Philip DeFranco Is Scamming You

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Kavos : What are your thoughts on DeFranco and his patreon? because at the moment it is not looking good for Phil

WoollyOne : Yeah you jumped the gun on this one Kav

epro7790 : Didn't you have a patreon? I can link the video if you'd like.

Kyoot : I'm glad a lot of people here in the comment section are calling you out for being an ill informed ignorant drama starter. Lol Here you go. This guy seemed to do the research you were too lazy to do. @Kavos

Chalesberg CA : You have a face you just want to punch

Canadian Emperor : Research is hard for you, isn’t it?

TG : Have you completely ignored that people chose to give that money to him? And that he didn’t break any promise?

gRaCiE : You are like the damn dollar tree version of Phil. You are hating on him but your pinned comment is EXACTLY what Phil does in every video. EVEN THE WORDING. Boy you really need to think before you speak

rry63824 : if he did start paying for the new set, the staff, moving expenses and everything straight out of his pocket, well... he's not going to be a millionaire anymore would he he did have to buy back his channel(s) from discovery which was a 7 figure sum, he explained on both of the h3 podcasts he's been on whats been going on, and on his second channel he explains where some of the money is going, and he even explains that he hides the amount of money he makes on patreon because he see's it as a service not a donation i think you are trying to push your personal agenda and if you did do some research into the matter you would've found out time and time again where the money has been going his second channel even has a video series where he chronicles the whole thing of setting up the new studio and paying staff

Ryan Lee : This is a pretty badly researched vid tbh...

Ondřej Bříza : Not cool bro. Unsubbed from u

K Leigh : Wait Kavos didn't you make a patreon then delete it after backlash? bitter maybe? Clearly you have no idea how a business works, he's running an independent business and he used his own money to buy the rights to his show from the previous company he was contracted to. If you watched him on any H3H3 podcast you would know this. Poor shade mate, do your research.

it's Manley : Oh look another false accusation video. Do research moron.

Costa Kapothanasis : You look really really dumb right now.

Dk Soulstice : Out of all the people, you could go after and start unnecessary drama about, you go after Philly Defranco? Lol.

CallMeJoeJoe : I don't know why youtubers that already make a good amount of money have patreons...

casanova creed : ok, you do realize Phillip does not keep all the money for himself, right? Like, do your research if you are gonna make these claims. He has at least 10 people working for him, who he has to pay. As well as the fact that he uses his money to better his channel. He does not take your money and run and buy a mansion. Plus, he dose not have to show us how much money he pulls in. People, like yourself, look at the fact he makes a lot of money and assume he keeps it all. Which is pretty pathetic. How about you go out and criticize Jake and Logan Paul, the actual faggot scammers of this website.

Camilee Duck : What happened to that video game you promised your fans when they gave you money.....🤔

danny : Hahaha .. thank you so much for this video mr kavos .. because you've just showed us how stupid you are ... Hahahaha

agmpower13 : Comparing the production quality of Phil and Keem and calling it 'similar' makes me wonder how brain dead you truly are....because there is no way you can be that stupid. But then again, you did make a 14 minute video spewing nonsense, so, eh, guess I'm wrong.

MATTierial : Wow... conjecture will get you nowhere. Come back when you have facts to share with us.

naveen s pai : Keemstar and philip are not miles apart😂😂😂😂 they are galaxies apart u fool... you see the quality of content he does with 2 staff its shit.

Navou Creative : I came, I disliked, I left

Kyle Animates : Nigga can this guy research lol

Viewsk8 : It sounds like you could use some researchers if anything

Turtle * : Dear Kavos, Despite what your thumbnail and title entail, Philip has not scammed anyone. In fact i’d like to go to the lengths to say your scamming actually with the way you’re whoring Philips name for views. Your video was clearly a quick hit with very little research. Phil’s patron has not told any lies nor has it scammed anyone who is subscribed to it. Your ‘hard hitting facts’ are almost entirely opinions and your ‘research’ is mostly assumptions. For example: Do you really think Phil has had 35k subscribers on his patron since the day he launched it? The estimate for the money he has earn that you inferred is completely off. Please stop wasting your time attempting to take other people down and go pull your thumb out of your ass. Thanks

RoC 77 : Ok millennial here is a lesson, Philly D is a subscription, not a charity, and not a share in the show. You are entitled to NONE of the accounting, not the amount collected, not where it is allotted to, none of it. Just like a subscription for Netflix, Amazon prime, etc.... we subscribers trust that we will get content, and if doesn't happen subscriptions get cancelled. We have no rights in what that money goes to so we don't need to know, considering we are not shareholders and have no say in what is done. This is the first time watching your channel and it will be my last, you've been called out with your inconsistency and errors and it's been a week, Philly D would have and has made corrections and an apology by now because he has credibility, considering you have done none of that, shows what a trash person you are.

