The Truth About The Tesla Semi-Truck

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Real Engineering : Here's the website: Seriously though, if you want to see more sites like this, and better ones, please consider supporting on Patreon.

FutureNow : I wish this channel existed back in the day when I was in an engineering magnet program and robotics team. This is a way more interesting "word problem" than some abstract sphere in a vacuum.

M Goobie : 1:18 this graph clearly shows that we should be running trucks off Plutonium 238

billdale1 : Thanl you for doing your best to give a balanced, unbiased look at the Tesla Semi. There is a terribly trollish Aussie that did something similar except he severely cherry-picked the data he used--- resulting in nothing more than a blatantly anti-Tesla, anti-Musk rant. I personally think the Tesla Semi will have a slightly limited practicality until greater energy density can be brought into the equation, but for the applications for which it is currently (no pun intended) a good fit, this Truck will give us enormous benefit. Vive la Musk.

Jimmy's Tractor : It doesn't need to be that complicated. You need about 100kw to move a very aerodynamic truck down the road at highway speeds. 11 hour shift needs about 1100kwh. Your numbers are way off on the weight and power required 1/2 the load will still require about 80% of the energy. 5kg(5kg per kw of battery pack) x 1100 is about 12000lbs for the battery pack. Weight saved by placing the motor closer to the drive wheels and simpler transmission will be about equal to the motor weight. Weight saved on engine and fuel will be around 4000lbs for a loss of around 8000lbs or 20% typical capacity. For many loads, you are fine with a 40ft box holding 30,000lbs, so it is quite doable. Electricity is about 1/4 the cost of diesel per kwh, so at $3 per gallon and 8mpg(really aero truck on flat highway), you save about $.28 per mile. 150,000 miles a yearly saves just over $40k in fuel. With batteries at $300kw, you have a $300k battery pack that needs to last 7 years to break even(assuming 0% interest). With the money saved on 40qt oil changes, Apu and other related items, we are close to where an electric truck starts to make sense. In 10 years it will be the more efficient option for sure.

Apple Crider : This is bananas! The world is moving so fast, and when that next breakthrough comes in smaller batteries, this industry will take off even further! ๐…๐ข๐ง๐š๐ง๐œ๐ข๐š๐ฅ ๐‹๐ข๐ญ๐ž๐ซ๐š๐œ๐ฒ ๐…๐จ๐ซ ๐‚๐จ๐ฅ๐ฅ๐ž๐ ๐ž ๐’๐ญ๐ฎ๐๐ž๐ง๐ญ๐ฌ ๐’๐ฎ๐›๐ฌ๐œ๐ซ๐ข๐›๐ž๐ซ ๐†๐จ๐š๐ฅ ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ—/๐Ÿ๐Ÿ“๐ŸŽ

Uriah Siner : That intro game me nostalgia of old PBS shows from when I was a kid

Nohara Loco : As a professional truck driver I would like to weigh in on this topic. First the simple and most basic fact of the trucking industry is that it is subject to the economy and market, not a guider of it. The reason alternatives have not been implemented is due primarily to cost. NOT cost to the trucker, rather cost to the CONSUMER. The industry is a reaction to the needs of economy and as such all shipping is done in the most cost effective means. At their current level of technology alternative energy and renewable energy trucks simply aren't viable to any shipping company. The decrease in capability and increase in cost, support, and manpower is overwhelmingly against its adoption. Not because trucking companies are greedy, but because consumers are unwilling to pay for the increased costs involved. An increase in the cost to move a product means there is an increase cost charged to shippers, which leads to an increased cost in the base product, and that means an increased cost to the consumer. Many will say "truckers should just charge less" which I have heard. Well how would you like to spend all your time working away from family and friends, sleeping and living in an area the size of a closet, and still lose money or at best break even? I doubt anyone actually would as it is asinine. To put it in comparison, work their normal job for 70 hours a week, and not get paid. No one in their right mind will do that. Its simply idiotic to think otherwise. Now that being said I am actually quite interested in new more clean and efficient technologies. I am hoping a company develops an electric or at least hybrid truck to replace diesels. The technology is a long way off yet, to put it strait an electric truck would need to attain the same range and hauling capacity while also being cheaper to operate and maintain. Because there are already major changes in trucking on the horizon. The federal government mandated epa and mpg ratings for commercial vehicles that take effect in 2 years means that there is already a major jump in efficiency. Companies have already developed trucks that meet or exceed these needs while not being more expensive than current designs. And with fuel costs continuing to rise the industry is already demanding even better mpg from their fleets. Especially owner/operators who foot that mo ey themselves. The short of it is, unless Musk can pull the technology to be cheaper, more efficient (cause changing your fuel costs to electricity costs wont change a thing or incentiviz anyone. ) And with equal or greater range, it is extremely far from replacing or even supplementing current trucks. Also dont forget cost to maintain, anyone who has had to repair an EV knows how bad that is, imagine on a massive scale with vehicles that regularly put 250,000 or more miles in a single year. It is simply not feasible at this time. Being real with you all.

