Philip DeFranco Is Scamming You

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Kavos : What are your thoughts on DeFranco and his patreon? because at the moment it is not looking good for Phil

Mista GG : I get why there's something to discuss here, but I disagree with a LOT of things you bring up here. I have to ask do you TRULY believe he's gonna run off with all these Patreon donations...that would be career suicide. I know it's been a long time, but I think the main issue there is really just the lack of transparency. But even with that, I think it would have benefitted you to find a Patron of his to get full access to his Patreon feed to see what he is telling his Patrons concerning updates.

epro7790 : Didn't you have a patreon? I can link the video if you'd like.

JustIntricate : If his fans want to give him money and he keeps that amount private I don't see the issue there... Also if you look into the maker studios situation, when he sold it he didn't get any of that money. The legal papers are available online. Being a fan of both DeFranco and kavos, I think kavos just did shit research on this topic and gathered his evidence from people who publicly hate Phil *cough Keemstar cough* The problem inherently there is that Keemstar likes to brag about his wealth so someone like DeFranco who keeps his patreon earnings private well obviously that shows "deception". Is he worth the criticism? Perhaps but at least make the argument with valid points and not on assumptions. Just because his net worth is 8-20 million (which is a big gap as DeFranco pointed out lol) That doesn't mean at the minimum he's got 8 million dollars. I'm sure he's a millionaire and collectively all of his investments and assets are in the millions of dollars that again doesn't reflect his actual earnings.

Emperor Marx : Research is hard for you, isn’t it?

gracie : You are like the damn dollar tree version of Phil. You are hating on him but your pinned comment is EXACTLY what Phil does in every video. EVEN THE WORDING. Boy you really need to think before you speak

TG : A lot of your points are very opinionated they can be countered easily

Ryan Lee : This is a pretty badly researched vid tbh...

Tony Carrico : I am so confused by this idiot's accusations and assumptions

danny : Hahaha .. thank you so much for this video mr kavos .. because you've just showed us how stupid you are ... Hahahaha

Ondřej Bříza : Not cool bro. Unsubbed from u

Mattia Cassell : I like you Kavos but you don’t understand how much money it takes to launch a news company which Phil wants to do and I don’t think you understand business. Just think about it for a little and stop letting Keem’s flawed ideas and thoughts control you.

casanova creed : ok, you do realize Phillip does not keep all the money for himself, right? Like, do your research if you are gonna make these claims. He has at least 10 people working for him, who he has to pay. As well as the fact that he uses his money to better his channel. He does not take your money and run and buy a mansion. Plus, he dose not have to show us how much money he pulls in. People, like yourself, look at the fact he makes a lot of money and assume he keeps it all. Which is pretty pathetic. How about you go out and criticize Jake and Logan Paul, the actual faggot scammers of this website.

agmpower13 : Comparing the production quality of Phil and Keem and calling it 'similar' makes me wonder how brain dead you truly are....because there is no way you can be that stupid. But then again, you did make a 14 minute video spewing nonsense, so, eh, guess I'm wrong.

Camilee Duck : What happened to that video game you promised your fans when they gave you money.....🤔

MATTierial : Wow... conjecture will get you nowhere. Come back when you have facts to share with us.

TG : He promised a new and revamped news show and he is doing that - regardless of how the background looks. If I had the money for a news show I wouldn’t pay that much attention to the background and I’m sure you wouldn’t either

naveen s pai : Keemstar and philip are not miles apart😂😂😂😂 they are galaxies apart u fool... you see the quality of content he does with 2 staff its shit.

Nav Ctv. : I came, I disliked, I left

RoC 77 : Ok millennial here is a lesson, Philly D is a subscription, not a charity, and not a share in the show. You are entitled to NONE of the accounting, not the amount collected, not where it is allotted to, none of it. Just like a subscription for Netflix, Amazon prime, etc.... we subscribers trust that we will get content, and if doesn't happen subscriptions get cancelled. We have no rights in what that money goes to so we don't need to know, considering we are not shareholders and have no say in what is done. This is the first time watching your channel and it will be my last, you've been called out with your inconsistency and errors and it's been a week, Philly D would have and has made corrections and an apology by now because he has credibility, considering you have done none of that, shows what a trash person you are.

