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Chris Ray Gun : The acurracy is astounding.

Sp00nerism : Quit making fun of me.

MrDanish ButterCookie : "I'm gonna make no effort nonsense" Shots

Moschidae : when the lets play plays you

FaZeFrost : your humor is more advanced than like 95% of people on earth

table leg ham dog : he can do satire, he can do Halo essays, he can rap. what can't this boy do?

Michael Hayes : Oh my god people like this exist...

Phrygisian : This isn't an April Fools joke. This is a satirical commentary on how our society absorbs and reacts to media. It is a mini documentary disguised as a joke to inform the people of the tyranny of Youtubers and their unquenchable thirst for more money. Their lust has finally been exposed. BUT REAL TALK I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT EPISODE OF HALO 2 BAAAABYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Tigobit : When did Chris Pratt start doing youtube?

mabey202 : This is the most perfect representation of Let's Plays on Youtube lmaooo

Mugi Archives : stop this is too real

A Black Screen : Omg.... He's reached a whole new level of shit posting

Navon Myhand : I have a feeling that she isn't actually your girlfriend....

Mad Cat 74 : I thought I unsubscribed from LispyJimmy

Harrison Chapman : Lmao, thank you jakey for cheering me up today! Might have to go put my dog down in the next couple of days so thanks for making me smile man. Keep it up hotboy

Lucas Ash : game grumps all up in the suggested videos for game boy

Crazelord91 : Sadly, this is like 80% of youtube, and quality hot boys like Jakey are few and far between. I honestly have no clue why let's play are so popular and actual scripted/edited content is dying. I duno, maybe I'm just getting old

j'ai commandé l'eau : The only thing you’re missing is the racing chair

zim1912 : Man, Markiplier looks different these days

CoolzHashbrown : This is pure content.... totally

Actual Goblin : I don't remember how I stumbled upon you, but I'm glad I did hot boy.

Dust Bunnys : Dog damn if this doesn't win an Oscar I will straight up pull a Kanye.

Thom Douglas : Hey papa Jakey, I know this video is a silly lil snakeboy meemee joke; but all your videos are p neato. Your style and attitude make me remember what it felt like when I was just a lil hotboy playing vidya with my big brothers in our living room. They feel home-y and comfortable. I just found your channel a little over a month ago, but you are genuinely my favorite youtube game boy. Keep up the good work my dude.

Bigkillerkoopa : WE GOT 10k more thumbnails please

SirRoger : this is like an actual video of pewdiepie or jacksepticeye lmao

Tyler Guerrero : out of all the april fools jokes today this is honest to god the funniest of them all.

King Nu : "I worn this hat for 6 years" 😂😂 Bruh that breakdown killed me 😂😂

pricelessair : all you missed was hey gameboy nation !

Flax : This could easily be a Black mirror episode, that was some really impressive dark shit right there

Elias's Account : The arrow in the thumbnail should have been a lot bigger and red

The Dude : lol the vid has exactly 10k likes


TheWyman55 : We're half way to that likes goal lads. Let's try to get those nudes.

Matt Furies Intellectual Property : 3 april fools pranks in my subscription were lets plays, wtf Ralphthemoviemaker ihe and this

Gamecheat13 : Subscribed. Love this content.

Aiden Nelson : Your attention to detail and reality to your narrative is so good

leorio : "This short film tells the true story of the rise and fall of prominent youtube let's player Game Boy played by Naked Jacob.Naked gives us a great performance and the chain of events kept us on the edge of our seats until the heart-wrenching finale"-some movie reviewer.

Luka B : Happy April fools :) hot diapers hotboy

Hugrazy : This one beats out all the rest

Andrew Oikonny : You're second to Dunkey in my book.

PattyBoy : Intro isnt long or loud enough

1ns0mniac : All jokes aside, this video is some quality ass content. I died when GameBoi started crying

Zer0 : my brother watches people who act just like this... they don't play games though... they scooter.

IdlovemesomeGyro! : Raplhie, IHE, and now my boy Nakey Jakey? Dog Bless!

Giobytes : I thought I unsubbed from Game Grumps like 6 months ago?

Joachim10 : I lost my shit when he started screaming at the intro.

chaoticfirearm : Dude...I was really looking forward to episode 318.....Unsubbed.

Mister Master : If Chris Pratt did YouTube instead of TV and movie

deltagraph : I'm glad that you actually got 10,000 likes though

Holly Victoria : Reminds me of GamerGod88 (Jacksfilms) love this video lmao