Ak4tsuki-kun : What are your thoughst on Kavo's research? because at the moment it is not looking good for Kavos

slimkt : You really don’t know how business works, do you? DeFranco has always been transparent in where his investments lie and what companies he has stakes in, but he has no reason to tell people how much money he makes and it’d be ridiculous to assume he should. Even without stating directly how much money he makes, he has always stated -even before the creation of DeFranco elite, that he and his company would be okay without financial support from fans. Even so, extra support from fans speeds the process along and means he has more means to create better quality content and more of it. Making an entirely new news network takes time and money, especially without corporate sponsors, and that’s on top of the regular PDS news show he’s already doing. Who gives a fuck if people willingly give him their money anyways? Instead of making assumptions about other creators, make your own Patreon and get support from your fans. Then people will pay you to keep talking out of your ass.

Theo Marx : That moment when u make useless drama and get roasted by philly

RAH : Sorry man have to unsub

artawesome30 : This isn't the first time Kavos has made a blatant grab for attention. He did the same thing with WildSpartanz. Kavos, you can raise questions, but in the end, have no proof of anything. Quit jumping to conclusions and making a fool of yourself.

Kid Charlemagne : Wannabe Phillip DeFranco

Jamal Z : Kavos, I was a big fan of yours until this video. I seriously lost all respect for you after watching this video and am now thinking whether or not this was the amount of effort you put into "researching" people/topics your other videos are based on. You come off as nothing more than a hater in this video, grasping at straws just spouting the same shit over and over again because you don't have any actual facts to state. Literally almost everything you said about Phil was an ASSUMPTION made by you with no hard evidence to back it up, am seriously disappointed in you. I'm unsubscribing and will list all the reasons for it below. You are literally critizicing a service and pulling assumptions out of your ass without having any credible information to make these claims. 1. It takes longer than 7 months to create and establish a brand new and respected news Network. 2. You state that his patreon members are being scammed and have no idea where their money is going. You are screeching about scam and fraud on behalf of a group of people who do not share your point of view AT ALL Like how fucking stupid are you? Phil hosts a weekly 1 hour live stream discussing updates on the network, patreon perks, etc and also answering questions asked by the pledges themselves. But you obviously don't know that as you aren't a member and couldn't be bothered to spend more than 10 seconds researching your so called facts. 3. You say that since Philip is wealthy himself, why does he possibly need money from other people to launch DeFranco elite. Seriously? Has your stupid ass taken Finance 101 at your University? Why does any major company trade on a finance exchange like NASDAQ, NY Stock exchange etc. It takes A LOT of money to create a news Network, and even IF he did have enough money to personally fund it, why would he? If it were to fail it would ruin his and his family's life. That's like asking why any major corporation gets loans from banks and other financial institutions instead of just using their own or why people take out mortgages or go to the bank for car loans. 4. How daft do you have to be to think Drama Alert and the PDS are in the same realm? Keemstar "reports" (and I use that term very loosely) on YouTubers beefing with each other, often mistating or completely leaving out relevant facts of just getting them wrong all together. Whereas Phil reports on actual world news accurately representing both sides of the story while providing credible sources and inputting his personal opinion. 5. Are you really trying to use the fact he hired an editor against him? Like wut??? He may have edited his own videos when he was first starting out but he clearly does not have time for it anymore since his channel has grown so much. He puts out a high quality, 10-20 minute daily video covering news stories that happened on the same day or the day before, fully completed with unbiased facts and stated credible sources. It doesn't take a genius to figure out his time is better utilized doing these things instead of trying to edit his own videos. 6. The clip with the construction in the background? What a fucking reach that was, you might as well be fucking Luffy from One piece. It isn't "strategically" placed items to trick viewers into donating money. It's a well documented office move he was in the middle of. Jesus Christ , you had Fox News levels of logic and haterade on full display in this video. Whilere there may be fully valid reasons to criticize Phil, you didn't cover a single one in this video and that is fully evident with all the other comments you've received on this video 100% debunking your shittily researched assumptions.