jonjonjrfrmcali : There's nothing wrong with skepticism but spreading misinformation is just wrong. Jerome Guillen, VP in charge of Tesla's Trucks, who designed the Freightliner Cascadia, already announced (weeks BEFORE this video came out) that the Tesla Semi will weigh the SAME as a diesel truck and thus have the SAME payload capacity. It is designed after the Bullet train which gives it a drag coefficient lower than a Bugatti Chiron. The Tesla engineers and marketers are not trucking industry incompetents. Face it, this is not your grandfather's golf cart.

Joey Hall : Dude. You forgot about the regenerative braking, and the maintenance cost of a conventional truck. Those are two very big cost savings, and are a large reason why Walmart and Anheuser-Busch have made such large orders for the Tesla trucks.

voicetube : That was damn thorough! Love when somebody puts the sort of thought into the actual metrics, etc. Ultimately though, I think that it will win. On that note, one factor that can't, I think, really be easily calculated here is potential improvement in battery technology over the very short termโ€ฆ And possibly sooner than the calculations here predict. Lastly a totally silly comment that some people may not like - although it would have been very cool and somewhat hilarious is, at the very end of the video for the narrator to say, "And rememberโ€ฆ Lucky Charmsโ€ฆ are magically delicious!!" Now come to think of it, however, I think that that particular metric would have reduced the funding to the dude's Patreon page, which could've been reason enough to not add that extra line at the end (although I would've had a good laugh and a smile, if he had).

TheGerm24 : That 23% of GHG emissions can't be correct. Maybe 23% of GHG emissions from the transportation sector but not from the entire economy. This source says total transportation is only 27% of US emissions. Obviously trucking isn't 80% of all transportation.

Shift N Drift : 1:58 that's absolute rubbish mate. Think about how many times your stuck behind a truck at the lights because they accelerate so slow. With Tesla's fast acceleration truck drives will not hold up traffic anymore.

krazyhartin : I can't help but I need to correct you. It's called "electric motors" not "electric engines" please research these two words if you think I'm being a dick. Just incase you make this other mistake that Youtubers make, it's "miles/kilometres per charge" not "miles per gallon" it doesn't have a tank filled with liquid electricity. Also, please indicate both types of measurements when you're speaking in metric or imperial and not throw the two in together. Thank you.

Tyler Hardy : Electric motors*

Jeremy McReynolds : The biggest flaw in your case is you are making serious assumptions about Tesla's battery density. You do know they make their own batteries right? You do know we're basically in a little known, proxy arms race with China in regards to battery production and density right? Sony, Panasonic and IBM didnt invested billions in the gigafactory for shits and giggles. While there is alot that isn't proprietary that others simply copy, hell you should know Tesla openly shares improvements for other to improve upon and monetize, the idea that they likely haven't made some significant improvements and solid projections and kept them under wraps, is frankly, naive. I'm very skeptical of this endeavour of Teslas but frankly this case really doesn't push me one way of the other.

