The Floppotron: Sweet Dreams

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Ronny Svedman : A summary of a day i n a floppy drives life: Sweet files are made of bits Tracks made of sectors tied up in clusters I travel the FAT and directories everybody is looking for data Some of them want to be opened Some of them want to be written to Some of them want to be checksummed Some of them want to be removed Sweet files are made of bits Changes in flux, frequency modulated I seek to a track, look for boundaries everybody is looking for data Put my head down, Move my head out, read the FAT Move my head in, find the track Spin the motor, read the bytes Move my head out, read the FAT Move my head in, find the track Spin the motor, write the bytes Lift my head up Some of them want to be opened Some of them want to be written to Some of them want to be checksummed Some of them want to be removed (solo to end) All there is to it =) right?

Urigella : The floppotron is what my last girlfriend called my knob... Sigh...

PMW3 : don't pretend that you didn't sing along with this.

warlockostia : i dont think that all ppl who is watching those videos really understand how geniously u are, how many talents togheter u have to do this.. is crazy.. rythm, music in general, programming, art, creativity, patience, electronic, dexterity, computer engineering.. and so much more.. i'm speechless.. u are a real genius.

Mlg pro player 291 : *Sweet Floppotron* Sweet songs are made of this! Who am I to Disk-agree? ...

kek xodachiy : Когда руки из правильного места.

Adam : ok to say this is way beyond awesome would be a complete understatement

NeedsMoreBoosters : Bit of an odd suggestion, but what about Stacy's Mom?

StiKyou14 : This song turned my floppy disk into a hard drive.

Inaki : I wonder how could sound the menu theme of Age of Empires II.

ProstoSpecial : I am not going to beg, but rather suggest doing an extended version of, at least, this song. I just can't stop listening to it and I would prefer listening for it on repeat. I might do that myself simply because I prefer your rendition even to the original (probably due to how synthetic and awesome it sounds).

Blitzyeet : *sweet dreams are made of memes*

Evi1M4chine : This thing needs some bassy devices! Isn’t there some ancient piece of electronics that has a big drum-like sound? Or just lower frequencies due to size?

65bug519 : super mario just for kicks

ProtoMario : AAAAANNNNNDDDD This is why I am subscribed to this channel, 👌👍

Jupiter065 : This is your masterpiece

trekfall : they need to make printers do this

Победитель ТВ : аахахахахахаааа ! прикольно!!!!!

knedlik cz : Do "Walk Like an Egyptian" please

шпиц мачо : шикарно!

XxxMetalheadHippiexxX : Scorpion - rock you like a hurricane

Santiago López Scuccimarra : Jajajajajaja me gusta y me divierte. Saludos Desde Argentina.

J. tB. : how can you do the pitch-wheel and vibrato effects? incredible!!!

Dromir : The Floppotron is what the internet needs.

Maxy Blox : Sweet_Dreams.exe stopped working. Windows is sending the problem to Microsoft.

Swiftfoul 20 : Booting up..[SWEET DREAMS.exe]....

qbeet : Go music Darude-SANDSTORM

Autronic : I thought its sweet dreams from nighkilla.

lukaszkowy : *I to jest prawdziwa muzyka elektroniczna :D*

glytchd : Talk about low-level coding! My God, Raptor Jesus is my Lord! Good work. I wonder how many brain cells this burnt out :D

Babyboodle : Do you do any additional audio processing? For some reason your recordings typically have a little less of that aching bite I've noticed in other floppy disk music.

Тапочки : "When everything is going on the plan"

Fierce Gaming : That´s awesome!

DZIEMIAN : naaajs, fajne vibrato :D

Joel Shepherd : Great version

Andy Verastegui : Suit drims ar meido off disss🎵

2PrO : Bet you didnt see that coming.

Rafał Wantuch : Some printers just want to abuse you, Some printers want to be abused!

Fganzi 424 : me encanta karthus

GoofyM : Jakie to jest świetne :D

Tex : One of the best floppotron tracks so far..

*BRAZIL *CREATIVE* : A pirate CDS factory. Piracy is a crime.

Adomas Seduikis : Caravan Palace - Lone Digger. Please and thank you.

Quad X : *Sweet Dreams are made of sCrEeEeEe*

Q Squared : I remember watching the original theme to Empire Strikes Back many years ago! This is my favorite next to that one! I think it would be great to hear "Need You Tonight" by INXS on the Flop-o-tron! :)

kijemgo : Chyba się Panu nudziło😂

FakeLakeBait : Adamın kodlaması nekadar uzun sürmüştür amq

madbloodVG : The Fat Rat, Monody?

Isaac Jones : do love and death, from Age of Wonders :p