The British Empires Battleship: The Ship of The Line - Naval Military History Animated

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What is a ship of the line? This video is going to talk about the history of the ship of the line, the age of sail version of a battleship. Ships of the line were large and durable ships designed to fight side by side with the enemy, exchanging devastating broadsides. The development of the ship of the line goes back to the very beginning of naval warfare. Ancient tri-marines would circle in a chaotic brawl more akin to a WW2 dogfight than a naval battle. The cannon revolutionized this and as battles became more orderly ships began to form lines of battle, just as musket-armed infantry did in this time. This orderly formation forced ships to fight the ship across from them. Over time ships became larger and better built in order to gain an advantage over their opponent in the line. Hence, the ship of the line was born, the largest and most powerful of the warships of the time. Ships of the line were 'rated' based upon the cannons mounted in the main battery, with lower numbers mounting more cannons. --------------------------------------------- About me: --------------------------------------------- I'm Imperial Scribe, I make animations about military and naval history as well as war theory. I put out 1-2 major battle videos per month with a number of shorter videos in between. My twitter: Subscribe: --------------------------------------------- Suggestions: --------------------------------------------- Why Did Sailors Swab The Deck? Origin: "8 Bells and All's Well": The Battle Of Isandlawanda: --------------------------------------------- Schedule: --------------------------------------------- Upcoming videos: June: The Battle of Isandlawanda [full length] The Battle of Roarks Drift [full length] Ship of the line [Short length] Origin: Three Sheets to the Wind [Short length] Note: Schedule is tentative. --------------------------------------------- Attributions: --------------------------------------------- Music (outro): FarAway - Copyrightfreemusic Stock sound effects: May include miscellaneous licensed stock art. Information is derived from a number of historical sources including websites, historians, and literature. The fog of history is a real thing, even relatively recent events often have sources in disagreement or relying on one another. When possible information is derived from first-hand sources and where not possible information is found by taking multiple second-hand sources. It is not possible for anyone to guarantee perfect historical accuracy, but I do my absolute best to ensure that all information in my videos is well sourced and backed up by historical sources and evidence.

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brianvesty91 : Great video!

dwadl : cool video, do you have any examples of these ships wrecking less organized ones?