Jim's videos : Now you add an overhead wire arrangement like they have for urban transport and you have the solution to getting trucks through mountain ranges; grid power for going up the hill, regenerative braking going down the hill. The only obvious flaw in the idea of a battery-powered OTR truck is keeping the driver warm; no waste heat from the engine means that heat has to come from the battery.

Michael G : As a US based truck driver. I call Tesla ideas lacking to be kind. US based truck fleets run what I call junk trucks aka use for 750k miles with all or most of the usable life is used up. These trucks are not worth repairing or rebuilding to extend out their usable life. The current weight range of a freighliner cascadia is about 11k pounds dry and add about 1350 lbs for fuel. These trucks can get a combined fuel average 8.5 mpg with automated 12 speed transmissions hauling 40k to 46.5k of cargo. The trucks are fairly reliable and have low maintenance costs. What Tesla is proposing just doesn't make sense. Here is why, time is money. With a truck governed at 65 mph, I can drive 600 miles plus in a 11 hour DOT driving period. It takes me 15 minutes to fuel the truck, not 6 to 8 hours that it would take a on 440 fast charger. Truck stop parking is already a huge problem in USA. All of a sudden you have park your truck for 6 to 8 hours to recharge! What happens if you get stuck a shipper for a extended time frame? We live in are trucks, running hvac on battery would be "fun"!!! I hate to say it, but driverless trucks would be the less costly to build support infrastructure. The rebuilding of current support structure for the US trucking industry would be to costly for the perceived short term use. That's here in the US. I can not speak for the rest of the world. The US trucking industry has leans towards staying what works. Electric trucks would be great for the last mile, short haul and California. But not for over the road long haul, regional trucking(more the two states) and heavy loads. Electric trucks wouldn't make any sense till battery densities make large leap forward and charge times drop substantially. I want to know what kind of duty cycles the battery packs will have? There is a huge difference between a class 8 truck and prius. I know that a new replacement battery pack for a prius is costly. My truck will end this year with 250k miles in less then 11 months of use. Some one smarter then me? Please tell me how many kw hours used and how many tons CO2 exhausted by power plant vs. using a diesel engine? I am guessing it starts being a wash over all. I do not think that trucking companies would waste their time with rebuilt battery packs. It is all about usable up time for the trucks to make money. It is kinda like hydrogen cars, great idea. But no support infrastructure and huge cost to build it!

jerremm : You said if you live in mountenous areas the truck might not be for you. But isn't that exactly when it would be useful? It can regenerate energy all the way down.

Alekk : I am sure a multi billion company will do more research then a YouTube channel.

Joe Zip : Where are You plugging in in 8 hrs. to charge - Hoover Dam? What does the thing weigh EMPTY? Geeze in lbs. U.S. POUNDS still no answer. Payload can be no less than 48,000 lbs. (should be 52,000). Regenative Braking is a joke 1/2 hr down Eisenhower would not light the dashboard. answer: Produce goods Locally and REDUCE the NEED for TRANSPORT.

MasterMazeProductions : Dude you really took this channel to the next level by actually going through a recent scientific paper to explain how to calculate these values and then paying to have a site made to run the calculations. A++

Kenny Lee : 2:25 80% of Routes Less than 250 miles. So it only works in local routes and the down time for charging and range still is a deal breaker.There is no way this can replace diesel truck entirely. Perhaps a separated Etrailer will solve the problem for the time being.

Rishabh Bhati : so isn't it possible that you created this video to create fund for your channel by makeing controversial statment on tesla.๐Ÿ˜€

bzdtemp : Simply comparing the energy vs, weight of the batteries vs a tank of diesel is much to simplistic. A conventional combustion engine and it's support system ie. fuel system, gearbox and so on not only is heavy and bulky compared to the electric alternative it is also wasteful. This means less than half of the energy of the diesel fuel will turn into movement of the truck, so while the energy density is still much high than the batteries the Wh/Kg comparison shown is not really meaningful outside a lab.