Cheers : What are your thoughst on Kavo's research? because at the moment it is not looking good for Kavos

slimkt : You really don’t know how business works, do you? DeFranco has always been transparent in where his investments lie and what companies he has stakes in, but he has no reason to tell people how much money he makes and it’d be ridiculous to assume he should. Even without stating directly how much money he makes, he has always stated -even before the creation of DeFranco elite, that he and his company would be okay without financial support from fans. Even so, extra support from fans speeds the process along and means he has more means to create better quality content and more of it. Making an entirely new news network takes time and money, especially without corporate sponsors, and that’s on top of the regular PDS news show he’s already doing. Who gives a fuck if people willingly give him their money anyways? Instead of making assumptions about other creators, make your own Patreon and get support from your fans. Then people will pay you to keep talking out of your ass.

RAH : Sorry man have to unsub

sean jonson : This videos isn't just about Philly hiding his 300K / month in patreon, Its about how he is an actor pretending, his personality etc. its mostly fake. If Phillip DeFranco kept it 100% and said what he really thought in his videos he wouldn't be remotely popular.

Theo Marx : That moment when u make useless drama and get roasted by philly

Lê Quân : Kavos is just another arrogant, hot-headed, egoristic ranter who always think he's right. He's like that smart boy in your school who think he's the best and people should look up to his "manners" by ranting people, telling them what is right, what is wrong, but without realizing that the only wrong thing here is himself.

Viewsk8 : It sounds like you could use some researchers if anything

Kid Charlemagne : Wannabe Phillip DeFranco

yes papi : How much research did you do and where did you research if you did any any research

SpeedHomeAttack : This is 14 minutes of misinformation due to no research

627283 8383 : Just came here to dislike the video.

TG : Have you completely ignored that people chose to give that money to him? And that he didn’t break any promise?

No One : Cuck

José Carlos : Nobody knows where this guy is coming from, he is trying to spark drama for views in his channel, I get it easy money. But first of all to compare Philip to drama alert pleeease, this guy has even worked for him how do you find his opinion believable. Saying that Philip is wrong for going independent is just silly, it was an extremely smart move that made him more money. He is not making a donation system, he is offering a service, one that I personally use a lot for my news intake, and it i free, he gives us the option to pay for it and get exclusive rewards on top pf the regular free content.

Bryan Portinari : You realize he’s supporting a business right? That means he has to pay for rent for the space he’s doing content, he has salaries to pay for a full staff, benefits for his staff, recording equipment, insurance on that equipment, and many other things. It’s not cheap. He also has his own bills to pay for plus another child. You clearly don’t understand how a business is run. It works off of consumers. It seems like you’re manipulating your own viewers so you can get more views and get money yourself. Sounds like you’re more scammy than he is.

Alex Harrison : Kavos is a Massive idiot😂😂😂

Ben Masta : i dunno kavos, philip always says that he is doing well no matter how bad the adpocalypse crap he reports on comes up. He always says "we will be more than okay no matter what thanks to those of you at defranco elite/patreon" basically every episode, even when not talking about ads lol. I can understand the expectation that phil produce something specific for the money hes recieved, but id be willing to wait to see what happens in the near future. Phil hasnt been saying anything like "we are out of money and everything is at a halt" its more like "i am constantly busy and working on everything" I could be wrong about phil, but i feel like 4-7 months is no where near long enough to be throwing phil under any bus, especially since ive still found his content completely watchable during that time. I'm just not sure what it is kavos expected to see.

Otimus Prime : It didn’t take 7 months to build Fox, or CNN, or MSNBC just saying

Christopher Pettit : Wow... A guy that can't do research. Congrats for being horrible at being you.

Dat Twinkie Gaming : I used to be a fan of you man. Until now

Corky : Kavos is not this dumb! Oh he is this dumb! Ok

ms1eminemfan1 : Just came from ImAllexx's video to dislike :)

sean jonson : Just saw this video, finally someone else sees through Philip DeFranco's act. I will give him credit though, he is very good at acting. Look at the dislikes on this video, he has those people fooled. lol

Illusionary wall ahead : Philip fans are like a bunch of monkeys ;)

elitess mess : You know, there are people whose videos are not just “one kid sitting in front of a camera and talking out of his ass“. He has several people working for him who will need their paychecks, he is investing in the future of his channel etc. So it's not like he makes 500k or whatever a month and will have it all to himself. Is he poor? no. Is he able to live comfortably with what money he's making? propably. Does he deserve that? Absolutely. So grow up :)

AAGHOSTT : 10:23 looks like unbox therapy in the background

ME ME : lol all the philcucks are so mad

potassium : Tbh his thank you message wasn't too bad

Sean Avery : I'm not saying that I agree with this video or not, but TBH, I don't get how people can watch that guy's content. He's garbage and before a few years ago he was on the same level of bad as RayWilliamJohnson and WhatTheBuck.

SLOTMANIAC : jelous?