The Truth About The Tesla Semi-Truck

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Real Engineering : Here's the website: Seriously though, if you want to see more sites like this, and better ones, please consider supporting on Patreon.

FutureNow : I wish this channel existed back in the day when I was in an engineering magnet program and robotics team. This is a way more interesting "word problem" than some abstract sphere in a vacuum.

M Goobie : 1:18 this graph clearly shows that we should be running trucks off Plutonium 238

moesgymmom : 600 mile range now

Scowler : It looks a vacuum cleaner. No soul.

Dark GT : That truck will fail, why? Because is limited range and slow to charge. Truck that isn't running lose money.

Uriah Siner : That intro game me nostalgia of old PBS shows from when I was a kid

Patel Vidhu : Electric truck is not possible. More load more battery weight and this is very big problem.

Kenjinn : PepsiCo has already pre-ordered 100 trucks for its fleet.

Jorge Jimenez : "Profitability is not everything in this world..." Hahahahaha You apparently forgot who will be buying these things. The number crunchers at all the big trucking companies wet themselves the moment Elon said they'd save $.25/mile.

Hannes D'hondt : Why are American trucks only allowed 36 tonnes? Here in Belgium it's 44.5 tonnes and generally our roads are less wide than American roads (because they're older), they have less lanes, and the country is more cramped. The Netherlands is even more dense and there it is 50 tonnes. Australia is like America in a lot of ways (big roads, a frontier, low population density, young country) and they have those massive road trains chugging about.

Rishabh Bhati : so isn't it possible that you created this video to create fund for your channel by makeing controversial statment on tesla.😀

Michael Cross : I'm a truck driver here in the states. For something like this to work for over the road drivers it will need to go at least 650 to 700 miles on a charge. It needs to have the power to carry 40tons up a 7% grade at a acceptable speed. Recharge within 8 to 10 hours during the drivers DOT break period. It will need a APU to recharge the truck if the driver can't get to a truck stop.

Rvd Boston : Reality and truth don't matter anymore. It's all about hype. And Elon is a king of hype.

Engineer4Free : Great video man!

TheGerm24 : That 23% of GHG emissions can't be correct. Maybe 23% of GHG emissions from the transportation sector but not from the entire economy. This source says total transportation is only 27% of US emissions. Obviously trucking isn't 80% of all transportation.

weirdshibainu : Batteries are a joke....hydrogen based fuel cells are much better tech, but politics will win here...kinda like Beta vs. vhs

ziasong : Quicker acceleration and torque at zero speed help a lot in uphill traffic.

Roy Thompson : I think it is very respectable that you admit the flaw in your initial opinion. This sets you bounds ahead of other channels, and is a very commendable action towards achieving your vision of being the best science documentary channel on YouTube. Keep up the great work!

billdale1 : Thanl you for doing your best to give a balanced, unbiased look at the Tesla Semi. There is a terribly trollish Aussie that did something similar except he severely cherry-picked the data he used--- resulting in nothing more than a blatantly anti-Tesla, anti-Musk rant. I personally think the Tesla Semi will have a slightly limited practicality until greater energy density can be brought into the equation, but for the applications for which it is currently (no pun intended) a good fit, this Truck will give us enormous benefit. Vive la Musk.

Darren Lachel : Did you calculate battery wear? The one thing that makes the Model S look so good. Is that it has a big battery that gives 200 miles plus range. Most people in a day rarely drive anywhere near this. So the battery is always operating in a light discharge and recharge range. This gives the battery a long life span. They do this to with all hybrids, the battery does not charge over 80% and rarely below 40%. giving the batteries a remarkable life span. If you load up a tractor trailer with 300 miles range worth of batteries and you use it as a work truck that does 200 plus miles a day, with a load, and add in hills. You will drain the battery and have to deep charge the batteries daily. This would kill the life span of you $108,000 battery pack pretty quick. It would be nice if a Real Engineer could calculate those factors.

simplyargenis : electric semi truck hack: only go downhill

Steve : Electric vehicles are just brainwashing people in their guilt of fossil fuels. They are not green. The damage and emissions created to mine the lithium for batteries is huge. The electricity is only green if it comes from renewable resources which is unlikely. Also if everyone converts to electric vehicles the power grids cannot handle the load. Electricity is not the answer.

