Genius Bar caught ripping customer off ON CAMERA by CBC News

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Louis Rossmann : discord invite link:

Olly Thomas : People are only just realising that Apple have been ripping them off? It's been obvious for years!

Adventures With Eli : That is insane...

Doughnut : I could take a flight to Rossman's repair shop and it'd still cost less than Apple is charging.

Antonio Barba : That's why I always repair my own computers and phones. I don't give a shit about the warranty, they will keep the computer for weeks and in the meantime they might break other stuff, as it happened to me several times in the past. I'm gonna fix things myself, thank you very much.

portallatro : Throwing away usable electronic equipment is hard on the environment.

The PC Security Channel [TPSC] : Way to go Louis! You're killin it.

Cbeddoe19 : This is why national right to repair legislation is required. Repair monopolies are tyranny.

Jamie Askvig : I had a iPhone that I sent in for repair because the battery smoked itself. They told me that I tampered with it and they wouldn’t fix it. They sent me my phone back in pieces. I won’t be buying another Apple.

IrkMcSpamtroll : Ripping customers off? If you're a loyal apple customer you deserve it.

Juhani U : Had to replace a battery from my OnePlus , battery 12€ , toolkit 2€ , instructions from youtube, 10 minutes job. And i didn't get sue by oneplus. Horrayy

Povl Besser : I guess you can only become the world's highest publicly valued company by robbing people. Makes sense.

Rom .Sen : Apple told a friend of mine that it would cost 1000Eur to repair his macbook....he then gave it to a friend....this friend opened the macbook, connected the battery to the mainboard, cleaned the contacts and its working fine again....stupid company

Micky T : WARNING!! Do not watch this video on an iPhone. Your iPhone will never work the same again.

ybet1000 : $1000 TV's thrown away cause of a 15c capacitor. No one will repair it for a reasonable price. Sad times

AIIUserNamesInvalid : stop buying from apple. many other good computer/smartphone companies out there.

Hasif Shaikh : Contact your state legislatures to make third party repairs prevalent

So Lost : Since the Apple ][ , the company has been trying to rip people off. DEATH TO APPLE!

Dustin javaherian : I went in with a working phone and they brought it back out not working. And they said since it’s a third party screen we won’t do anything, you can purchase A new screen if you’d like. I then went to the place that I got the screen from and they said Apple put the screws in the wrong place.

TheDigitalThreat : Worked at radio shack back when cells were just becoming something more than businessmen used, and they flat out train you to over estimate repair charges and just push the customer to buy a new phone.... oversell oversell, always oversell. Its no secret these company's work like this. Every single vendor and provider pushes similar methods, apple just happens to have made the most doing it.

1Animeaddiction : Jeez, this is why I'm getting a lenovo gaming computer and not a mac computer anymore. Not turning to apple anymore with my experiences with them.

The Technoclast : Thought it was just a generic news report then I realized they're going to have Louis on there. Awesome.

Ian Alderson : Wait? How would would the pin come loose if that component doesn't get touched

Bhagat Singh : Apple = New East India Company. We should boycott Apple but they knew like British that we are idiots, we don't know proper economies. Again we are egregiously looted by a foreign company. Apple knew that they are going to sink therefore they are starting to plundering.

Brian Brewster : True story. My first laptop was a Toshiba. I had that for 8 years before I gave it away to my sister-in-law for college and it was still working! In that time, I was able to replace the HDD with a bigger one, install an updated OS, the Lion battery pack, and some broken keys on the keyboard. Then I bought my Lenovo just over 3 years ago. Damned this didn't fail just 2 months after it fell out of warranty. No problem, I'd just open it up and try to fix it myself. UGH! Getting just to the HDD was a nightmare - requiring 9 micro-Philips screws to get to the chassis; unplugging 4 tiny ribbon cables, removing the keyboard, and then the HDD holder was another 4 screws. With the old Toshiba, one small Phillips screwdriver screw and i had immediate access through a panel to get to the HDD. I just unplugged the SATA cable and swapped it out! Oh, and the Lenova has a hard-soldered battery not meant to be ever removed. That alone gives it a maximum shelf life of 3 - 5 years. So using specialized tools is one thing, but when companies don't make normal wear-n-tear parts easy to swap out - THEY ARE TOTALLY RIPPING OFF THE CONSUMER!

