Apple SUES iPhone screen repair shop and LOSES!

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Michael Williams : I don't even consider Apple products. They Arnt even a thought to me.

FictionFaction : Saying things like "component level repairs are impossible" is why theyre failing in tech savy markets and only exist as a piece of jewelry in our eyes.

TheGamingRing : Next to dream about: Nintendo, stop it with DMCA claiming YouTube videos of gameplay from Nintendo games! Anyways, this was highly detailed. Great video dude.

The Mad Man : Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, you name the big international conglomerate, they are all shit scared that the people that buy their products are going to find out just how much these companies are scamming them!!! If I bought something and I have title deed to that thing then I will decide what happens going forward with that thing. But keep an eye out for a major change in the "sales contract" or "EULA" or whatever because they are going to try to slip in a clause that as part of your purchase agreement you will only "do this" or "use that". At that point it is a slam-dunk for them to get a court to issue a fine based on that contract - and in many countries you the purchaser do not need to be informed of the action or be present because the person signed the sales agreement and accepted that they (big business) would be allowed to do it. The first thing you will know is when they arrive at your house and start confiscating your stuff for auction. And once your stuff has been sold and IF you win a case contesting the seizure then all that they can be liable for is the money that was raised on auction!!! They don't have to replace the item OR pay you the real world cost of the item (or items) so you will loose and that is what they are relying on - you being scared of "big business"...

Sean Edora : I see why Linus reached out to you.

Craig W : That Apple BS has been going on since they came to be in our world, need to send them back where they came from.

Jim Prong : I've changed tyres on my VW, is it no longer a VW? Should the tyre shop that changed them be prosecuted? Could I be prosecuted, when I eventually advertise it for sale as a VW, if it has a non VW oil filter, oil, bulbs, diesel filter, battery....................? Great video BTW. Every crApple Tart should see this.

Bryon Lape : Apple has so lost their way, I don't think there is any way back.

XBOXRULES : apple is for people who don't know any better.

TheGoldenIceBall : Idk why some dumb people think that more expensive product = better product.

Classic Trials Channel : I have never bought anything apple and never will

djchakir : Good video. Never bought an Apple product in my life. Windows & android all the way. Its mindboggling that some big companies are so stubborn & don't understand how it works; You buy a product and its rightfully yours, not apple's anymore. If you want to rebuild your phone, laptop or whatever you bought into a boat or an oven you can! Its your property, do with it as you please. Simple as that.

Teoh Yi Chie : I salute you. Great video. Truth hurts.

Arya Mohamad : i guarantee 99% of iphone users who watched this video will still buy an iphone for for their next phone

Dr. Killer : They have their money We have our truth Let's go to war

JustAgent : I had an issue with my battery in December that bricked my iPhone 7S, luckily I had paid $300 for the extra 24 months of "Cr-Apple Care" which was set to expire in mere weeks. Went to the store, learned they can no longer test on site (as in the apple genius insinuated that I had done something to the device that would be considered out of warranty damage) and was told I would have to wait for a week and would receive an email telling me how much money I would have to pay out of pocket for the repair... I had to complain and ask to speak to a manager, before miraculously I was offered a "lender" phone and a very weak apology about how things work differently than they have for years (meanwhile, while waiting for the 40 minutes this took; witnessed countless people being handed new devices). Fast forward three weeks, I have called them several times and no one can even tell me where in the process my replacement phone is or when I can expect to be contacted at all... three days later they finally inform me I can come to the store to pick up my new device, and I had to literally ask for another apology that included the unreasonable wait and run around, overall terrible experience and THEY REFUSED... The person was so smug "You're getting a new phone aren't you?" ... Yes I paid $1900 for this and the extended coverage you better be giving me a new phone and a good apology like offering me more extended apple care and or a gift card... Nothing, so my parting words were - In the future, you can be assured I will not be buying another apple phone. Her response was "You go ahead and do that" in the rudest tone imaginable, in front of other customers who were all jaw-dropped speechless... This company does not deserve anyone's business...

Justin Unterreiner : I spent the whole time watching little Louis on his computer screen

ZambonieDude : why do people keep voting for old ass representatives, that’s why we can’t really move forward as a nation properly besides political bi-partisan divides :P

slutmonkey : IDK about conservatives, but I don't think you're correct that many libertarians are against right to repair. I think most libertarians (if they understand the issue) are like me and are in favor of right to repair because the "government should stay out of it" idea starts from when government is giving Apple unreasonable control instead of upholding the First Sale doctrine. The government is only compelling someone to do something when they compel 3rd party repairers to use parts from apple or not repair at all.

