Why The Incredibles is the BEST Superhero Movie of All Time
Why The Incredibles is the BEST Superhero Movie of All Time

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This week's video essay is an analysis of why-well the title says it all Why Disney Pixar's The Incredibles is the BEST Superhero Movie of All Time! Enjoy! https://twitter.com/JackMoviereview http://www.jacksmoviereviews.com/ The Incredibles. Bird. Buena Vista Pictures, 2004.


QuarterAsianPersuasion : What about the incredible score? I loved the music

Daniel Montano-Lobe : Here's another reason why the Incredibles is the best superhero movie ever made: The soundtrack. Literally every single superhero movie soundtrack in the past 10 years have all been forgettable and generic as ever! Meanwhile the soundtrack in the Incredibles has its own style, tone, pacing, build up, and is used all in the right places which makes the songs even more memorable!!

nooranik21 : I loved this movie as a kid. I saw it probably 10 times between the ages 10 and 11. Then about 15 years go by and I watched it again. Holy shit this movie was complex. When I was a kid I just saw superhero movie. Now that I have been to college, had a job I hate, gotten married, and moved around the country a bit, I thought this movie would not have that much new to offer. That whole disatisfaction with career, feeling that you are called to something better, and fighting for your marriage undertones were all things I was not perceptive to as a kid and spoke to me as an adult. Fucking love this movie.

john John : Mann this movie just never gets old damn right it's the best movie

Jonathan Rohde : I totally agree with you! 'The Incredibles' may just be the best superhero movie ever, because it hits all the important notes a superhero movie should. The best 'comic book' superhero movie of all time is however in my opinion 'The Avengers'. I think that 'the Dark Knight' is a greater movie than all of the before mentioned, but I don't consider 'the Dark Knight' a superhero movie, it's more of a crime-thriller that just so happens to have a man dressed with a cape in it...

Blue Jelly : Another interesting thing about the movie is how it looks. In the Glory Days, the sun, even when it's almost gone at dusk like in the rooftop scene with Bob and Helen, makes the scenes have a golden glow to them, and the glow makes the environment look very calming and ideal. Fifteen years later after the lawsuit, most scenes where Bob is living an everyday life take place in the office with very a very cold lighting, and when he's outside, the sky seems overcast. Even when the sun is out, it doesn't cast that glow seen in the Glory Days. The only place where there is glowy lighting is in the room full of posters and newspapers showcasing his Glory Days. When the family is on Nomanisan Island, the colors begin to get more vibrant, except for the scenes in Syndrome's Hideout, which are colder and darker, for obvious reasons. By the end of the movie, there isn't a glow anymore, but the sun is shining very brightly in the sky, except for the very last scene where the Underminer pops out.

Owldude000 : This movie is a gigantic gold mine. Other candidates for "best superhero movie," like the Dark Knight, normally have just one or two big selling points (like Batman's character dilemma and Heath Ledger's performance or something). With this movie though, the story flows seamlessly from start to finish, with perfect editing and perfect transitions from one chapter to another. So many things go unnoticed that add to the clarity of every scene and character in this story. And finally, this is a fantastically written movie that can be quoted for days on end, and quotability is the true measure of a classic.

Will Betts : Spoiler warning for a movie that everyone watching this video probably grew up with 😂 😂 😂

i cry : I love how he included the legendary "wheres my super suit?" moment when he was talking about comedy 😂

PauLtus B : The scenes in the office look like a modern marvel movie.

Zelman : I think Spider-Man 2 is the best, but The Incredibles is great for a lot of the same reasons

Aiden : For me personally, The Incredibles is my favorite movie of all time. When the movie came out in 2004, I was 2 and my mom bought the movie for me and I watched it 5 times in a row and am extremely excited for the sequel next year. I still love the movie just as much as I did then and I watch it a few times each year. If the sequel is half as good as the original I’ll be pleased.(I am going to see the Incredibles 2 in theaters at the midnight release)

Conchita Mendez : I'm not a huge fan of super hero movies, but this one, I liked a lot. You really nailed it why it's so good. Saw it in the cinema when it came out. Watched it a month ago again with our kids (2 + 5). It's still great and the kids loved it too.

