COD WW2 vs Rising Storm 2 - Weapon Comparison

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Sedan57Chevy : CoD WWII wins for the sawed off shotgun, but everything else goes RS2. The double barrel reload in WWII is super satisfying for some reason.

TheMadis : eVeRyThInG iS bEtTeR tHaN CoD Done. You can enjoy the video now

Bynho Silva : RS wins

ภาณุวิชญ์ อ่อนพรมราช : 1 COD player dislike this (︺︹︺)

Miles Holder : This is like comparing a Gordon Ramsay restaurant with McDonald’s

British Imperialist : Rising storm 2 is getting good. I'd suggest checking it out

GUTS 141 : Graphic CODWWII>RS2 Everything else RS2>CODWWII

VersedFlame : You know, you have to love how dumb sledgehammer were to name M1928 to the Thompson M1A1, I mean, the difference is pretty obvious when you look at both models

Derpy XP : COD: Plastic Guns RS: Stone Guns

Thijs Van Dooren : Rising Storm 2 ofcourse

Geraldo Barretto : COD = Vertical recoil not exist

PillzSufrie : Apart from the reciprocating bolt of the BAR and not using the release button on the M1 Garand, RS2’s animations are superior in every way.

USS R : Guys go and purchase rising storm 2 it's really good

Stepan Okhrimenko : Another comment section that full of Everything>CoD:WW2 Guys,stop hating this game,it is not bad!

San Disk : 22. LR: the game *VS* The shotgun with a range of a sniper: the game

Judiekitkat E : I must say, rs2 has the best guns I've ever seen in a game. Sometimes it glitches and they mess up but it is still quite a fresh game. It really feels like your life depends on that gun ( as it would have been) and despite some of the ( very few) mistakes made they are excellent. I love the way tripwire are going with this game and although it isn't popular, it is excellent and has so much to offer.

Gordon Freeman : Rising storm is better

PROSpyGamer : RS2

Sekushiwolf : CoD gun sound effects are basically minor variations of 'pap'.

Hermann Fegelein : Rs wins

Vito Scaletta : Actual gun company vs Mattel

Tsukasa's Face When Stealing A Belt : CoD guns sounds really weak,guns are supposed to be loud af and powerful,not like an airsoft gun or some kind

Abdallah Pc : Is it me or the m1911 sound on rising stom is a p90 bullet sound from csgo

Советский Союз : Phamton forces


Erdinjar : WWII has heavy triple A tittle animations.I dont think its so right to compare this games.Budget differs

Jerry Tran : That grease gun sound....

ItsCrazzyBonesStyles : Compare this Rising Storm 2 - Black Ops 1! PLS!!!!

Firebrand PX22 : the sound of the RS2 tommy gun is so much better than the airsoft one in ww2

Halo Gamer117 : Call of Duty: World War 2 guns sound and looks better

RobZoneFire : Rising Storm 2 is set on Vietnam so it has more modern-ish equipment compared to Call of duty WW2

Kings Of Leon : You did to much if ww2

Sergeant of MARSOC : At least in WW2, you use the extractor when doing M1 Garand tac reload unlike RS2

ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas : I must turn my volume up to 100% so i can almost hear cod ww2 gun sounds

JpShawn 015 : All those 20% votes for cod WW2 is probably loyal and 9 year olds in the game lol

Jonaneitor 11 XD_YT : Like

Ertan Soner : Need for speed is better

Emilis Jakucionis : Interesting comparison

Djamel Rayan : Rs 2 is having a lot of update!!!

SundayRoast : Po-po-po-po-po-po-po-po-pooof!

Stupid YT : Nice vid

CoRoys AA : CoD:WWII guns look more graphically detailed. fACTs.

oron61 : You're comparing wine to beer, really. Both have content, but are for people with different tastes.

Aybars Akdeniz : M1 Garand is kinda bad for RS2, character doesnt press the button on the side (i dont know what's the name of it lol) and it doesnt ping when you mid-reload it (for both games)

Fuck Stick : What is the deal with the M1 Carbine's hooded front sight in CoD WW2?

Dallas : It’s funny how you are comparing games that have different time periods.

Manuel Gavela : Could you reupload the old weapons but with the new sounds please?

Tomez : They changed sounds of almost all weapons in RS2

Jean Moncul : 4:44 that's much more satisfying in that way

Krenki5555 : When your low-budget Vietnam war game has more accurate World War 2 sounds and weapons than the high-budget World War 2 game.