Tony Nameless : This legislation will help small repair businesses to grow. It may not help an every day normal person to fix the device, but it will surely make it reparable at an affordable rate and repairs shops wont be able to become monopolists either because they will have to deal with other repair shops competing. Its great legislation. Too bad democratic lobbyists are fighting against it as usual. Why do you think Trump wants lobbyists to disappear ? He wants it so that laws will pass.

Computer Clan : 6:22 "I wouldn't charge them for that". I almost cried. You're doing good work. Love your stuff. P.S. I got a MacBook Pro-related ad on this video. Oh, fun coincidences…

Master Daedalus : welcome to the age of consumerism and hyper-capitalism kids remember the only way to beat the system is to not play. get out of the sad little sheeplike mentality

MrNexus8 Seven : Apple ... what a RIP OFF. I'm glad I kicked Apple products into touch 15 years ago ... I'll never buy another. This vid reminds me why.

Emma Grace : Apple is going to lose business because users are going to notice that their phones and other Apple products are breaking in areas, and it'll cost thousands to fix it. If Apple just fixed the issue, they would gain more customers because they have good customer support.

UnknownTheReal : all you that to do is go to an Asian repair store and they will fix it in front of you in like 10 minutes for 20 bucks

StrikeFreedom1920 : There's 1 EASY solution to this.....don't buy Crapple products.

The Ultimate Reductionist : 1400 Apple executives hated this video.

Omar G : I had Beats and went to the Apple Store to see if they could repair my ear pads because they were tearing despite lite usage....they said that they couldnt but could sell me a new one for half off...and proceeded to talk down to me and told me that those particular Beats werent suited for my lifestyle (apparently walking outside was too much for the ear pads). Bought ear pads for $25 on Amazon and replaced them myself in 10 minutes. Thanks Apple

ssbbSephi : only idiots buy from apple. just take a look at your friends xD

YTormentor Y : That's the reason Apple makes so much God damn money

Ketan Morajker : This video is a slap on APPLE's FACE.

Taylor youngreen : I'm an IT guy and I could never work for Apple, I couldn't handle being dishonest.

Marvin Cuadra : ifixit is my savior! so reliable for so long now...

Keven Oliverio : Go Samsung! 😂👌 You sheep** There you go Kelly just for you 😘

Luis Antonio Claros Ballesteros : Loved this video dude! XD, good job!

Creativ Brian : No wonder Apple surpassed $1 Trillion in valuation haha

Ian Truter : Apple is overpriced anyway. I stick to devices where they make repairs quick and easy. I've replaced numerous laptops before, but not because they're broken or too expensive to repair (That is ALWAYS cheap and easy if you do it yourself), but because they got too old and could not keep up with the modern day performance requirements and the tech used when it was made is maxed out on performance upgrades. They're all media "servers" now. Scattered around my home. Some as old as 16 years. Still works.

Wade McLure : We live in the age of cults... Apple, Tesla, Trump...

Travis Piper : This is gold! I hate it when big companies making a monopoly out of everything and steps on everyone else like ants. Time for the colony to push back. ;)

Jack Sadek : The odd part is there is no way that pin bent out on its own, somebody took it apart and put it back together without care... lol

managarm1349 : Worse than scientology at this point

D4rkn355Inf3rno : Of course a big business is gonna deny that sort of thing. They never want to look bad and even if you backed em into a corner they would probably blame the guy you spoke with at the store and use him as a scapegoat, fire him, claim his business practices do not align with theirs and sweep the whole thing under the rug lol.

The Artful Dodger : What a joke. The guy at the Apple store is not equipped for this kind of forensic analysis. He saw the water indicator dots and told the customer what was most-likely wrong. The Apple employee deals with hundreds of customers a day. Nobody is "ripping off" their customers. What this video is REALLY all about? Envious Canadians dumping on the USA. Apple represents decades of I-N-N-O-V-A-T-I-O-N in the industry. Microsoft does not innovate. They copy. Windows was not an innovation. Even MS-DOS was written by someone else. Bill Gates simply bought it from him. Canadians really need to spend more time worrying about their appalling health care.

Saikoo Hashi : 0:51 nobody noticed that little act of racism? XD lol