COD WW2 vs Rising Storm 2 - Weapon Comparison

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Miles Holder : This is like comparing a Gordon Ramsay restaurant with McDonald’s

TheMadis : eVeRyThInG iS bEtTeR tHaN CoD Done. You can enjoy the video now

Derpy XP : COD: Plastic Guns RS: Stone Guns

Sedan57Chevy : CoD WWII wins for the sawed off shotgun, but everything else goes RS2. The double barrel reload in WWII is super satisfying for some reason.

GUTS 141 : Graphic CODWWII>RS2 Everything else RS2>CODWWII

Vladimir Makarov : I must turn my volume up to 100% so i can almost hear cod ww2 gun sounds

Geraldo Barretto : COD = Vertical recoil not exist

San Disk : 22. LR: the game *VS* The shotgun with a range of a sniper: the game

Thijs Van Dooren : Rising Storm 2 ofcourse

Vito Scaletta : Actual gun company vs Mattel

British Imperialist : Rising storm 2 is getting good. I'd suggest checking it out

JpShawn 015 : All those 20% votes for cod WW2 is probably loyal and 9 year olds in the game lol

Judiekitkat E : I must say, rs2 has the best guns I've ever seen in a game. Sometimes it glitches and they mess up but it is still quite a fresh game. It really feels like your life depends on that gun ( as it would have been) and despite some of the ( very few) mistakes made they are excellent. I love the way tripwire are going with this game and although it isn't popular, it is excellent and has so much to offer.

JUAREZ 1 : Guys go and purchase rising storm 2 it's really good

VersedFlame : You know, you have to love how dumb sledgehammer were to name M1928 to the Thompson M1A1, I mean, the difference is pretty obvious when you look at both models

Bynho Silva : RS wins

PillzSufrie : Apart from the reciprocating bolt of the BAR and not using the release button on the M1 Garand, RS2’s animations are superior in every way.

Ertan Soner : Need for speed is better

ภาณุวิชญ์ อ่อนพรมราช : 1 COD player dislike this (︺︹︺)

Doctor Explosions : Rising storm is better

Sekushiwolf : CoD gun sound effects are basically minor variations of 'pap'.

Doppler : CoD animation: Cool, awesome RS2 animation: realistic CoD sound: simple and decent RS2 sound: loud and realistic That's my opinion. Just because some people hate cod, it doesn't mean you should always follow them.

RobZoneFire : Rising Storm 2 is set on Vietnam so it has more modern-ish equipment compared to Call of duty WW2

Abdallah Mehiz : Is it me or the m1911 sound on rising stom is a p90 bullet sound from csgo

Major MeeM : Another comment section that full of Everything>CoD:WW2 Guys,stop hating this game,it is not bad!

Советский Союз : Phamton forces

Kenneth Molina : Compare this Rising Storm 2 - Black Ops 1! PLS!!!!

Spy : RS2

Tsukasa's Face When Stealing A Belt : CoD guns sounds really weak,guns are supposed to be loud af and powerful,not like an airsoft gun or some kind

ActullyAutistic : At least in WW2, you use the extractor when doing M1 Garand tac reload unlike RS2

DarkMario123 : Its not about graphics.ita about gameplay

Jonaneitor 11 : Like

storyfell chara : Call of duty is better

Jethro Vektor Castil : 3:15 the m1a1 carbine almost sounds like the SKS from PUBG

Kill Switch3204 : Call of Duty: World War 2 guns sound and looks better

The Wandering Dovahkiin : CoD ww2 updated some gun sounds sure they aren't better but with comparison videos now you should really go record them again

Jerry Tran : That grease gun sound....

Erwin Rommel : I have ro2 and i plan to buy rs2 and napalm those vietcong guerillas

James_ : Rs wins

Erwin Rommel : Who votes for cod ww2 clearly has no mind

Erdinjar : WWII has heavy triple A tittle animations.I dont think its so right to compare this games.Budget differs

Kings Of Leon : You did to much if ww2

Firebrand PX22 : the sound of the RS2 tommy gun is so much better than the airsoft one in ww2

Roy CPP : CoD:WWII guns look more graphically detailed. fACTs.

Thomas Caicedo : Cod

Captured Skunk : Interesting comparison

aris spilios : The footage of M1 Garand and M1A1 Thompson from RS Vietnam are old now the reloads are corrected the bolt of M1A1 doesnt close after an empty mag.In CoD they are right!And for reloading the M1 Garand now he presses the button to release the clip!This is early footage of this weapons just for the sake of correction

Beat89 Widmer : RS2 weapons sound real and leave a strong impact on the way the gun handles. Its kinda amazing how true the sounds are:) I also love how the kickback differs on what gun you use, and how you use it. How the gun feels when aiming for med to long range at a target, really is more on an authentic expireance... Rising storm 2 is spot on!!!:) COD ww2 weapons use the same modified sound, they just change the pitch. COD, just get out!

Nose Of Doggo : Cod WW2 PPSH-41: pew pew pew pew RS 2 Vietnam PPSH-41: *BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

Worldstar Hip-Hop : CoD WWII: Pew pew RS2: Artillery shells going off in every direction deafen and disorient you while you struggle to shoulder your M16 to return fire on Charlie in the trees.