Genius Bar caught ripping customer off ON CAMERA by CBC News

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Louis Rossmann : discord invite link:

Olly Thomas : People are only just realising that Apple have been ripping them off? It's been obvious for years!

Uncanny X-Clan : So, only one thing needs to be done, don't buy Apple products.

Leo Hornung : I almost vomited when the idiots ran by in a line highfiving everyone.

Kusarus : Had a broken speaker on my iphone, supposedly I would have to replace the entire logic board because the speakers are embedded. Would have cost me around $800. Took it to the local Arab owned electronic shop. Myboi Abraham fixed it for $50. Haven't had any issues with my speakers since.

Vance Gilbert : "Right to Repair" legislation should be enforced simply for the fact it reduces waste, creates jobs, and maintains equity in the customer market.

Ares : so apple is not only overpriced trash but it also tries to rip you off at every possible chance?

Oryx TheMad God : customer: "my screen has gone black" apple "genius": *presses power button* *mac turns on* customer: "thanks" apple "genius": "that'll be $500"

gabbygall : So here's the deal, I could get a flight from London to NYC, get my mac repaired, and fly back FOR LESS THAN IT WOULD COST TO REPAIR IN AN APPLE STORE IN THE UK!???! 1st Avenue here I come!!

jernej tojersu : This should be illegal. They are clearly misleading their customers.

Alexander Bond : How do you think they became the world's first trillion dolllar company? I'm proud to say I've never given them any of my money.

Povl Besser : I guess you can only become the world's highest publicly valued company by robbing people. Makes sense.

Mitch Haelann : Not surprising. As a former IT tech myself, I've dealt with 'genius bar' employees, on several occasions. Most of them can barely tie their shoes. They aren't "geniuses". By any stretch of the imagination. Most of them know less about the inner workings of computers than the average high-school tech nerd. More than a few of my fellow techs told me that when they applied to the Apple store, they were specifically told to forget about fixing anything and that the company was only looking for sales reps who could act like repair techs and upsell services and products the customer doesn't need. (This is by no means rare, I've found the same thing at Geek Squad and a number of other tech-repair companies). But Apple is a bit worse because they routinely fail to fulfill warranty obligations, deliberately break products brought to them in ways that invalidate the warranty then blame the customer, and refuse to support the products their parent company produces. Which is saying something, since Apple products are poorly made, poorly designed, and laughably fragile to begin with. TL;DR: Apple is junk. Don't ever touch any of their products, even if they pay you to take it off their hands. Not worth the hassle.

Allen Watson : I used to work at a Circuit City store in their computer repair dept. I lost count of how many times people would come straight from Best Buy with a still "broken" computer after spending a lot to have them fix it. They'd bring me their machine and within 5 minutes I had their problem resolved, usually with no charge. One guy brought me his laptop, geek squad had charged him parts and labor to replace the sound card since there was no sound coming from the speakers. he gets the machine back and still no sound. brings it to me in frustration. i look at it, find the physical toggle switch that disables the sound and move it to the 'sound on' position. done, no charge. Another customer brought in their pc that wasnt booting. geek squad gave them the bit about backing up the info on the drive and migrating it to a new machine. I opened the case and noticed the data cable was loose. firmly seated the connection, boots just fine. no charge. So many of these people ended up coming back to my store and spending their money there due to situations like these. You treat the customer right and they'll be loyal.

Damien Robbie : how do you milk a sheep? bring out a new iphone

Alec Schulz : Wow, i didnt realize how big of a problem this was, this literally just happened to me! My AppleCare was about to expire, and I had a very small crack on my screen that I thought I better just get fixed while I was covered. They took it behind the counter for a little while and when they came out and handed me my phone, it had a thick and extremely blurry plastic casing over the screen rendering the home button and the speakers unusable, and the screen hard to read. The apple worker then told me that I had liquid damage in my phone and the only option was to buy a new phone, which with AppleCare was $100. I asked if it was possible to just take the plastic piece off my phone, to which she replied "no" saying that it would remove the phone screen if i tried to take it off. Furious, I went home with my now broken phone, in a worse condition than I brought it in. Once I got home I removed the plastic piece with ease, slipped it right off, and the screen stayed right in place. It was as easy as opening a ziplock bag. I called them and told them my story, that I came in for a basic repair and the workers ended up making my phone worse than it was before and asked me to pay $100 for a new one. What a scam. I'll buy a different brand once this "liquid damage" breaks my phone, if there even is liquid damage.