JustIntricate : If his fans want to give him money and he keeps that amount private I don't see the issue there... Also if you look into the maker studios situation, when he sold it he didn't get any of that money. The legal papers are available online. Being a fan of both DeFranco and kavos, I think kavos just did shit research on this topic and gathered his evidence from people who publicly hate Phil *cough Keemstar cough* The problem inherently there is that Keemstar likes to brag about his wealth so someone like DeFranco who keeps his patreon earnings private well obviously that shows "deception". Is he worth the criticism? Perhaps but at least make the argument with valid points and not on assumptions. Just because his net worth is 8-20 million (which is a big gap as DeFranco pointed out lol) That doesn't mean at the minimum he's got 8 million dollars. I'm sure he's a millionaire and collectively all of his investments and assets are in the millions of dollars that again doesn't reflect his actual earnings.

Lê Quân : Kavos is just another arrogant, hot-headed, egoristic ranter who always think he's right. He's like that smart boy in your school who think he's the best and people should look up to his "manners" by ranting people, telling them what is right, what is wrong, but without realizing that the only wrong thing here is himself.

Ifucking hatemylife : How much research did you do and where did you research if you did any any research

627283 8383 : Just came here to dislike the video.

Natboy129 : Uh huh, uploading 5 videos a day with substantial research put into each on top of filming and editing, dont see why Phil couldnt do that on his own while supporting his wife and two kids, i dont see how that would drive anyone insane. And gotta disagree with the Keem comparison. Theyre no where near each other in quality. Its like comparing store brand products to the actual products.

José Carlos : Nobody knows where this guy is coming from, he is trying to spark drama for views in his channel, I get it easy money. But first of all to compare Philip to drama alert pleeease, this guy has even worked for him how do you find his opinion believable. Saying that Philip is wrong for going independent is just silly, it was an extremely smart move that made him more money. He is not making a donation system, he is offering a service, one that I personally use a lot for my news intake, and it i free, he gives us the option to pay for it and get exclusive rewards on top pf the regular free content.

No One : Cuck

Tia Ferri : *yiiiikes.* I like you a ton Kavos! i've been a fan of your videos thus far. but this just was all wrong. if its a big risk then dont do it? tha fuck? with that logic, nobody would do anything...its simple economics: there are 2 necessary things to make big money. *1. INVESTMENT 2. WILLINGNESS TO RISK.* learned that in ECON 101... also, anyone trying to make a business from the ground up would *NEVER* show how much money they're getting from something like patreon. because idiots that don't know anything about money are going to see a 4 or 5 figure number and think "oh, that's good enough". maybe for someone to live, but to start and run a business? a 5 figure number is laughable in the grand scheme of that. not to mention starting a damn NEWS NETWORK. and saying that it should be up and running in 7 months? what. *ITS A NEWS NETWORK.* what i do sort of agree with is that he doesn't need those people working for him on the PDF Show. it just feels kind of ingenuine as a youtube viewer if your show isnt even done by YOU anymore. i don't even watch PDF or his show but this was kinda bullshit. overall, kavos, no :( ALSO, i would be careful with all this shit. PDF went on h3h3's podcast and called you out HARD. everyone's talking about a content cop and you should know idubbbz is like a bloodhound with this stuff. for gods sake, watch where you step dude. idubbbz doesn't have enough content to make one yet but if you keep sucking keemstar's ass, he would just *RUN WITH THAT HARD* in a content cop...that's what i would do anyway. Cheers mate.

Funk Fam : I usally never leave mean comments but this is honestly the dumbest video I've ever seen you need to educate yourself a bit before commenting on things!!!

Tony Carrico : I am so confused by this idiot's accusations and assumptions

Otimus Prime : It didn’t take 7 months to build Fox, or CNN, or MSNBC just saying

Toltu : He always uses "WHY WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT" in it and its so annoying. like dude come up with more creative titles

Corky : Kavos is not this dumb! Oh he is this dumb! Ok

Brandon Clark Videography : You kept saying "reliable sources say" or something along those lines a lot during this video. Where are those citations? Am I supposed to you? Funny....kinda hypocritical to call out philly D about transparency when you can't even freaking put your sources in the description.

Christopher Pettit : Wow... A guy that can't do research. Congrats for being horrible at being you.

potassium : Tbh his thank you message wasn't too bad