Accidentally Stealing Beef Jerky

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Malystryx : These shoplifters make it so obvious. People shouldn't even attempt it anyway. Any business is gonna have enough cameras to prevent blindspots.

Colton Spencer : He looks kinda like Michael DeSanta from Grand Theft Auto V, sounds like it too

andlg x : gotta be a special kind of idiot to shop lift AFTER spotting several security cameras....

Nik Murphy : I hate it when beef jerky slips into my pocket every time I go to grab my wallet. Such a nuisance!

jaymeez : SHE GONE!!!

Geovanni Jimenez : If i was the clerk knowing what he did..i would jus charge him for beef

Livereater00 : Wow! This gas station's cameras are amazingly clear and they have two for each aisle... they've paid for themselves.

Peax Ful : He looks and sounds like Michael from GTA V

Wayne Wu : Micheal from GTA5

jakegetscake : You got some good employees man

Plexiate : After Prison Show is that you?

BlackFox : what is this gas station doing to induce so many thefts?

Jose Parra : Lol the commentary is prime. 😂👏🙏

jimster1111 : your coworker sounds like a cool guy lol.

Ali Alwattar : 0:56 shwwwoooobaaaaam

PinkGem1991 : "I'm really sorry" yeah you're sorry you got caught

Jerad Perez : Ya got to look at it..🤣🤣

Craig Ellington : when are people going to learn it's only okay to steal from corporate gas stations

InvictuZ : Damn. He tried so hard, and got so far. But in the end, it didn't even matter.

detroitforever : Maybe i'm more of a stand up citizen then I thought. Never have stolen shit. Maybe a pen from work but by accident. Not cool. Some of these dudes don't even look the type.

1 Chance Music Group : priceless commentating

EaST CoAsT MaCHete : I go to stores even with spare change just to buy something but stealing you never can come back from that .sticky fingers

NewAgeRetroSteven : You guys deserve way more views and way more subs, these videos are absolute gold

the-twisted-samurai : To be fair I've accidentally stolen stuff so many times. Like honest to god I've had times where I've checked out completely and then checked my cart to see I had some stuff hidden under bags that I didn't see. (I always bring reusable bags). And since I usually shop before the store closes I can't... go back and pay. So that sucks. At least I get a freebie?? It's usually just like a lemon or apple or something but whatever.

Isaia Wright : “I don’t want to hear your mouth!” 😂😂😂

Jophus Oglethorpe : I used to shoplift when I was around 15. I got my ass kicked trying to steal some cigarettes and never stole again. All these people might have missed out on a proper ass whooping.

Brandon diesel : Be glad you don't have Gambling machines in your shop they are like gumball machines for crack heads in Utah

Sam : I don't understand the point in stealing something that's a couple bucks, especially when you were already making a purchase of other things

Jamie B : Two things I can't stand in this world liars and thieves

Subtanked : this channel is gonna get HUGE

ChrisTehMii Productions : Sonic ring sound at the cash register.

atreyu10284 : This is one area where the arabs have it right. Cut the hands off a thief and the stealing will go down.

Luke Stelly : The commentary kills me 😂😂

Sulfen : I can understand why a teen or a preteen would steal. They don’t have good judgement and are still learning. But a damn adult in his 30s or 49s? Hmmm

Delora Nights : Oh my god you're voices. I just can't lmao. These are great

Eddie TheYeti : lmfao 2:20 'I DONT WANNA HEAR YOUR MOUTH!'

Content Cop : Can you imagine being these losers kids and watching this

Sam Brady : FIRST!

Vancouver Grizzlies : SHE GONEE

MLG Trumlond : S H E G O N E

Deli Crust : he looks like micheal from gta 5


Megan Frederick : Beef jerky is expensive

sai krishna : There is no other tv series which is as interesting as this Please upload atleast one video a day Open more stores . Catch more thieves and make more videos

Juicy Butt : 1:38 is the best part

Juan Quinto : Hey my father owns a grocery store but the cameras are horrible and I wanted to know what type of cameras do you use? It's a lot better than ours. Love your videos, super funny. I go through the same stuff.

kai russell : Why does everyone steal beef jerky? I guess no ones wants to pay 5$ or 6$ for it. I dont have a big problem with people shoplifting at Walmart or 7/11 but dont steal from mom and pop stores! You're taking food out of a families mouth at that point and I think you're a selfish piece of trash. The walmarts, and 7/11s steal from us everyday, so If you really wanna gamble your freedom over a couple dollars whatever. But if you're stealing from a privately owned, even a franchise of a bigger chain store, you're just a lowlife. I dont care as much about someone shoplifting at a big corporation's store, because fuck them! they prey us, put mom and pop stores out of business and won't miss the items stolen. They actually have that factored in as "shrinkage". But even at these corporate stores, you stealing could mean, you get this single mother fired, because it happened on her shift. Theres not many victimless bout just dont steal people! I was amazed to see how many people shoplifted as I was growing up. Like every 14 - 16 year old girl In my area stole 50% of their wardrobes...not to stereotype but the majority of teen girls shoplift for some reason.

Chickenstrip Gaming : I love this channel, I subscribed

lil bibby : Bruhh the way you don't accept the apology when they beg for it makes then feel like shit trust me that kid legit felt bad and wanted to make it right but the fact that you didn't give him a chance really got him garenty he will never steal again. I like how you handle these

Raptor O.P : Michele from gta5