Apple SUES iPhone screen repair shop and LOSES!

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Louis Rossmann : 👉 The TRUTH about Apple's engineering:

Art McTeagle : Does Apple believe that a product once sold, still belongs to them? When I buy something legitimately, it belongs to me, I can do what I want with it. If a third party replacement part, happens to be of adequate quality, it's my prerogative if I want to use it. Most older cars wouldn't be on the road today, if Apples' warped views applied. As to regulations, yes we do need some. Some regulations have been put into place to protect people, for e.g. consumer laws (e.g.lemon cars), regulations against pollution, regulations for clean drinking water and so on. These are more protections than regulations. If Apple was a customer orientated company, none of this would've even been an issue. Their focus is strictly on maximum profit, they have recently been fined a couple of billion in Europe for their tax avoidance schemes. So fuck'em I say.

Syrus7sk : I wanna vote for this guy.

Anti-Social : ive always hated apple. too elitist

zycane : 14:52 was beautiful.

Scott Tovey : In this case, the liberals at Apple claiming that the repair is counterfeiting, thereby changing the definition of the ord, are wrong. The conservatives and libertarians claiming that we do not have the right to repair, thereby handing our unalienable rights over to corporations; are wrong. Do you see the tyranny and wickedness that comes from both the left and the right? Both are striving to take our natural, unalienable rights away to enslave us to their idiocy and hypocrisy. According to American Constitutional principals, the job of the Government is to protect the rights of the people. To do so, Government must enact regulations that that specifically tell the wicked, "you can't do that", otherwise the wicked would do those things because: "it is not illegal." After Bill Clinton signed into law the final revocation of the protections that Theodore Roosevelt worked to put in place to prevent a world wide economic downturn like the Great Depression. it only took 8 years for the wicked to destroy the world economy and bring about the great recession. And they vindicated themselves from their evil actions because: "it was not illegal." Don't let conservatives and libertarians deceive you! They are as great a threat to your liberties and freedoms as liberals are.

JustAgent : I had an issue with my battery in December that bricked my iPhone 7S, luckily I had paid $300 for the extra 24 months of "Cr-Apple Care" which was set to expire in mere weeks. Went to the store, learned they can no longer test on site (as in the apple genius insinuated that I had done something to the device that would be considered out of warranty damage) and was told I would have to wait for a week and would receive an email telling me how much money I would have to pay out of pocket for the repair... I had to complain and ask to speak to a manager, before miraculously I was offered a "lender" phone and a very weak apology about how things work differently than they have for years (meanwhile, while waiting for the 40 minutes this took; witnessed countless people being handed new devices). Fast forward three weeks, I have called them several times and no one can even tell me where in the process my replacement phone is or when I can expect to be contacted at all... three days later they finally inform me I can come to the store to pick up my new device, and I had to literally ask for another apology that included the unreasonable wait and run around, overall terrible experience and THEY REFUSED... The person was so smug "You're getting a new phone aren't you?" ... Yes I paid $1900 for this and the extended coverage you better be giving me a new phone and a good apology like offering me more extended apple care and or a gift card... Nothing, so my parting words were - In the future, you can be assured I will not be buying another apple phone. Her response was "You go ahead and do that" in the rudest tone imaginable, in front of other customers who were all jaw-dropped speechless... This company does not deserve anyone's business...

garet claborn : If Apple has stated, in court, that minor alterations to a mac convert it to a PC, that sets a dangerous precedent for them. That means you can easily argue that their patents are invalid due to lack of novelty

Xbigmike17X : I don't like to replace something unless its broke. I still have the Iphone 4. still works. I use it mostly just to call or text. I'm stuck with iOS 7.1.2 cos apple stopped updating the iOS on it to force people to upgrade. now every app I try to download says I need to update my iOS. next time I do need to buy a new phone there is no way I'm buying an apple.

DNAer : This video should be trending!

Allan Roberts : Amazing video! Clear, informative, powerful! Let's win. Let's all work together and protect each other!

