Passing gas after Colonoscopy

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Warren Rocks : Sounds like when you move a heavy desk across a wood floor.

Miranda Clarke : I love how they can laugh about a very uncomfortable (in many ways) situation. Call me immature but a good fart still gets me giggling. Thank u for trying to make people laugh when there is so much bad in the world.

Just Me : Dang, I wish I could fart like that. People would elect me mayor.

jack mayhoffer : 1:34 a nurse saying “fart it out”....Awesome.

BeautifulBethany : This reminded me of when after i had my baby. It was such a loud and long fart! I couldn't control it! I was so embarrassed but i couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂

Katie Jeanes : I would REALLY like to know what in the WORLD I have been watching to have this show up in my suggested page.. lol

Matthew Vecchioni : I don't care farts are funny as hell

Crimson Blade : That’s normal at my house after taco Tuesday haha

Dave Breen : LMAO!!! I busted a gut after the first one. I had a colonoscopy done once. Jesus jumped up Christ, I think I could have shit through the eye of a needle when it was over. Glad she is doing alright.

Mr. Mackey : I guess women don't fart rainbows and glitter. After that I'd be fanning it so I can share it.

Aaron McCall : LOL, let 'er rip tater chip!

IAMdevilwomen : OMG I'm dying over here, I just got out of the hospital and needed a good laugh, I busted out laughing so hard I snorted and have tears in my eyes, I also ended up scaring my poor cats...not smart at 12:37am....this video is def one to come back to when you need a laugh...I will go to my grave (hopefully not for another 40+ years) laughing at farts, I maybe a lady but I still find them funny as hell

Potato Man : I'm a bad noodle!

mr. goodbar : ooooohhhwwweeeee!!!! that sounded like a LOOSE GOOSE!

Bill Diebold : She's got some talent there I'd be curious to light one of those little trophies, you could probably read by the light. I have to drink milk to get that level of tonal quality.

Scorpor Supremacy : Sounds like a bobcat growling 🤣😂🤣

Aussie Pom : I like the way she goes from concerned and worried to laughing after her first gas explosion. 1:38 2:05 It's odd but with all the taboos in our society this must be about the only time a woman can fart in public and instead of people being shocked and disgusted, everyone roars with laughter.

Jagdish Dhaygude : Wtf am I watching ?

Kamikaze Gorilla : When she farts, I can hear it say "yanny" and "laurel."

Surfercurtis : That's hot! What's her number? I want to party with that cowgirl forget it!

Eccentric Detectorist's : Still pretty gorgeous AF!!!

Giddy : see chicks do fart.....and that was a good one

Peter Gozenya : Awesome bass

Jagdish Dhaygude : Eewwww eeewwwwwww ewwwww 😂😂😂

Dan Wood : let freedom ring

Nunya Bizness : Thats nothing. I do that x100 every night.

Brandon Carter : Sounds like a rhino

Rodney Leonard : My mom can rip like that naterually, sometimes even worse. . . . .Lol. She sounds like she is ripping the entire roof off of the house, along witha 50.7 on the rictor scale!!!

JayThePizzaGuy : 2:05 was the best one, by far! I was tearing up, from laughing so hard! I hope everything went well, and that she gets better!!

Lashawn Brooks : Oh boy that fart makes my stomach feel better 😷😅

CaliGaming : I can smell it xD

Heidi Jo : She said, I need a diaper😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

ChArLiE BeAtZ : Hahaha!!! That's hilarious!!! She's got no shame!!! Me either.

Jeffrey Grissom : She is actually pretty cute i would totally date her :)

Kristin Gallo : I pooped giving birth

The Batman Of Neo-Gotham : Those farts sounded wonderful. :)

Protoman 487 : I think I'm in love!

09infintig37x : So glad she (you) had the procedure. So many people ignore the procedure and end up with colon cancer. I know my last recovery we were all in little cubicals and farting. We all had tears in our eyes. Farts are funny plain and simple!!

Jeff Spencer : Go on girl , let it rip.

Kamikaze Yamamoto : It's funny how the same orifice that you shit out can give you so much relief when you release gas (fart) out of it. In the immortal words of one of our Great Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin who said (and I quote): "Fart proudly!" Thank you, Mr. Franklin, I always do, Sir.

Monnie Garland : Laughed so much ....we all do's natural. ....just the sounds are so funny 😂😂😂😂

Timothy Provost : Great in the ear buds

Missy V : Dayyyumm!😂

Jason Smith : A future Mrs King Ass Ripper here

RatedRKOFan : Stimpy: Do a trick for Ren, Sid. Sid: You want a trick? Pull my finger. Ren: Stimpy, no! (Sid farts)

john fonseca : that sounded wet

JohnPlayer2oo7 : These shots could kill a bird 3 km away

Ashlegh Scott : I can’t stop laughing at her big loud Farts😂😂🤣🤣

TK : Fentanyl and midazolam at work, shows how bad these drugs could be out of a hospital setting. Hope your daughter is doing well, thanks for sharing!

Casca Longinus : IDK if it was because I was awake for my last one but I had no farts, as my weight was 358 they got all paranoid about giving me the anesthetic, then decided they would give me half the usual amount, and then stuck like 3 times and had me bleeding all over the floor when they gave up on my left hand and went to the right before deciding they hit the vain, when they started putting the anesthetic in I got a really big bubble on my hand, when I didn't go out they were like well we can't do it so I'm getting mad and said look I took a day off work and went through all the cleanse just do it! the only bad part was for the stomach one, since I wasn't out they had to spray this "banana" flavoured stuff in my mouth and throat so that I didn't gag or throw up. it was the absolute most disgusting thing I have ever tasted