A little spontaneous dance by my Dad, while Mom plays the piano

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Steven Meyer : Bless them both.  Best medicine in the world!

Pujo Swasono : "if in 35 years, we're half as happy as you guys are, we'll count ourselves the luckiest people in the world..." - Ross Geller

Edgar Villalba Ramirez : That music is from my country, It has a wonderful melody.

Angel Díaz : Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Greentings from Paraguay :)

loenigma69 : AMAZING!!! XD

paulsscooter : What a beautiful couple, THANK you so much for sharing that with us. You gave me a lot of joy. Paul

Papu José Manuel : amazing!

Renee Thompson : What a sweet couple!

Leah Lynn Rasmussen : a  lovely couple--- inspiring ---wished to be like that when i get old.. to have  a loving husband to kiss me :)

Domingo Ferreira : Una belleza ! Muchas felicidades. Saludos desde Fresno, California. (Soy original de Paraguari, Paraguay)

Madame Asunción : Just adorable couple!!! Im grateful for this, a Paraguayan woman living abroad is preserving her culture!. Priceless!. Regards from Paraguay.

Bucket : Bless Em'

TheBrabon1 : key to a happy marriage music and dance

Shweetie Petina : I love this so much! The meaning of life is right under our noses. (Or our toes, in this case) Thank you for sharing.

outside smoking : That's what I'm talking about!😊

Roni Leibovitch : Shall we all be dancing like this 50+ years into marriage!

Samantha Nicole : this is so cute

emrivera911 : Beautiful!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting.

Mylton Silva : Muito legal a sintonia dos dois, mande um abraço para eles do Brasil.