Genius Bar caught ripping customer off ON CAMERA by CBC News
Apple Genius Bar quotes a 1200 repair Private repair business fixes it for no cost RighttoRepair

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We repair Macbook logic boards: ALL CREDIT TO CBC NEWS CANADA: WATCH THE ENTIRE SEGMENT ON THEIR CHANNEL HERE This Macbook has no backlight due to a common F'up - pin 1 of the LCD cable is bent. Pin 1 is for the LCD backlight. The board's current sensing circuit on backlight output will notice that pin 1 is touching the connector housing itself, shorted to ground, and not send power through to the circuit. Bending the pin back fixed the problem. At Apple, this issue would have cost the customer $1200. You might not believe me, which is why we have it all on tape. :) 👉 Find tools used, recording gear, repair guides, chip sources, & cryptocurrency donation links below: 👉 CHIPS & COMPONENTS: › 👉 TOOLS USED: ✓ Soldering Irons: › Louis' Hakko station(no tweezers): › Paul's Hakko station(works with tweezers): › Micro Soldering Pencil: › Hot tweezers: › Quick 861DW hot air station: ✓ IF THESE COST TOO MUCH, CHECK OUT THE TS100 SETUP: › TS100 soldering iron: › Recommended tips: TS-C4: TS-KU ✓ Preferred Soldering Tips › Fine: › Flat: › GPU wicking: › Micro soldering tip: ✓ Microscopes: › Microscope: › Barlow lens: › LED light: › CHEAP alternative microscope: ✓ Soldering/Repair Supplies: › Solder: › Desoldering braid: Goot Wick › Flux: › Solder paste: › THICK insulated jumper wire: › THIN insulated jumper wire: › Kapton tape: › Tweezers: › Blades: X-Acto Knife Kit › Freeze Spray: ✓ Diagnostic tools: › USB amp meter: › USB-C amp meter: › On-Screen multimeter: › Multimeter Probes: › CHEAP multimeter: › Bench PSU: CSI3005P › ZXWtool: ✓ Ultrasonic Cleaning: › ALL MACBOOKS & CELLPHONES: Crest P1200H-45: › PRE-TOUCHBAR MACBOOKS & CELLPHONES: Crest P500H-45: › CELLPHONES ONLY: Crest P230H-45: › Branson EC cleaning fluid: ✓ Desk supplies: › Desk: › Chair: › Fume Extractor: › Work mat: › Outlets: › Gloves: › Durable lightning cable: › Fine tipped snippers: ✓ Screwdrivers: › iPhone bottom screws: › Macbook bottom screws: › Torx T3: › Torx T5 › Torx T6 › Torx T8 › Phillips #0: › Phillips #000: ✓ Boardview software used: ✓ RECORDING EQUIPMENT: › Work cam: › Overhead cam: › Work mic: › Home mic: › Microscope camera: - mine is DISCONTINUED, this is the closest one I can find. › HDMI capture: 👉 REPAIR SERVICES: › We fix Macbooks & offer free estimates. › Mail your Macbook in if you live far away! › We offer iPhone data recovery: 👉 SHILLING: › Buying on eBay? Support us while you shop! › Rossmann Repair Group Inc is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 👉 Leave a tip for us via cryptocurrency if we've helped you out: › Bitcoin: 1EaEv8DBeFfg6fE6BimEmvEFbYLkhpcvhj › Bitcoin Cash: qzwtptwa8h0wjjawr5fsm0ku8kf40amgqgm6lx4jxh › Dash: XwQpZuvMvU44JT7C7Uh6xHvkSadzJw9fMN › Dogecoin: DKetsoCvwa2hF29ssgUA4Wz4hxT4kj3KLU › Ethereum: 0x6f6870feb48f08388ee345cf0261e2f03d2fa310 › Ethereum classic: 0x671bfd61ba87edf6365c97cea33d66ba73645510 › Litecoin: LWnbTTAjojZQt68ihFJFgQq3cYHUsTcyd7 › Verge: DFumZ5sMhi3JktLQpsTVtV9xUt3zKDrcZV › Zcash: t1Ko3FkphQYoQroQc8k2DVk4WKMAbmNR8PH › Zcoin: a8QdvArHmdRYe1MjiqtP6jDNe6Z4JgnRKZ


Nicholas Smith : Apple: "Over $1000 to fix." Louis: "Its free, but if I had to replace the cable, $150." This is absolutely disgusting.

Christopher Church : Flat tire? We don’t do partial repairs, we have to change the transmission and motor also.

C3_KiLE : Apple employee: ok ill take it into the back for you *POORS WATER OVER MACBOOK* OK so there is liquid damage, we need to replace the logic board and top case. So that will cost 10K

Hanxi Guo : Apple man: GO BUY A NEW MACBOOK OR REPAIR IT FOR 1.2K Louis: Nah, I wouldnt charge you anything

guillermo g : One thing we can thank Apple for is that their disgusting practices allow for more honest businesses like Louis's to arise

Sierra : Dentist, I only have one cavity. Apple Dentist: Looks like we have to remove your whole bottom row teeth for $10,000.

