Saving An Iguana Four Miles Offshore

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Code 1 Outdoors : That was just awesome Steve! Great save!

ray hanes : Man, this guy looks like he's so happy and really enjoying life.

F.T : This is what kind of people we only need on this earth

Fiercetooth : *OCEAN MAN*

OutXider : You go out of your way to save an iguana lost at sea. Unbeknownst to you, the iguana pledges a life debt to you. In your darkest hour, the iguana arrives.

Amy Jay : This is so adorable and wholesome. 💜

1960's Super Computer : That's why I stoped asking iguanas for directions

Exoress Delivers : On one hand it's cute but this lizard is an invasive species. Florida is trying to get rid of them not save them. It's like saving a python from drowning and releasing it back into the Everglades.

Silvaretha : That iguana needed a miracle. You were that miracle. Great video.

Joe Estrada : The iguana requested an uber and didn't have his wallet so he bailed when he saw his crib

Germanator6000 MF : That lizard is just trying to be Godzilla. Nice that you saved the little guy. :)

Geminei : The iguana just had a hard break up with his girlfriend, luckily, he had good friends that informed him, "Hey man, don't worry, there is plenty of fish in the sea". Poor guy, he took it literally.

MISFITS A : You rock man! Poor little one!

Homeless Trevor : Was that another iguana on the right of the screen at 3:01?

Michael S. : This was very nice to watch. Well done!

Eli bocio : Amazing how he jumped off as Soon as he saw land

MrMackanno : Looks like that iguana partied hard last night.

Golden Hair : Thanks for helping this little guy!

Tylociraptor : Thank you for helping this small friend!!!!

Jesse Gerth : You should adopt it and have it as a son

Luis Sanchez : Iguanas lives matter 🦎 lol

Жора Валера : Красава ;)

Amy Ann : You're an awesome dude. I love the way you talk to him like he's a person. You seem like such a fun loving dude. Thanks for this nice gesture.

The Gaming Potato : That was cool and your funny

The Erotic Movie Review : Clearly the Iguana 🦎 had seen enough fake taxi videos to know how this was going to go down. Quick swim for the shore 😂

geist453 : he thinking "youtube" "gopro" I dont give a F&^# just get me home brah

TheXx1nfinityxX : Voice doesn't match face.

Homer Balderas : I could literally hear the iguana in the conversation....

wrthrash : That's some awesome karma coming back to you someday, great save!

montealvoj19 : Bro this video is on Facebook 3 million views and no credit to you. You gotta look into it

mariscos : You are a great person. The iguana world thank you

Mason_Kampe : I watched this when you first posted it, and then I saw it again on facebook with over 7 million views.

Kimberly Juarez : I have iguanas and watching this made my day 😊

Trump Dayz : LMAO Great video! Long live the Keys

Juan Mendosa : Poor little creature ..

BackAlleyShank : 3:00 i hope that was a bottle or a buoy in the background

Ivan C : The universe shall reward you good sr

Resintu Toko : Gone fishing

ray hanes : That iguana was no fool. He knew he was lost, in grave danger and even knew where to get off.

Qufox : Someone probably was illegally trafficking iguanas and this in escaped *I'm thinking too big*

TheGamingMurray : Damn this went viral

twinsmm1 : Good man!

Ashani Moore : How did a iguana🦎get stuck into the Middle of the ocean 🌊in the first place🥇!?!

NELSON X : Name him Lucky.

Alexander Brill : the small things in life matter : ))

Blissfish : Dumb.All the keys needs are MORE invasive species.Why didn't you use him for shark bait?

Randle the chameleon : At first I thought this was a water iguana but it’s actually a green iguana. Amazing!

Finn's Art : This is the kind of stuff that should be on trending.

Iain Campbell : Nice vid man! Heart warming :) all the best to you.