Philip DeFranco Is Scamming You

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Kavos : What are your thoughts on DeFranco and his patreon? because at the moment it is not looking good for Phil

Tristan Pope : He actually makes good content. You are not.

Mattia Cassell : I like you Kavos but you don’t understand how much money it takes to launch a news company which Phil wants to do and I don’t think you understand business. Just think about it for a little and stop letting Keem’s flawed ideas and thoughts control you.

Lewys Cousins : What a bastard!! And not in the beautiful way XD

Kaworu Nagisa : "If it's so fucking risky, don't do it" Yeah, because that's how humanity has made it to this point, by avoiding risks. JFC This kid is grasping at straws desperate for attention.

Autonomic : Go watch the ImAllexx's video to find out why this Kavos' video is COMPLETELY INACCURATE. If you can't see why it is, you need to vet your sources and not be an idiot. If you believed this video without cross referencing and seeing all the public information that debunks this, then YOU are part of the problem.

Grammatical Erorr : Kavos videos have more likes ratio if it's about Jake Paul and Ricegum. Other than that he got more dislikes LOL Congratulation Kavos, you are some sort of mini Trump on youtube world.

Viewsk8 : It sounds like you could use some researchers if anything


Wayne D : The reason Phil is so respected is because he has made a name for himself and did it through honest hard work. This guy wouldn't know anything about respect because he just shits on people for a living. You won't gain any respect if that's what your entire channel is based on. It's obvious you don't have a single creative bone in your body

ringoinah : You should make a patreon to pay for your ssspeachhhh sssstherapy

Raviioli : stop hating on phil, the dude's as legit as they come. this whole video is a pathetic game of grasping at straws.

OK : The only way Philip DeFranco is scamming us is by making himself look half as fat in his videos.

Akame Is Bored : "Keemstar only has two employees" Yeah. We can see the fucking difference

Isaac Rodriguez : What a crappy garbage hit piece. It’s obviously you’re the lackey of Kemstar who been after Defranco for years ( the same Kemstar who been banned by YouTube that he had to sell his show and become an “employee “ to stay on YouTube) You found one whole person who complained and cancelled his Patreon but still gave Phil props. Also would like to know how much did Defranco paid to buy his company back, I would like you to also answer what is his overhead ( salaries, benefits, rent, utilities, insurance etc. ). All this because he won’t disclose how much he making on Patreon. You’re pathetic.

In The Filth : "Why does he make more money that me??? It can't be because he creates better content, has a business, employees, and research team. It must because he is scam!" You have become an insufferable cunt. Drama channel that is clamoring for relevance.

Bhargav Desai : I will not dislike this video before hearing Phil's side on the 1-2 sensible points made in this video. But, Phil sheds light on many things relating to employee growth, future plans etc. on H3H3's podcast. Edit: He talks about not disclosing the subscription amount, too. Take it for what you will. I am satisfied with the explanation. The sensible points made in this video come down to one/none. I will definitely dislike this video. The people slinging stuff like this with half-assed research and people who threaten him for his stances, such people don't deserve to be watched. I'll subscribe to your channel to see if it really puts out such videos regularly or there is quality, too. I found a link of the Patreon talk ------> Anyone interested in the complete, 2 hr podcast, here is the link --->

Ina Arts : Why not do some reachers before trying to stirr drama? You look really dumb right now.

Gladysthehomunculus : If you looked at his patreon, vlog channel and the h3 podcast (although this may have been streamed after) you would know where the money is going and why he's hidden it. If it's so risky don't do it" shows a complete lack of awareness. You are either more arrogant than I thought, thinking you don't need to do research, or you are clickbaiting just to try to get views. Probably both.

Nigerian Scammer : Can you maybe do a slight bit of research first. And you can’t criticise someone for making a patreon to fund their channel when you yourself made a patreon to do the same thing, but you deleted it.

Sku Lan : Phillip de Franco is so much better than keemstar

iit's_diigniity : Fuck me, this was such a painful video to sit through

Tobsa : He promised a new and revamped news show and he is doing that - regardless of how the background looks. If I had the money for a news show I wouldn’t pay that much attention to the background and I’m sure you wouldn’t either

Josh : Sweet baby Jesus, please let Phil shit on this little boys head in an upcoming video this week, it's all I ask for

A Forever : This may be the shittest video on YouTube. Congrats!

