Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata ( 3rd Movement ) Tina S Cover

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Igor Presnyakov : Great work Tina! I also like the "classical" approach on holding the guitar in this one!

Канал Интересное Видео : *_Why hasn't she had a YouTube video for 2 years?_*

LongDick BootyEater : So many people saying this is hard to play. Lol? So I tried. Its pretty easy. I just press "play" and it plays perfectly. I dont see any problem playing this.

שלום וברכה : From now on, when people ask me if I know how to play guitar, I will simply say "No"

thecoffeeboy : I think Beethoven would have loved this.

Cole Rolland : I quit 😅

Jayjay Simmons : My guitar is now at the bottom of the lake

Rick Pacheco : How the hell does someone get the nerve to downvote this. Excellent job. 👋🏻

Harry Fishnuts : Beethoven was a genius. He knew a teenage girl would be playing this piece on electric guitar hundreds of years in the future.

WireTamer : I grew up with this piece. We had several classic recordings, and it was the differences between them that began my understanding of musical interpretation. It was an absolute pleasure to hear this performance, because its so honest and true to the structure of this music. Old Ludwig was an angry man, driven by the turmoil of his personal life and the brutal chaos of his era. But his work is crucified with defiant hope. Truth of media, truth of form, truth of intent. There has been a LOT of classical/pop crossover in the rock era, but most of it was either trying too hard to live up to the material, or trying too hard to appear harmless... a novelty.... but this... This is not trying to be anything other than what it is, a transcription of the composition through the aesthetic lens of metal guitar. And the result is not cute, or pretty, or clever, or sexy but BREATH TAKING. Beethoven fucking ROCKS! His storm of notes would rock am empty desert and fill it to capacity. The filters can barely compete with the structural strength of the music. It is eternal and can wear whatever clothes you care to throw on it. It's a shame Hendrix did not live long enough to duel with Beethoven. Rock might have gone in a very different direction if Hendrix had worked with Miles Davis and given jazz fusion a much higher media profile. Such cross over music may not have been so marginalized in the 70s. Other luminaries from other musical traditions may not have been so hesitant to step forward into the purple haze. Perhaps country rock may not have taken over the air waves so completely. Perhaps the gulf between musical traditions could have dissolved earlier. Who knows... but today its all academic. All bets are off with the internet's overthrow of the pop music feudalism. And now we are here... and everything is new again... what will happen?

Felipe Sebben : It's fake, she is a robot with human form developed by ets to humiliate the human race.

Al Booker : Only God and Youtube know how many times I have watched this.

onehit pick : Beethoven is no longer rolling over in his grave. He's finally rocking and rolling.

Jason Li : The way beethoven meant for it to be played

Michael Mappin : Six thousand dislikes? Why? Am I missing something? I don't get it.

Joseph Johnson : I'm surprised those strings aren't glowing

david sullivan : Ive looked everywhere. This is the best guitar player I've ever seen.

David Nwokoye : We need to start a petition for Tina to return to yt.

RageofHades : 5.8k incels and counting...the jealousy is real. You're sad people.

Cath Stuart : This is the most metal thing ever.

Thecorrectorification : Classical music was heavy metal, they just didn't know it yet!!! 😈 🤘🤙🤘

Clémence Lanne-Petit : Je viens juste de voir qu'elle est française! Awesome girl! We have a new talent in our country! ❤️❤️

Joe Bowyer : 5.8 thumbs down? You people are on crack.

Bruna's One Girl Band : Half of me is feeling inspired to keep practicing... half of me wanna SET MY GUITAR ON FIRE IN THE STYLE OF JIMI HENDRIX.

Máfia Felina : my vocabulary isnt big enoght to say how amazing she is with the guitar...

randolph timm : I have watched this performance several hundred times over the last couple years and yet it is still absolutely incredible. Amazing.

Mr Wrestling : Thank you for existing

henrilaporte1967 : Incredible talent. Very hard to play - technically and with the emotions. A new maestro. It's unfortunate she does not share her talent anymore. So many hours to come at that level. Wow!

ohorok2 : Beethoven is the godgather of metal.

Napoleon I Bonaparte : Back in my days, Beethoven is like the Satan worshipper in the neo-classical era. No wonder metal played moonlight sonata today

Johann Wundersamer : Lucky Van hätte das noch erleben sollen.

Zaine Riley : Please come back Tina! We miss you!


Anna Hollenback : What have I done with my life??!!!😖😖😖

Le Dernier Gaulois : Tina, reviens, quoi !

Daddy #53 : She looks distracted! Probably alternating between” Can’t wait to get a pizza” to “suck it Eddie Van Halen!”

John C : Ouch!!!  God damn she killed it!  Blown away in the first second.

Tony Webb : Truly amazing!! There's a part around 0:44 and 0:49 where Tina lets out a little smile as though to say "Damn I'm good at this guitar playing" and then looks around like there's a fly in the room!

Andrew Blahut : I'm gonna stop being impressed with myself when I learn a green day song now

Aries Dragon : Beethoven the original rocker.

Screw You! : Holy freakin shit!!!!!

Play like a Sir : cant stop watching it. so skilled - and i love the expression on her face while she plays. caught me absolutely

guitarrowhead mv : You got tabs for this?? I’m totally joking, absolutely amazing playing here! Unreal amounts of time went into this, I can’t even imagine. Peace to you:)

Derek : This video is fake because I tried to play this on my guitar and couldn't get the same tone, notes or song.

Bobby Faulkner : Disipline. Dedication. Desire.


Thomas, Empath : Not Human 😋

Anand Nair : MAGNIFICENT!!!

earl verity : as I watch this for the 200th time Tina has over 21 million views!!!

Jouni Saunamaa : Tina, merry Christmas from snowy Finland! I discovered you a couple of years ago and have been listening to your guitar playing ever since. I like your playing style so much - so very skillful and cool without unnecessary moves. I really hope that you keep on going and I wish to see new music videos from you.