Harry Mack Goes Hard on Freestyle to Biggie's "Just Playing (Dreams)"

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CL : He killed it as usual. It's just a shame that people don't appreciate off the top freestyles as much as they used to. It's a performance art, way different from recorded music.

Mark P : It's like I'm watching a rapping Ben Wyatt.

Mr Soulsodeep : I like it cus this the first rap where he didn't say he was harry mack every line....nice!!


Justin Roy : No hate but we gotta step them bars up harry. It’s getting a little repetitive

jeff p : Hes still a one of a kind. No comparison.

Kevin Swartley : Harry Mack nice af

Field Dreams Ent. : I wouldn't hate on his freestyle... at least he isn't reading it from a damn phone and its really hard to do a freestyle off top..... please post a video of you doing BETTER!

REL the Jew : harry mack you amazing but we need more damn content

User 457 : Super tight!

Mikey Mic : He need to start writing, the gimmick is old

ill loc : Real freestyle lit

FC Groningen : 🔥

Jorge Torres : Is this the Mitsubishi commercial guy?

MrSecondchancebro : Ebro said it best, they trying to change the complexion of rap looking at the past few uploads on the channel that’s more obvious than ever.

Mark Verschell : I am so out of the demographic for this (old), but he just owns this (although I still think the freestyle with Joey Bada$$ was unreal).

Super terrific R : Mack we lookin for you to drop your new joint! Keep goin hard!

bungymen : Need to mix this better, louder track please

Johnny Appleseed : Battle mac lethal

Huncho993 : Get this man a record deal

Sourav Thapa : This is the eighth comment🙌🏽

J A Z M I N N E : Emoting

Kelvin Johnson : Bars!!!

SirReal1337 : That was nice

kyojiblu : Aye!!! Mack is back!!!

Andrew JK : waiting for Em to do a freestyle with Harry Mack

Gary Brown : That's not a freestyle he's reading something. learn the freestyle definition

Deante Randolph : lame

bong donkey : Horrible!!