Accidentally Stealing Beef Jerky

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Comments from Youtube

Sam : I don't understand the point in stealing something that's a couple bucks, especially when you were already making a purchase of other things

Megan Frederick : Beef jerky is expensive

Colton Spencer : He looks kinda like Michael DeSanta from Grand Theft Auto V, sounds like it too

Livereater00 : Wow! This gas station's cameras are amazingly clear and they have two for each aisle... they've paid for themselves.

andlg x : gotta be a special kind of idiot to shop lift AFTER spotting several security cameras....

Sulfen : I can understand why a teen or a preteen would steal. They don’t have good judgement and are still learning. But a damn adult in his 30s or 49s? Hmmm

PinkGem1991 : "I'm really sorry" yeah you're sorry you got caught

jakegetscake : You got some good employees man

jimster1111 : your coworker sounds like a cool guy lol.

Plexiate : After Prison Show is that you?

BlackFox : what is this gas station doing to induce so many thefts?

InvictuZ : Damn. He tried so hard, and got so far. But in the end, it didn't even matter.

Geovanni Jimenez : If i was the clerk knowing what he did..i would jus charge him for beef

jaymeez : SHE GONE!!!

Jophus Oglethorpe : I used to shoplift when I was around 15. I got my ass kicked trying to steal some cigarettes and never stole again. All these people might have missed out on a proper ass whooping.

η΄…ΖŠragon : These shoplifters make it so obvious. People shouldn't even attempt it anyway. Any business is gonna have enough cameras to prevent blindspots.

Subtanked : this channel is gonna get HUGE

Craig Ellington : when are people going to learn it's only okay to steal from corporate gas stations

Juan Quinto : Hey my father owns a grocery store but the cameras are horrible and I wanted to know what type of cameras do you use? It's a lot better than ours. Love your videos, super funny. I go through the same stuff.

Raison : He looks and sounds like Michael from GTA V

1 Chance Music Group : priceless commentating

Gary Ko : Why don't u accidentally pay for it then. Lol

Jose Parra : Lol the commentary is prime. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ™

ChrisTehMii : Sonic ring sound at the cash register.

Eazy E : He sounds like Michael from GTA 5

Wayne Wu : Micheal from GTA5

Audemosha : I'm sure they watch me like a hawk on cameras at gas stations, not because I'm sketchy looking but I'm always walking around in circles trying to figure out what snack I've gotta craving for haha

Deli Crust : he looks like micheal from gta 5

InsaneCoaster : Public shaming: the best form of petty crime punishment.

Pablo Tapia : That outro commentary with the music haha! So well done!

MASTER BALLER : why not just pay the 5 bucks?

Dillon McCall : He looks like Michael from GTA 5

GMC lop : Damn don't you just hate it when you accidentally steal beef jerky 😧

NewAgeRetroSteven : You guys deserve way more views and way more subs, these videos are absolute gold

Kurtis and Hurdle : Why does he look like Michael from gta

Isaia Wright : β€œI don’t want to hear your mouth!” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

S a n d s : My new favorite channel. I love these videos. Keep em coming!

Jerad Perez : Ya got to look at it..🀣🀣

Brian Winters : I see what you did there. Look At it. Edbassmaster

TheLordXenu : I just found this channel, and I LOVE IT!!! Subbed!

d4nkhub_ .v2 : Why is Michael from gta stealing when he's rich πŸ˜‚

D P : Tbh he would have gotten away with it in most places.

KINGSTON Mata : Ah. he's on that jerking buzz. Hear take a piece of beef jerky LMAO"

ORYX X : Man their beef jerky must be good. Everyone keeps stealing it.

Sli Minski : I really want to see you guys use the handheld scanner and scan the item through the guys pocket. That would be classic

Eddie TheYeti : lmfao 2:20 'I DONT WANNA HEAR YOUR MOUTH!'

Knuckles : Funny commentary of such foolish people XD

Ali Alwattar : 0:56 shwwwoooobaaaaam

Glenn : I’ve been binge watching all your videos instead of doing homework πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