This Is Not Hot

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Dolan Dark : How could you

MuchDank : *OoOOoO*

Drake_Daequan D_D : *QuAcK qUaCk QuAcK*

Morgan Lemons : No this is hot

S a n d i c e : This is America 1.5

MCC_2004 : Old name:Big shaq New name:Big shit Good name ever has in this universe!

StickMaster500 : _America is 44_

anime hunter X : From smoking trees to smoking sauce 😂😂

pls hep : old name: big shaq *new name: bIg ShIt* first rapper that makes sence finally.

Tyler S : Why does he have better bars than any rapper

Ali Daniel : Llama toes!

TwinkieMan : This is quick maths

I Smoke Sauce : You made me do this...

fuck the pc master race : rip dolan dark

Afira Hizyana : “Old name: Big Shaq, new name: Big Shit” that part gets me a lot man! Keep up! XD

bismarck : 0:25

Zuzu : *Rip Dolan Dark* _"Grandayy is better"_ -FlyingKitty 2018

Superstars : *What kind of curse is this*

Winter sall : My favorite 0:48 Lama toes

donduran öküz : Kafamız güzel ama nasıl güzel

Videos ASMR : *Español? :,v*

Savage Boi : *Lama Toes*

DJ Fox idil : Omg so funny!!!!

Seba Bib : Llama toes

Blackjack 2.0 : I smoke SAUCE


Ktoś Napewno : Wole tą przeróbkę niż oryginał :)

Lexus : 1000000th view. feelsgoodman

Bang Jhon : Дебил !

Super Slasher Boy FILTERS AND MORE : 666 disklikes .... wow who cares

Versaucey : Is this a Dolan Dark diss track?

Beast Boy : THOT

k o k : I smoke scauce!!!


Hanhinaari : Should have made longer one!

Nima : *I smoke sauce.* I completely lost it 😂

Majkelson : Legendary video

DaGod HD : That was sauce

abood_ YT : quack mother f#@^er

one_shot_ fan : Lol

Chris Kogos : God I love your videos

Sun Cheng Lee : *PaP pAp Ka*

D. O. G B. O. Y : This is america 2 is out

_bleh _ : This is beautiful

AspecialONE : Is that a disstrack on dolan dark?

Subline : "I smoke sauce"

kameronsonic_RBLX : Quick maffs

Burak Em official : This is not hot you're cold man just got shot

BbS Lu•Gaw : *Camel toes would be prefered*

Prototype Legend : Whats the real song?