Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata ( 3rd Movement ) Tina S Cover

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Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement) Ludwig van Beethoven, arranged for electric guitar by Dr.Viossy, played by Tina S (17 y.o). Filmed and taught by Renaud Louis-Servais (

Comments from Youtube

MrFink : I can't even play the wrong notes that fast

Jules.B : The 6k dislikes are from pianists who can’t play this

Craig Schultz : She's got more muscle memory in her fingers than I have in my entire head!

Leigh Donoghue Music : I heard a rumour tht old Ludwig himself rose from the grave just to hit the like button 🤔✌

Lee Dile : I CAN DO THIS IN MY SLEEP!!! Then i woke up and realized i was dreaming. 😳

Piyano Bağımlısı : 6.5 thousand dislikers are mozart, chopin and their familiys

T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit. : Not bad. But can she play *Smoke on the water?*

Downhill Nut : I just tried to play this and couldnt, my guitar must be broken...

Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman : When you remove passion from performance you breed indifference to art. - Ludwig von Beethoven

Günther Müller : That's not from this earth. I get on my knees.

Samuel Vain : Daaaaaaaaaaaammmm! You make it look so effortless. Serious skills proven! Thank you for sharing <3

wally young : More like Ludwig van halen😆

LongDick BootyEater : So many people saying this is hard to play. Lol? So I tried. Its pretty easy. I just press "play" and it plays perfectly. I dont see any problem playing this.

EpickyHanz : I would really want to see Beethoven's reaction. There is no way he just randomly composed it that it's awesome for metal after 100+ years.

new england patriot : I love white people and the history, my god, they invented everything

beezle1976 : That's insane. Not going to be one of those clowns who talks themselves up, it really doesn't matter how good/bad I am, but I have been playing for 30 years with a predominately "shred" or "it should never be easy" type mentality, so whether Im good or bad, my point is I have a little insight/perspective here. Reason for saying this is simply to emphasize just how utterly insane the constitution in this ladies left hand is. It's a lengthy(ish) piece that requires a lot of dexterity to begin with, and a lot of very quick use of all 4 fingers, but its the tempo changes that really impressed me. Slowing down, with brief almost pauses and then going straight back into quick long runs with stretches galore, that can get pretty damn painful on the hands. Seriously impressive stuff. Kudos.

Chris Walker : Wow your Beethoven cover is as good as your Megadeth cover. There's a sentence i never thought I'd type.

I Will Not Assimilate! : This is why I play bass.

Andrew Cheng : What I never thought I'd hear this piece on a electric guitar

Steve Sumner : Flawless! As a lifelong guitarist and Beethoven aficionado, all I can say is Bravissimo! Pure love!

hey whotsgoinon : Wtf..I give up.

Donald Malecki : good lord God.... just unfucking believable. im 42yrs playing for a living. been in Guitar Player Magazine and I just wanna hang my guitar up. truly mind blowing. and so young. where do you go from there???? I cant even fathom thinking about attempting to think about playing that.

Krytical Guitars : Yeah im more of a rythm guitarist anyway *quietly crying*

Enno Pramono : 6400 dislikes is from Yngwie Malmsteen with his 6400 google accounts

Barbarian Scum : That’s not real, your just air guitaring 😏 You are a rock Goddess 🤤

William Hopper : Try humming that on your Sunday walk.

Christopher Kelly : Has to be fake. Nobody is that good. Especially a girl ! (kidding). Flat out incredible. I've watched her so many times and still get blown away.

Jayjay Simmons : My guitar is now at the bottom of the lake

T Mst : Tremendous. Ludwig was such a rocker.

paul cota : i'm 60 yrsold and i love hearin' this. i'm totally fuckin' impressed! and so should the rest of u! NO DISSLIKES FROM NO ONE!

SureWolf : When I grow up I want to be like you... a god at the guitar.

OceanSky Web Design : Holy mind-melt ;'-^ wwhhaaaatt. Insane! She's a total Guitar Master.

Igor Presnyakov : Great work Tina! I also like the "classical" approach on holding the guitar in this one!

Ø : You are absolutely amazing! Just wow!

Gerry J : who still watch this at 2019?

Carl Manx : Beethoven. THE ORIGINAL METAL HEAD! 🤘😎🖕

Johnson Dangles10 : I can do that! Said no one ever.

Bob : Holy sheet! The finger speed and coordination are mind boggling

Michelangelo Buonarroti : Can she play the 1rst movement? Would love to hear the whole sonata.

La musica infinita : Moonlight sonata converted to monlight rock&rolla!

Rob W : I'm speechless 😯 6.5k morons who disliked are clearly insecure or jealous or both. This is utter virtuosity.

David Catuska : Das ist Wunderschöne Musik...

-sZaRa- AOV : i can learn n play this right now !! but i need Dragon Ball

Edgar Rodriguez : Finaly YouTube recomend somethin good 🤯🤯🤯🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏

Tinta Electrónica : will you ever come back?

Cole Rolland : I quit 😅

DashcamVideos : * Beethoven left the chat *

Charles W : She's quietly pleased with herself at the end. Why not? It was genius.

robert Darren Neilson : Its a freaking arpeggio fest. Loved that smile of satisfaction at the end. Rock on Muse