How to remove crackles from a badly used vinyl with WD-40? 如何除去舊唱片的【炒豆聲】?

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How to remove crackles and static electricity on BADLY used vinyls? First clean up the vinyl with detergent and dry up with towel, then apply WD-40 to the vinyl surface with a high density cleaning cloth(or cotton cloth), it can act as a lubricant to eliminate 50 to 90% of the crackles and recover the shiny look of the vinyl! It works for all kinds of vinyls including Acetate master disc and Grampphone and its absolutely safe. 如何消除舊唱片的【炒豆聲】? 先用洗潔精清洗乾淨舊唱片及用毛巾抹乾,再用高密度毛巾均勻的塗上WD-40即能消除50-90%【炒豆聲】!WD-40可以用作唱片潤滑劑和保護劑能令舊唱片回復光澤。任何唱片包括金屬母盤及留聲機唱片都適用而且絕對安全。 How to remove static noise from vinyl: 2017 Opening presentation at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts: The TRUTH of Vinyl: Episode 1 Episode 2


Bryce Kirk : Do what Sebastian Bach dose, use Wood Glue.

Mike Romero : Will WD40 remove squeaks and squeals from side B of Plastic Ono Band Live in Toronto 1969??

Eric Sagne : This video and this man are a joke, right ?! :D Please.... Tell us you're joking.

Sviatoslav Bogatyrev : Deleted scene from "The Mask"

Ethan Krauss : Dear Sir, You are a genius!!! Thank you so much for saving the fidelity of all of our old music!!!

Paul Hooson : A lot of the noise is actually static electricity which can be reduced with a Z Stat gun.

Brandon Hernandez : This is one way of doing it. But you can also use water and it will also resolve background noise. Just saying for those who are poor like me. Good video, the washing part was very relaxing for some reason haha.

ser45her : Just learnt something.. I am going to need WD-40 and a yellow suit to clean and get great results.

Edwin Harvey : I would think WD 40 wouldn't be very good for the stylus?

Pedro Teixeira : Limpar vinil com WD-40???? Nunca tinha visto semelhante coisa...

Kohl#1881 : 1. Vacuum 2. Use A Washing Fluid & (With Absolute Care!) Start Remove /thedirt/ Underr A Stream Of Water 3. You Know What To Do..

Karonhia:ke : Water- boarding a classic album-- and with the dish towels. Please get this guy on SNL!!!!! He got this technique from Bevis and Butthead.

guest guest : I am going to try Brillo pads

Harm van den Heurik : The first time i saw this video i laughed my ###># off. But i have a record which skipped in the beginning. I cleaned it with official vinyl cleaner but thay didn't help. After i cleaned it with WD40 (i had nothing to lose) the skip was gone. I will update after a while and let everybody know if the WD40 destroyed my record. For now it still sounds good.

Ross Tvdoctor : I use windex on all my records & it works great! They shine like new! BUT I'm gonna have to try the WD-40 method on a badly scratched record for myself & see if it works! If a record is badly scratched, what do I have to lose?

Rockin Atheist : Lot of know-it-all critics here but to my ears, his system worked. As for long term effects - who knows?

Jamie Smith : Amazing! Thank you so much. That WD-40 has a million uses + 1 more. Record cleaning!

shanke300 : Man. This is wrong. Ain't done this way. Treat your vinyl with respect. Cleaning process is a work of art. Dim sum cleaning plates approach. Not that way Mr Canary.

Ado topp : I only ever wash my records with a pure goatskin brush. The lactic acid cottage cheese de inhibits the oxygen and relaxes the groove edge that causes crackling to be heard. I prefer to listen to accuracy as the original recording was intended to be heard just like "being there"

jonniethajunglist : well i would try this before the woodglue way.

Hot Wax and Cool Vinyl : Wow, No just No. Spin clean with a good quality cleaner and distilled water and dry with Microfiber cloth.

Isaac Bell : You can’t beat tepid soapy water, Leave to dry naturally on draining board, then buff with soft lint free cloth. Been doing this for 50 years & Never found better.

HOUSEWARMING : The effect of the WD40 is, as you noted in the description, mainly caused by the fluids in the chemical. You will have the same effect when playing a record wet with distilled water. The fluid is removing static from the record but since you add a whole lot of other substances with WD40 into grooves, you'll cause a loss of frequencies or high-end detail. Wouldn't recommend the WD40 approach, you probably don't damage the record per se but you are just cheating your way out of a deep clean process. Also using a detergenent adds substances into the grooves, which in essence isn't right. The only way to deep clean a record is by using anti static tools and double-distilled water or a record vacuum cleaner (both for the best effect).

guayaco : i never would've thought of that, how ingenious Mr Tang. 👍 👍

Silent Hill Fetishist : Does this harm frequency spectrum and quadradial modulations?