Apple Crider - Financial Literacy For Students : This is bananas! The world is moving so fast, and when that next breakthrough comes in smaller batteries, this industry will take off even further! 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐲 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐞 𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐒𝐮𝐛𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐆𝐨𝐚𝐥 𝟐𝟑𝟗/𝟐𝟓𝟎

Jun Hao Lau : Are you wendover's brother

Andy Harman : Real Engineering did a lot of fast talking on his analysis of the battery pack weight, so how about a simple series of calculations to see if it is reasonable.  It takes about 200 kW of power to push an 80,000 pound Class 8 truck down the road at 60 mph with no grade or headwinds.  Do that for 8 hours, to go about 500 miles, and you have done 1600 kW*hrs of work.  The battery pack in the Tesla P100D Model S weighs 1400 pounds, so linearly scaling to get 1600 kW*hrs of battery capacity would yield a battery that weighs 22,400 pounds.  And this is optimistic because my simple calculation assumes 100% motor efficiency, which they won't be, and that the battery pack can have the same energy density as the P100D pack, which it won't, because the continuous high current output would require a larger battery case with improved cooling and larger conductors.  The diesel-powered equivalent truck has a 3500 pound engine, a 1500-pound transmission, and would get about 6.5 mpg, requiring 77 gallons of fuel at 7 lbs/gallon to go 500 miles.  So the total weight of the propulsion system and fuel would be 3500 + 1500 + 539 = 5539 pounds.  Based on this simple calculation, I would say that the Tesla truck would have at least 8.5 tons less payload capacity than existing diesel trucks.  This Tesla truck thing is beginning to look like BS.

Nohara Loco : As a professional truck driver I would like to weigh in on this topic. First the simple and most basic fact of the trucking industry is that it is subject to the economy and market, not a guider of it. The reason alternatives have not been implemented is due primarily to cost. NOT cost to the trucker, rather cost to the CONSUMER. The industry is a reaction to the needs of economy and as such all shipping is done in the most cost effective means. At their current level of technology alternative energy and renewable energy trucks simply aren't viable to any shipping company. The decrease in capability and increase in cost, support, and manpower is overwhelmingly against its adoption. Not because trucking companies are greedy, but because consumers are unwilling to pay for the increased costs involved. An increase in the cost to move a product means there is an increase cost charged to shippers, which leads to an increased cost in the base product, and that means an increased cost to the consumer. Many will say "truckers should just charge less" which I have heard. Well how would you like to spend all your time working away from family and friends, sleeping and living in an area the size of a closet, and still lose money or at best break even? I doubt anyone actually would as it is asinine. To put it in comparison, work their normal job for 70 hours a week, and not get paid. No one in their right mind will do that. Its simply idiotic to think otherwise. Now that being said I am actually quite interested in new more clean and efficient technologies. I am hoping a company develops an electric or at least hybrid truck to replace diesels. The technology is a long way off yet, to put it strait an electric truck would need to attain the same range and hauling capacity while also being cheaper to operate and maintain. Because there are already major changes in trucking on the horizon. The federal government mandated epa and mpg ratings for commercial vehicles that take effect in 2 years means that there is already a major jump in efficiency. Companies have already developed trucks that meet or exceed these needs while not being more expensive than current designs. And with fuel costs continuing to rise the industry is already demanding even better mpg from their fleets. Especially owner/operators who foot that mo ey themselves. The short of it is, unless Musk can pull the technology to be cheaper, more efficient (cause changing your fuel costs to electricity costs wont change a thing or incentiviz anyone. ) And with equal or greater range, it is extremely far from replacing or even supplementing current trucks. Also dont forget cost to maintain, anyone who has had to repair an EV knows how bad that is, imagine on a massive scale with vehicles that regularly put 250,000 or more miles in a single year. It is simply not feasible at this time. Being real with you all.

Milliam Woody : Mining for the component of batteries also destroys the environment. Solar farms displace animals and habitat. Wind farms kill millions of birds a year. Stop claiming highground.

Jon T : so this video is another exercise by someone trying to prove they are smarter than elon musk and his team of scientists and engineers,and that they have not considered all the technical,economical and engineering questions they've considered?

wantnotwant : Plutonium trucks when?

Darren Lachel : Cd= 0.36 is not slippery. A Bugatti Chiron has 11 vents to keep it's powerful (1,479 bhp) engine cool at 250 mph. It has the same 'slippery' drag coefficient of a Cadillac Escalade.

Reese Garcia : Do you really think electric cars are green and help the environment? Because ur wrong. Where does that electricity come from? Coal burning, fossil fuel burning, and yes ur about to say "solar panels" well ur wrong again, the making of solar panels is terrible for the environment, also the making of all the plastic parts in all cars and also the batteries for the electric cars are just as bad, unfortunately there isn't really an escape from pollution and global warming, we need transportation and no matter how we get around, the making of all transportation vehicles and most products will be the demise of humanity as we know it.

Hernandez Arêdes : So, the truck is basically substantially inferior to a regular diesel truck, but may be a good investment for PR reasons. No, I don't buy into man emitted CO2 causing significant warming.

Adrian Soto : Maybe Musk should finish one project before announcing a 9th one. Did Musk say how long it will take to charge? The benefits of traditional fuel, is that in a few minutes you can refuel and get back on the road. The 500 mile truck, can really only go 250 miles. Because it has to come back in order to charge. I doubt every single truck stop is going start putting the power supply to charge the electric trucks in their massive lots. Even if they did, it would still take hours to charge up. This would add a lot of time to any shipment of significant distance. Repairs would be expensive too. If you break down in the middle of the road, the only person that could fix the vehicle is a someone who specialized specifically in the trucks.