Chad H : As a small gov't conservative with a hint libertarianism, I somewhat disagree with you. A libertarian would say Apple shouldn't even have the ability to get beyond the point of filing the suit before the courts dismiss it out of being frivolous so that the free market maintains it's freedom and there were clearly no laws violated. The court, in this case, except for the failure of allowing the case to continue to be heard, did exactly what a small gov't or libertarian minded person wants - protect the free market. Courts and gov't has a purpose. The issue is that the courts and gov't in so many cases push the boundaries to fit a specific ideology or are corrupt. The courts are not supposed to legislate and we se so often the courts doing just that. Apple is an insanely powerful company and they have a lot of power in gov't which trickles down to many of the courts - both municipal / state and Federal circuit courts (particularly the 9th Circuit). Anyways, I generally agreed with you and I understand the overarching point you're making.

Dan The-Man : Wait...hold on a sec...are you telling me, that there are actually people out there, that whole-heartedly believe that people shouldn't have the right to do whatever they want with their broken product, so long as it doesn't infringe on the freedoms of other people?

Marvin Gonzalez : All the dislikes are bots from apple(Not copyrighted) trying convince other people that the person they're watching are lying when they're actually just trying to spread the truth around. Also apple is a lie just like the cake.

Hardware PUNK : i love how Louis doesn't demonize people who lean right of center

XxDemonicGamer : Apple, innovating new ways to stifle innovation.

Tekka579 : This is why I stay far away from Apple

Syrus7sk : I wanna vote for this guy.

James Sassu : Apple has made close to a trillion dollars by over charging its user base for products which appear to be high quality and instead turn out to be designed to fail within a set amount of time in order to force its users to continue this perpetual cycle of constantly upgrading over and over again. That concept alone is a scumbag practice for such an established company to continue getting away with but its not exactly an isolated practice among companies which make similar products.. However, what really did it for me and caused me to wash my hands of their devices altogether and decide never to purchase another product from them ever again was when it became painfully obvious that not only were they engaging the practice of planned obsolescence but they had also started redesigning their devices in a way in which the only logical explanation for such designs was so that when your device eventually stopped working you wouldn't be able to repair that or even upgrade the hardware it contained over time if you decided that you were in need of even the most common upgrades like ram and hard disk improvements. As someone who has always done my own repairs on things I've purchased this was an absolute slap in the face as a customer who gave my hard earned money to apple on numerous occasions and I couldn't do business with a company that not only charged way too much for their products, they were obviously conspiring to force you into spending even more money to try and trick you into forking over even more money on a regular basis in spite of the fact that they are currently neck and neck with Google for the title of the most valuable business on the planet. I have never seen any business engage in such a blatant and outright criminal way without losing its reputation and imploding in on itself! Google is just a valuable as Apple is and they thing which I respect most about them is that they have generated the wealth the currently possess BY GIVING 90% of their products away to the public for absolutely FREE! They have been responsible for some of the most amazing advancements in the tech industry and their customer service and desire to provide software and hardware to everyone on the planet which is designed to cost it's users as close to nothing as possible (with the exception of their abandoning the Nexus platform in favor of their high end Pixel devices which have been on the scene for less than 5 years now). And you know what, I actually loved the Nexus line, however I have no problem with them creating thousand dollar cellphones like Apple does because they aren't doing it in order to make money. They did it in order for the public to consider their devices a true competition with the iPhone only because people didn't understand their model with the nexus line which was creating high quality, high end devices that cost a fraction as much as the competition because the public tends to equate the cost of a product as being an indication of its quality and reliability compared with what else is out there. Think about that, Google literally had to raise the cost of their devices which were already superior over pretty much all other devices available not because they were trying to rip the public off, they did it so the public would pay attention to them and purchase them and realize exactly how well they perform. Once the user base reaches a large enough number, I have no doubt those iPhone like prices will drop significantly when they don't have to convince people their products are better with high prices. Instead the users will come to trust the brands overall quality from direct use and the world will spread to others. because the idea of a company who's products are made to last and cost half as much as everything else is such a foreign concept that people literally could not understand that Google was trying to give them something far better for far less and not try and nickle and dime them for everything they could get which is pretty much standard practice among all companies that have managed to survive over the majority of their competition. More businesses should be paying attention to how Goggle operates because its direct evidence that business models which all center around maximizing profits are the real bottleneck and cancer thats killing innovation and quality among all businesses because heres this company that has given so much what they create to public for free that you can look back in their history and conclude that they almost seem as though they are just trying to go out of business and yet somehow the only other company on the planet that is in their tax bracket has literally had to engage in the most deplorable and disghusting practices in order to make the same amount of money that Google has accumulated by essentially beig the tech equivalent of Robin Hood.

GD Blackthorn : I have done motherboard component repair for years! Their argument does not hold water. I used to repair circuit board traces by running wires around the damaged fillets. They are out of their minds! I suppose that replacing a blown cheap capacitor on a motherboard with a quality one like a Rubycon means the same thing? What am I supposed to do replace the original with another original piece of garbage? Apple does not own all the circuit board components that reside in all of their equipment anyway as far as i know. If they do, so what? Aren't they trying to use the government to control who can repair your equipment? Yes, the government should stay out of it. But we have the right to do whatever we want with what we buy. It is ours! So I don't see how conservatives are going along with company's like Apple. Your transmission repair analogy should make that really clear.

