Hero teacher gives tour of new Disney classroom she paid for herself
Passionate kindergarten teacher gives tour of brand new classroom she paid out of her own pockets

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Passionate kindergarten teacher gives tour of brand new classroom she paid out of her own pockets. People are now asking Disney to give her and the students a free student trip to Disney World. Hopefully it'll happen! Got this from here: https://twitter.com/_SJPeace_/status/1160927854768676867 Teacher's page: https://twitter.com/_MagicalTeacher ❤️


BW Meeks : Im a grown man in my 40s and that made me excited to learn! Good job!

hetcer : I substitute taught first grade for one day 22 years ago. im still recovering.  grade school teachers are actually superhuman.

Lex Python : Will you please take over for Betsy DeVos? Thank you.

Michael Dodwell : Just waiting on the C&D from the mouse..

jason foreman : Your kids will be so lucky to have you as their teacher.

Jersey Representing : I'm not crazy about Disney, but if I was in Kindergarten I would be in love with her.

David Hernandez : God bless this teacher!

PRINCE PEACH PRODUCTIONS : Awesome classroom setup! Love the Disney theme!

Andrei Ilie : I also get very proud and excited when I develop some tight-knit systems. Kudos to her for using her talent to help the kids learn and having such passion for her job!

Mike Leon : That is so adorable, and she did such a great job with the color coding and organization. Love it! I hope Disney pulls through for them! You should Add a #Disney to your video!

NuclearKnives : Someone make her a gofundme

Maria Duran : Wow this is amazing! Great job 💓😱😱👍🏽👍🏽

epSos.de : *Beautiful classroom.* If I was a kid, I would want this one to be my school. Money well spend ! Thx for being an awesome teacher !

kiwihaze : Her pride in her hard work makes me smile.

Howard Treesong : These are the people who make the difference in a life. Would that every class had a teacher like that.

Sentient Android : So awesome but i think its so sad you had to pay for this yourself :( great work tho

nickodevoe1 : Great job, and best of luck! Looks like a great classroom

DubsAnd Galore : I wanna know who painted the mural because i love it!!

Ricardo Machado : Disney lawyers are salivating right now

imageignition23 : There's so much bass in this video BmmmmmmmmmMmmmMMMM

Pam Likethespray : So much time, thought and money went into this. Well done! You're a true asset to your students!

CW Hallway Productions : This is beautiful. Too bad it'll all be ruined after a week of lessons.

David Hurst : Looks fantastic! Your kids are gonna love it

Daniel Sixto : WHAAA!!!! This is so awesome!!!! I love it

Andrew Tolmasoff : My son had an incredible Kindergarten teacher, who we were lucky when she chose to move to first grade for my son's first grade year too. You Remind me of his teacher, and he'll always remember her.

LBPreviews : 33 principals didn't like this video

bluesteel8976 : Do we have any more info on who the teacher is or which school this is? Thanks

Christian Anderson : Where do I send donation money to...?

C32AR : She's awesome!! 🤩😍

Cynthia Rutt : I'm not crying...you're crying.

Informed Choice : Amazing hair cartoonishly tiny feet, no doubt brilliant teacher. Funny if she was a monster to the children!

David Ahern : What a fantastic classroom!

Feras Angel : that is just two cute

Erik Carlson : Man, I want to go to school with a teacher that dedicated.

J : Can you teach me?

n2Depth : It'd be amazing to be in your classroom. You put in so much work for your profession.


Que Risqué : No globe in the classroom to start indoctrinating kids that we live on a spinning waterball flying millions of miles through space???

Casey Workman : Lady...you need a cape. All superheroes need capes, it's a rule.

viperstrike0 : cant believe were asking our teachers to invest in our own kids that they are teaching. Its ok though, i know my money instead is going for that extra bomb for that foreign kid.

Alex Jenkins : What a fantastic teacher. Unfortunately I can see Disney filing a lawsuit for misuse of it's branding rather than giving the kids a trip. Well done to the teacher though!

Elaine Warn : Where did you get the Disney cubbies?

Markus Magnon : Disney classroom? Only in AMERICA. I know many parents in Europe would freak out by this. haha.

maffmommie : Who is she?

HiveIntelligence : Nice effort, but isn't that room a little overstimulating?

John Daker : This must be her first year. Wait another 5 and see where her enthusiasm level is.

Samg381 : HERO. Please.

J Black : This why kids become soft

Balue : That is very cute! Wish I could be a fly on the wall when they are learning. I fear the stage though. Is it possible that someone can help you put up some sort of railing on it. I see adults mess up on those things often - kids don't stand a chance. Someone will face plant off of it. especially when they break the one at a time rule.