Bear and two cubs chasing a hiker in Alaska

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Kotte Animation : Legends says this man is still walking backwards.....

Ender41948 H : WOW & YIKES! He definitely handled this situation like a boss! Glad they weren't starving at the moment.

DapperBones : Bears on a nature walk. They were just out for a stroll

wailnshred : Mama bear to cubs "Wanna see something funny, lets follow this guy"

spelunkerd : These kind of encounters happen fairly often in Glacier National Park. In this situation Park Rangers typically move calmly off the trail for the bears to pass, and the bears go on their way.

Zettaisback : The mom and the cubs know you're the father and want you to take responsibility.

Mi : And then behind him there's another bear who's filming the human filming the other bears and saying, "ok so I'm walking backwards away from this human who is walking backwards towards me"

dazhibernian : Yes lead them back to camp so everyone gets slaughtered.

Jerry Metz : Good thing you're prepared to film your own death if you have to.

lemmysfibroma : "Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Kratos?"

Canada ATV Adventures : That is NOT chasing , they are just using the same trail .... if they were chasing the person would be dead

KING : If i ever was in this situation my soul would’ve left my body.

DA42PIC : Always, always, always carry bear spray. This mom has likely been fed by jackass humans (happens in Glacier national park all the freakin' time.) and thus has no fear of us and worse no concern for her little ones to be near us. I hate to see this because ultimately it can have no good end in the years of their lives to come. Spray an arc across the path and mom/cubs would have done an about face. A bear's olfactory sense is 2500 times that of a dog (apxmtly) and it works harmlessly and nearly perfectly every time (nothing is guaranteed in this life) even on an attacking bear. That "WTF" turnaround by mom at 1:55 is worrying. That's a look of "ummm - yeah about you following me.... might want to rethink your genetics vs mine...."

Lord Snooty : Walks backwards........ trips over skunk.

Tania Berg : Mother is not following you and you just happens in her way and if you get off walking way and she will go pass from you and believe me if she want wants attack you and she can go 35 miles per hour from start and shes faster than racing horse to start to finish and she trust you that you won't harm her babies and she has been around people a very long time and I hope you just changed your shorts LOL

GoldenTV3 : This man must've been giving his last prayers.

yuki1014 001 : Cub 1: Why is it leaving! Cub 2: Shhhh you have to be slow and quiet... Mama Bear: Didn't I tell you two not to chase the humans?

Ghaemi350z : Imagine walking backwards only to bump into another bear.

Tommy h : First thing you do when you face a bear is to attack the cub

Technum : Now children, after me: *kills man*

MonkeyDRoro : Legends say that he is still walking backward to this date

Adriana Kuzmikova : they were not walking towards him, they were walking towards the shore. he could just stop and they would pass by him...

g : I'm assuming you're not supposed to turn around and run ?

John Caash : LEGEND HAS IT....He's STILL walking backwards to this day.....

Lu Lu : This is the moments you talk to GOD!!! This was intense and humbling! Make sure you are talking to GOD! You don't know what day will be your last!

Jay Jones : Some say he's still walking backwards to this day.

Nick Etten : Wow! That’s intense. It could have went wrong a million different ways. Great job getting out of that

Samantha Godard : Cute but terrifying. Luckily it doesn’t look like mama bear was doing it maliciously.

oh yeah yeah : Did be toucha spaghet?!