PCBEaR65 : Repair is good, old-fashioned green thinking. Reminds me of the mindset my grandparents shared that helped them get through The Great Depression. You didn't buy new unless you had to. You repaired what you could of what you own and took the rest to someone else who could repair it. And it all worked. For at least 2 or 3 decades we've been talking about our disposable society and repair shops like this are a strike against that wasteful mindset. Keep on fighting. Apple now worth 1 trillion dollars. Do they really deserve it or were they just too Microsoft-clever [legal wrangling/strangling] for their own good?

Rocky Bullard : im conservative and believe people should have the right to repair. i dont know anyone who believes otherwise...

johnsondrummer : Wow dude you are awesome.

pradanakusuma : Are those microscope near ur computer??

MrXaryon : Man, I used to work as a laptop technician, but we didn't do as detailed work as you do. I'd love to come and learn from you, but we're a little far away from each other (USA and Poland :D). I love tinkering with electronics.

Maher : previously in suits!

Juan Mendez : I don't think this has nothing to do with political party. If Apple had there way they wouldn't even offer repair.

Herman Lenana : Apple also refused to repair Linus' iMac pro smh

thor of hope : that why i ilke samsung phone them apple is a pice of shite on a stick if i want fix my iphone and i by the iphone i should have the rights to fic the dam thing that why i have a samsung then a iphone because samsung dones not care what their coustmers do to there phone that it i am done with iphone on p.s i have a samsung in mu hands right now and it is good to do what ever you want to do like if want to fix you samsung fix the samsung company is one of the best phone out there then iPhone and so on! #makesamsung greatagin#

Computer Services : Its mostly girls and women who choose to stay ignorant of the fact that apple products are repairable because they want the new version. Happily handing over their husband's and father's hard earned money to apple. I don't see too many hard working women with overpriced apple products. Was talking to one today who pukes at apple.

zoompt 1975 : Ah the "free market advocates"! They wont understand what you're saying they're as bad as their SJW cousins in their ideological bubbles. When the US industry was shipped for China it was "the free market" When the US worker was removed and in its place 3 worlders were chosen it was "the free market" When industry jobs become a despised occupation and moving pixels on a screen was lauded as the future it was "the free market". Then they moaned about rust belts Then they moaned about inner cities full of "dindus" Then they were surprised that an arrogant class of white women with post-graduation tittles and smug smiles took over the media and the services industries The free market is an hoax. Wake up. Trump is on spot with the tariff war. Next war: dismember every single corporation worth more than 5 billion US dollars. Tax it to death if needed. Only an America (or Europe) with small and middle sized business can sustain a democracy. All the rest is either a plutocracy disguised as "patriotism" or communism disguised as "modern left".

Nigel Weir : Tesla trying this in ev market

KRAFTWERK2K6 : Wow, it seems Apple thinks when you "buy" their "products" that you literally only license their stuff… They must have sniffed on the wrong color or glue for too long. Putting software rules onto physical products is beyond insane. This apple is rotten to the core.

Tony Trilex : What is your company called?

It's La Salade Gelée. : Apple in a nutshell : The all new ddr ram... WITH 240MZ OF SPEED ! and 500Gb in 2018 !!! Apple fans : * scream in adoration *

allan gill : I have never bought Rotten Apple,I'll never buy Rotten Apple! Only worms like Rotten Apple!

Sayad Khan : Nice shoutout to +JerryRigEverything :)

tonkatoytruck : Anyone that buys Apple products deserve what they get. This is not the only example of Apple trying to prevent its customers from using their older products and getting them serviced. Screw them. Vote with your dollars. It is the only thing that makes a difference.

Sven Olaf Kamphuis : i bet they just don't like you because you keep pointing out how they sell deliberately broken-by-design products which is conspiracy to defraud. so they try to shut you up.

Troy Harnish : I think you are my new hero. No sarcasm. This is a fight that matters. Good on you for fighting it.

Chris Busenkell : good video, good information. i totally agree with you, Apple is trying to strong arm people in to doing what they want. Most small business owners might get intimidated by a large corporation with deep pockets and hundreds of lawyers and they should be. Apple can outspend the small business owner BUT they can't or shouldn't be able to influence unduly people's lives and their ability to make a living. They wanted to make an example out of this small business owner and I hope they did, I hope his case gets lots of press and small business owners don't fear standing up to Apple. I don't know where you get the idea conservatives wouldn't be on the side of the small business owner. He's in the right. In the U.S. you can contact the Small Business Association/Administration and they have all sorts of information/resources for small businesses