Adpocalypse is PROBLEMATIC
The best take on the Vox Adpocalypse

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BWV1012 : Video on Assange 🙏

daniel jackson : Thanks for calling out vox, they pretend to be left-wing but are actually hacks

Serkus : Man your Simpsons references are insane. It's like you've memorised every episode.

cerberus1337 : i cant wait for friendly cornies

Rowe Magnon : I love that you’re branching out to international media. So good!

Bob Jenkins : Dave Rubin is just glad we're having a CONVERSATION about this

Mr. Sunny G : "Everyone is a crisis actor except me" Such a based InB4...

Shaemas macscrooge : My favorite channel at the moment. Every video makes me chuckle

VVunder Goblin : Alan Jones is Australia’s Alex Jones

ThMrksman : "Everyone's pro free speech except for these couple of people" failing to mention the people running youtube itsel- oh you do kinda mention that later, fair bump play on.

Pushing 30 : Like daft Punk, lets just go through this One More Time

Werld Domination : I still watch Crowder and vote Labor.

INDIGNATUS : That's not the long and short of it though, I don't honestly give a damn about crowder or the other twat, but YouTube is now going spastic and deleting videos and channels across the platform They're demonetising just about everything these days also

Adonnus100 : The "smoking is good for you" attitude is pretty much how today's climate change denialists will seem to those 50 years ahead of us.

aceonfire11 : He calls it "labors medicare" and i give him the thumbs up he deserves.

Blocks50 : Change my mind crowder vs jordies I wanna see this argument pls

Jake Whiddon : 2+2 is 4. Bahahahaha. I hope they both watch this.

Christian : We need a meme review on Warhammer armies, you have mentioned it to many times now

-- : I needed this to ground me back into reality, uni's over for the semester, I can play outside..... no more youtube politics...... Just one more.

coolbad96 : This was by the far the most accurate video I've seen on this. Really just roasted both to their core.

Nick Starbuck : Any chance you could compile a list of the most popular media outlets or channels (among millenials) and outline where their funding is coming from (along with sources)?

Michael Johnson : This is what you get when a giant corporate entity is giving money to scores of independent opinion pushers. The ones paying for it happen to be other giant corporate entities, and their views don't necessarily align with those of the people making the videos. Soon YouTube will BE the media and all the free market ideas people will have to find a new platform. Then eventually that platform will be a giant corporate entity and the cycle continues. Much like The Matrix. Also, Mr Shanks, are you sneakily trying to fit a Simpsons reference into every video you upload?

Mick Adams : You confuse my smart brain and my happy brain. And all with thinking. Please be careful.

xw33b : LMFAO roasting them americucks well done mate

Jack Ryan : If someone talks smack about root beer one more time *1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN*

Pirata Sports : George Orwell banned from YouTube, something about 2+2=4.

CyberWize : I am SO psyched to see Jordie talking about Bernie! Bernie is by far the best candidate running for president - in either party - and the fact that there is SUCH a media and establishment bias against him makes it pretty clear that he's someone we should support. Keep up the good work, Mr. Shanks!

Aj Bolton : Why always referring to polls.We know how accurate they are .

Yunoos Islam : Video on AFP raids pls 😩🙏🏽

GrowingDownUnder : Jordies face is like a real life snapchat filter, you know the square face filter?

Bud Borne : Omg you reminded me of the video were Michel Obama has a BBC and it's bouncing around

Yoostburg Von Hilsenhauff : Really wish you spent more than a minute at the talking about the real issue.

Ron Burgundy : Also remember crowder is from Canada and there system is not the same as Australia. There’s pros and cons to every system and we should have a debate

David Hansen : I always look forward to your successfully informative rants, with YELLING

Steven Guy : Friendly Jordies is my favourite channel and I am 61 years old.

Matthew Antonello : it is not even close to true that everyone is pro free speech...... you can vox pop people in the street and at least 1/10 will say "yes but (thing that they dont like) should be banned"

Clean Your Broom : The media is rapidly losing relevance and cannot compete on emerging platforms such as YouTube. They will continue to stifle the alternative media and use the "combating of hate" as a shield.

George Redden : Wow. Everyone is a paid shill except for this guy. Him and the labor party of course.

Giclee101 : Its almost as like he forgot Labor removed free speech in 1975

Ainm Cheilt : Can you do a video to explain why Qld Labor just gave Adani final approval?

JamesT Kirk : Good points once again Jordan! I kinda feel like if we met we'd be friends so if you ever wanna come stay at mine in Melbourne and listen to the blade runner soundtrack over a winter fire in my dodgy share house, hit me up.

Thomas Dixon : unironically very fair and balanced

rohan forsyth : Its basically smokers and people who drink alcohol funding the healthcare system anyway

M J Grasscutter : So you're not a millennial?

Literally Stalin : If you are objective and apply the same standards to all people equally you are an anti-Semitic Nazi.

wooo weee : "look at how dumb everyone is but meeeee" takes on everything.

jmarino09 : Killin it as always. Thank you for the insight!

The Coward Liberius : _"Controversial to who?... Everyone's pro free speech!"_ *Oh, my sweet summer child.*

Joshinhutto A : Subbed the moment you called them Wall Street mouth pieces lol