Nero TN : The misinformation and lack of common sense here hurts. I guess Phili D also scammed me into unsubbing you because of this vid.

GŌD [神] : While I’ve been a fan of kavos for a while, I find this video in particular to be his low point. Almost keem star levels of low

Sir Dultan : Remember when Drama Alert called a nice old man a paedophile just because he looked like him (just because he was old) Please don't put Drama Alert on a high stool because Keem is working with less staff. I feel like this was more of an ass lick rather than an exposing video.

Demon1337 : Rome wasnt built in a day. But it was destroyed in a matter of days. Kavos took less than a minute of research to make a video about a person he has no clue anything about and destroyed his own argument when he pointed out PillyD is making a NEWS NETWORK. These CNN reporters should totally be doing all the video editing on the fly as they stream the news i mean youtubers do it every day!

Aaron Rosesss : Guys, don't worry this guys act won't last. You really think when Thjs guys 30 he'll be doing this. Although it's just pathetic enough for him. It's not going to last. Fuck you kavos. Nice lisp sid the sloth.

Adrenaline : i aint a fan of philip, but kavos u need to stop sucking keem off and kill urself. thank you

Nik Topler : Im FIRST to like my comment

Officer Bozo : When you side with Keemstar you know you've fucked up and reached the lowest of low. Kavos this was a blatant hit piece for views on a hot topic. Sad!

IMKevin117 - Animations/Gameplays : Your stupid fucking video is still up and all you need to do is watch this OR this link Take this shit down and admit you're a fucking idiot who wanted money and clicks. "boo hoo YouTube demonetized my SHIT TALKING and WRONG INFORMATION giving video. How dare they prevent me from making money from lying and manipulating MINE and HIS fanbase! SAD!!!"

xThexLegendxGaming : Damn Kav. This is a shit vid.

Wesley Lester : You should consider yourself very lucky that you somehow mustered up 500k subs. You're a cheap knock off, Keemstar version of H3H3 and iDubbs. Your research is obviously biased, and obvious you assumed the answer before doing said "research". I really hope no one buys this ignorant trash. Phillip has done more for Youtube, generating important conversations, and actual research to expose nonsense, than you could ever dream of. Just stop while you're ahead. Please. You literally take place in the dumbing down of the world.

AAGHOSTT : 10:23 looks like unbox therapy in the background

Woah there Ian : Welp, you did shit all for research. Cunt

Marjon Librando : lol maybe use Patreon, so you fund some actual research?

James : your lisp makes me want to punch you in the face

groun : the types of you, Kavos, is why YouTube is such a cancerous place. spreading misinformation and shitting out half-baked content with a complete lack of research imallexx did a pretty good job explaining how you're cunt btw

CoinSilver800 : The problem I think is because this is being publicly funded people want to know whats going on... If it wasn't being publicly funded people would have no reason (or right) to demand what their money is being used for. the lack of information is the big issue.

OverKillGaming : Lol I came to this video just to hear what it looks like when someone oxygen deprivation and kills all their brain cells. “He’s scamming ppl bc he’s asking ppl to invest in a product they watch every day. Even though they still can get the product for free” u do realize that a news network doesn’t just get built over night u stupid fuck.

Darcie : Ohhhh that like to dislike ratio

Richard Nixon : This man does less research than my group on a project due in a week

Jeroen van den Dooren : hmm not a super De defranco fan, but there isn't a single argument in this video... more about dude hating someone more successfully..

Matt Stanislen : Dude you're straight up fucking foaming at the mouth discussing this mans monetary situation..

where u at : lol even i know you don't fuck with Philip DeFranco fans they the type of people to type a two paragraph hate coment

Night Shift : Lmao accusing the most honest guy on YouTube of scam just because he decided to " hide the number " I wish I see you in the street so I can break your already fucked up ugly face

Ollie Baxter : Has a go about having an editor, but can't make his own thumbnail, good one...