Saving An Iguana Four Miles Offshore

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Code 1 Outdoors : That was just awesome Steve! Great save!

Niels Cremer : What an absolutely nice man xD love you dude

Jerome Andrew : *_Most importantly, what were you doing 4 miles off shore?_*

Niels Cremer : People with the dislikes probably thought the iguana naturally lives out in the middle of the ocean 🤦🤦

Remington Bradley : Just curious, would any of you have not picked the little guy up?

FunForSameer : The iguana called an Uber

LEGOSAURUS : I know Youtube is going to recommend kayak videos for a week now, but it was worth it because this video is awesome!

Salmontres : WILSON

Pr1vateer : did anyone notice 3:01 something in the water on his right side 😱😱😱. by the way good swimmer is that iguana good for saving him

Marmota : *Female Iguana* : Come to my house *Male Iguana* : I can't, im on the other side of the ocean *Female Iguana* :My parents aren't home *Male Iguana* :

HashBandicoot : This could have been the beginning of a great buddy comedy.

SneiderMcCluck : When the lizard people finally reveal themselves and take over the world, that Iguana is going to tell them what you did for him.

The Truth : Who are the 447 soulless bastards who gave this video a thumbs down? Burn in hell.

4DuB : *Plot Twist The Iguana Was A PAID ACTOR*

I might burn down your neighborhood : OK.. I see humanity still have some hope

FunForSameer : I'm assuming a hawk or eagle grabbed him and dropped the poor thing into the water

Shmatt S : 2:59 Second Iguana, hoping to be rescued...

MEN 101 : What a good man 👍

Lono Kahiwa : At 3:01 - 3:03 it looks like there was something else in the water, on the right side of the screen.

Saulo Pedrosa : 3:01 hold on...there was another iguana that you could've saved.

ray hanes : Man, this guy looks like he's so happy and really enjoying life.

Shok731 : Wholesome videos like this put me in a real good mood


xFlow777 : "You wouldn't belive what happened to me today" is how the story gonna go for that little guy

Earthling : The dislikes are from Darwin.

Amy Jay : This is so adorable and wholesome. 💜

Sharpshooter12345 : Wilson

Rasulbek Rakhimov : Top 10 anime happy endings

MasterOf Art : Waww you have that a thing a four mile ride for free and I can’t even get a 2mint bus ride without paying. Smh the world we live in😪...

Kamryn C. : Not all heroes wear capes

Germanator6000 MF : That lizard is just trying to be Godzilla. Nice that you saved the little guy. :)

Legathed : This is why youtube was made

TheRex360 : Plot twist : he threw his in pet in the ocean before shooting the video

Sero Hepi : You save Rango nice job👍

Lh 20122012 : Aren’t iguanas a destructive invasive species in Florida?

Stephen Ward : That iguana will never truly understand how lucky he is lmao

Fucked Up : Darwin’s believers will say he was trying to evolve

4 ljc : Great man there.

Raina Baecere : Dude! You’re Awesome!!! 👏🏻

Drastic : 476 people would leave the lizard in the sea instead of help it out

Fiercetooth : *OCEAN MAN*

MaestroCachimbero : This is a good guy

Firsst Hardman : He jumped a free ride. Great ending good job

hunter henson : You know they live in water too right?

OarsmanPower : Thanks for bringing him back. I have plenty of pellets and will be happy to put one in its head. These are invasive to southern Florida and it is perfectly legal to kill them quickly on private property.

Jesse Gerth : You should adopt it and have it as a son

João Pedro R.A : So cute

Phil Melia : This needs to be remade into a Disney movie lol but from the perspective of the iguana.

I'm a Cat? Stop Lying : He later ate it.

jedihunter176 : this is how the first Galapagos iguanas evolved super, super lost green iguanas