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Harrison Chapman : Lmao, thank you jakey for cheering me up today! Might have to go put my dog down in the next couple of days so thanks for making me smile man. Keep it up hotboy


Thom Douglas : Hey papa Jakey, I know this video is a silly lil snakeboy meemee joke; but all your videos are p neato. Your style and attitude make me remember what it felt like when I was just a lil hotboy playing vidya with my big brothers in our living room. They feel home-y and comfortable. I just found your channel a little over a month ago, but you are genuinely my favorite youtube game boy. Keep up the good work my dude.

Quasar : He went through all the phases of a popular YouTubers career

Chris Ray Gun : The acurracy is astounding.

Michael Hayes : Oh my god people like this exist...

Navon Myhand : I have a feeling that she isn't actually your girlfriend....

Matt Furies Intellectual Property : 3 april fools pranks in my subscription were lets plays, wtf Ralphthemoviemaker ihe and this

PattyBoy : Intro isnt long or loud enough

Mad Cat 74 : I thought I unsubscribed from LispyJimmy

TheWyman55 : We're half way to that likes goal lads. Let's try to get those nudes.

Fifanman : someone put this shit on Reddit. TO THE FRONT PAGE.

johgus96 : I swear there are youtubers that create an "I QUIT" video every fucking month...

Nick King : Dog damn if this doesn't win an Oscar I will straight up pull a Kanye.

Jose Manzol : XD it's every youtuber I hate! XD Genious!

Kevin Rose : Not one of your more popular videos but god damn, went and signed up for your patreon. Keep it up hotboi

jason bondar : when that halo 2 soundtrack hits you

Adrian Tokle Storset : This is too accurate

New SSBlueBubbims : Red Letter Media amounts of sarcasm in this vid lol

Spockitans : After the intro, I immediately started looking for other episodes before I realized...

Welcome to the '80s : Quite hilarious and depressing at the same time, haha

OfficialKingNu : "I worn this hat for 6 years" 😂😂 Bruh that breakdown killed me 😂😂

Tommaso Genovesi : I think I'm in love with you. No homo.

eric mikiska : You convinced me that u were crying

TheNamesDitto : that satire lol

Romar Boer : Like we all looking at these lame ass Youtubers while jakey here is livin it in 3017

Crazelord91 : Sadly, this is like 80% of youtube, and quality hot boys like Jakey are few and far between. I honestly have no clue why let's play are so popular and actual scripted/edited content is dying. I duno, maybe I'm just getting old

Shai Guyz : i love you

Nex : Amazing video holy shit, love you man!

Rithm : 4 months, still no 10k likes wtf hotbois

Luis Cabrera : This channel is so underrated

Toaster Master Race : i wonder if jake likes let's plays

Vanildoge The PC gamer : I don't understand the gap between reality and fiction anymore...

Term1nator 98 : This is museum quality.

Thecontrodude proversial : i want that to be a real channel

A : nKuch out.

CENTENOMONTOYA : Important videos

enrique alegria : Ali-A in a FUCKING DOG ASS nutshell

insanepoptart77 : fuckin gold, man

mrpalaces : So what's the progress on those nudes? :D

Suicide king : I fucking love jakey

berat56 : Seriously one of your best videos

Skugg : How has this video not reached those 10'000 likes yet? I need those gamer girl ditties.

Mustafa adeel : Man you genius

Jackson Washburn : Oh Lordy. Jakey making fun of YouTubers just made my day. Smash that like button everybody!👅👅👅 Be sure to like comment and subscribe!

Aiden Nelson : Your attention to detail and reality to your narrative is so good

Donut Worry : Please make more videos with this character, I can watch the intro on repeat, its gold. whaAAAAAATTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!?


Adrian Loera : 😂👌🏼

WHO? : Game broy !!!!!!