Caterpillars Feeding on Exploding Touch-Me-Not Seed Pods | BBC Earth

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Paet : "Dammit that's the 3rd time this week my food exploded"

mermaid bangtan : oh you explode? weird flex, but ok


Naashon Williamson : Even bugs be gettin folded

Rebelle : Can you just imagine eating something delicious and suddenly fly into space like team rocket. Rude

ChronicCrow : Just imagine sitting in a restaurant and watching patrons bite into sandwiches and get blasted backwards into the wall.

YourMellowFellow : 2:45 Imagine walking through the forest and caterpillars fly past you every minute.

Jake Marchington : Imagine evolving to exclusively eat live ammunition

Ibrahim Mekraldi : Imagine only being able to eat one food. Now imagine that that food is also explosive.

1ofsolitude : Hmm...they're almost extinct and their only food source is an exploding seed pod. I wonder if there is any correlation between the two...🤯

TheWebfive : Hi, I'm a netted carpet moth caterpillar. I'm nearly extinct, because I eat the human equivalence to landmines!

Λ Ɀ Ʋ Ʀ Λ : Directed by Michael Bay

Pink Shades : Plot twist: The caterpillars do this for recreation.

Lance McGowan : Dang nature you explosively touchy

Michelle Fonnette : Plant: Omae wa mo, shindeiru Caterpillar: *NANI?!*

asdfg hjkl : Watch a seed yeet a caterpillar

Wen Li Leong : is this the reason why they’re almost extinct?? 🤔

Dragon Lady : 2:10 ...All around me are familiar faces....

Wesley Insley : Wow they even make comical cartoon noises *NATURE IS AWESOME*

An ne : the sound effects and music makes this that much better

1Bloka : I would not cope as this caterpillar. Anytime I'm eating I might get thrown out of through the roof and land a few blocks over.

michael diaz : Hmm interesting. Pre flight before becoming a butterfly

AzureAnie : I thought this would be about caterpillars that ate seeds that exploded inside of them

Britta Brittsky : Stop don't touch me there this is my no no square

kiki- drawer26 : Imagine enjoying a giant banana and then it flies off into space and your left wondering if the banana was ever even there.

Justin Walker : They need to add this guy to plants vs zombies

Will White : Me trying to reach my goals but they keep shooting away

Ram Ham : *seed pod explodes* Caterpillar: What, the hell?

archer abshire! : Taste's good Well now I'm in space That's just perfect

Copper Creek Cuts : Should have cut the red wire

Muhammad Mirsab : What did I just watch 😂 Some funky Willy Wonka BBC NATURE collab? 😂😂

Floating Sunfish : So their only source of food explodes, huh? *_No wonder these guys are almost extinct!_*

Black Spider : Hahahahaha.... Terrorists win!!!!!

Harry PAnnU ! : L0l nature is funny sometimes 😅

Highskii Lol : One greeny boi *Vs* One exploding boi

I'm a weeb Nani : Touch me not seed: *EXPLOADS* Caterpillar: *LUCID DREAMS*

Tamara : 2:10 *_Y E E T_*

Tovarasul Ceausescu : Allahu snackbar!

Myshalala : It hurts me to know that vegans selfishly feed on living creatures.

TechBuilder : I was expecting for the caterpillars to explode 😂

Tropical Gardening Longisland : Lol im gonna grow this plant

PRECIOUS 솔미 : I laughed so hard when the caterpillars started flying away like team rocket

That'sWhatSheSaid : Whenever you feel down about your life, remember that there is a species of caterpillar whose only source of food explodes in its face.

Purple eyed 19 : This is just hilarious at 2 AM

Angela Valy : Scientist: *“what do we name this plant?”*

Uriah Siner : Remember The Very Hungry Caterpillar? This is him now, feel old yet?

Mummiedanser : They should buy defuse kits

Samuel Alves : No wonder they were thought to be extinct...

Rebecca K : Haha the music makes this so much better

TheCaliMack : Was expecting some caterpillar carnage, to be honest.