Genius Bar caught ripping customer off ON CAMERA by CBC News

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Louis Rossmann : discord invite link:

Olly Thomas : People are only just realising that Apple have been ripping them off? It's been obvious for years!

Titan Entertainment : Apple told me my Macbook Pro needed a new logic board and would cost $800 to fix. It was 1 bad ram stick I fixed myself for $45.

Myles Diaz : 2.1k apple bots disliking the video lol

Mike Baxter : I had customer come into my shop with a Desktop that was not working, she had brought it to three other shops in town with a problem. Her computer would only run off 15 minutes and shut down. OK so after the first shop looked at it she brought it back home and it didn't work AT ALL now. The next two shops told her just to buy a new computer that her's could not be repaired. Finally she borough it to my shop DESPERATE to have her photos recovered, hundreds of family pictures :( she was told were lost ... I check it out and the HDD cable was plugged in backwards, and it was SUPER dusty ... like PACKED in everywhere, could not even SEE the CPU, I blew the dust out, plugged the HDD in properly, fired it up and it ran fine, but the case fan was not running, put a new case fan in, and she is still using the computer 3 years later! (and backing up her pictures regularly) >>>> OK the WOST OF IT IS<<<< ... I DO NOT have a computer repair shop, I own a Locksmith shop, and have no formal training in computer repair.

Benjamin Ong : Apple's repair mentality is so brain dead. If they were manufacturing cars, it would be the equivalent of replacing your entire engine every time a single component malfunctioned. Really matches their whole "we know best" and "one-size fits all" approach to design.

Hasif Shaikh : Contact your state legislatures to make third party repairs prevalent

NYC1E1 : Apple also tried ripping me off recently. About 3 years ago I bought my son the Ipad pro for Christmas, it ran me about 1300 dollars. It stopped working 2 months ago even though there wasn't any damage to it. When we went to the Apple store on 14st in NYC they refused to repair it and would only exchange it for a refurbished one for 600 dollars. What's so devious about this is that take the device that they refuse to repair for you and repair it for themselves to resell it to the next idiot. I called around and found a repair shop that fixes all types of Apple issues. I got a free diagnostic which determined that the battery died and got it fix for 160 dollars. I understand that every company have their own thing we as consumers have to deal with but Apple takes the cake. I mean creating your own screw, like WTF Apple?

Raymond Hsu : In Louis Rossmann's Repair Store: I can fix your cable connection in computers for *Free!* Oh come on why pay more? In Apple Store: OMG YOUR GPU IS FRIED, YOU NEED A GPU! *Use Apple Pay to pay $800 to continue...*

Just Abbey : Stop buying from Apple lol

Robert Thomson : Didn't watch all of the video but had a very similar experience a few years ago with one of their Premium Retailers.   I took my wife's Mac Air Mid 2013 in as it would not boot up and could not find an operating system. All you could see in Disk Utility was one of the portions for restoration. I got a call back a few days later saying the inside was covered in sticky stuff and that a mainboard replacement was the fix. The fix if I remember right was almost replacement cost. It was recommended I buy a new MacBook instead. From what I was told I guessed my wife had dropped liquid on the keyboard or something and ruined it. When I got it home I purchased a screwdriver set from and removed the back cover. I could see very little of anything that would pose a problem, a few small sticky spots and some food droppings or something. I took the battery out to see if there was a mess behind it, nothing. Removed the Solid State drive, checked terminals for corrosion. Reinstalled the drive and put the cover back on. It started up normally with no problems. I wonder if they even bothered testing the hardware. Shortly after the SSD drive failed shortly again. I then installed an SSD from Ifixit. MacBook works perfectly now. Basically they tried to sucker me into a buying a new MacBook Air. Wife's MacBook Air is still working fine now in 2019.

Ares : so apple is not only overpriced trash but it also tries to rip you off at every possible chance?

Leobard The Third : Genius Bar worker *slaps macbook cover* this bad boy can fit so much *money* into it

Brian Givens : Apple cars: “I need an oil change.” “Ok.” [leaves and comes back] “Well it looks like the engine light is also on, so we have to replace the whole engine and transmission...” “How much will that cost?” “Well if you factor in labor...[punches on calculator]...about $17,000 dollars” “Wow” [leaves and goes to generic quick oil change establishment] “There you go sir, your car is ready to go!” “How much do I owe you?” “For just an oil change, $50” ...

Harry Knows : Apple - For people that have nothing better to do with their money...

Kohdok : Eeyup. They tried to do this to me, too. I stopped going there and went to those little mall kiosks. Battery is $40, busted dock was $80. A whole lot less than buying new.

The PC Security Channel [TPSC] : Way to go Louis! You're killin it.

Ayy L'mayo : Apple by far has the most predatory business practices I have seen in a tech company, maybe surpassing google

Stewart F : Apple store told me my phone couldn’t be fixed; claimed bad motherboard-and I needed a new phone . I bought a $7 part on amazon and a little tool kit for $15. Fixed it in less than an hour.

