The Cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Talk Kylo Ren, Jedi Controversy, Harrison Ford & Secrets

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Roxanne S. : Adam Driver is actually really chill and perfect

I'm a Potato : Daisy😍😍😍😍😍😍

obiclone : “I only used the f-bomb for historical accuracy”

rex racer : I was 14 when Star Wars was released in 1977 and like every other kid , I loved it ...can’t believe I’m 54 now and going to see this movie opening night with my sons... still loving it and feeling like a kid. What an amazing phenomenon it has become..

Matches Malone : Protect Mark at all costs.

mugensamurai : The irony is that, that little tidbit of information about Obi killing Vader was actually part of The Last Jedi in some way. How? You may ask me. Well you're gonna have to visit the theatres for that one.

Slime Clouds : Its funny how Mark is SO outgoing and has so much charisma while Harrison is kind of anti-social and grumpy. Total opposites.

Penelope Ashe : Mark has the most hilarious personality, Daisy is all around gorgeous, Adam is unconventionally attractive

HappyGeekChic : Adam Driver’s voice is sooo sexyyyy 😍😍😍

Ashoka02tano : I love Mark's impression of Harrison Ford. I almost choked on my food when he did that 😂

TEXAS BEEFCAKE 96 : I feel Adam and his social anxiety XD

bbcseriesfan : Damn he’s old enough to be my granddad but my crush on Mark is still alive and kicking... XD

Use the Force Harry : 3:42 I love how Mark Hamill says "Sir Alec Guiness". Even in death, it shows the respect that Mark, Harrison (who admired him greatly) and the Star Wars cast had for him. Much Respect Mark.

sevach : Mark is such a talented voice actor.

Gerson Cruz : Who else imagine Ford actually saying that 😂😂

TiffaniMariee : Adam driver is so beautiful 😍😝❤️

The Dude : Let’s talk about Mark’s impression of darth vader I was blown away wow

Charles Campbell : 0:15 oh god, that look Daisy gives Adam...

Justin Mallon : That’s a spot on Harrison Ford impression

pencil case : Adam is actually there for an interview😱😂

musicaddictor_anniepapaz : Mark Hamill is a wonder! Truly!

Kate Eskaria : You know when Driver speaks I hear current Harrison Ford that deep gruff. He sometimes sounded like that in the star wars movies too so I can buy him as his son they do sound similar. They also both extremely dry with that I don't really care type of attitude I bet they actually got on really well.

Zach Amoura : Is it just me, or does Adam Driver look like Keanu Reeves😂

Sarah Explains It All : Omg his Harrison Ford impression LOL

Blair Brown : Between his voice and the fact that he was a Marine,I can see why Adam Driver was chosen to be Kylo Ren. I have to admit,the badass factor that he brings to the role more than makes up for his goofy look.

Not Today : Reylo better be endgame

Tristen Hoge : Mark is a national treasure

Dextruss : Harrison Ford seems like such a grumpy old man 😂😂


ragingfiip : Wow, what a great inside story about one of the most iconic moments in movie history. That was an incredible anecdote and Hamill did an amazing and highly entertaining job telling it.

Vincent Ramirez : Mark Hamill is such a interesting person

Hai Hai Kazuma desu gonna steal your pantsu : Daisy ridley 😍

Focus RSN : Damn is Ridley fine asf

Bobby Mendoza : Why is Mark Hamill the best?

Lily Lotus : I love how they put adam in a completely different seat...

Daddy Stan : It disappointed me when Rey's parents were just random people.

RED : That first question to Adam was so cringy. I feel bad for him.

Emmi Lou : SUCH a good Harrison impression

PanickingTooMuchAtTheDisco : Reylo plz

Yves Heinrich : The Last Jedi may lacked the adventure in The Force Awakens, but it was so much better than that on miles ahead! Rey and Kylo were spot on better than their roles in The Force Awakens. Luke's final appearances were amazing. Although I didn't like one particlar scene of Leia it was still awesome (and sad) to watch more of her. And the movie was surprisingly funny as well. I just wished the two villains (I'm trying to speak in a way that I won't spoil anything) weren't "escalated quickly" for their appearances.

Gustavo Campos : Daisy tho 😩😩😍😍

Stephen Taylor : What I want to know is does Luke still have his green Return of the Jedi lightsaber?

ClassyNova : BEST part of this entire video was Mark Hamill's impersonation of Harrison Ford LOL!

nina capila : Rey and Kylo have great chemistry in the film but here, they seem so awkward.

Hoochie with the fat Coochie : Adam Driver has a similar deadpan sense of humour like Harrison Ford.

kiwedin t. : Daisy's smile reminds me of Keira Knightly's, it's cute. :)

Brandon Gonzales : Is it just me or do The Force Awakens and Last Jedi feel like they are not part of the same trilogy? Like 4, 5 & 6 go great together. Even though some people don't like 1, 2 & 3 they go well together. But 7 & 8.......just seem completely different in a bad way. What do you people think?

Adithi G : I just can't with Daisy's smile. Sooooo beautiful!! 😍😍

Trin C : Love mark hamill!