Jim's videos : Now you add an overhead wire arrangement like they have for urban transport and you have the solution to getting trucks through mountain ranges; grid power for going up the hill, regenerative braking going down the hill. The only obvious flaw in the idea of a battery-powered OTR truck is keeping the driver warm; no waste heat from the engine means that heat has to come from the battery.

Pei-Chun Kao : Most trucks don’t drive around fully laden on their knees, most need volume of the trailer not weight of cargo as a consideration.... battery weight totally irrelevant for a lot of haulage companies as they rarely drive around pulling the max gross capacity... half the time trucks are pulling around empty trailers back to depots after delivery. Granted if weight was an issue then some haulage companies will continue with diesel but I would put money this relates to only a small %.

truthjunkie3 : Tesla has plenty of problems and challenges but this video quickly loses credibility and starts spewing its own inaccurate and strongly opinionated statements. Loses all credibility. Confuse people with lots of numbers mean meant to distract. Any real analysis could have avoided that. Besides the heavy bias, there’s no mention how the electric motors are likely much lighter than Diesel engines leaving weight savings for batteries. Discussion of inertia when this is unnecessary to consider if just measuring efficiency driving in a straight flat line without stopping. Then makes an absurd comment about not driving in hilly country. Amazingly stupid statement. The test specified conditions not that it can’t do hills. EV would be exceptional in hills because of its ability to recover energy on downhills. Makes a comment saying all the power to accelerate is unnecessary but no mention how that power allows the semi to maintain speed up steep uphills. Bottom line. A silly hit job with no useful insight. I’m constantly shocked and amazed that misinformation videos like this are made. Who’s funding them. What is their agenda. Why do people feel the need to misinform in this way?

CPU UK : Renewable energy is only generating a fraction of the worlds needs, as such the energy used to charge the battery is coming from fossil fuel, from power stations that spew out CO2. He's simply moving the CO2 production to power station, so it's out of sight. This is not saving the planet. It is saving on localized pollution, so I'll give him that.

PrestoWind : Musk is an idiot.

MasterMazeProductions : Dude you really took this channel to the next level by actually going through a recent scientific paper to explain how to calculate these values and then paying to have a site made to run the calculations. A++

3DPeter : Elon Musk comes with results like electric cars, electric trucks, the powerwall, and did shoot a car in orbit with the help of reusable rockets that land themselves. So what do you have, besides alot of negative bla bla? Can't do it, impossible, can't be done, won't work, bla bla bla, that's al you have you idiot! When i started with electric rc cars 35 years ago, they had a battery pack that had 1,1 amps, and now the same size battery has about 5 up to 7 amps, and gues what? The technology of making better and more compact batteries isn't over, so stop complaining and be negative, because even rome wasn't built in one day, and you have to start somewhere. 20 years ago we already could built electric cars, but they only could do about 100 miles on one charge, so not good enough to sell to the public back then, but that al did change alright, because now they run a few hundred miles on one charge, and that wil get better in the future, but not when you keep on being negative and say that it can't be done, because science already showed that the word "impossible" isn't in their dictionary! So screw you and you negative video, because you are full of words and shit, so you should become a politician, because al they do is talk and talk, and al that talk didn't make the world a better place, so the perfect job for you!

Douglas Roempke : 1:09 Did he just say 36 Tons? But it says 36 kg. Huh.

Guns Cars and Digits : I like your channel quality and respect your calculations, but I'm more on the skeptical side. 33KWH in a gallon of diesel, 40% efficient diesel engine, 200 gallons of diesel. 33*.4*200=2640 KWH. I don't want to be negative about this truck, because in theory, if it's 1/3 the drag of a normal truck, you get 792 kwh, so things look bad. We're not even doing the 300 gallon trucks. Now, that's okay. I honestly am an advocate of shipping things via train. If we do that, then short range trucking is much more efficient. I think that's where things would have to go if we want more electric stuff.

dakota croasdale : it's not manual, and it doesn't roll coal. so I don't like it

Abhishek Jaiswal : Plutonium powered truck! Dude you are visionary.

Jeffrey Fei : You can't really say it is clean simply because it runs on electricity when ~64% of US electricity generation comes from fossil fuels and half of that comes from coal which generates worse pollution than diesel. This doesn't even include the pollution generated by manufacturing the batteries

Crowman : You really want to save the planet start putting birth control in the water.

Jonathan.HDK.O'Toole : except... it hasn't been approved by the board, that is a mock up not a working prototype. there are no facilities to build it. based on current and projected financial performance Tesla Motors will most likely bankrupt before this truck is built.

TurboBass : You're wrong about what? It's not a cost effective replacement for diesel semis, so it is likely to not be adopted without some government subsidies and tax incentives.

Thaumstein : @realengineering Watching this in my truck. If this could be a viable option, I would absolutely take it.