Eye donation

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Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal : How the fuck am i managing to eat a dohnut while watching this...i have no idea. Still very beautiful thing to do.

Starr Qu : Love yu grany..

Pommie bears : What a wonderful gift. Very kind donation. 🌷

Ramesh Suganeshan : Are these eyes still good as the person may have been dead a while and then how can the eyes see for another person. ????

Abhilash Singh : Ye hi to he zindagi

Shailaja Balne : It's great thought nd great donation

Suguna Shetty : So sad

Awadhesh Bahadur : very scary

VENKATA RAMUDU P : fking laugh at 710

Hamo000dy : How the fuck did i end up here

Lewis Johnson : I love the way he says “15 mL sterile saline” lol Excellent videos though 👍🏽👍🏽

BNB Avendture :

cat boy : Oh my lord

Kashi Vishwanath Yadav : good doner ur real god

Jose Duran 131016 : Why did I click on this

saswat banerjee : Good grannys go to heaven.

Isaiah Pryor : What if they accidentally dropped the eyes and stepped on them?

loganrulez09 : lovin the eerie Trans matched with a hip hop beat.....

Vishwa Pratap : I want to sell my eye because I need big money my whatsapp number 9205571163

Michael organo : 8:03 Look at the mouth of the Old lady

#NEWS & #TECH : omg

Miguel Alvarez : hazád lol

Isabelle sil va batista : 😵

INSAF : How much to sell ?

savita sharma : Good job well done