Pippin's Song (Edge of Night) - LOTR | Average Jonas

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Lord Zombie : Amazing, this gave me chills and goosebumps!

angel Few : 👏👏👏👏👏💓💓💓💓💓💓

MejerDK : do The Misty Mountains Cold - The Hobbit

Herminator : Wow, you have a talent

Lola Flickthatbean : Nice voice, male. But the voice of a woman is more capable at singing this song, as our voice box is much more sophisticated than the one of men.

Atheist : A is for atheist. That's all you need to know to join us over at Reddit!

Nico The Rabbit : I used to be addicted to Lord of the Rings... ------------- But then I kicked the hobbit.


Teddy Spelberg : syk akustikk!

MistaaSilky : this is great youre very talented, how long have you been singing?

VideoNozoki : Great video. Your voice is great. The video is well made (good editing). But the sound of your voice, I feel like English is not your first language. It has a slightly unnatural feel to the words. (Thank you for the video, your singing is great!)

Viktor Arturovski : U call me Rusky and I love Kalashnikov! But I still love u and ur videos! (No homo) P.S. can I find and add u in fb? P.S.S. I'll send u some places with good acoustics. P.S.S.S. Never stop singing! U have really awesome talent!

Alexandra T : This sent a shiver down my spine...really beautiful!

Максим Демидов : Great voice

Andypus : you are sick as hell dude! amazing voice!!!

Robert Gillespie : I miss your wonderful voice and videos.

Eirik Horvath : Brings back memories, very good performance, ur voice is crazy good! :D

Herfortz : This sound's beautiful bro.


CW Hallway Productions : This reminds me of the Dawn Will Come from Dragon Age.