Michael Williams : I don't even consider Apple products. They Arnt even a thought to me.

Happy Fox : counterfeiting is actually taking the original product, breaking it down so you know how it works and recreating it with parts that you have made yourself and marketing it as their product. Refurbishing is restoring the product to as new condition by repairing it using original parts and if those parts are from dead items such as a screen from a water damaged iPhone then it isn't counterfeit... it's called recycling. if the person purchased the counterfeit screens willingly, by that I mean they have knowingly gone to a Chinese manufacturer's website and purchased 10,000 "like iPhone 6" screens instead of purchasing "10,000 DOA iPhones" then he is guilty, The word here is willingly and aware, you yourself won't pass up a good deal of 10,000 dead iPhones for $50 a piece (let's say iPhone X to please you) it would be sceptical, but you would still buy them because you feel that there is profit to be made, you could not be sued for counterfeit because it did not state it was and you weren't actively looking for counterfeit or replica parts. but... if you were and you were caught, then you are guilty and I suggest you hire a lawyer and see what evidence they have, if they have enough evidence, try striking a deal. With freedom you have restrictions... you have a right to life, so do others but if you want to kill someone you are not free to do so, the more freedom you want the more anarchy that follows.

AllTheGearNoIdea : BBC News today in the UK - Is this well Known? Apple has been accused of finding unnecessary faults with iPhones and thereby profiting from a battery replacement initiative. When the US firm announced it had been slowing down iPhones in order to "preserve battery life" in December last year, it apologised for not telling people sooner. Facing a consumer backlash, it promised owners of the iPhone 6 and more modern models a discounted or free battery replacement. It said: "We are able to do the work we love only because of your faith and support - and we will never forget that or take it for granted." But since then, some Watchdog viewers have told the programme that their faith in the company has been seriously shaken after trying to take Apple up on its offer. Apple demanded that some customers pay 10 times the sum it referred to in its apology. The company told customers this was because of existing damage to their phones that would impair the replacement of the batteries. But Watchdog's investigation found that this is not always the case. Josh Landsburgh sent his phone off to have the battery replaced in February. Two days later, he received an email from Apple pointing out a small dent to the edge of the phone, and quoting a cost of over £200 before it would make good on its battery promise. A furious Josh had the phone returned from Apple. He had the battery replaced without an issue at a local repair shop - which meant he voided his Apple warranty. "They're trying to regain trust and they come back to you with, 'Give us more money than you were planning to initially.' I think it's just shocking, they've got enough money, they're Apple," he told the BBC.

Kappakappa duk : The main reason why I stopped using Apple devices like the iPod touch ages ago is because Apple intentionally uses inferior screen glass. Meaning if you drop your iPod touch or iPhone, the screen is almost guaranteed to break and gets Apple either revenue from repairs/device replacement. Yet Apple will be the first to claim that non Apple certified repairs are a danger to their proprietary technologies. It's not, but it is a danger to their stranglehold on your wallet. If there was some sort of special tech in anything Apple makes it would have been discovered already by people purchasing the devices and taking them apart to see what makes them tick.

Dave Marx : I'm happy just to read that title... On my android

Craig W : That Apple BS has been going on since they came to be in our world, need to send them back where they came from.

Cloud G : Correct me if I'm understanding this wrong, but I read an article this morning apparently stating the FTC says it's illegal for a company to void warranty after third party repair is used. Nintendo and Sony are apparently targeted by this. I wonder if they'll look into Apple next?

hoherspatz : apple has become to powerful, so they start ripping everybody off

J Cheatham : Using your Toyota analogy, that would be like Toyota suing because I put an after market blower on the engine. It's ridiculous and I guarantee that people wouldn't put up with that.