B K : If this doesn't work, try a little Ajax.

candymintz : if you don't want to hear static on a vinyl record buy reel to reel tapes, best format ever....

el guy : Why bother taking the record of the platter, just squirt some water over from the sink that is NEXT TO THE AMP AND 12.

Tim Pas : nice suit!

Glenn Morris : How dare he do that to Linda ronstadt.. Sacralidge.

Analog Planet : Do not do this.

Bobsunfire : James Tang, that was a great lecture. I learned lots of neat stuff. Your results were spectacular!

wallyitcom : Everyone here seems to have the same viewpoint. However this gentleman is really on to something. First, Wd-40 is petroleum oil based and contains no solvents just like vinyl. It will in NO Way harm the record. The label is another story as the adhesive may dissolve from the WD-40. What make this a excellent method for cleaning that other cleaning solutions lack is a lubricant. The stylus will move much smoother with a lubricant. The dirt, grime and imperfections ( minor scratches, etc) all obstruct the stylus from gliding ( the stylus need to glide) smoothly. Even vinyl itself is bit of a grippy surface that prevents the needle from moving perfectly smooth. The Wd-40 allows the groves to move the stylus easily, with all the other artifacts on the surface having less of an effect on the music. Also, don't be stupid enough to compare water to WD-40. Try to clean a delicate lock with water and see the results. Also, for those of you afraid to try this. The cartridge will not get harmed by WD-40 The viscosity is very low and is harmless. Water and cleaning solutions is another issue, these will leave build up on the stylus and record grooves. Wd-40 is excellent at removing detergent build up. Anyone who has used this a lot know what I'm saying. PS. I did try this method of cleaning a record, and I was amazed at how well it worked. Much better than my $600 record machine. SERIOUSLY!!!!

Tommy hellstén TSTstudio : WD-40 is good for many things haha

Jack Sferlazza : yep....everyone should keep their stereo equipment next to the sink and clean records with their used dish sponge......goodness gracious man!

cliff Potter : That's great - make sure you wash your records though in the winter before you have a drought. Also not great as an option when you have a water meter.

Steve's Cool Stuff !! : After washing your vinyl in the sink with soap , try drying it with a car chamois . No lint or added static , 😉

Rkk O'Tilley : That was linda Rondstat....that was worth savin

Gerard McNally : Fuckin genius

Christopher Ward : Hard water will leave crystals of salts in the grooves. The playing after the wash indicated that the dirt remained in the grooves. The sponge will mechanically wash the high points of the surface but leave the material in the groove where the stylus tracks the groove. The wetting was too short and not designed to create a force that would cause removal of dirt. We need to consider what the dirt is made of. We need to consider the problem of reaching the dirt and affecting it in a way that cause it to become free to leave the groove. The WD40 will contain solvents, detergents and mineral oil. We could hear a combination of the stylus mistracking as the oil lifted the stylus away from the vinyl and the sound of the stylus collecting up a greasy blob of dirt like a badly designed plough. I would suggest that new problems will arise including solvent damage to the vinyl and damage to the adhesive holding the stylus in. I don’t feel that this cleaning strategy solves as many problems as it creates.

Evan Lanctot : I have uaed disinfectant wipes; They work better than you might think.

Daniel Massita : Use sand paper too

ahmad hadidoun : You spent too much water dude! Beautiful suit color BTW!

yeghene : Water and Neutral soap + brush for water varnish (soft bristles).... Since 35 years is still the best choice

Digiphex Electronics : I just put on my tux and now I am ready to clean at the sink.

Mister V's Remix : Wood glue is the best way

guitawrizt : Yeh yeh- use a WD-40- work-a ewery time.

barry logan : WD 40 is fish oil based and will attract dust and grime which will accumulate on the record surface even after washing. Please, guys, use some good quality cleaning fluid or, Isopropyl alcohol mixed with deionized water, spray bottle and good quality micro fiber cloths.

Lubor k64 : Pozri toto video, napodobni to a zabiješ svoj krásny vinyl.... :D One play - o.k., second time play- we remember how beautiful she was playing my vinyl LP...R.I.P. :D This is tipical: Made in China ???!!!