Reading Hilariously Terrible Business Reviews From My Small Town

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Gus Johnson : ayyy i had some good fun with this video. thank you for watching and heck i dunno. if you wanna protect your devices and gain access to servers in a ton of countries to do cool stuff then go to and use code GUSJOHNSON and save 66% cool thank you see you later

Eddy Burback : the young blonde boy in this was very polite and professional. Assembled a video quick and thanked me and told me to come again. He couldn’t have been over 22 years old.

NakeyJakey : I relate to this way too hard also I miss the paw patrol blankey

Lisa Wang : Thing-a-majigs apparently just closed :'(

Rachel Mutchler : Wisconsin small town starterpack: one church one gas station one grocery store one school multiple bars in the middle of nowhere surrounded by farms or if you're up Nor't, it is surround by the woods. Either way there's no wifi and you are probably lost

Alexa Okwuosa : The way Gus’ face lights up when he talks about the hats he bought at that weird shop. Great to see that there’s life in the old guy.

Sevarian : You've been getting pasta all this time and we haven't had one pasta giveaway? Not one single "Win a box of nearly expired pasta!" Well, I'm outraged. Three stars.

IamPinhead : I always appreciate Youtubers outing themselves as fellow Wisconsinites because it gives the illusions more than 10 of us have internet.

wcr4 : You're doing a great job holding our attention with these longer videos. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Also, ask RedLetterMedia if you can appear on Best Of The Worst please. They're in Wisconsin too!

Giovanni Striano : My town has a lot of religious diversity, but not in the traditional way. We have a church of Scientology, jehovah’s witnesses church and according to the last census 4 active “Jedi Knights”. I kid you not. We’ve also got pretty good plastic surgery thanks to the Guinea Pig club :))

Nerd City : I can’t believe NakeyJakey left the Paw Patrol security blanket behind. He bonded with that harder than Linus.

Michael Jae : I can't stop staring at that dang baby...or maybe its staring at me

Price Rowland : Are you telling me I can have *15 cents a box* for food poisoning?

Lieselotte Aya : hot take: circumcision is child cruelty and they deserve the debt

Koichi Litrose : Gus Johnson listens to Simon and Garfunkel? Damn what a legend

Cassandra Bankson : *Can you do a fan giveaway with 15 cent expires pasta boxes? I WILL BE THE WINNER AND WIN AND COOK THEM USING MY BROTHERS CARS OVERHEATING RADIATOR*

lucy stripes : i wanted to find funny reviews for my town but live in Madison and city people actually know how to use the internet

TheBeaTle : For some reason the fact that is 66% off instead of just 60% off bothered the hell out of me. It doesn't make sense, I realize.

Feronach Feronach : Gus, your job is real and legitimate. It can even go on a resumé: "Well-known internet personality" or "Short movie producer" are both marketable skills.

Esmee de Boer : Thing-a-majigs sounds like the best thing ever I want to go there

abelina sabrina : It's for the video sweetie, NEXT!!!!

termeownator : Were those not two different Simon and Garfunkel songs mashed together in the beginning? Baby Driver and Kodachrome from one of Paul Simon's solo records?

Buffy Summers : But why did you never read the thinga majigs review you promised you would and it made me so sad because of all the build up talking about the store to read a review for the pool disappointment

Joe Euston : Gus. It's 7am here in Australia. I see a new Gus Johnson video pop up in my feed. I watch it. I laugh a lot. I find out about Nord VPN. Didn't know about it before. Would consider it if I need a vpn in the future. Your job is a real job. You're doing it and you're doing it well. Never stop doing your job.

Extremist Garchomp : Did anyone notice Todd’s last name wasn’t censored at the end of his post?

Katherine Small : *Who knew you could use a baby for so many things*

Doc Playz : Are you the new edupz. I welcome the

TheC4Mag : This video was very funny, I liked it very much and had a great time! Thanks a bunch ;) 3 stars

no no : I think we went to the same high school... were you there in 2013? I think I remember you from the baseball team

Handz 0n Trigger : Love how nearly everyone doesn't know how to use "your" and "you're" in you're town

Joe A : That nordvpn ad was the second best part of the video

Jimbo McGringus : I lived in Elroy, which is in Juneau country WI for about 3 years, and to this day I haven't seen a more "quaint" selection of venders. Ever. But please lemme walk you through what it had to offer: an IGN, a kwik trip... That was about it for actual bussiness that were actively held accountable for their day to day procedures through a larger corprate structure. But then there was the "small businesses" and boi where they... Fun! So there were about 3 bars, a seasonal trail shop, a very very small giftshop (i mean small, in fact out of the 4 times I wandered in the doors, there wasn't even a person in the store to service me, even after yelling for someone for 10 minutes), and a sorta pawn broker/ clothes vender/ entrepreneur named Ken (rip ken) as well as a shop down on the corner ran by an African american family (please dont get me wrong here) but it got shut down about 6 months after opening becuase everything in the store was either stolen, expired, or broken, and it didnt help the main owner got locked up for punching someone in the store prior to its foreclosure... Also there was a library.

Gretchen DG : One time in sophomore year a bunch of people in my class did this (I’m also from a very small town) and it was so funny! My personal favorites were a bunch of reviews of our local post office. Everyone was complaining about someone who worked there and would yell at them and curse them out. Also, someone claimed that they were withholding mail from her just because she obviously didn’t get a package that she was expecting in her desired amount of time.

kittenschoice : Rendezvous Tiki Lounge in Kenosha is a MUST. 1700 52nd St, Kenosha, WI 53140, USA. I literally travelled there to visit my sister, went to that bar. Came home. Then bought another plane ticket JUST so I could go back to that bar for another weekend. Tell Matt the bartender Ashley from Canada says hi. He can make any cool drink you can find on pinterest and re-create it.

Perplexiq : Gus Johnson: - Acts 18 - Looks 25 - Is actually 51 edit: stop liking this my ego is raising too fast

Julianna Kopa : What’s the song he was playing on the piano at the beginning

Tyler Miller : N O W I K N O W W H A T I T F E E L S L I K E T O E A T F R E S H

Madelyn Thums : Also small Wisconsin town, just the best aren't they. Nothing like them 😂 600 people here 😂😂 you are the best I ❤️❤️❤️ your videos. Please know you make me laugh and I love it

IamZren89 : "My jobs not a real job" - Gus Johnson ~INSPIRING~

Gavin : We have Gus Johnson (1/5)

Ritter TV : I live in Wisconsin and this reminds me of every town outside of the lake country area.

Not Sheen : Why hello Gus Johnson, famous youtuber. I just wanted to let you know that I am also from a tiny lil ol town in Wisconsin. I believe that because we have this in common, we should be married on the morrow. I await your response in anticipation. Truly yours, Guy on internet with stupid username.

Joseph Hurford : I watched an ad for you. Enough said.

bob rombach : Thing-a-majigs was my favorite, too. It's closed now. Thanks a lot, Gus.

Finnegan Doherty : "I don't want to clean, I just want to temporarily solve my issues" What a relatable bop

Space duck : Only here, using a baby doll as a microphone is normal.

Ultimate Fan : you know what, i’m actually gonna use gus’ ad link and help dat boi get dat paper

The Fox Overlord But Totally Not A Furry : Just a small town girl

Sara Mahfud : I want to know why a grown man has a baby doll lying around

GearVember : "That's the creepiest thing I've ever seen" he says speaking into a plastic baby's head