Reading Hilariously Terrible Business Reviews From My Small Town
Reading Hilariously Terrible Business Reviews From My Small Town

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Handz 0n Trigger : Love how nearly everyone doesn't know how to use "your" and "you're" in you're town

Alexa Okwuosa : The way Gus’ face lights up when he talks about the hats he bought at that weird shop. Great to see that there’s life in the old guy.

Dolce Luxe : My small southern hometown consists of: One school that all kids k-12 attend One thrift store One Dairy Queen which still has items on the menu that left all other Dairy Queen menus back in ‘94 One truck stop/gas station with a subway inside which is the place to be on Friday night 86 farms An ungodly disgusting diner with a road sign written in sharpie that you can smoke inside of but should never order food from A giant horse track where you can bet on horse races and can also smoke inside of A big ass pit of mud which is the place to be on Saturday night One dollar general and no other grocery stores 19 churches 0 funeral homes. Take your dead bodies to the next town over city boy.

lyricsoul : I'm crying. This video epitomizes WI... I love it. 2 stars.

Esmee de Boer : Thing-a-majigs sounds like the best thing ever I want to go there

Patches 616 : “It’s a subway” is actually the best review for most subways I’ve eaten at

bob rombach : Thing-a-majigs was my favorite, too. It's closed now. Thanks a lot, Gus.

Mr Demonetisation Man : "Penises are temporary, reviews last forever" -Guys Johnson 2019

Giovanni Striano : My town has a lot of religious diversity, but not in the traditional way. We have a church of Scientology, jehovah’s witnesses church and according to the last census 4 active “Jedi Knights”. I kid you not. We’ve also got pretty good plastic surgery thanks to the Guinea Pig club :))

Andrew O'Hara : I've realized two things about your town: a) no one knows the difference between "your" and "you're" b) people don't understand how star ratings work

Naosu : Now I wanna go to thing-a-majgs. I gotta get me my expired vitamins

Juliana O : this guy looks like Sid from Ice Age in the best possible way

GØRTH : 2:12 Censors the name on top but leaves the name on the bottom. lol

Price Rowland : Are you telling me I can have *15 cents a box* for food poisoning?

Salty Dragon : Living about an hour away in Cumberland, Wisconsin, can confirm that Subway is also what puts us on the map.

Inimbos : Gus Johnson listens to Simon and Garfunkel? Damn what a legend

debbid : Great channel but too funny to watch at work. 1 star.

Tyler Miller : N O W I K N O W W H A T I T F E E L S L I K E T O E A T F R E S H

Extremist Garchomp : Did anyone notice Todd’s last name wasn’t censored at the end of his post?

Casey_n_Stuff : I live in Wisconsin. just thought that was interesting...

Ritter TV : I live in Wisconsin and this reminds me of every town outside of the lake country area.

FirstTime ISawJupiter : *Sees thumbnail* What's gus doing with a baby? *....* Oh, that :)

Mustakrakish : Is it in Grantsburg? The cover photo for Thing-a-majigs is a full palette of Velveeta. Amazing. I couldn't love it more. 3 stars.

termeownator : Were those not two different Simon and Garfunkel songs mashed together in the beginning? Baby Driver and Kodachrome from one of Paul Simon's solo records?

Dehydrated Raccoon : I'm from Minnesota and I can confirm that the boy who had his circumcision messed up in Wisconsin came to the right place -Gus is one of the few things that makes Wisconsin better than Minnesota-

anoja31 : Living in a big city, I'm tempted to check out small towns after this lmaoo

Andrew Abler : As a fellow Wisconsinite, I relate to the the weird shit you can find on a spiritual level. Those sketchy Mom and pop places that are freakin great. Where I’m went to high school, there was a hardware store that got turned into a coffee shop. But only like half of it. The other half is still a hardware store. So you can like walk in, get your morning joe and grab some power tools, maybe a lawn mower. Gotta love Wisconsin.

Roman A. : I was like "why does Gus look cleaner in this video" but then I noticed he doesn't have A MOUSTACHE!

GrindcoreNinja : "I finally know what it means to eat fresh".

NakeyJakey : I relate to this way too hard also I miss the paw patrol blankey

Ashley’s Cloud : It kind of makes me feel weird that one day I was standing next to you at a baseball game and now you’re making videos on YouTube that get lots of attention. It just wows me. :)

G R A C E : At first I thought that was a real baby and I was like “oh no what are you doing to that poor ba- oh it’s fake”

Charles_Ray : Just discovered your channel, awesome video, 3 stars.

Flaming panda : idk why but i found the town you live in took me like an hour this is kinda a weird confrontation

Finnegan Doherty : "I don't want to clean, I just want to temporarily solve my issues" What a relatable bop

Bucks Fan : I am from Wisconsin, and all I do is eat cheese all day and wait until I am 21.

Taylor Uibel-Sisson : See I was laughing about the funeral homes bit till I realized my home city has a funeral home across from an old folks home which is, and I cannot stress this enough, horrifying.

Mark Finley : 1/5 Stars Loved the video but I nearly died while watching it

NutHead : I get it, when you said "that was a nice trip down memory lane" you meant to your local park...

GearVember : "That's the creepiest thing I've ever seen" he says speaking into a plastic baby's head

Jon Knee : As soon as you taped the mic to the dolls head I subscribed.

Justin Degler : fun fact. Wisconsin was Jeffery Dahmer's old stomping ground. love ya gus

huckleberrykid : my town has the old folks home accrost the parking lot form the funeral home. legend says they have a tunnel underground connecting them.....

ArmedPenguin : Your town is tiny???? My town has a population of 250

Masonboy64 : you live four and a half hours from me. Im gonna go rob thing-a-majigs

Brighton Sheehan : “And we had to go to a hospital in MINNESOTA” 😂😂

Quiet Time Gaming : I would give ALL OF THE MONEY to see Gus tape a mic to and handle an *actual baby* like this.


Perplexiq : Gus Johnson: - Acts 18 - Looks 25 - Is actually 51 edit: stop liking this my ego is raising too fast