The Bear That Ate 76 pounds of Cocaine

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Dylan Rapoza : Anyone else here from a meme?

LillyBillyDilly _/ _/ : Only 76 pounds? Pfft, amateur.

Robert Miller : awesome you are making solid shit on a crazy regular basis, much props keep it up.

UnsounderGnome : That is the most Kentucky story ever.

King Dedede : The time the bear was alive before dying due to overdose was the same time that bear became the most dangerous creature on the planet

Paul Schröder : OMG Most underrated channel i have found in my life

Unknown Visitor : Who's here by #CommentAwards?

ManiacX1999 : Someone make an animated movie about this...

Lord Farquaad Is bae : I came here from comment awards I'm interested

Ric Ancira : I...was...that bear.

Maclean Timmons : This is actually such a well made video... I was surprised to see that OKI only has 392 subs. Nice job OKI, I am now your 393rd subscriber.

acvieluf : How in the world did it make it in AND out of a pawn shop when it was obviously stolen?

Aozotra : what if this account was actually made to sell vintage Japanese office phones...

Thoranzalar Vhazen : Imagine - before its heart exploded, there was a brief window of time for about 12 minutes where this bear was the most dangerous animal on earth.

MadAnili : this is serious and funny at the same time XD

Paul Martinez : I knew that secretly bears love cocaine. - no one ever believes me when I tell them that yes they do love cocaine.

Gaming Zombie : Anyone here from comment awards v47?

Schlomo Shekelberg : wheres the scene at 0:50 from?

CerealKiller : That Bear is a True American Hero!

Isak Pettersson : At least the bear went out on a high😂

Mike Anderson : What movie is that first scene from?

Ali Lazim : Never get high on your own supply

frenchabortion : Hey boss. Love all your videos. Very well researched.

Succ Lord : I’m here from Comment Awards

SushiTries : Cool video, you've earned a subscriber!

Toast Kirby : WTF is this?

Tovarășul Lenin : O K I

theguyintheworks : This is what my state is known for and I have no problems with it

Hideo Kuze : Hold on now, the scene @0:50, what film or tv series is that ?

skybreezy : damn

jbug1979 : i seriously can't tell if this is an elaborate joke of not.

Luke Evans : Apex predator

Maro : tastelessgentlemen

Tylor Cardinal : Lol that bear would’ve made a good party buddy fr aha make everything lit ahaha

Alex Jimenez : Wat

Casey Alexander : NVG's, ballistics vest, and Gucci loafers? Sounds like a new breed of tactical mumble rapper....

Matt Sanchez : Gonna need a link to your openings. Japanese commercial?

MrMigraine : For a little while after consuming all that Cocaine, that bear must have been The Apex predator.

Brian Pepin : ZeFrank.

Austin Robbins : My spirit animal


TikToks Russian : The minutes before he died He was the most apex predator on every continent

Bimnjo Blongv : RIP my glorious druggy boi

Fred D'Allaird : Your videos are simply amazing works of art. Please, keep it up. The production bro. The best.

Mateus Barreto : What a history!

dafullclip : So yoU put a gold rope on the creatures likeness, aye?

mazimadu : LOL at teddy bear Autopsy !!

OhhChezy : O K I

Coldest of All Cold Monsters : Grif VanMeter is such a total piece of sheee-ite. i'll pinch a loaf, on his grave...

Cancer-Cinema : Lol awesome