Ekanem : Immediately I saw the title of this video i subscribed

Jared Poon : My sister and I actually went back and forth on what was the best Pixar film, and we basically came to the mutual decision that it was the Incredibles. A lot of it was for the reasons that you mentioned above, the relatability, the characters, and the pacing. I agree that it was by no means the most original story (but then very few are). And the reason why we came to the decision that it was the best Pixar film was that it dealt with deep issues on both an adult and a child level. Most of the other Pixar films draw upon a sort of gimmick. We empathize with Toy Story because we ourselves have had toys and done this sort of thing, and it's unique to view Toy Story as a story from the perspective of toys rather than humans. At the same time, what makes Toy Story unique is the fact that it is from the perspective of toys, just like finding Nemo, Bug's Life, Cars, Monsters Inc., and WALL-E draw uniqueness from their setting. And while this is a strength, it is also a bit of weakness, because aside from the use of this narrative, the story and the characters are weaker. If Woody wasn't a toy, then he loses a tremendous part of what makes him and the story relatable. If Wall-E was just a socially awkward person, it wouldn't have the same feeling. If Cars was about humans, it would be another spoiled person in sports becomes humble movie. Of course, if the Incredibles was not about superheroes, it would have less of a draw, but then it still be a warm and fun family movie. It wouldn't be as exciting, but the characters and their struggles are all still there. This is why my sister and I view it as the best movie. It can stand apart from its environment and doesn't rely solely on its setting to give it a boost over other movies.

Kyle Gaunt Reviews : This is and always will be the best Pixar film for me!!

Lorenzo G : You forgot to mention the music. Michael Giacchino's score was amazing; much better than any of the Marvel movies.

allfunandjames : Loved this. The Incredibles is most definitely one of my all-time favourites. Bird explored mature themes within a frame of freshness, fun, and perfect coherence.

Elan' : The Incredibles was the best adaptation of The Watchmen.

Sage Gott : Spoilers? Please; if you haven't seen The Incredibles yet, well, you must not exist.

HorrorFreak 96 : I feel nothing when I watch the big budget, overblown, soulless Marvel films. The Incredibles is a great movie!

J. Baird : If you really think about it The Incredibles is just the kids version of Watchmen.

DJ Wolf : Who's exited for the incredibles 2

Blake Miller : I do agree with your point on relatability, but in my personal opinion I think that, while i've never been a huge M. Night fan, Unbreakable hits all the same points as this movie but in a more mature and better way. Then again, this is supposed to be accessible to kids so I guess the two are somewhat equal contenders.

Jackson Roemers : I think the new Spider Man movie kinda hits this too, he's just a normal dorky kid in high school, which I can relate a lot too. Then he gets super powers and starts posting videos on the internet. Sounds a lot like what I would do as well.

The collector : Iron man, spider man 1 and 2 and the Christofer Nolan Batman trilogy disagree with you with the best superhero film. Pd: also, I know we are talking about superhero movies and not comic book movies but, sin city and v for vendetta?

Luis Antonio Domínguez Ávila : And it has the best soundtrack of heroes' movies.

Felix Rivera : I was a very easily bored child, so the fact that there was never a moment where my attension wandered is a statement

Chicago Critic Gerald : I agree with what you said and I'm happy that Incredibles 2 is coming very soon.

c burner : I've always said this! The Dark Knight is great and all (except for Two Face and Maggie Gylenhaal), but The Incredibles is note-perfect.

truefilm : Great analysis with new angles - as always! First time I watched this movie in the theater I loved it from start to finish. Not one single misstep - for me that is. Pixar managed to make this movie work for all generations (as in: make it family friendly to get all butts into theater seats, yet make it great and with completely fresh ideas). Beautiful anachronisms, classic James Bond and early superhero movie references, including the music score, tons of great small details, references and statements which really work. Comic timing is spot-on all through the movie! Will watch this again soon. I'm sure I will discover many a new Easter egg and pop culture reference.

Daniel Roberts : The Dark Knight is better. Way better.

Clone : I think Mask of the Phantasm is the best

that_pac12 : It's true, it's such a good movie in nearly every way.

Project-awesome customs and music : BEST is a strong word. Imo this is definitely in my top five superhero movies, but I do agree with your points.

weirdo 1256 : This movie is better than any disney movie

Aiden : The Incredibles is my favorite movie of all time🤗

XxDaChampIsHerexX : I love how this guy smoothly states incredible is the best and instead of making fun of other films he just gives you actual facts. Now whether you agree with him is another topic. Good video

Sarah B : Very well said opinion, I totally agree, phenomenal!!! I subscribed!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Davis Jackson : Not only is this my favorite superhero movie, it is my favorite movie in general.

Jack Lockwood : 1. The Dark Knight 2. Unbreakable 3. Spider-Man 2 4. The Incredibles

Childeater290 : My first thoughts were "that is a bold claim" lol, oh well. God bless you man

Dirtybubble25 Dirtybubble25 : i would say dark night and spider man 2 are better

Crimson Crow : 6. The Soundtrack.

datguygiannis : The Dark Knight: am I a joke to you ?

supercriticality : "back out" ha!

Simon Ward-Horner : You're right. The best.

Nighthawk : 70% of the movie's success, is the score. it drips 1968 all over the place. it's pure win.

Peter Twomey : but the dark knight tho. but the dark knight