This Is Not Hot
This Is Not Hot

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KRYO : 0:25 😂

Joe Wow : Old name : Big Shag New name : big Shet Next reaction : 😂

Verrückter Leon : 0:32 poor dog

lily happy : 1940: we will have advanced technology and will be very smart 2018:

Sandice : This is America 1.5

NukeDevy : Legend says he’s still chillin in the toilet

God Brine : *OoH shIt THat Lil PuMpmee*

Insert cool name here 3 : 0:20 when you go out but its cold af

Egg Roh : Your duck just got shot *DOLAN DARK HAS LEFT THE CHAT*

Morgan Lemons : No this is hot

The Guy That Random Hwa So : Old Name: Big Shaq New Name: *OoooOoOooo, GeT YO MonEY*

Tomáš Karlíček : The perfect video doesn't exi-

Russische Süßigkeit : He attacet He protecet But most importently He take off his jacket!

Where The Fuck I Am : I smoke sauce

Zuzu : *Rip Dolan Dark* _"Grandayy is better"_ -FlyingKitty 2018

Mr. Ruskii : *L L A M A T O E S*

Alihandro Arabulos : Cornflakes very crispy... WITH THAT WHISKEY

Spyynz : My new ringtone is "You're duck just got shot!"

Valentino Blegur : OSHIT that's lil pumpee !!

Just A Anime Loli : **That Damn Llama Toes**

Николай Бессонов : "BOOM! This is not hot! Your duck just got shot!" Michael Rosen: *click* Nice.

YouKnowMyName e : "Oh that's hot, that's hot" Will Smith

HairyHim ROBLOX : Cornflakes very crispy with that whiskey

I’m Lotlz : Corn flakes very crisp - Big Shaq 2018

Mr Master : Look at the difference between the likes and the dislikes! Thats crazy!

Sub On Me Fam Pls : It's 2019 but it has no extended version.

alpengold _z : OSHIT That's Lil Pumpee Big Shaq

Rap Monster : Old Name:Big Shaq New Name:Big Shit Future Name:Big Show Hhahahahahahahs

TwinkieMan : This is quick maths

WilliW : Such a masterpiece ),:

Pancernik Radziecki : He might not be hot, but *that was hot*

M C : *"OSHIT that's LiL Pumpee"*

Youngster Joey : “What if we used 100% of our brains?”

Versaucey : Is this a Dolan Dark diss track?

AJ DOOMBRINGER : 0:34 Varg was triggered

ShatteredAttack 250 : 0:30 I can’t stop laughing 😂

CringeCentral : 0:25 *NO SHIT* I laughed for a good 15 minutes then listened to it again and laughed for another 5

lievä autismi : Thät was not hot It was spicy

StickMaster500 : _America is 44_

Moises Ramirez : 0:17 when your addicted to sauce Didn't know Ducks are QUACKING LOL

Fingerpicking Good : When the duck went quack, quack, quack. It was quacking. *GENIUS*

kremit : He’s naming all my favorite foods tbh

HairyHim ROBLOX : Mans not hot like yea

Connor Louis : when the regular song makes as much sense as the parody

Itz_Lara_The_Witch : Some Extra *KRISPEE* Corn Flakes.


HairyHim ROBLOX : Old name big Shaq new name big chit

Drakey Wakey : *QuAcK qUaCk QuAcK*

Downy : 2018: 2019: Lets recommend this now