Birthday 27

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European Fox : Ah, yes. My yearly reminder that I'm getting older.

Cyranek : this sends me into a panicked frenzy every year

itsamemyleo : these remind me I'm growing old more than my own birthdays do

GingerPale : Wow these sure seem to be coming out faster and faster and I'm not worried ur worried >:0 Nice vidoo though :D

B_D_W_S'_Animation_ : I look foreword to this every year , but then I remember I am also another year older . . .

SiggEye : These birthday videos are coming out way too often for my liking

Narcissist Margarine : i use your yearly birthday videos to gauge my dwindling youth and awful work ethic which I've been meaning to improve for years. Each one comes out a bit faster than the last, and with the realization that it's been another year I notice I've fallen further into my poor behaviours, as the excuse of being young and having time to do what I want becomes increasingly less valid. As an aspiring artist these are deeply depressing videos to see emerge on my feed, as my progress has stagnated and I've fallen into a rut. 10/10 good job Yotam will share and smash that like button

huxby : Ah yes, my yearly existential crisis. Excellent.

cakiecup : How does each year go by so fast?

GabrielsGalaxy : I love you. Been watching these since I was a small boy


thost throst : just stop aging silly

ItsPhezz : Yotam I share your content very often

ALLIWANNADOISCOMMENT : ive come back every year since 18!!! thanks this one is nice! i wish you the best! all the love from the bay area!

Official Brandonly : Has it been a year already?

Grant Fitzsimmons : Happy birthday my guy.

Steak Bentley : hey yotam ha ha ha

Aaron, The : I watch your video 3 time and make you 3 money!

The Focking Team : Your content was one of my biggest motivations to me and pretty sure to a lot of people around here. Happy Birthday, Yotam. Stay awesome.

babyVoldo : I've been watching you since Newgrounds and I'm so glad you still make content, you were a really big inspiration for me to pursue my own style of art that I loved and appreciated. I completely gave up after high school though. It's so awesome to see you still making content and I kind of live vicariously through your creativity that I have sadly not been in touch with for myself in a very long time. We also have birthdays 2 days apart, so these birthday songs are like a treat for me too! A bittersweet treat.

Ellis : Not gonna lie, you seem like the kind of artist that gets famous posthumously

Nick Tsardoulias : I swear your birthday keeps coming faster every year

Adrian Granfelt : how has it already been another year

Aidan Page : jesus, birthday 26 felt like it released a month ago

Rex : Everytime you upload one of these I feel like time is passing so quickly, I'm sure I started watching these when you was like 20. I am sad.

unicorn girl : Every birthday song you make is relaxing and it's something I wait every year ❤

Ravenkliff : only 365 more days until another good video on this website

slurmking : I know you hate making these sometimes but I love these every year!

yeet k : אתה זקן

Kuthooloo : Happy 27th yotam ! This new song is awesome, best so far. I love your content so much, man and i cant express my gratitude for all your work

sebastien pierre : This some bullshit, no way in hell its been a year


Jerrythecartoonist : Oh god, these REALLY depress me. Please don't give up, Yotam. I love the new nameless 7 reboot (and yes, I do share it), and I understand that animation takes time (especially if you want it to look good). I don't necessarily think that animation is dead on youtube; maybe you could make animated storytime, animatic tales of silly moments in your life. People LOVE watching those (just search "animated storytime blogs" into youtube). I'm not saying don't make original content, because I love your original stuff. I'm just saying, you may just have to adapt to the current trends. You're one of the original youtube animators that inspired me to want to put my stuff out there. To see you so down about this is honestly very heartbreaking. Please don't give up.

Linlupin : Time to rewatch the playlist!

Azmo .R : This hurts in a comforting way.

Golden Age : I stay subbed mainly for this every year

TulipsToKiss : wow... I've been watching you for ages and I can't believe you're 27 already... we're getting old man haha

TheVegetablePrincess : Love you Yotam

Urlstan : i love u lots big boy

V H : I'm so sorry but when I hear you speak, all I hear is Harrison from camp camp but I love what you do and your music is so good! Keep up with the good work!!


applepie468 : Dang. Why don't you stick with 27 this time?

Ihasnotomato Tf2 : that last image with the 'disticts sinking' is honestly too real but also great

Contingence : It's okay; I still love you and relate to your stagnation and the unspoken fear of deluded failures.

Shasta Pitts : Happy birthday big boi :D

OrielComedy : יותם אתה גר בתל-אביב?

Boneskullzy : @LazyPillow Hey Yotam, happy birthday buddy. I Think I say the same message every year, buy we used to be friends on DeviantArt way back in the day. Aim too. We actually used to talk to each other over there and draw art for each other. Can you talk to me? I feel like we still have a lot in common... I know you probably don't remember me but if there's a slim chance that you do... Kark. Maybe that will help. Karkenou. You're great and stuff. Hit me up sometime, maybe I can remind you. Or not I don't want to seem weird or anything. You made a flash (macromedia) animation about you, lazymuffin, and you punched yourself in the face . We were both young. It was like.. 2006 or 5. Miss you. I I think what happened is I got banned and didn't really keep in touch with anyone on my friends list. But if you'd like to talk sometime and catch up if you remember me... Here's my discord, Yotam. Ke#9143 Take care man. This is probably the last year I will be able to talk to people and reconnect with old friends. Peace. Remember that you're only human. But this year..m things get a lot less heavy and easier. Take care old friend.

Mohamed Balkis : your birthday uploads are the only consistent thing in my life, i use it to keep track of time. it helps that you're only 3 months older than me, and your reminder of your mortality reminds and reflects my own. b-but haha keep up the fun cartoons, you're great! I mean it! I love you drink plenty of water!

Rootator : I say this every year, but because my birthday is only a few days after yours I always love watching these. They help me get perspective on my life too. Also I do show people your stuff when I can

Zero : animation is still on the trend, it's just the animation people watch is more on story about the animator's life. Cause the audience can relate to it. Like vlog, but animated