PupinacuP : then suddenly, while the man is focused on the cubs playing by the riverbed, the mother gets protective and charges the man. he jumps in surprise, stumbling backwards and loses his footing on the gravel. the camera dropped from his hand, and the batteries pop out as a crack is heard. landing on his rear, the man tries to scramble back quickly, but it's too late. the mother bear bellows a ground-shaking roar, and his ears ring. the last thing he sees before he faints in fear are large, yellow teeth glinting in the heatless June sun. *•●•Time Skip•●•* a week has passed and the campers whisper about the friendly man, who had graciously shared his large bag of marshmellows to the children, had gone missing. the mothers no longer let their beloved kids wander too far from the tent site, and fathers shot uneasy glances towards the woods. soon, the campsite manager decided to rent out the friendly man's spot, due to his lack of return, and had employees move and dispose of his belongings. the campers glanced at the equipment sadly and the workers gave somber smiles in return. nobody had an answer on where the man had gone. the morning after the man's things were removed, another camper had rented out the section. it was a young man, maybe late thirties, and he had his girlfriend with him. she smiled a lot and laughed obnoxiously loud, but the older residents decided not to complain. "young love is beautiful," they repeated. some of the campers who had met the friendly man had already left, but some still had a few more days left on their rental, and others where leaving that night. two of the boys who knew the man were playing close to his old rented spot, and the young man walked outside. just as he was about to shoo them off the rental property, he overheard their conversation. "yeah, maybe he was killed by someone because he went alone!" "no way, he was way too nice. he would have given the murder-to-be a hug and then he wouldnt want to kill him anymore." "what are you guys talking about?" the boys jumped and whipped around, their eyes big in surprise. the man glared at them, impatience written on his features. "oh, about the old friendly man who disappeared." "what? tell me more." *•●•Time Skip•●•* the man swatted his face, huffing in annoyance at the pesky flies. he trudged through the hot july day, following the trail the disappearing man had supposedly took. honestly, he doubted he would find anything, and didn't really know what he would do if he did. he had told the boys what he was doing, and they had told their mums. soon, the rumour that the young boy was off on a quest and the entire campsite had watched him leave. alone. he yawned, coughing as he sucked in a bug. deciding he had searched enough, he looked around for some place to sit. noticing a miny trail, the young man left the pathway and walked into the foliage. soon, he spotted a riverbed in the distance and sighed greatfully. maybe he should take a dip, it's really fucking hot out. taking a step forward, the man paused as he kicked something. looking down, the young man blinked in surprise as he saw a broken camera lay at his feet. two expired batteries lay not too far from it too. he bent down and picked it up, but pausef in horror. the flash was covered in a dark-red substance, and smelled faintly of death. this was the man's camera.

Surprize Toyz Collector : They just wanted to play with you :)

- Crestamorph - : "Okay kids. The rule to scaring a human is to not attack it, but rather stalk it and make it feel uncomfortable."

Jason Diaz : Bear: Hello sir, would you like to talk about our lord and savior Winnie the pooh? Guy: IT WANTS TO EAT ME

Stephen Nielsen : The mom could have easily said “Hungry, kids? Let me fix you some lunch.”

Whoop Whoop : Anyone who doesn't go there armed like Rambo is asking for trouble

The Supreme Meme : Ah yes, family activities

yasser Chill : The poor man still walking backwards till today!

Watson Peanut : Damn the new Yogi movie looks great 👍

TheCraftianChannel // TCC : Russia, Prussia and Austria gaining up on Polish-Lithuania commonwealth (1795 colorized)

Chance Ebersole : Bears use trails to. Just get off the trail out of there way and let them pass by. It is there home. I noticed that you had no problem following them to the waters edge. They just want to be left alone. Good thing momma bear did not get tired of you following her to the water. She was looking back because she wanted you gone.

Soul Reaver : If i go camping i always carry axe bodyspray and a lighter for a makeshift flamethrower. Trust me its cheap non lethal and works. Win win win

Jim Chumley : How cruel not to have at least given this bear a hug, especially in these socialist liberal demo days.

1111 2222 : They just wanna talk

Michael lo : Not races or being funny but dude gotta be WHITE

Macent : Nah, he's got nothing to worry about. The mother seems uninterested in him and totally relaxed. Like she's letting the cubs indulge in their curiosity. Worst thing would happen is the cubs would nip his leg.

Lucy Fang : Genuine question; what would happen if the guy just turned around and ran? Would he likely be chased down and killed? I ask because in my country we have no bears so I have no idea!

Raptormon OneThreeTwo : This is precisely why people should never go out into the woods without guns, swords, or fire.

chykcha : She’s like, dude, you owe me child support!

Cdog Amaya : Your smart for not running. My ass would’ve ran and got eaten probably

little nick : Lol so calm "come on guys give me a break"