Apple SUES iPhone screen repair shop and LOSES!

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Art McTeagle : Does Apple believe that a product once sold, still belongs to them? When I buy something legitimately, it belongs to me, I can do what I want with it. If a third party replacement part, happens to be of adequate quality, it's my prerogative if I want to use it. Most older cars wouldn't be on the road today, if Apples' warped views applied. As to regulations, yes we do need some. Some regulations have been put into place to protect people, for e.g. consumer laws (e.g.lemon cars), regulations against pollution, regulations for clean drinking water and so on. These are more protections than regulations. If Apple was a customer orientated company, none of this would've even been an issue. Their focus is strictly on maximum profit, they have recently been fined a couple of billion in Europe for their tax avoidance schemes. So fuck'em I say.

JJ Cardinal : Android is a open community that let's you know everything about all it's devices and encourages improvement. Apple is a greedy corporation that wants to sell you everything new and could care less about customer service. Apple has been last when it comes to innovation and most of what they consider new features have been around for years. Androids material appeal alone wins me. Let's make everything personally custom.

pc borg : the decrease volume button on my ipad was jammed ..i go to the apple store and make them check it..they say it can only be replaced by a new ipad worth 400-500 dollars..then i go to a small phone repair shop where they fixed it for less than 5 dollars...they said it wasnt something that had to be charged for but 5 dollars were for labour only..true story

Creeper_Pro20 : Apple loves their customers. Oh wait I meant the customer’s money

arsenalforlife1508 : APPLE BROKE MY PHONE AND LABELLED IT AS WATER DAMAGE (LIED) SO THEY CAN CLOSE THE CASE. A few months ago I went to the Apple store to get the $30 battery replacement. They came back and said it had water damage... and returned a phone with a broken front facing camera and mic (which was working perfectly when I turned it in for the battery replacement). Today, I decided to go to a third party repair shop and they said the Apple store must've torn some kind of sensor. There was NO WATER DAMAGE. APPLE LIED. And instead of fixing the phone they broke, they just labelled it as WATER DAMAGE so they can CLOSE THE CASE and not have to deal with me anymore. Any way I can spread this message? I'm pissed.

JustAgent : I had an issue with my battery in December that bricked my iPhone 7S, luckily I had paid $300 for the extra 24 months of "Cr-Apple Care" which was set to expire in mere weeks. Went to the store, learned they can no longer test on site (as in the apple genius insinuated that I had done something to the device that would be considered out of warranty damage) and was told I would have to wait for a week and would receive an email telling me how much money I would have to pay out of pocket for the repair... I had to complain and ask to speak to a manager, before miraculously I was offered a "lender" phone and a very weak apology about how things work differently than they have for years (meanwhile, while waiting for the 40 minutes this took; witnessed countless people being handed new devices). Fast forward three weeks, I have called them several times and no one can even tell me where in the process my replacement phone is or when I can expect to be contacted at all... three days later they finally inform me I can come to the store to pick up my new device, and I had to literally ask for another apology that included the unreasonable wait and run around, overall terrible experience and THEY REFUSED... The person was so smug "You're getting a new phone aren't you?" ... Yes I paid $1900 for this and the extended coverage you better be giving me a new phone and a good apology like offering me more extended apple care and or a gift card... Nothing, so my parting words were - In the future, you can be assured I will not be buying another apple phone. Her response was "You go ahead and do that" in the rudest tone imaginable, in front of other customers who were all jaw-dropped speechless... This company does not deserve anyone's business...

kosmikmusa : I have spent 30 years supporting apple and I am done. I don't suoport this kind of bisnes any longer. I hope some company will built good hardware and get user friendly Linux system running. Or even better make their own operating system. It is time for a new.

Andrew Lewin : Good on you mate for daring to expose Apple's monopoly and force them to act respnosibly or face further customer revolt because of shear greed. Just like companies including John Deere and Mercedes these global companies do everything in their power to alienate their customers by trying to force them to have servicing done by them alone. Luckily some governments cannot be bought and laws eventually stop these monopolistic practices. In Britain laws changed to allow new cars to be serviced at any registered garage after purchase and not at the main dealer where the car was purchased. The result being that the main agent couldn't charge any price he wished to for labour and service parts. Monopolies stifle fair competition when greed takes over driving prices up and eventually backfire once exposed and reduce business sometimes leading to bankruptcy because customers realise they have been conned for years so buydifferent products. Hope the dumb asses at Apple have enough commonsense to realise the  error of their ways before laying thousands of workers off worldwide...