Marcos Noble : How can an enginneer like you keep shilling for renewable energy. Go research nuclear.

Jun Hao Lau : Are you wendover's brother

Colton Clarky : Meanwhile tesla still hasn't even made a dollar yet

Hannes D'hondt : Why are American trucks only allowed 36 tonnes? Here in Belgium it's 44.5 tonnes and generally our roads are less wide than American roads (because they're older), they have less lanes, and the country is more cramped. The Netherlands is even more dense and there it is 50 tonnes. Australia is like America in a lot of ways (big roads, a frontier, low population density, young country) and they have those massive road trains chugging about.

Burrito God : Am I mistaken in thinking that a drastic 0-60mph acceleration speed is very helpful to a truck driver? Getting onto busy highways and out of the way of construction and obstacles is challenging enough in slow accelerating cars, but in a truck it's nearly impossible to do without slowing down and waiting.

Kenjinn : PepsiCo has already pre-ordered 100 trucks for its fleet.

Mika de Grote : You never actually stated what the expected payload would be, he are the payloads: 36 000 kg - 7000 kg - 8000 kg = 21 000 kg for 500 mile truck 36 000 kg - 7000 kg - 4750 kg = 24 250 kg for 300 mile truck

chimp3376 : You really should look to support your YouTube follower more. If we are not valued please can you remove the adverts from our view.


dakota croasdale : it's not manual, and it doesn't roll coal. so I don't like it

Mike Franz : 2:25 Musk pushes to the ignorant American mob products that are technologically infeasible or economically inviable to crank up market evaluation his busnesses for investments... and makes himself a laughing stock amongst real engineers and scientists. Regarding satellites launches, I want to see top 2-3 levels of Cost Breakdown Structure of Space X vs conventional tech across countries capable of that. launches. Great post!! Thank you.

Better With Rum : you're very one dimensional. consider that Elon did not share additional information for competitive business reasons or that Tesla often invites the world to participate in the goals, dreams and values he has. Stop being so nagitive.


ziasong : Quicker acceleration and torque at zero speed help a lot in uphill traffic.

Narps : Battery powered vechiles are less efficient for the environment.You're shifting your power consumption from gas to electricity wich is made in power plants.Also the batteries are made from rare materials that require very intensive mining to aquire.Little detail is electric vechiles break down far quicker than regular combustion ones...Its not for saving the planet,its not even for the benefit of truck companies..this is all just a well maeketed brand that makes money off of lies

wantnotwant : Plutonium trucks when?

Reese Garcia : Do you really think electric cars are green and help the environment? Because ur wrong. Where does that electricity come from? Coal burning, fossil fuel burning, and yes ur about to say "solar panels" well ur wrong again, the making of solar panels is terrible for the environment, also the making of all the plastic parts in all cars and also the batteries for the electric cars are just as bad, unfortunately there isn't really an escape from pollution and global warming, we need transportation and no matter how we get around, the making of all transportation vehicles and most products will be the demise of humanity as we know it.

aris1188 : they said that it can go 500 miles with full load max allowed weight

Roy Thompson : I think it is very respectable that you admit the flaw in your initial opinion. This sets you bounds ahead of other channels, and is a very commendable action towards achieving your vision of being the best science documentary channel on YouTube. Keep up the great work!

Toy Teardown : Does the calculation take into consideration regenerative braking? Having a lower drag coefficient of a Bugatti isn't a benchmark. Bugatti's are designed to keep cool not be slippery.

Abhishek Jaiswal : Plutonium powered truck! Dude you are visionary.

Wyattrox 03 : The only reason this truck exists is government subsodies

Douglas Roempke : 1:09 Did he just say 36 Tons? But it says 36 kg. Huh.

Jake Voorhees : That's always why I love Elon Musk :) innovation after innovation after innovation. Thanks for another great video!