George the baby wombat

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dentindahouse : It should be illegal to be that damn cute!😍😘

Damian6Robin : I want 1

Uncle Putin : Arrrrrrrrrgh. Ditch that music please.

Jesse Cowan : 0:21 this must be what heaven is like... cuddling with a baby wombat while a goose stands there chilling

J. Paquette : I feel like wombats are the result of some divine algorithm set to produce Most Objectively Adorable Mammal. Bonkers.

Frances Saykaly : OMG - I can't stand it!!! So cute when he climbs into his secure little pouch.

Simone Price : Oh me heart!!! <3 <3

HawgNSonsTV2 : He's adorable and i bet he would love my deer!

Ela P. : too sweet

burana96 : I guess Finland is a bit too cold most of the time for wombats. Shame.

Justyna Rutkowska : OMG, sweet baby 😍😍😍

ilander2 : C'est trop beau!

glowworm2 : This video makes me incredibly happy.

Lamerusha Lat : Маленькая прелесть.

ambidextra ambidextra : ♥george x x x

れいちゃんねる : ウォンバットかわいい!

M-g Cgn : Beyond adorable!

Angela Malini : I want one !

Eugeniusz Dupczyński : Może by jednak pojechać do Australii, takie tam mają słodziaki!

BBnose : so soothing at the end

Mitchell White : Wow,impressive!

Rainbow Fox : That is adorable.

D G : There is a one year birthday video ?

Warrior Kriegerin_13 : One word:Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuutee

oceane2508 : So cute !

the gaming wombat : WOMBATS ARE SOO FUCKIN CUTE

El Astronaute : I want 50 of them

the radical kindness : I love when he gets into the bag

Nevy Johnson : Can I have one 😫💕💕

Sev Navigator : Смешной. )))

Sinead Campbell : He is so precious. I want to keep him

Katherine Uribe : I love him! 💗 Good little wombat!💗

Catlovers09 Gamez : Hey guys, I touched George and I have a pic of him!!!! Like this for George!!!!

Leticia Moreno : He's beautiful :)


Luca Ferrari : that patatino .....😍

Krystyna Romankiewicz : 💠😊😍

Samara Carmona : 😍kgkygn universo uno porfa

週刊少年ジャプン : めちゃくちゃ可愛いなおい

Spartan 9 : Oh lovely george

Яна Гуйфей : Малышик, какой хорошенький!!

Helenice Power : Que coisa mais fofa quero um💖💟💖💟🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷BRASIL👍👍👍👍👍

Glyn Parker : Oh my he is the cutest thing ❤❤❤

Ray Harkins : Now i know what a wombat looks like. Fiest one i evet seen

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Linda Lulu : Please send me that wombat!!!!!

Aurora C : What a gift you and awesome little George have given to one another! Aw.......cuteness x a million!

carlo fraiia : Red alert, Cuteness overload!!!!

Jasen Aura : why don't we have wombat's for pets?

gracebanigan1 : My heart :'o