Mystery of the Mud Towers | Can I Catch It?
I found strange mud towers in my backyard I wonder what lives in them

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What's digging mud chimneys out on the trails? Some strange subterranean culprit has been burrowing out in the woods, and in this adventure, we're gonna investigate. I bet you'll never guess what it is... Only questoin is, can I catch it? Most nature shows take place in far off locations or tell you not to try this at home. Here on Can I Catch It? my goal is to get you up close and personal with the fascinating wildlife where I live and show you that you can have a wildlife adventure of your own right at home in your own backyard! Have a taste for adventure and like exploring? Subscribe to my channel and come with me as I explore my wild backyard! Subscribe: Previous Episode: Intro Music: "Instinct" from Bensound Background Music: Constance Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License #MudChimneys #TrailExploration #BackyardExploration #NCWildlife


Coleman Cobbs : It was a crayfish,I've dug one up before.

Trail of the Wild Wild : Sorry I wasn’t here when I got the notification...I just got back from a sleep over. We stayed up until 3am! It’s so fun to be young. Lol. Loved the video!

Pi Day : AIDS... Can I catch it?

Urban Chicken Gal : Great video. Amazing what you can find in the woods close to your home.

E Grim : Definitely a crawfish. Definitely small. We used to put a garden hose down the hole as a kid. I've been reading stories about them invading further north.

Therese&Tor : I like the tension with the background music, and your narrator style is intriguing!

SpottedTeil Mist : They are crawfish 🦞

Gma Lolly Stories For Children : I love your channel. I found it on Needs More Subs.

Boxin Crocs : Wow super close to 100 I love this channel surprised it doesn’t have thousands

CrayfishObsession : Make sure you don't hit the animal! I generally wouldn't recommend digging up a crayfish hole, as it could hurt the animal and also affect nearby wildlife and terrain in a negative way. Traps should work just as well. Also crayfish burrows have known to go down a couple meters, so digging isn't always a guaranteed option.

Cajun Bayou Vlogs : These are crawfish holes.

Michael O : These things are everywhere in Mississippi. Even the drainage ditches in neighborhoods can get them.

Trail of the Wild Wild : Hey I watched this video again and realized you are at 100 subscribers! Congratulations dude that is awesome! I’m pretty close! I am almost positive that you will hit 1K in no time!

KRC hunting and fishing : Crawfish

Meunna Thomas : Crawfish

The Wildlife Brothers : Great episode! Definitely looks like a Devil Crayfish to me. I love your style and can’t wait for more content from you. Also, congratulations on 100 subs! You’ll be at 1000 in no time! - Harrison and Evan

SpottedTeil Mist : I have them

OZARK OUTLAW : Awsome channel

Cajun Bayou Vlogs : Get a string and tie a piece of meat and put it down in the hole and you should get a crawfish/crayfish.

Silvas Bug : i bo not have cray fish at mi hows but at mi frads hows thar is

Timmy Peter : can you leave it alone?