The PC Security Channel [TPSC] : Way to go Louis! You're killin it.

fuinharlz : And that's why apple NEVER came oficially to Brazil. Our legislation prevents doings like those. In the case scenario there, IF the custommer had that recording on an official apple store in Brazil, went to a third party and that third party did the same as you, Louis Rossmann, did, this customeer would have win case in court against apple that would cost them 10 - 100x the cost they asked for the repair. Here we have a law called consumer protection code. On it's article 39, it says it's abusive behaviour to a products provider to use consumer ignorance or weakness, be it because of age, health, social status OR knowledge to abuse of them. In this scenario, Apple is using the ignorance of the customer about how the product works to abuse. It also forbidens a company from elevating, without cause, prices of products and services. Asking for 1k on a service that would cost zero or almost zero in another place falls right there. On it's 66 article, it comes as a CRIME to actually make a false or misleading statement OR to omit relevant information about the nature, caracteristics, quality, quantity, security, performance, durability, PRICE or warranty of products or services. In the case scenario, the apple store is misleading the customer into thinking he would need to exchange 2 boards and MAYBE the screen, up to a total cost of 1k+, when the repair can be done just pushing 1 pin from the board. They also LIE about the NATURE of the problem, since they said it's because of water infiltration, when it's not really. This would costs the representative of aple in Brazil 3 months to up 1 year of jail time PLUS a fine.

Danny K : All dislikes from mac-lovers who got ripped off.

ionicafardefrica : this type of behavior is not unique to Apple... One year ago, the double cooling fans on my MSI made Nvidia card stopped working. They refused to replace them, and suggested it would be easier to buy a new video card. I bough some 10 dollar fans off a Chinese Ebay market, and tried to install them myself. Little to my surprise, one of the screws was hidden behind the heatsink and could not be removed unless you posses a special key that would fit in that small space. Also the power connector was glued to it's socket so you would have to rip it to unplug. I went to a local electronics store, and considering I already had the spare part, they installed it for me free of charge, in about 5 minutes. Card runs perfectly in parameters, even today. Take that, MSI!

thePavuk : Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear gray t-shirts.

Computer Clan : 6:22 "I wouldn't charge them for that". I almost cried. You're doing good work. Love your stuff. P.S. I got a MacBook Pro-related ad on this video. Oh, fun coincidences…

The legend 27 : How did the pin bend in the first place

Leonardo Machado : There are two main problems with this situation: 1. Apple and other companies are basically taking away job opportunities from people; 2. You can't even begin to calculate the waste this kind of philosofy generates; and of course there is the moral and ethical implications on these 2 problems but lets just stop here.

Randy Guttery : Don't like Apple, never have. Which is too bad, they could have made a great competitive product for PC and Android phones, Stable OS, sleek form factor..... But being pricey, proprietary, and now this. I will stick with my devices. Having said that, watching Louis Rossmann do a repair is like watching Mozart conduct a symphony.

MarfMagic : I've repaired my family's iphones, apple computers, and even watches. Most of the time it's just loose cables. When I point out that apple is crap though, they tell me their devices have lasted so long because apple is "quality". The irony...

Hasif Shaikh : Contact your state legislatures to make third party repairs prevalent

bugatti314159 : Since the day I was exposed to my first Apple computer back in tech school and saw their extreme control tactics I vowed to never own an Apple product. I haven't to this day. Those rabid apple owners remind me of religious fanatics. It's actually kind of disturbing.

Out of The Hat : Will never buy Apple because they don't support their customers.

Roxanne Gutierrez : I was a loyal Samsung until I bought an LG Stylo 3 a year ago brand new for $130. I've dropped it twice in toilet and dropped it on concrete 2 times and various other falls in between. It works perfectly fine, with no cracked screen. I think we should try other companies besides Apple and samsung because LG is aawweessommee.