FinalFantasyAC7 : Buying a new iphone. The same day, bringing the new iphone to the apple repair centre. They take my phone and look at it like it had endured a lot of damage. Then they go to the back with my iphone and let me wait 15 to 30 minutes. They come back and say its water damaged and repairing would cost me almost the same amount of buying a new iphone. Here is my advice. Don't buy apple products. They are the biggest scammers in the world.

BedShaker0909 : I'm not surprised why Genius Bar tech support treats its customers like idiots... 'cause they bought an Apple product...

Michael Williams : I don't even consider Apple products. They Arnt even a thought to me.

Fardan Lurtz : Apple will not be happy until they also own the customer.

RobbyOnTheWay : Apple is a big, greedy shit company that cheats on its customers wherever they can!

Jeremy : I like this guy

Ameqsis : Apples Ceo is Mr.Krabs

BustedRC : After I purchase it, it is mine to do as I wish. This is why I will not buy any Apple products. Screw you Apple.

jesse fuller : Just moved on from my old iphone 6 that started to have touch sensitivity issues. Hello Samsung Galaxy Note 9! What a god damn power house. I couldn't fathom shelling out the money for another Iphone when it felt like more of the same.

ELMOcall911 : Apple allied itself with the Chinese communist government that should be a good enough reason to stop buying iPhones or anything else maybe except for apple music...either bankrupt them or take away their license to operate in N.A.

Koa T : I'm amazed that people are thinking this is new. Apple has been acting this way, with this underlying philosophy, since their first computer back in the 80's. They have ALWAYS been this way.

Simen Amundsen : As a Norwegian and a technician who works on all sort of repairs (mostly iPhones for some reason), I found this case rather interesting (and slightly frighting). Though I can confirm that this type of thinking is real. I've had a few cases where the shop I work at have repaired a screen on an iPhone using refurbished screens. Now the customer was happy and everything was fine, but in one of these cases they ended up having a software issue down the line and for some reason when to Apple. Apple said they had to take it in to look at it, which they did. A few days later the customer (apparently) got it back from Apple and they were saying that there was nothing they could do because the screen had been replaced, which in itself was stupid enough. So the customer comes back to us, we help them with the problem and fix it. Now apparently the customer was asked where the repair took place because Apple claimed that the repair was done illegally, the customer (at least claimed to us) that they didn't inform which shop it was because they couldn't remember the name of our shop. Now the case never went further from there, but the fact that Apple would outright say that to them it was illegal (to a customer for some reason) surprises me. Though it might just have been a single technician working at Apple who decided to play Justice Warrior by himself, then again, cases like the one being discussed in this video doesn't exactly inspire confidence that it was only a lone technician.

Classic Trials Channel : I have never bought anything apple and never will

Seraphim : Apple might be a $400 Billion company, But they have everything to lose, all $400 billion of it, but people like you should not be scared to fight because you have nothing to lose compared to what Apple might lose in the future.

bravepirates16 : Also watch out for printer companies, who have smiliar shady practices. If you are interested you can watch "Ink Cartridges Are A Scam" by austinmcconnell on youtube

jag dunn : I agree with all points made even as a conservative because those saying government involvement by which you described I believe are misunderstanding the issue. Apple has been following a sad path on their own as a comp. But as you said truth is that the individual and or business should and be protected from a big Corp in doing even more bad by means of bullying and deciding things are true when they are not as you said well. It is our right and we are not infringing in illegal manners. I believe in the independent repair community is a good thing. I have fixed many apple products for myself and others and business should be able to as well. Everything you said is so correct that a big business should be able to push individuals or businesses around through untruthful and honest means to have a reality only set by them and not the people that have our freedoms. I do believe gov doesn’t need to be in everything or depend on them as a babysitter. But this are and our property and business rights should be protected even if gov has to get involved to not let wrong by a company do something horrible over and over to individuals and businesses. It would be different if it was by honest means and was truthfully by the correct context of legality, but as you said their not and I do have a problem with promoting a group willing to do these things even though I am a Apple lover myself. Thanks for the video and I liked the truth shown from Linus and the video you did with him and the Mac. Very well done and funny. Thanks for your values and principles in which you stand on when you have the freedom to not give a crap yet you do!!

Legna Gabriel : I hate all of does dislike in these video and maybe they are apple employee.

