Caterpillars Feeding on Exploding Touch-Me-Not Seed Pods | BBC Earth

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Rebelle : Can you just imagine eating something delicious and suddenly fly into space like team rocket. Rude

Paet : "Dammit that's the 3rd time this week my food exploded"

Mermaid Bangtan : oh you explode? weird flex, but ok

Jake Marchington : Imagine evolving to exclusively eat live ammunition

asdfg hjkl : Watch a seed yeet a caterpillar

1ofsolitude : Hmm...they're almost extinct and their only food source is an exploding seed pod. I wonder if there is any correlation between the two...🤯

Lance McGowan : Dang nature you explosively touchy

Ram Ham : *seed pod explodes* Caterpillar: What, the hell?

Claresa Prama : 2:14 *Why are we still here? Just to suffer?*

Pink Plant : The footage is excellent, but the editing of music and comedic voice over was extraaa 😂 i fell off my chair 😂😂😂

Dragon Lady : 2:10 ...All around me are familiar faces....

Marcel Joel : *somehow ISIS claims responsibility*

Will White : Me trying to reach my goals but they keep shooting away

Floating Sunfish : So their only source of food explodes, huh? *_No wonder these guys are almost extinct!_*

kiki- drawer26 : Imagine enjoying a giant banana and then it flies off into space and your left wondering if the banana was ever even there.

AzureAnie : I thought this would be about caterpillars that ate seeds that exploded inside of them

archer abshire! : Taste's good Well now I'm in space That's just perfect

Saemon85 : Imagine a world where land mines are only food source for humans...

windtalker : Sometimes evolution makes bad turns. Eating only food that explodes and sends you flying has to be one of the worst diets ever. Such specialized species are often evolutionary deadends because they're so fragile compared to their more generalist counterparts.

An; : the sound effects and music makes this that much better

Mr GameBoy : anyone can get bamboozled even a catapiller

Britta Brittsky : Stop don't touch me there this is my no no square

Fishfan 2 : Who would win one caterpillar or some explody bois

Muhammad Mirsab : What did I just watch 😂 Some funky Willy Wonka BBC NATURE collab? 😂😂

Michelle Fonnette : Plant: Omae wa mo, shindeiru Caterpillar: *NANI?!*

Taylor Harris : Explosive food?!?! So basically the caterpillars are eating Taco Bell.

Lorenz : Why aren't we funding this

Uriah Siner : Remember The Very Hungry Caterpillar? This is him now, feel old yet?

Acme : It hurts me to know that vegans selfishly feed on living creatures.

TechBuilder : I was expecting for the caterpillars to explode 😂

Hernán Vulliez : Am I the only one thinking the sound FX were too much?

Nati H : I thought I was holding a chocolate bar a second ago...

BlaqueHound : Momma Nature has a big ol' sense of humor I see. Additionally, the comment section, for this video, is absolute GOLD! 🤣

Mr. Hey You Get Off Of My Cloud : Whoever edited this 😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

Copper Creek Cuts Lawn Care : Should have cut the red wire

Temisk : It is 2:14am right now and I have to go to work in about 4 hours Yet I always somehow find myself in this corner of the internet, just like you.

Emo Gi : I already touch that and it’s so satisfying when it explodes🤤🤤🤤

Premier112 : Plant vs. Caterpillar. Fascinating. I don't think there's any saving these particular caterpillars from extinction. Seems adapting an "explosion" defense mechanism vs. specialized 1 food source rival spells doom. Ye have been bested, inching wurm. Well played, plant. Well played.

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : I remember this plant! I used to play with the seed since if you push them it will explode and the shell will wrinkle up and looks like a green caterpillar, I used to prank my friend with it I wonder why I haven't seen any of those lately

Jenny Webster : Seed pod - EXPLODES Caterpillar - “w..what”

Tropical Gardening Longisland : Lol im gonna grow this plant

Harry PAnnU ! : L0l nature is funny sometimes 😅

Samuel Alves : No wonder they were thought to be extinct...

Angela Valy : Scientist: *“what do we name this plant?”*

alzee : Lol this is so funny i dont even know why

Tortoise Shell : I tot the caterpillar would explode after eating.

jamellah : i love watching the caterpillar get thrown out

S M : That's fast food...

Mr Shambleface : Lol were the kazoos really necessary though?

Lost in confusion : Reminds me of an episode from family guy when peter griffin made exploding cupcakes