Sega Genesis Music Player V.3 (+ MSX Player Preview!)

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Romain Gauthier : This is the coolest thing i have seen on Youtube in a while!

Grant Harper : Cool.

Ultimzer : Why is the noise channel so loud on Marble Zone? I thought it was incorrect until I checked a different recording of it and realized that I've never actually noticed that instrument in this song before since it's so quiet in the actual game.

José D. Pereira : Muito bacana. Parabéns.

Ultimzer : This is absolutely a dream build for me. One day...

Golden Grenadier : I've got this YM2612 lying around that I've been wanting to turn into a Sega genesis themed musical instrument with a teensy 2.0++. I might look into your code to learn how to interface the two devices if that's alright with you.

Meshuggah 333 : Great stuff!

Jakob Kaelin : Beautiful!<3

MooMoo FooFoo : Genesis music is my first love. If you get a chance, check out the music from Warsong. Love this particular song.

stryk187 : This is fantastic! Good work man

The Dumpz : I Want It!!! Memories with flashing lights.... this could be a form of heaven...

ArtOfCamelot : Pretty neat!

Gato de Schrödinger : Belo trabalho! Parabéns!!!

Tom Edwards : Fantastic! Do you have any intention of making some sort of tutorial or guide to programming this? I would really appreciate it.

AnDr0cks : For some reason the recordings of sonic2-EmeraldHill and sonyc-theruins cut out their audio while playing. Doesn't happen with the others. Anyone else having this issue?