Jim Weathers : The only thing "Genius" about Apple's Tech's are their ability to Separate your money from your bank account to theirs!

jdlech : It's the reason why the Tandy corporations (Radio Shack) went under. Used to be, electronics was something you could tinker with. Using just a few simple tools and some basic understanding of electronics, you could make your own radio, stereo, robotics, even a TV. You could repair just about anything. Access to repair parts, components, and electronic devices was easy and common. Then everything became a throwaway device. They quit making a lot of repair parts, so repair parts disappeared just a few years after they quit making the unit. People quit fixing things, then people quit tinkering. Radio Shacks core business was all about the amateur tinkerer. As they grew old and passed, so did their core customers. I recall a local college prof. who gave his class a challenge to create a class A amplifier. One showed up at the store I worked. I wrote down the schematics from memory, sold him everything he needed, even showed him how to manage the gain. He got an A+. Next thing I knew, his whole class was showing up at my store, one at a time, with projects the prof. gave them. I felt like the shoe shine boy. Meanwhile, I wanted to repair a printer and needed a part. It was a simple part and the printer was out of production by only 2 years. But there was no part to be found anywhere in North America. Why? Because the company didn't want the printer to be repaired. They had bought up all the repair parts and shipped them to China, so Chinese customers were the only people who could get their printer repaired. Everyone else was to buy a new printer.

Povl Besser : I guess you can only become the world's highest publicly valued company by robbing people. Makes sense.

Alex : They do realize they don't hire software engineers for the Genius Bar right? The guys they hire only know basic scripted knowledge and won't be able to fix anything that requires real skill.

Out Chillin Media : I was looking at Apple Laptop reviews and this was one of the recommended videos. I can't buy an Apple now lol. Thank you Louis

Idaho : Apple is already scamming with their overpriced phones. Why shouldn't they do that in "repair" shops?

This Generation Sucks : You deserve to be ripped off just for walking into the place. A fool and his money.........................

Computer Clan : 6:22 "I wouldn't charge them for that". I almost cried. You're doing good work. Love your stuff. P.S. I got a MacBook Pro-related ad on this video. Oh, fun coincidences…

Keith McCarthy : Apple purposefully makes their products crappy in quality so that you're forced to upgrade constantly. Ever since Jobs passed Apple has been a garbage company that steals all their ideas from Microsoft and Android, chargers triple the price for a product that's 1/10th as good, and does everything they can to charge you for add-ons, repairs, and upgrades. Do yourself a favor and don't buy Apple Products.

Phil Cooper : Apple ipad scam! I have an older ipad that i got second hand but i cant download the correct older version of Garage Band on to it unless I have downloaded the newest version of garage band on to a new device. Really!! So to get garage band on my old ipad I have to buy a new Phone or new Ipad just to get a free App. This is outrageous, its just making a perfectly good Ipad deliberately useless.

Hamsterwheel : Its customers are fiercely -loyal- stupid

Doctor BeBop : Look at all the sheeple lining up with wads of cash, big smiles and much enthusiasm for their own slaughter, like brainwashed cult members eagerly drinking the Kool-Aid.

Creativ Brian : No wonder Apple surpassed $1 Trillion in valuation haha

Parminder Singh : Apple treats its customers as if they don't know shit and will never learn shit. Its literally a corporate dictatorship. They think that they know what's best, everything from hardware to software. You want to customize your home screen icons? No! We know better!

Jeff S : Apple did the same thing when they first were founded. The wouldn't let anyone but Apple write software for their computers. This is when Microsoft went the opposite way and dominated the market. Apple is not customer centric, they are money centric.

Dj Phase Four : "Going to take this into the back and look at it" = "Going to hide in the back, drink a cappuccino and check my facebook"

The Elephant of Doom : I can kind of buy them claiming you need to get a new logic board. If they think there is liquid damage, they don't want to be on the hook when something else breaks. But the top case and the screen as well, when you haven't even confirmed the cause of the problem? It's one thing to want to cover your ass, but at this point Apple isn't actually repairing computers, they are just selling you new computers in your old aluminum chassis.

Elizabeth Swims : This is why I never go to the “genius bar” unless I know my phone’s issue is covered by the warranty.

Anyone : The question is: did that pin bent himself inside the case? Really? Or maybe more realistically it's something scripted to expose Apple bad conduct (which I approve anyway)? I don't want to offend you or insinuate anything, just it's hard for me to believe that just a single pin can slip out from a connector and bend himself in that way.

pottskiller doompotts : The entire linux community has been waiting for years for people to realize what Apple really is. A big corporation that sells Chinese products that are basically proprietary UNIX. Unless you absolutely NEED one of the few software packages exclusive to Mac/iOS, you are paying for something you can get for free. Apple only sustains itself on a cult of personality.

Laby 70 : 1 point for Louis and his bussiness, 0 for Genius Bar by proxy of CBC News. You would think they would change their ways and Louis would be out of bussiness. However, they dont give a shit and that is job security for Rossmann Repair Group. 👍

Carl Millholland : Whenever I go to an Apple Store, I feel like I'm participating in a cult.

thegrimyeaper : I love how calm and nice you are as you burn them so hard.

Investing Book Summaries : Oof

fatherof8kids : That is not surprising. That type of attitude by companies is not limited to electronics, it is also pervasive in the auto repair and even farm machinery repair. I fully support the right to repair movement. It is sad when it has to come to that.

CookieGamesHD : WTF

MeMer _Gaming : I got a small crack in my iPhone 7 screen and got it repaired by apple, but one year later when I went to fix a problem where it wouldn’t connect to data, they said that there was no record of them fixing the screen repaired by them, and that they won’t fix my phone. My phone worked fine it just didn’t have data, but when I got my phone back a month later it didn’t even turn on.

The Technoclast : Thought it was just a generic news report then I realized they're going to have Louis on there. Awesome.

Clutch Ventures : *Apple has entered the chat*

T o f a a : I swear if Steve Jobs knew about this he would flip in his coffin

Icanifiwant : So many blind people being led down the rabbit hole by Apple whose products aren't that good and who's repair service is setup to rip them off.