describe. There is also a similar situation with auto parts (alternators, starters, ECM computers, etc). The more I hear about this b-s from Apple the more I am resolved to never buy their products, and that goes for any other company that has that philosophy. A couple of good docs to check out are The Lightbulb Conspiracy, which may still be here on Y-T, and Ann Leonard's The Story Of Stuff -- it's on a website. [Edit]: It's also here on Y-T.

Classic Trials Channel : I have never bought anything apple and never will

John Brown : Apple is a POS company. I can't believe that in this current year, people still get hyped for their products.

Tetrahydrocannibinol : An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but evidently it won't stop lawsuits.

Gord Rose : Just stop buying apple products! They no longer own the device once they sell it. So we can do whatever the hell we want with our product. Hell we can even paint it.

installtekz : when you buy from apple you are only supporting these bad practices. Such a nasty company to exist

KRAFTWERK2K6 : Wow, it seems Apple thinks when you "buy" their "products" that you literally only license their stuff… They must have sniffed on the wrong color or glue for too long. Putting software rules onto physical products is beyond insane. This apple is rotten to the core.

Willstrong Novastar : Amen! Brother, we should have the right to work on anything owned problematic issue in the monopoly of the Industrial Complex.

hunati31 : Apple is a SUPER-GREEDY corporate monster. They have a Trillion dollars and they haven't done anything else than giving you some fancy and some crappy products. Have they used that extraordinary money to do something good at all for humanity? They for sure do avoid to pay a lot of taxes by offshore operations. Disgusting.

CrystalsSnow : Main reason i dont buy Apple ANYTHING. They simply dont care. They are impossible to work with and impossible to replace when you live pretty much in the middle of no where or in a small town.

Jigov : man, you are good. Everytime you can show to the people how big companies cheat, YOU SHOULD DO IT. In other ways, you are doing a SACRED JOB. Evil cannot be killed, but it can be understood. You do exactly this. Thank you man. PS: Evil can be also check-mated :P

Dan The-Man : Wait...hold on a sec...are you telling me, that there are actually people out there, that whole-heartedly believe that people shouldn't have the right to do whatever they want with their broken product, so long as it doesn't infringe on the freedoms of other people?

mrpartypablo : This dude rocks! I love your passion amd commitmemt man! You got my support in anything!

dogFace RC : Simple don't buy apple products.

M S : You’ve convinced me to stop buying Apple.

Purpleblop : Louis's face is like the opposite of punchable.

Jeremy : I like this guy

Jayvie Reyes : Apple's greed went as far as wanting to control our freedom...this should be wakeup call to all Apple fanatics! My personal realisation is that Apple is a subtle terrorist hiding in platform of a business...

RemU : When apple makes a fuss over a repair guy, yet they scam people of thousands of dollars with products like the iMac Pro

Christian Koury : Apple is trying to be Nintendo 😂

Spell Binder : With the way companies coerce us to replace and upgrade bad as well as good products, and the amount of e-waste we are generating as a result, your work as a repairman and a champion of this fading trade is extremely relevant. Keep it up and I hope you find all the support you need.

Abhishek : Those 1.6k dislike came from apple employees😂

SteelingCow : Weelllll, you forgot that money speaks louder than words

Dane Rose : Good job! I'm avoiding apple products specifically because of this kind of B.S. When you lose the good will of your clients you have lost. If Apple had anything new it would not be so terrified of losing a dominance by doing nothing.

LegitCharge : I don't understand where people got the idea that Apple was the quality product. They even ripped the User Interface idea from Xerox and Windows. I guess people just think it's quality because their products LOOK cool. Anyone who would drop a grand for an iPhone X truly doesn't know what their doing.

Santosh P.S.S. : I have to remind myself every time I buy a product from Apple “If I damage the Apple Product I have purchased, I have to buy a new one, instead of trying to beg Apple to fix it, because, they most probably won’t, especially if it’s an iMac, I have to keep the damaged one as an emotional sentiment forever with me, or through it in a trash, or sell the parts (Not even sure if it’s “Legal”), or never buy an Apple Product again).

tonkatoytruck : Anyone that buys Apple products deserve what they get. This is not the only example of Apple trying to prevent its customers from using their older products and getting them serviced. Screw them. Vote with your dollars. It is the only thing that makes a difference.

Just Grass : Apple will be another Nokia

Nick Fitz : @Louis Rossmann Can I ask where you learned to repair electronics. I do this on a small scale just from knowledge I have taught myself. I am interested in expanding my education.

PfeifJarobi : I consider myself a Libertarian, but that doesn't mean I put up with companies being bullies. Apple is crap .

Neil Devlin : Apple and there products are terrible.