Michael Hernandez : 1 Like = 1 Pledge to never buy another Apple Product. And share the news of this Corrupt Company.

pochoun33137 : Yo Louis saved my Mid-2015 15-Inch MacBook Pro a few days ago. Mine was doing the exact same thing (Black screen when turned on, but I can see the graphics if I shine a flashlight through the Apple logo) for nearly two years. I just didn't use this laptop (for nearly two years it sat in my computer briefcase) because of the frustration of buying something for my birthday that cost me $2500 brand new in 2016.  My friend showed this exact same video to me, so I said to myself "F#ck it," I opened it up, pulled the screen cable out of the Logicboard, & saw the loose-upwardly-bent pin, pressed it down, reinserted said screen cable, & BOOM...!!! The laptop is all new again with the screen as bright as ever!!! Bless this man for not being greedy but fair, I was going crazy for the first 2 months after this happened. & this thing didn't have a single scratch but didn't have the backlight powering up. & I was shopping online for new screens (at least $500-USD), Logic Boards (at least $950-USD), & was so lost & disappointed. I literally fixed this thing two days ago using the same instructions Louis shows in this video @4:57. This man has my support forever for making me fix my MacBook Pro in just 3 minutes flat... subscribe, super-chat, & Patreon $$$ is going this man without hesitation. Bless Family.


MrJuice1979 : Apple are full of shit. So much so I couldn't even find a customer complaints number! They think everyone that buys from them are fools. Just recently they claim how amazing the new Apple watch is because it can do ECG... I have a £20 fitness smart watch, it does ECG, blood pressure and heart rate. I checked the values against actual medical equipment and the results from the watch are incredibly accurate... For only £20. I've had this for 6 months. Apple copy hardware, they haven't innovated anything since the very first iPhone. This video shows how much they disrespect their customers by not only overcharging for their products but then scamming everyone even further for repairs. DO NOT BE LOYAL TO APPLE, THEY ARE NOT LOYAL TO YOU.

newsnow DC : The apple I phone 11 will have a built-in proprietary none removable apple application that will be able to suck money out of the owner's wallet directly I hear! I would love one they are only going to be $ 1250 dollars for the standard model!

StrikeFreedom1920 : There's 1 EASY solution to this.....don't buy Crapple products.

sitntrot : I once took my iPhone in for a problem and they "took it to the back" to check it out. The tech came back out with my phone and said it had water damage and showed me the red dot inside. I know for certain that my phone had never been wet. I am almost positive that they take your phone or computer in the back room and spray the water indicator with a little water to make it turn red. To this day I don't trust the genius bar when they want to take my electronic into the back to "check it out".

Doge This! : Apple is like Xbox, their products are simple, and for peasants. I think the majority of apple users are average, not so smart, people

Czeji : Apple would release the same phone under a different model and only NOW you're just realizing they're being screwing the consumer over? This is why people need to get android. It's more simple, cheaper & easier to fix. Not to mention it's great to "jailbreak" (a.k.a root) for those who like hacking & getting free games.

Peace ToAll : Crooked Apple porduct's repair shops ARE JUST SAME AS those CROOKED Auto repair shops.

Creativ Brian : No wonder Apple surpassed $1 Trillion in valuation haha

Blue Jay : 780$ for a laptop display lmao

XiahouJoe : For crying out loud "Genius Bar" could it be more pretentious.

Alex Tech : People need to stop following the sheep mentality. Yes, apple products look sleek and perform ok but most people buy them because everyone else has them. I recently went to a reunion and while sitting at the table, everyone had their phones out on the table and I was the only one with an Android phone. Are people so simple that they don't know how to use an android phone? Not to mention the specs on an iphone are the same as an android phone from a COUPLE OF YEARS BACK. Not to mention the specs on a $1100 iphone can be found on a $500 android phone easily.

Tommy DH : no offense but if you buy anything from crapple you deserve exactly what you get.

The Technoclast : Thought it was just a generic news report then I realized they're going to have Louis on there. Awesome.

Depressed Andy : Never owned a iPhone and never will

Hermanis Enzo : Should have gone back to the apple store and shown the fixed computer. The reaction from the emplyee would be priceless. You're a good man, Louis.

psykyeotic : They said the SAME EXACT thing to me about my laptop. I turned it in for a free butterfly keyboard replacement, and they told me they found "water damage" and it would cost $1200. "Might as well buy a new one." I refused and when I picked it up, my once perfectly functioning laptop (minus the missing spacebar key) was RUINED. It was laggy and unresponsive. I took it back and they showed me the same red dot picture. Speechless. They have a script. BS

FlippyisFloppy : For once I have to applaud CBC. They did good, and so did you Louis.