‘I’ve sacked people for sitting down’: Undercover inside JD Sports
Ive sacked people for sitting down Undercover inside JD Sports

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Exposed: the shocking treatment some low paid workers face at JD Sports’ huge warehouse. Subscribe to us and get more videos from Channel 4 News https://www.youtube.com/c/channel4news


19NIGHTS : Anybody else get Black Mirror vibes when the music played over the tannoy?

The Funeral : I dont shop in JD because i dont dress like im 12. However, Ill let the local chavs know.

6String Ronin : It's the Stanford Prison Experiment in a real lab. Results: Same.

Josh Rhodes : Do people not realise that for most of us under 30 this isn't even eye opening, especially if you work in hospitality. This is shitty, and it's life for most of us 😭

Pat Phelan : If I worked there I’d end up knocking someone out. Seriously

Mike D : The only difference between this and prison is... they pay for your lunch in prison

StONe AGe : Watches evidence with own eyes JD: "doesn't happen mate" Insulting

Arch 2D2 : i applied to JD for a summer job, first shift was 14 hours so didnt go...im glad

Scott : The whole warehouse should walk out... Watch it fold.. power to the ppl 👍🏻

Jessica J : The only people shocked by this undercover footage are people who don't HAVE TO take a minimum pay job. Newsflash, it looks like this in almost EVERY SINGLE large warehouse!

deano flip : Never buying from JD Sports again, EVER!!! Wicked horrible people...

666222333111 : Exposed? What are you exposing exactly? This is every warehouse in UK, ever.

ScofaUK : JD should be fined and if you can prove you worked their you should be entitled to a share of the fine.

GRIMALDI 420 : No wonder people don't want to work anymore and would rather sell dope instead.

Don Incognito : *Watches 20 minutes of evidence* "The allegations are untrue!" - JD Sports.

Dominique Hardie : Orwell warned us of a society like this.

mike currie : I will never shop at JD again, shocking really

Kensy Skye : Never buy anything from JD sports!!! 😡

the man without a face : " I want to see them arms moving " You sure will mate my fist towards your face

Chris Green : Excellent historical re-enactment of a Victorian Workhouse.

umer nisar : I worked there for 2 months and I was never more depressed in my life please people never go here

StArFuRyZz : This probably isn't much different from working in an Amazon warehouse in the US.

carlos blazos : Everbody stop complaining, you could get a strike!

Shannon Calleja : Sadly, the lower the wage, the more work is expected.

Danny : Disgusting behaviour. So JD and Sports Direct are 2 I won't be buying from now on

Maax1200 : So, they are essentially locking them in, wonder what would happen if ther would be a fire. In Sweden they would get shut down in a blink of an eye.

wawlter : Pause at 17:06 - the stickers on the box say "KILL ME NOW"

Zallin : Western society with the Baby boomers in charge....

CoolSpurs : FEEL sorry for the workers who had been treated like a piece of garbage.

Andrew Harland : I feel ashamed for buying from this sham company. Never again.

Aayush Ganesh : I think this is a good video to show to people who don’t take school seriously. All minimum wage jobs in warehouses are objectively terrible.

Dean Bryan : Got sacked from a jd sports store for using my mobile phone to actually bring delivery into the store for them to let me in through back door in the loading bay, safe to say best thing they have ever done for me, now earning twice as much

Decorating Centre : What a disgusting company, ive always hated shopppng in JD sports, the shop staff (usually teens) are rude and not very approachable. They obviously have no idea how to treat people.

luke Davies : I worked in a pound shop where you had to use fingerprint to get in and out of work as well as lunch breaks, if we were one minute over time coming back from lunch an entire hours worth of (minimum wage) worth of pay.  ....AAAANNNDDDDD yes we got searched leaving a building that only sold products worth £1

Seth Ven : This looks like a normal business. I don't see why people are complaining. You could take this approach to any job and make it sound bad. This is dumb.

Melanie Daria : Amazon: I’m going to work you to death for pennies! JD Sports: Hold my Tea!!!!!

ronald lachance : Companies that don’t hire there own employees and use temporary agencies and have more part time employees than full time, should have to pay double in taxes, because we all know they expect those working for them to use state benefits to subsidize for the low wage and benefits

Tom Scott : Why did he make scanning their fingerprints sound like something really bad. Most companies have them now as clocking machines.

Hate Is Love : 2017 Soviet Labour Camp (Colored footage)

El Guapo : Man, I wish we had congressmen like that member of parliament.

neil farnell : Anyone still wonder why British Unions became so militant? About time for a repeat I would say.

Alberta Agency : YouTube Recommendations smoking gas rn, first a machine gun Kelly cover I don't know who asked for and then this. Magnificent

AsthmaticTurnip : I've been self employed since 2012 Managers. Supervisors. ARE ALL WANKERS.

e-Rekt : Temp jobs agencies should be outlawed. It's a racket and it's immoral to treat people like cattle.

ITz That Guy : Should expose UPS Tamworth

Molten Carnage : This is common place in Canadian Manufacturing Plants. Employment agencies eliminate employee rights.

Nevets : JD's first and only priority is how to detect hidden cameras.

MrBunnyGibbons : They should all just leave and go on the dole. Maybe supplement their income by shoplifting at JD sports.

Stanley Banks : That kpi states 100 orders per hour. That's an order every like .33seconds for a permanent position that's humanly impossible.