Fuckoff Google : This is NOT "corporate behaviour" it's plain and simple theft.

Sahil Kumar : 3:08 So you’re telling me, it is $780 to replace the screen? Bruh!

Aadil Farooqui : I am not Amazed that Apple was going to charge $1200 for a No Dollar at all Repair Service and Cost, Apple: "No one can Do, What we can Do" Absolutely only you have the Guts to ask $1200 for Nothing

Gregory Cadle : Apple told me it would cost $400 to repair my keyboard because the power button was jammed So I stopped using that computer and bought a cool windows one

The Casual Citizen : The days of Steve Wozniak's Apple are long gone. Apple is a now low-quality poor design on purpose, and they behave in a predatory manner toward their customers. A nice way of saying steal from their customers.

The Lady Lotus : Best option? Don't buy apple product's. Problem solved!

Olly Thomas : People are only just realising that Apple have been ripping them off? It's been obvious for years!

Kevin Arzola : They get you to buy a new MacBook, but your “junkyard” MacBook and then they sell it as refurbished.

typxxilps : 2678 apple employees are currently unhappy with this videos

shaolinWOLF36 : Apple ripping customers off and it took you 10 years to notice that? #Androidgang4life

Zubin HV : I will partake in using Apple products only to keep Louis Rossmann in business.

Richard A : Seeing you repair a computer without swearing is weird.

simplymeztli : Was told once at the Genius Bar that a computer was like a car... you constantly had to get it fix .. A COMPUTER IS A COMPUTER!

sasuke65743 : *slowly add poison powder on the keyboard* "Ok, so now for this damage, it seems it was cause by water. It would be 10k dollars to repair." "Interesting, it's actually the same price of this antidote for the poison that you accidentally made contact with! What a world we live in!"

N/A : Ah the US, so much freedom it's illegal to fix the products you buy.

Rex Evan : This is why I would never buy an apple product. I'm not some rich dude or even stupid one to spend thousands of dollars just to buy a laptop and EVEN throw another thousand to fix it.

Doc. Volt : The madman did it

adam banes : Apple Genius Bar is not the problem or it's employees. The policies are designed in such a way that they have no choice but to follow orders.

mutalix : *WHY?!? Why does nearly everybody that works at apple retail stores talk like they are asking a question?!!!?*

Reinhold Everest : Computer repairs, auto repairs, etc, etc. Knowledge is power.

Sajjad Ali : imagine being loyal to a brand at this age!!

thisal abeysekere : No wonder Apple hates This guy. He basically humiliated Apple with a tweezer.

Syed Zohaib Ahmed : Seeing their predatory behaviors, I and my family have boycotted apple products since 2014. I wish you do the same.

Niko Lindroos : Apple stand: 999€ Apple: that will be 1999,98€ to fix the water damage

Joe Duke : They buried Stave Jobs with an iPhone, so Tim could ask for advice on policies, but the battery went dead after a day.

Dorminance : No one: I swear not a soul: Apple: so we purposely made our hardware difficult to repair so you can only do it through us and even still we add more problems to it so you'll have to keep coming back to fix until you buy a new one. Oh that guy can't do it we just sued him and took all his belongings.

Adolf Hitler : Think Different -Steve Jobs Bend over -Tim Cook

allan J : Im pretty sure they edited a clip of Louis cursing apple when he unscrewed it open.

4k3el : Thank God I left Apple products. I now sleep peacefully at night.

The Designer Project : Overcharged by apple? Hoooooooow can it be possible? i mean how? apple never charges more than it should sarcasm intended

B3ro1080 : Why tf does the first apple store employee switch accents from US to UK and back to US?

AirScholar : It is cheaper to maintain my $80,000 Lexus than it is to maintain my $2,400 Macbook.

Schwarzer Ritter : I would not say people can learn from Louis Rossmann how to fix computers themselves. At the very least, they do not have the same tools. What people can learn from this though is they should try independent repair shops before buying a new device.

guillermo g : The only reason Warren Buffet invested in APPLE is because of QE; central banks make it stay afloat, but the company is in serious mid term trouble. Any wise man has sold their Apple stock.

rubjellyonme : we're taught laptops are field replaceable, even with windows stuff

Hank Storm : Any man who must say I am a genius is no true genius.

BehindYour House : Challenge time! Go to apple stores and open YouTube on all devices and play this video. Get some people reaction videos.

Big Mac : Another example of globalism. Do yourself a favour,when you need a new device DO NOT BUY APPLE

Omegatide : Their logo is an apple with bite out of it, which was the fist SIN in human history. You get the picture?

JustRobi : With 1000 dollars you can get a pc setup like mine including good accesories like keyboard and mouse

cyber ghost : I've never bought any apple product for so many reasons. This documentary's subject is on one of them. But I can't figure it out why so many people still buy apple products and why Justice is so lame on doing something about this?

/home/gligar13 : Broken pin on the LCD cable? Sure we'll replace the motherboard and top case, that'll be $1200, thank you for choosing Apple our laptops are the best.

doktor dextar : they rip off ppl just by selling normal apple stuff ...