If the Moon were at the same distance as the ISS

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MegaBojan1993 : I would freak out If I saw the moon so close to the earth :)

MisterLetsPlay (ohne Lets Play) : am i the only one who has read isis?

That Keeps Killing You In Titan Mode That one Satyr : Two words. Tidal Waves

Rekha Sharma : Does that mean we get to see solar eclipses every day?

The flamingsword : My heart rate went up watching that

lyn1337 : Aaaaaaahhh ... RUN!!!

InternationalSongs : That's cool af. But terrifying at the same time. It still would SUCK when the moon blocked the sunlight! :D

Mario Echeverria : As soon as the big moon appeared I was like: oh nope nope, STOP RIGHT THERE *pauses the video*

Seize The Day : This makes me very uncomfortable and I don't know why

Maxer13 : It would fall on earth. It's too close. Far beyond earth's roche limit.

MrGriff305 : well then.. I hope we never ever see that in real life

Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter : Great topic. LIKED the video!

Pixelated Icon : Majoras mask!

DutchGabbers : That would scare the living crap out of me.. Everyday it will feel like judgement day..

Marvin Kitfox : If the moon orbited at 400km, it would be penetrating the ground by a couple thousand kilometers and completely subsurface! Orbit distance is taken to center of the orbiting object, from the center of the orbited object (in the case of astronomical bodies), or from the surface (in the case of artificial satellites) . I assume you mean here if the closest surface was 400 km from the equator?

A Man Apart : It won't be as peacefull as the video suggests. It will be catastrophic. I'm no scientist but the oceans would go crazy, huge tidal waves, earthquakes etc.

Mae Borowski : I read the title as isis

Mario : You know how the ISS uses thrusters to keep it from falling into earth? Well, the moon can't do that. YOU ARE DED

Xallifa : No thanks . I'm fine with where the moons is already

opticsarebomb : good luck with the tides

Yout Tuka : I think it's safe to say Everyone Dies™.

ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ : Dawn of the Final Day

Brian T. : This video gave me a stroke

coc0s : That would be cool. Except for the tides thousands of feet high, super-giant earthquakes, and the moon pulling away some of our atmosphere.

Tyrone Hardnett : We'll have solar eclipses each day! ●○ =Solar eclipse ○=Sun ●=Moon

Bryan Elliott : Can you do one _at_ the Roche limit?

Jonah O'Brien : The moon would not exist there because it would be destroyed by tidal forces

Brianboy9494 : Well, the thing is that the ISS orbits Earth at an altitude of about 400 km above sea level. But the moon has a radius of more than 1700 km. So the moon could not orbit Earth at that altitude. However, it could orbit Earth at an altitude of 1700 km + 400 km = 2100 km. At least until said tidal forces shred it to pieces. Not to speak of the extreme tidal waves this would cause on the surface of our planet or the tidal effects on Earth's crust and atmosphere.

Stijn Stevens : Moon: 'Sup Earth' Earth: 'Dafuq you doin'

shallow bay : Surfing would be interesting to watch with the new waves.

Wizardwiwizard : Can somebody explain for me why it looks transparent?

1984 is not a handbook : Majora's mask

kiran rawat : Now imagine what would tides look like.


tubedude54 : There would be no life on earth as we know it if this was the case. Gravitational forces would cause the surface of the earth to stay molten as it would constantly be moving up and down as the moon orbited the earth! I also seem to remember reading somewhere that there is a distance that if the moon is within it from the earths surface the moon would disintegrate from gravitational forces and form rings around earth like Saturn has...

tyler225905 : Dawn of The Final Day 24 Hours Remain

Captain Qwaz Caz : So everyone's talking about tidal forces/waves but the moon would be ripped apart if it was that close so rip moon and us since it'd start raining death.

Sworn Royal : we'd have tsunamis every day.

Tyrone O : This Is also what ants see when people play golf.

ProGamer : 0:23 moon peekaboo People: ahhhhhh

Umair Tahir : then i fart like blue whale...

Treebeard : It's neat how the moon becomes more transparent as it gets closer to Earth ;)

o MC and Tutorials : in this video we can now see the dark side of the moon

NitroDoesGaming : *Wakes up and opens window... stares at huge moon for a straight 10 seconds then closes window* "Just another wacky day... *yawn* "

Emily Aquino : thanks I hate it

Lucas Nicoara : Roche limit...?

Trailerguy : *clock tower chime*

Renzoh’s Club : Well, other people could call it God

OBV10U3_NINJA : if this happened in real life the moon would tear into a million billion peices.

hello : anyone else thought the title said "ISIS"?