Saving An Iguana Four Miles Offshore

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Stephen Ward : That iguana will never truly understand how lucky he is lmao

Niels Cremer : People with the dislikes probably thought the iguana naturally lives out in the middle of the ocean 🤦🤦

LEGOSAURUS : I know Youtube is going to recommend kayak videos for a week now, but it was worth it because this video is awesome!

Jerome Andrew : *_Most importantly, what were you doing 4 miles off shore?_*

Niels Cremer : What an absolutely nice man xD love you dude

FunForSameer : The iguana called an Uber

Marmota : *Female Iguana* : Come to my house *Male Iguana* : I can't, im on the other side of the ocean *Female Iguana* :My parents aren't home *Male Iguana* :

SneiderMcCluck : When the lizard people finally reveal themselves and take over the world, that Iguana is going to tell them what you did for him.

Remington Bradley : Just curious, would any of you have not picked the little guy up?

4DuB : *Plot Twist The Iguana Was A PAID ACTOR*

I might burn down your neighborhood : OK.. I see humanity still have some hope

Pr1vateer : did anyone notice 3:01 something in the water on his right side 😱😱😱. by the way good swimmer is that iguana good for saving him

Earthling : The dislikes are from Darwin.

Salmontres : WILSON

HashBandicoot : This could have been the beginning of a great buddy comedy.

Phil Melia : This needs to be remade into a Disney movie lol but from the perspective of the iguana.

TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE : You can tell how thrilled he was to see a boat, he's like o thank God in heaven

Shmatt S : 2:59 Second Iguana, hoping to be rescued...

Shok731 : Wholesome videos like this put me in a real good mood

Code 1 Outdoors : That was just awesome Steve! Great save!

xFlow777 : "You wouldn't belive what happened to me today" is how the story gonna go for that little guy

Lono Kahiwa : At 3:01 - 3:03 it looks like there was something else in the water, on the right side of the screen.

Saulo Pedrosa : 3:01 hold on...there was another iguana that you could've saved.

Legathed : This is why youtube was made


MEN 101 : What a good man 👍

vRspc : That boi called a uber and how you seen his small ass 😂

James Town : You get a place in heaven for that

FunForSameer : I'm assuming a hawk or eagle grabbed him and dropped the poor thing into the water

Rasulbek Rakhimov : Top 10 anime happy endings

MasterOf Art : Waww you have that a thing a four mile ride for free and I can’t even get a 2mint bus ride without paying. Smh the world we live in😪...

Glanced : Poor thing must be exhausted

TheRex360 : Plot twist : he threw his in pet in the ocean before shooting the video

F.T : This is what kind of people we only need on this earth

MaestroCachimbero : This is a good guy

D. Oak : 3:00 another iguana on top right?! 😢

Bilal Patel : The lizard men will be pleased

David gregson : Whoa- at 3:00 you can see a fin come out of the water like a shark to his left (our right) for a brief moment but you can't miss it. It's the moment he looks at the sun look in the water to your right

Holy_ShushCabin : 3:32 The world can sleep now.

mrdef003 : it's funny because humans are the real invasive species

jedihunter176 : this is how the first Galapagos iguanas evolved super, super lost green iguanas

Donte' Wilson : The hero we need but don't deserve.

Amy Jay : This is so adorable and wholesome. 💜

AgAug Gaming : "That iguana is enjoying his/her summer."

Joe Momma : Great, take him right back to Florida where everyone is eating them lol.

Sonic The Hedgehog : Holy crap, Is that Wilson? From Brave Wilderness.

WeFirst101 : 3:00 Something above ur head in the water

Jesse Gerth : You should adopt it and have it as a son

Theezux : 3:01 is that another one out there 😂😂

Joel G : Anuar elbokouri la iguana