Brandon McCoy : This isn't anything new for Apple, I stopped even considering Apple products since they tried to sue people for jail breaking their phones, they bought the phone, they owned the phone, they understood that they would void their warranty for jail breaking their phone, but Apple decided you cant Jail break our phones so we are suing you, luckily the courts said "It's their phone now, you can't tell them how to use it"

Classic Trials Channel : I have never bought anything apple and never will

PulseTriangle : Apple is secretly run by goblins from the Harry Potter universe

Max Bazuin : I cant stop looking at the small you on your screen

VampCaff : Apple sucks. Been saying it for years

Alonso Rodrigez : Carry on with your good work, thank you so much!

johnsondrummer : Wow dude you are awesome.

MrMarkysimm : Great video bro 👍

ammeydan : Tons of respect for you louis!!! We should understand that we (and by we, i mean they, those who got stuck with apple's products)have got the upper hand. Apple became a 400b dollars company not because of their high end, high innovative, great quality products and their extraordinary service, they did it because they were born and raised a filthy, greedy, money-hungry SOB's. If we (they...)start to stop buying their sh**, they won't have a choice but straightening themselves up. Love my samsung!! Thumbs up louis, middle finger up apple.

Daniel Laraman : There should be a law the requires all companies to provide repair manuals for their products and too allow 3rd party repairs not only that they should have to provide spare parts for products for up to 10 years after the product release

okilja : word! gonna share this

Herman Lenana : Apple also refused to repair Linus' iMac pro smh

Tony C. : This is separate from my recent post. DO NOT be surprised when (not if) Apple contacts YouTube to take down your videos and ban your channels. One big hand washes another... Good job and keep on with all you do - Thanks! Praise The Lord and Godspeed to you all - Hebrews 6:4-6!!

ian mcafee : 20teens Apple is the new late 90s Microsoft. Steve Jobs learned a lot from Bill Gates during that time Microsoft owned part of Apple.

Matheus Eduardo : And you know what? this guy is such a genious that he can maintain a 13 minutes talk without any edit. Very focused and straight forward.

Nobody's Business : If the gov sided with them it would have been a travesty. Thank god they didn't. Cell phone land should work just like car repair land. I'm with you on this issue.

KRAFTWERK2K6 : Wow, it seems Apple thinks when you "buy" their "products" that you literally only license their stuff… They must have sniffed on the wrong color or glue for too long. Putting software rules onto physical products is beyond insane. This apple is rotten to the core.

Dreams : This guy is really well spoken. A 15 minute video without jump cuts is almost unheard of on youtube these days.

LORD SAIYAN : why use apple products

BTDarters Channel : Hey, man, loved this video! I am a PC and Android user myself. Love the freedom! I do have to disagree with you on one point. I saw some of the Zuckerberg hearings. He wasn't completely "schooling" the congressmen. If fb collects data, somebody can access it. I don't care if Zuckerberg says it would be a breach. If someone can, they will, eventually. Just my 2 cents. Again, loved this video!

Gabriel Leonardo : Thank you. Thank you so much for informing people on the age of fake news (even company fake news). You're awesome. Subscribed, alerted, and a supporter in your war.

Daclaem Toth : what a despicable company. Since the apple 2 I always hated them and their arogance along with their overpriced fashion victims hipsters oriented products .

SirSpiral : They begin to make mistakes, please continue

Zuleyma Mayorga Castillo : Keep Fighting ..

Nicotop : Your awesome

Nanoboi101 : Keep up the good work man, you're in the trenches

Flatdog Sound & Light : So the owner of Apple shouldn't have any after market parts on any of his cars !

TheMarshall92 : man.. i dont own an apple product nor a repair shop.. but thank you! and keep it up

ScamallDorcha : Libertarianism is a pile of crap, they say "if the government is small then the corporations can't use them to rig the markets!" Not realizing that corporations will instead do the rigging directly if the government is not there, they'll use militias, they'll form cartels, they'll make suppliers drop their rivals and assassinate if need be, they'll do anything for money like a junkie.

Danceofmasks : Thanks man I have a small business providing IT support to other small businesses, and I've been refusing to even attempt to fix apple products because it's more trouble than it's worth. In dealing with the apple shop and such, some of my customers have come to realise the tinkering we are able to do to other products equals less downtime for them - and have since been using fewer apple products.