Eye donation

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Pommie bears : What a wonderful gift. Very kind donation. 🌷

Ramesh Suganeshan : Are these eyes still good as the person may have been dead a while and then how can the eyes see for another person. ????

Bitcoin World : Respect 👌👌👌💟💟💟💟

saswat banerjee : Good grannys go to heaven.

Ariana L : My eyes hurt , watching this 😭😭

M R : I am confident that after watching this informative video, that i can successfully repeat this procedure. Youtube is awesome

Shailaja Balne : It's great thought nd great donation

praveen singh : wearing glove was not under protocol,left hand should be weared first

Lewis Johnson : I love the way he says “15 mL sterile saline” lol Excellent videos though 👍🏽👍🏽

Starr Qu : Love yu grany..

Abhilash Singh : Ye hi to he zindagi

Evil Genius : Can't watch this because of my blood pressure problem....my bp went high after watching this.......

arthantar pujari : Atleast they place the empty sockets with something

Destiny Brown : I wasn't expecting to spend my afternoon watching this. I guess I will have a nightmare about this tonight.

Suguna Shetty : So sad

Aditya ranadivea : First time I saw this Eye donor Really Great ... Gods Gift ❤

HuskSky : yeah, I don't want my asthmatic eyes to be taken away from me when I die

Padma Sahu : Love you aggi but who the fuck is that that doctor fucccck👹👹👹

Awadhesh Bahadur : very scary

VENKATA RAMUDU P : fking laugh at 710

Hrithik Thakur : 🤞i will not donate..

Biju Nair : best gift from her.. She is sure in heaven. Bless her and family:

Happy Pah : Very nice food , eyes with 2 eggs , with little salt. Emmmmm very delicious

GerraPlayz ROBLOX & MINECRAFT : is she dead?

CrumGamingPro Official : Can you eat squid balls while watching this?

Fruit500 : Open bob, show vagene and fix Windows pl0x

Larimar Mendez Reyes : Idiotasssssss

Kashi Vishwanath Yadav : good doner ur real god

Banny girl : Oh my lord

Niko Plays : HOLY SH**!!! WTF IS THIS?! I JUST ENDED UP HERE OH GOD NOO!!!!!!!! 6:16 OH SH**!

lllEwoklll : I saw a video where a guy tried to pull his eye ball out with two spoons, it didn’t go too well, and I think that he went blind, idk...

Jose Duran 131016 : Why did I click on this

Soviet Rebel : What's on her forehead ?

Nitin Maurya : Respect to this woman.


Kamikaze Yamamoto : That looks very painful. I hope they used some anesthesia. They should have replaced her eyes with marbles - say cat's eye. Granny always said she would keep an eye out for us. Thanks Granny.

Dawson Smith : Yo what they operating on a poor sleeping woman.

Deasy Reva : Sungguh mulia hati org yg mendonorkan nya... ya allah berikan lah pintu syurga untuk dia.. krn udh memberikan kebaikan. Amiinnnn...

Deasy Reva : Sungguh mulia hati org yg mendonorkan nya... ya allah berikan lah pintu syurga untuk dia.. krn udh memberikan kebaikan. Amiinnnn...

Royal Fam : 🌹💙

Pipe valladares : 15:19 :)

KotiChennayya : respect

Sidhashree Dalmia : Very heart touching

Vijaya Kumar.S : 👌 great sir.

Nabil Shah : Little playmate


THE_FP : Get Out.

teju mohan : Iam also eye donar

Enclorphen : man naaah

Sally Bartlett : They don't implant the whole eye into someone else, they dissect it and use certain parts.