KRAFTWERK2K6 : Wow, it seems Apple thinks when you "buy" their "products" that you literally only license their stuff… They must have sniffed on the wrong color or glue for too long. Putting software rules onto physical products is beyond insane. This apple is rotten to the core.

Johnny Blaze : You know a company ran dry on the innovation machine when they start becoming petty and controlling towards the inherent rights customers have with their products, just to stay in business. If they use this same energy to create newer technology and products that will define the future instead of staying stagnant and safe, they would be far more profitable. Of course, you would need a Steve Jobs for that. Since Jobs died I've heard rumors of Apple taking over the TV industry and so many expectations of them going into other industries like automotive. What happens?? A big fat NOTHING. Oh I forgot, they bought Dre Beats for billions. Whoop de doo! They're resting on their laurels hoping they could squeeze their customers as much as they can to increase their quarterly profits.

dyalibya : I'm a libertarian, and I even want the right to buy actual knock offs

lil min : APPLE IS BULLSHIT,more corporate control. Im glad I through my apple out and bought the CHEAPEST damn phone I could find.

Computer : Apple screen, or banana screen? Hard choice.

Dan The-Man : Wait...hold on a sec...are you telling me, that there are actually people out there, that whole-heartedly believe that people shouldn't have the right to do whatever they want with their broken product, so long as it doesn't infringe on the freedoms of other people?

Robert matheny : Apple sounds like Monsanto. And the government lets them get away with anything almost. Good video insight and I stand on principle so I will definitely consider this when I buy my new phone. Fight the good fight buddy.

reece anley : I was thinking of starting a little hobby where I repair broken phones and sell them again but now I might get sued lmao so I might not

Cameron Visser : Do iphones actually break this much? I've been using Samsung phones for a while and have never had anything go wrong with it

Johnny Blaze : Imagine if the car industry adopted this same attitude saying you have to go to their ripoff stealerships to get your car serviced? People would throw a fit. No difference.

Western Australia Now and Then : All big corporate companies have little or no morals but Apple disgusts me more than most because they try to take the high ground while still adopting the same questionable practices as the other corporates. Never bought an Apple product and never will.

Daniel Galan : I have been screwed by apple many times and I will no longer give my money to a company which has a policy of ripping off their customers. I'm never buying an apple product again!

dyalibya : Apple products haven't been good since the 90s

Dave Butler : Yeah I had an iPhone that the ear speaker quit working, took it to the genius bar. They wouldn't fix it. Not knowing any better I but a new phone. 2 months later the ear speaker stopped working on the new one as well.I went back to the genius bar and asked them to fix this one,reminding them that it that this phone was only two months old.the genius bar guy told me and I quote "this is not a known issue with the iPhone 4s this is like lightning hitting the same place twice" I told the genies guy that the next time lightning strikes there won't be an apple product under it. Then I walked out, went on YouTube watched a video on fixing the phone .bought the speaker and a toolkit for the iPhone and fixed both phones myself for 30 dollars and change. Including the tools. And they still work perfectly to this day. I am going to use phones till they die.Then I am going to take them out into my cow pasture and put a 45 caliber home defense round right thru their little touch screens.i might even put it on YouTube. So yeah apple really does suck.....

Selmir Avdic : Just don't by Apple, boycott them to the point they have to bend to our will. Just like how a lot of companies are afraid of bad RP they WILL change if enough people that buy their product or are potential buyers call them out and shout to the world the wrongs of Apple.

Syrus7sk : I wanna vote for this guy.

AaronTrueMachine : Apple isn't aware of arbitrage?

ba sillah : Crapple earned that name because you need to replace a brand new phone with them every 6-12 months depending on when you buy it they never update their phones like games do so you have to replace it for the latest version. They are all made in China for under $20 but they sell to shops for 20 times that price then that shop increases their price to make a profit on top of that.

István Mező : you are my hero all the respect for you :)

Dog Meat : if apple is of the opinion that they still own things that you as a consumer has purchased, they should sue people that break their phones or mistreat them then

Timothy S : Never stop opening peoples eyes louis. We will get there someday

Mi Sa : OMG, I just notice Louis has a notch on his head.😂🤣

Sir Galahad : You can't have "apple" with out the *'L'*

EveryTypeOfVideo : First Party -> Certified Second Party -> ??? Third Party -> Unofficial What is Second party and is there a fourth party?